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Surprising new ways to stop depression fast....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 7-30-2015

There are several ways to stop depression that are proven to work but that take time to work.

This can take a few weeks at least.

Talk therapy or self-guided practice to learn optimistic thinking skills which enable you to see that many problems are temporary and limited in scope and that you very well might be able to turn off the causes has proven quite effective.

But if you haven’t learned them, it can take a few weeks to become proficient – and to become skilled at catching the reverse thoughts and making them STOP before you practice the new skill.

Similarly doing regular vigorous exercise plus taking omega 3 oils and supplements of the omega 3 oil DHA has been shown to release enough nerve and brain cell growth hormone, BDNF, to repair some kinds of minimal brain damage that can cause depression or PTSD.

Doing both things well whacks depression!  You repair both your brain’s software and its hardware and the depression is gone!

But learning those thinking skills take extra effort and time.  And, if you have been sedentary, even with help, it can take extra effort and time and time to build up to doing vigorous exercise regularly – and then the repairs take some time too.

The problem is that if you feel horrible now, it can block you from taking those actions to stop it!

There are two things in the pipeline that can turn off even severe depression fast to solve that problem:

A drug Ketamine with unacceptably bad side effect also turns off severe depression in hours; but is impractical to use and definitely can’t be used every day.  But a metabolite of Ketamine slams the severe depression to a stop just as well but does NOT have the side effects preventing its use.  If that becomes a drug which is then approved, this might be a viable solution.

The other one is much more promising.  A special multiple electromagnetic fast pulse device was tested and found to stop severe depression in about a half hour!

If that is approved and becomes widely available, that looks likely to be a viable solution.

Aren’t there things that you can go do right away even before these become available?

And, even if those two things do become available, it would be great to have things you can access faster and for less expense.  Are there such things?

Yes there are!

That’s what this post is about.  There ARE two things you can do that you can do right away!

1.  Studies have found that people who list things to be grateful for each day even if it’s just one thing become dramatically less depressed over time.

But that isn’t fast to work either and I’ve found it virtually undoable to start it as a habit.  Unlike going on a run or doing a set of pushups, it’s a bit vague and hard to fit into a busy schedule.  I’ve tried it and found it only lasts a day or two at best.

Then I read this:

“Researchers at UC San Diego asked 186 individuals who’d had Stage B heart failure for at least three months to fill out questionnaires measuring indicators like spiritual and emotional well-being (including how thankful subjects generally felt), depressive symptoms, sleep quality, fatigue, and inflammatory markers.

Results showed that those who felt and expressed the most gratitude also experienced happier moods, slept better, were less tired, and had less cellular inflammation—all of which improved their prognosis for dealing with heart disease.

“Gratitude supports our well-being by shifting our attention from endless self-focused rumination to connecting with the world around us,” 
   says lead author Paul J. Mills, Ph.D. “

And, then I realized that any time I have sat down and listed things I’m grateful for I generally can come up with a few.  And then those make me think of a few more.  And if I keep at it, I can list even more.

If I have trouble getting started, I use Tony Robbins’ technique of listing one or two things I might be grateful for.

When I read that study, it finally hit me.  I do get depressed at times but not all the time.  Why not get something to write with and on and list things to be thankful for at those times!

I’ve tried it and found it to work!

2.  But what if you feel so rotten and low in energy even taking that time is too much?

What if you could force that feeling to stop and feel energetic right away?

Sometimes that might be all you need to feel better.  And if not, at least you’d have enough energy to list things that you are thankful for or might work to turn off your problems.

It’s new but there is now a way to do just that!

You can use it while you work for just a few minutes and then you have more mental energy for an hour or more after that.

It’s called the Thync device: .

And the news gets even better from there!  Do you sometimes have no energy and feel rotten because you can’t turn off the mental stress you are under or can’t get to sleep well and your energy reserves are really depleted?

The Thync device has a second setting that does just that!

Use it when you first get home from work to unwind.  Use it just before bed to ensure better and restful sleep.

One woman who had tried OTC sleep aids with virtually no effect, now uses the Thync device instead and actually gets enough better sleep to feel refreshed and recharged the next day! 

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