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What people do who lose fat they keep off….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 12-10-2015

I’m doing this post now for several reasons.

1.  One of the main ones is that this is the time of year many people gain fat. So if you take action on these ideas now, you can prevent all most of this holiday fat gain.

2.  And, as fat loss expert Jonny Bowden recently wrote, it’s far easier to prevent fat gain than to lose fat. 

(Most of us are descended from people who survived multiple famines so our bodies tend to hold on to fat gains.)

3.  Recently, we posted on how to enjoy Thanksgiving but avoid fat gain, so you can access that post, “How to stay healthy on Thanksgiving, 2015….Wednesday, 11-25-2015.”

If you can avoid or minimize fat gain on Thanksgiving and still enjoy really enjoy it AND the food, the same strategies will enable you to enjoy the whole holiday season without much fat gain!

4.  If you start now and do have to lost fat after the holidays, you will be much more successful at it if you are already well started by the end of the year!

5.  What if you have yet to begin eating right or exercising at all?

We just posted on Tuesday, 12-8 this week on a handful of very doable exercises you can literally start doing today.

And, studies show that starting to exercise makes adding everything else about eating right and eating for

6.  I just ran across the information on what people do who lose fat they keep off.

So I can give you a vision to work toward that is proven to work that you can follow.

(I’ve added several ways to eat more and be less hungry and still lose fat you keep off or stay trim.)

What do people do who lose fat they keep off?

It has been studied!

“Research Findings - National Weight Control Registry
You may find it interesting to know about the people who have enrolled in the registry thus ... Registry members have lost an average of 66 lbs and kept it off for 5.5 years.”

78% eat breakfast every day.
75% weigh themselves at least once a week.
62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.
90% exercise, on average, about 1 hour per day.

1.  They eat breakfast daily, this helps prevent overeating later in the day.  This works best if the breakfast is high in protein. 

And, your body processes the natural sugars in organic fruit best early in the day, so breakfast is a good time to eat the once a day or more organic serving of fruit that is so health protective.

The separate research shows this works best for women. 

But there are also good reasons for men to also always eat breakfast. 

People who eat breakfast much more easily turn down harmful and fattening mid-morning snacks.  (Perhaps this is why it works better for women.)

People who eat breakfast don’t overeat at dinner studies show.

**But the reason I like best is this one:

People who eat breakfast every day eat more and more calories and get better nutrition than people who do not BUT they are also less fat and weigh less!!

That’s extremely significant because everything you can do to eat enough to not be excessively hungry but still lose weight is sustainable.  Conversely, the people who fail at fat loss get too hungry to continue.  So if you lose fat without excessive hunger, the fat you lose is enough easier to do and keep doing, you do so AND the fat stays off!

2. They eat a low calorie diet. 

And, they use these strategies to make it sustainable:

In practice, deleting ALL the empty calories and adding lots of low calorie organic vegetables works best to do this.

a) Soft drinks and diet soft drinks and foods containing the same high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are fattening AND cause cravings for more sweet foods.  They are addictive and cause a hunger spike despite not initially causing you to be less hungry.

If you simply stop them all entirely, after a few days the cravings go away! 

And, since the people who drink and eat these things now get so much of their calories from these things, people have had fast losses of 25 pounds or more by stopping them.
Notice the payoff!  You lose lots of fat and do NOT get hungrier. 

Since everything you do to lose fat that does NOT make you hungrier you can keep doing, this is one of the most powerful ways to lose fat you keep off!

Other foods to stop eating are often found with these harmful sweeteners AND are also fattening, harm your health significantly, made addictive on purpose by the food companies, and have health benefitting things you can eat instead!

b) ANY food containing today’s hybrid wheat is as fattening or more than these harmful sweeteners AND as harmful to eat!

