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Injury healing that even works for older people....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 11-17-2015

Dr Al Sears has been in contact with advanced and effective anti-aging researchers.

So it was of considerable interest to me that in a recent email he reports that one of them restored a pro athlete recovering from an injury that rarely heals well at all, let alone in older athletes like this one.

1.  First we list the potential -- albeit expensive and likely requiring travel.

2.  But Dr Sears also lists things YOU can do as soon as today or tomorrow to get very similar effects.

What is exciting about these two strategies is that they already HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK.  This information from Dr Sears begins to show WHY they work!

That info is part two of today’s post.

1.  Here’s a quote from Dr Sears’ email recently:

“Are you a baseball fan? Even if you're not, you have to admire New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon.

His comeback has been nothing short of miraculous — thanks to the amazing healing power of stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. I began offering PRP at my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine a few weeks ago and the results I’ve seen from this therapy have just been incredible.

Five years ago, Colon was considered washed-up at age 37. His pitching arm was shot. He had severe ligament damage and a torn rotator cuff. And his fastball was down to 75!
Doctors told him his career was over.

But just two weeks, the now 42-year-old Colon was on the mound pitching in this year's World Series. And his fastball is back to a blistering 90 mph-plus.

After missing the 2010 baseball season due to injury, Colon reached out to Dr. Joseph Purita, my colleague and a featured speaker at my recent Palm Beach Anti-Aging Summit.

Dr. Purita is one of the world's leading stem cell therapy and PRP experts. And his use of both therapies on the great Mets pitcher is without a doubt reason behind his late-career comeback.“

(This is in part an ad for new services by Dr Sears:

"If you're interested in stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy,
I'm offering both at
my new Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.
For more information, please call 561-784-7852.")

2.  Here are the two things that Dr Sears recommended in his email:

“You don't have to be a professional athlete to take advantage of the healing power of your stem cells and platelets. 

There are two nutrients you can take to start boosting your supply of both today…”

a) “Get some vitamin D. Research shows that vitamin D can boost stem cell production and treat low platelet disorder.2,3”

b) “ Boost your folate intake. Low folic acid (vitamin B9) counts can contribute to low platelet counts because folates are critical to platelet cell division. And folic acid has been shown to directly activate the proliferation of neural stem cells.4”

a)  Researchers have now found that the real optimum intake for vitamin D3 is 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3.

That’s how much vitamin D3 our ancestors who lived mostly outside got on late spring, summer, and early fall days from sun exposure conversion. 

Lifeguards still do.  That’s why we are sure it’s safe

(This is not true for the manmade partial copy called vitamin D2 by the way.)

The doctors who follow this research have found that giving patients recovering from injury or illness that much D3 in the hospital speeds and increases the quality of recovery.

One of these doctors in Georgia thought to see if giving the D3 IN ADVANCE would prevent injury in a group with a high injury rate. 

So he had a local high school program run like a top 10 college football program or a playoff quality pro football program do a study for a season on the injury rate for the players.  Then the second year the players all took that much D3.

Hold on to your hat.  The injury rate over a season fell in HALF!!

So, if you do strength training etc, and want to not be injured or recover sooner, we now know it will pay you to take that much D3.

But what is exciting about this stem cell information is that now we know WHY!

b)  People who follow the Wahls Protocol or the Fuhrman diet or the Weston Price protocol eat well over 6 servings of vegetables a day and at least one of fruit.

(The Price and Wahls protocols are mostly vegetarian but include key nutrients needed for health that the vegan Furhman diet does not unless you know what supplements to take with it.)

This high produce intake is very high in folate!

And folate intakes that high have been shown to lengthen telomeres and slow aging.

In fact, people who adopt these eating plans begin to look younger. “Youthen” Dr Wahls calls it.

Also many power lifters and body builders report that when they added Vitamix drinks of mixed greens to their high protein diet they got bigger muscles and improved strength gains.

So just like vitamin D3, a high intake of folate has already been shown to work!

This research shows in part WHY it happens.  (Taking 800 mcg a day of folic acid may help; but not everyone converts it to folate; and eating folate directly works better and you get it in larger amounts AND with other health benefits when you eat enough vegetables and fruits high in it.)

So, could taking 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 and eating or drinking several organic vegetables and fruits high in folate each day do these things for you?

The surprisingly well researched answer is a very definite yes!  

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