Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hearing loss and Stroke damage help.....

Today's Post: Tuesday, 10-13-2015

A.  Significant positive news about Ginkgo Biloba:

1.  Several weeks ago I read that if people who are already taking ginkgo biloba and have been for several weeks or much longer have a stroke, the damage seems less and people tend to recover more functionality.

So if people eat one or more pieces of organic fresh fruit a day which slashes their risk of both obstructive and ischemic stokes and hemorrhagic or bleeding strokes and take gingko, they get significant protection from stroke damage.

2.  This adds to gingko’s reputation as a brain protector.  But, WHY does this effect happen?

I just found out.  And the positive implications are astounding!

In an email from Ben Ong, he reports a study that found that when people took ginkgo it reversed the nerve damage from noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

Let me repeat that.  Ginkgo caused nerves and nerve circuits that seemingly had been permanently damaged to be restored.

THAT would certainly help explain why people taking ginkgo had less permanent damage if they had a stroke!

3.  But here’s the further implications of this!

Some cases of depression are caused by minimal brain damage as are most cases of PTSD.

So are many cases of mental decline or dementia.

We already know that exercise releases the nerve and brain cell growth hormone BDNF. 

We know that when people with PTSD exercise long enough to have this cause brain repair that can be seen on MRI, the PTSD symptoms stop or become much less of a hindrance to living a normal life.

We know that people who exercise regularly, even walking, release enough BDNF to prevent their interconnecting white matter in their brains from disappearing. This prevents mental decline that the same people would otherwise get!

In addition, it’s been found that exercise AND taking the omega 3 oil DHA releases more BDNF than exercise alone.

Now it seems that also taking ginkgo biloba can add to this curative effect!  It then not only has promise of preventing damage but restoring previously damaged nerves to health!

And, if the combination does reverse nerve damage hearing loss and stroke damage and reverses PTSD and some kinds of mental decline, it may also help reverse other kinds of nerve damage in concussions or nerve damage from radiation for prostate cancer too!

This is significant positive news!  Adding ginkgo to exercise and DHA has NOT been fully tested for these other conditions.  But it surely looks very likely to add a significant boost!

B. Significant positive news about  l-carnitine:

The second study of interest is one involving L-carnitine. Here, researchers showed that L-carnitine was able to prevent regulated cell death in damaged nerves.

This too is significant positive news!

If someone has a concussion or a stroke or is exposed to loud noises, it will be easier to restore them to health if fewer of their nerves are killed to begin with!

This likely means that combat soldiers and people who play contact sports like football, boxing, and rugby and people who are exposed to loud noise in their work would do well to do all four:

Regular exercise most days of every week;

Take 280 mg a day of DHA;

Take 500 mg a day of l-carnitine

& Take 60 or 120 mg a day of ginkgo biloba

This is also likely true of someone with significantly high blood pressure that raises the risk of a stroke.

(Note that people who are taking drugs that thin the blood like Coumadin who take such a drug AND ginkgo can have the effect dangerously boosted. 

The ginkgo alone seems safe.  But the blood thinning drugs can be too effective even without ginkgo.  And they can be life threateningly dangerous when combined with ginkgo!

So, do NOT combine them.)  



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