If you are serious about losing fat you keep off and protecting your health, eliminate them entirely from what you eat.

c) Other grains, even 100% whole grains, are almost as fattening.  So either stop eating them also or only eat small servings a few days a month.

d) Any hydrogenated oils build up in your body to very harmful levels and cause heart disease and other diseases. 

e) Oils high in omega 6 oils are very close to as bad due to producing high chronic inflammation. (The most common are soy oil, corn oil, and canola oil.)

f) So, instead of eating unlimited amounts of those, eat moderate amounts of oils that are good for you instead. 

Small amounts of extra virgin olive oil; small amounts of tree nuts raw or avocados – if you aren’t allergic to them, small amounts of organic coconut oils, small amounts of butter from only grass fed cows; and DHA and omega 3 supplements and wild caught fish all are OK in moderation and have health BENEFITS and taste good!

In fact, people who include some almost every day are enough less hungry and enjoy their food more, they too tend to be MUCH more successful at losing fat they keep off than those who eat no fats or oils!

g) You can have nuts if you aren’t allergic, starchy vegetables other than potatoes such as yams, pumpkin puree, organic squash, and organic fresh fruit for some carbs to keep from eating too little.  Grains are NOT necessary for this!

You can also get abundant B complex vitamins from supplements organic liver, and the yolks from eggs from chickens actually fed outside on pastures.  Here again, grains are NOT necessary for this!

It’s also been found that people who eat no carbs a few days a week lose as much fat over time as people who do it every day AND they don’t get as hungry.  So, no surprise they are much more able to keep the fat off that they lose!

h) And, the most effective way to eat fewer calories with hunger is to eat as close as you can manage to 6 to 10 servings of organic vegetables a day.  People who begin to do this often lose 25 pounds of fat with no hunger.  And studies have found this has unbelievable health benefits including slowing and even partially reversing aging.

People who do this and keep doing it stop being fat and never get fat again!

3.  They eat a consistent diet from day-to-day.  

(I do this using the same foods each day of the week in a weekly pattern and it enables you to track your food intake with the exceptions only since those regular meals are all identical.

This enables you to track what you eat with the exceptions only instead of having to do it at each meal!

That makes it doable and sustainable!

You can have a considerable variety from day to day.  Yet because what you eat each week mostly stays the same, this makes shopping for your food quite consistent and time efficient!

4.  They're physically active, that helps them burn more calories than they consume. (The ones who exercise and are active burn 2800 calories a week or more!)

We posted Tuesday this week, 12-8, on how to start with exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

Yes this data show people who lose fat they keep off build up to an average of 400 calories a day.

If you do slow rep strength training two or three days a week and high intensity cardio three or four days a week; and you do at least some walking most days a week you can gradually get to doing that much exercise.

That gives you two major benefits at losing fat you keep off!  

You can lose fat and eat 2300 calories a week more or keep it off and eat 2800 calories a week more.

Less hunger and more sustainable actions then enable you to lose fat you keep off!

Lastly, because the strength training allows you to keep your bone and muscle and the calories they burn when sedentary people do not or even increase them,
that too enables you to eat more and be less fat!!

5.  They don't watch much television, lots of TV time is linked to weight gain. (Less than 10 hours a week of TV is really important for fat loss!)

A majority of ads on TV are for foods and drinks that will make you fat and sick and make money for the unethical providers!  So you can be way less exposed to that which makes eating right for permanent fat loss and health MUCH easier.

But the biggest reason is that instead of using less calories than sleeping as TV watching does, this enables you to have the time to get 2800 calories a week of exercise or more!

6.  They weigh themselves regularly, and (take action to....) stop small weight gains from getting larger.

This is less important for people who manage to eat enough organic vegetables each day and do these other things because people who do manage to eat 6 or more servings of vegetables a day tend from just that alone to have a BMI of less than 25.

And, if you do that, you will too with much less need for this.

But if you are less consistent with any of these steps or you are consistent but eat less vegetables than that, if you fail to do weight and measure regularly, you will find you do gain fat.

However, if you track your weight and waist measurements and take action if you see too much increase, that also works to keep the fat off!

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