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Today's Post: Thursday, 10-15-2015

A.  The very best news is that the lifestyle upgrades needed to lose fat permanently and keep good health and prevent most of the most common chronic and fatal diseases and slow aging – are mostly exactly the same!

For example we now know that both regular and diet soft drinks are extremely fattening AND more recently research on many different diseases has shown that drinking either regular or diet soft drinks may be worse for your health than smoking or very close to it!

So switching entirely to chilled, pure water or coffee or tea or green tea and never drinking soft drinks again is one of the most effective ways to increase your health protection

AND if you have been drinking several soft drinks a day for years and stop entirely, after you adjust to it you will be LESS hungry and emotionally more stable -- and dozens of pounds less fat in many cases after several months.

There are also differences. 

For good health it’s essential to always wear your seat belt and brush and floss your teeth well each day.   This slows aging and helps prevent heart disease and injuries that can bankrupt you or make you disabled or mentally defective or kill you.  Those actions don’t cause fat loss despite being that important to do.

Eating enough protein foods and doing two days a week of slow rep strength training in a short program slows aging, prevents mental decline, and can help keep you out of a nursing home or walker or wheel chair.  You need to do enough to prevent osteoporosis and keep strong enough to walk up stairs and lift bags of groceries.  But once you’ve done that much, you’ve done enough for good health.

But to gain the five to forty-five more pounds of muscle that can help force fat loss, you need to use heavier weights and work harder and eat even more protein and take key supplements.

B.  Most people are already doing or have done some things successfully that cause good health or fat loss.

But unless they are informed and doing almost everything right, they aren’t getting the results they could be getting.

C.  The key point then is this.

Whether you make lifestyle upgrades for good health or for permanent fatloss, you need to make an extra effort.

It’s very nice that you can start successfully by making a tiny but consistent extra effort that you can do easily and then expand on that start.

Do you want to protect your health or want to lose fat permanently enough to make that effort?

Are you ready now to start having those results?

Are you ready now to make those tiny initial starts for the most effective things you are not yet doing?

If so, to ensure your success, are you ready for help to get started and to get the results you want?

If so, email me, David Eller, at .

Just use the email you’d like me to use to reply and give me your name.

Soon we will have a resource including access to personal coaching to help you get started and specific sets of tips on various topics and then a self-coaching program.

We’re creating two of them for you – one for permanent fat loss --

and one for preventing disease and staying healthy and slowing aging and living longer with the goal of adding decades more healthy and mobile years to your life.

In your email let me know which one you are interested in.  If you are interested in both, say so.

We’ll email you when the initial version is ready.  

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