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Avoid type 2 diabetes....

Today's Post:  Monday, 11-16-2015

My Saturday, 11-14-2015 Medical News Today email said that it was National Diabetes Day.

This was a surprise to me. 

But here is a quick post on the key info because it’s extremely important to know your current blood sugar level.

You cannot feel it early enough to protect you.  The only way to know where you stand is to get tested.

Here’s why, in the early and middle stages because the only way to know if you are in this trouble is to get your fasting glucose and HBA1C tested and why it’s so important to do:

1.  If it’s even a bit high, fasting glucose of over about 90 to 95 & HBA1C over about 5.8, you need to take preventive action to bring it down and add mental decline protections since at or above this level new research shows the higher blood sugar begins to cause Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of mental decline.

In fact as a public health issue, the long term avoidable costs are so high this is more important than the heart attack risk mentioned in the article on Medical News Today.

2.  It’s also quite important to get tested because, if your blood sugar gets really high and you haven’t found out, because your first symptom may be that you suddenly can’t see while you are driving!  (The woman I found that out from had it happen to her!  Incredibly, she was a nurse and somehow had missed getting her blood sugar tested.)

3. There is a lot more type 2 diabetes and heart attacks related to it today than there was 50 years ago and this quote explains why in large part:

“"We have an increasing supply of food, including junk food, which is relatively cheap and heavily advertised - soft drinks with a lot of sugar, for example," says Prof. Rydén. "The typical heart attack patient today is a sedentary, overweight person with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance, while in the past the average patient was a lean, stressed chain smoker."

3.  In keeping with the theme, the article had some advice on how to not get type 2 diabetes or limit damage such as heart attacks in people who already have high blood sugar.

The quote suggests NOT eating junky, heavily advertised foods or drinking soft drinks and NOT staying sedentary.

Surprisingly, the article with it didn’t stress what not to eat and drink as much.

The article with it had the mix of decent advice and the outdated and horrible advice that most people get who wind up with type 2 diabetes and which can cause it to be worse than necessary.

Simply put, they got right that adding more vegetables and pieces of whole fruit was important and getting both more moderate exercise and some vigorous exercise each week also was quite helpful.

That could have used several upgrades on why these three things help so much and the best ways to do them and even how to get started.  But it’s exactly the right advice.

4.  They also include the older and incorrect version of the advice to eat whole grains with no mention that whole grains, particularly wheat, are worse for you and your blood sugar level than eating sugar directly!!

Because even whole wheat spikes blood sugar something like 50% MORE than sugar and today’s wheat also causes high chronic  inflammation that doubles and redoubles the damage from the high blood sugar this is MOST unfortunate.

5.  Oddly, the advice to include some starchy and high carbohydrate foods most days can help you feel and live better if the amount isn’t too high.

Even people trying to lose fat, need to do this some days to avoid the failsafe famine response.

The trick is to NOT use wheat, rarely use other grains, and use these foods instead:

Cold potatoes kept in the refrigerator overnight after cooking the day before; organic prunes; organic fresh fruit daily or a bit more; beans and lentils, and raw, unsalted tree nuts with no added oil or salt if you aren’t allergic.

You can even include red wine and real sugar if your intake is much lower than people who use them heavily.  

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Blogger David said...

Besides stopping ALL wheat and most grains as carb sources as the post describes, the most important thing for lowering high blood sugar is to totally stop drinking ANY soft drinks -- both regular and diet!

Despite their reputation and lack of calories diet soft drinks make you even fatter and boost your chances of too high blood sugar MORE than regular soft drinks.

Be sure to stop all regular soft drinks too! They fatten, don't lower your hunger when you drink them and then make you hungrier later too!

The other thing that boosts blood sugar too high is insulin resistance and the most effective way to stop that for most people is to do vigorous exercise most days of every week. Slow rep strength training and brief but more intense cardio session both work well.

3:40 PM  
Blogger David said...

Also, there are several supplements that lower high blood sugar or prevent it from going too high.

Before I knew it was so dreadfully dangerous, my doctor at the time knew that fasting blood sugar readings of 115 which I got were at least undesirable.

When he told me I realized I'd switched from no sugar apple sauce to sugar added. So I immediately switched back.

Then I added the supplements 200 mcg a day of chromium polynicotinate and 200 mg a a day of alpha lipoic acid. Each of those helps your body process sugars and alpha lipoic acid also helps your overall health go up by releasing glutathione and slowing aging.

My fasting blood sugar promptly went down to the 87 to 95 range. (I already was exercising regularly and NOT drinking soft drinks.)

Since then I've also added cinnamon which reduces the blood sugar surge after eating the spice fenugreek as a supplement which has been found to lower or prevent insulin resistance!

So, if you stop the things that cause high blood sugar; get regular vigorous exercise; and take these supplements, you can often prevent or reverse high blood sugar!

3:56 PM  

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