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Extra leverage ways to lose fat....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 9-17-2015

I.  Introduction:

People who lose fat they keep off manage to upgrade from a lifestyle that made them fat or is keeping them fat to one that keeps them free of excess fat.

a) Because that is then their normal life style that they do by habit and even still enjoy eating and enjoy life, most of the fat they lost will stay off.

c) In fact, for some people, all of it does and they no longer have to spend any extra effort on it.

d) But it does often take effective extra effort to stop doing the things that made them fat or were keeping them fat to begin with.

And, it does take effective extra effort to learn the new lifestyle that keeps them trim and healthy.

e) For some people, it takes more effort to find the keys to lose fat well enough to make it easy to keep doing. 

For some it takes more effort to lose all the fat they want to lose. 

And, it’s somewhat common to have to make some extra effort besides the new life style to be sure the fat stays off.

The basics are clear:

Stop eating and drinking things that are harmful and fattening too. Stop buying any at all; and give or throw away any you have now.

Switch to real foods and drinks that support health well and are not fattening at all or are not in moderate amounts.  Find many of these that you like or are at least OK with that you routinely eat and drink.  Set up your shopping to buy enough to make it easy to eat them each week.

Do effective and vigorous exercise most days of every week if only for a few minutes.  And doing two sessions a week of effective strength training and three or more sessions of cardio that has short but intense effort with rests or a slower pace between the intense efforts.  That’s essential.  Almost everyone can do this.

Do some other activities that are much more moderate most days of every week.  That IS helpful and good for your health.  If you can do more of it than less that helps; but most people today haven’t time for much of it.

Know what you want from losing fat and do other things besides fat loss to get those things!

II.  But most people, likely including you, need extra leverage strategies too:

Here’s our initial list:

(Our plan is to keep adding more and develop ways to make each of these more doable and effective.)

1.  Have a Health orientation:  Most fattening and very fattening foods and drinks are also harmful or extremely harmful to your health.

So the more you know about this subject and the more of the diseases they cause you want to be sure to escape, 
the easier it gets to upgrade to the lifestyle that both keeps you healthy and helps you remove or avoid adding excess fat.

People who do this well can and do live as many as 50 years more healthy life.  They don't just live for 20 or 30 years longer, they have as many as 50 more years worth living!

This can really help with fat loss.  For example, you see a treat you used to eat and know still tastes good.  If fat loss later was your only reason not to, you might eat the treat anyway. 

But if a favorite older relative had Alzheimer’s disease or died young of a heart attack and you now know that food is an effective cause of both, it is MUCH easier to take a pass!

2.  Ways to eat more and be less fat:

The more you can eat and lose fat and keep it off the easier it gets! 

Eating way less is both unpleasant and tends to turn on your failsafe famine response. In practice it almost always fails to produce permanent fat loss.

So ways to eat MORE and still be less fat are very, very valuable indeed!

a) Eat lots of low glycemic, organic vegetable and some pieces of fresh fruit.  

These foods are filling and give you energy slowly over a long period of time.

They also are very nutritious and low in calories.  Eating them often makes fat loss dramatically easier.

There are many ethnic and newly created recipes for casseroles and salads with organic vegetables and using only extra virgin olive oil for them has added protective benefits.

There are often organic, raw vegetables you either like or are OK eating often.

The better you get at both the easier fat loss and keeping it off becomes.

Also, using a Vitamix can enable you to do this easily with produce that is too tough and nasty to eat and even make a mix that tastes good.  It even can make it time efficient to drink the resulting drink in two or three minutes instead of taking 15 minutes of chewing! (Other blenders tend to make a gritty and unpleasant mess and juicers: remove the fiber that makes the drink filling and most health enhancing.  Well used, a Vitamix liquefies the drink and is smooth and far easier to drink.  If you make the investment and get good at using it, it makes fat loss dramatically easier.

Eating 6 servings of organic vegetables and one or two pieces of organic fruit a day or more can be challenging; but it has stunning and massively powerful health benefits.  

Even better, many kinds of vegetables and fruits have much better than medicine health benefits.

Some supplements are nearly that good; but foods have hundreds of supplement like compounds some of which work together to keep you healthy.

b)  If you aren't allergic, eat a serving or two a day of raw tree nuts.  These are so filling and low glycemic and good for you, just like eating vegetables, they make you feel full so well in practice you'll eat less fattening foods and even less calories overall!

c)  Eat a somewhat to definitely high protein intake from health OK sources.  You can add muscle or keep what you have much better.  Protein keeps you from being hungry better than other foods.  

And, when and if you do eat fewer calories, because you have abundant protein, you have more energy and a better mood and trigger your failsafe famine response far less.

d) Do large muscle and effective strength training with weights that are somewhat heavy for you and gradually increase them.  Adding muscle that takes up less space and burns more calories than fat both makes you look thinner and better. And doing this also helps you keep your muscles and keep fat off when you do eat fewer calories.  Becoming stronger also does wonders for your self esteem.  In fact, you get that benefit even before all your fat comes off!

In addition, the exercise AND the several hours of increased calorie burn while your body repairs your muscles from strength training, also help you remove excess fat.  

If you eat badly, you can add more calories than this effect and some people do.  But if you eat well, this enables you to eat more and still get and stay free of excess fat.

e)  Higher intensity, short duration cardio with rests is more time efficient than long hard cardio; it burns more fat and even uses as many calories as longer cardio because of the several hours of increased calorie burn while your body repairs your muscles from doing it.  AND, because you stop briefly or slow down to give your heart a break often it's safer and easier on your heart too!

If you also start easy and build up gradually it can even be quite safe.  That’s particularly true if you eat right and take key supplements to keep your small particle LDL and fasting blood sugar in the low to very low but desirable range.

d)  If you do cut back on calories more, do it one or two days a week and not every week.  And eat protein foods and extra vegetables on those days and cut back other foods.

People who do this lose MORE fat than people who try to do this every day of the week.

It tends to avoid the failsafe famine response too.

e) Be sure to include health OK fats and oils.  You may eat less  of them on days you want to cut back extra.  But people who include nuts and extra virgin olive oil and coconut and wild caught fish and are losing fat feel MUCH better and have better health and their food tastes better than people who eat a nonfat eating style.

AND, the studies done on it show they lose more fat and are MUCH more likely to keep off that fat they lose.

f) We are developing a list of as many as a dozen more ways to get extra leverage AND more detailed tips and methods to do each one.

Some already on that development list include wearing cold packs to burn extra calories, doable ways to exercise at your desk, ways to feel good emotionally about your fat loss and efforts to achieve it, and abundant expert sources describing why the fattening foods are also so harmful.  

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