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Fast fat loss that lasts….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 7-2-2015

1.  You can produce fast fat loss that doesn’t last quite easily by just eating so much less you are hungry most of the time and doing that for a few weeks.

You can easily lose bone and muscle by doing this.

You’ll feel terrible after a while and you’ll have far less energy.

Then you’ll get very hungry and gain it all back.

Warning:  Most fast fat loss programs wind up being this and this only!

2.  The second way to lose fat fast causes less fat loss and may even cause less weight loss on the scale during the first 3 months.

But, because it involves dramatic and permanent upgrades to what you eat and no longer eat and the exercise you begin to do and keep doing you may well keep losing fat for months or even years AND most of it will stay off.

A.  People who aren’t fat or who succeed in losing fat eat foods like organic vegetables of many kinds; a good bit of health OK protein foods from animals fed only their natural foods and from plants; health OK fats and oils in moderation; regular but moderate, daily amounts of organic fruit; and they drink chilled pure water, or tea or green tea or coffee, organic, if they can manage it.  They also are skilled in using spices or using Vitamix drinks to make these foods easier to consume and better tasting.

People who ARE fat eat foods made out of GMO refined grains, oils made from GMO grains, hydrogenated oils made from GMO grains, high fructose corn syrup and other forms of free fructose like Agave and fruit juice concentrates, artificial sweeteners, and substances like MSG that are proven fatteners.  They also drink a lot of drinks containing high fructose corn syrup and other forms of free fructose like Agave and fruit juice concentrates, & artificial sweeteners.

As a result they are often wearing years of fat from the excess calories from these mostly nonfoods.

Switching completely from the excess fat and chronic disease causing eating style to the one that supports good health in 2 or 3 months instead of over 3 months or not at all very often will produce good fat loss and do it far faster.

B.  People who do effective strength training at least twice a week and brief sessions of variable or interval cardio that they build up gradually to work quite hard in but for just a few minutes and do this at least 3 times a week get enormous benefits.

They prevent many chronic diseases and have been proven to dramatically slow aging and tend to prevent all kinds of mental decline.

Because doing this burns calories directly, burns calories from the hours of recovery per session, and both adds calorie burning muscle AND keep you from losing it, this enables you do eat MORE without being fat.

C.  There are ways to boost fat loss beyond this.  They do work.  But they can be complex and hard to do.  But since they do produce a calorie deficit some days a week, they work better for some people than others.  This is too short an article to include the book about them.

D.  But the real news is the new method now becoming available. 

I’ve yet to test it personally.  But I know enough about it to be quite sure it works and believe it  will shortly become available in a usable form and in large quantities.

It involves removing several hundred calories a week in a doable way that is neither eating less nor exercising more nor any kind of drug or supplement.

What this means for success at fat loss and by adding it to the fast adoption of the lifestyle upgrades is that within 3 to 6 months you can lose enough pounds of fat to be immensely rewarding to do.

If you do the lifestyle upgrades you’ll lose fat dramatically when you might not have before.

This means you’ll be much more encouraged to keep doing them and feel successful as you do them.

Removing that many calories a week means that by continuing it, you can force your fat that you lose to stay lost when you likely would have had to work hard to keep from gaining some of it back.

Simply put it’s a way to read or work at your computer for a few hours a day a few days a week while wearing a moderately cold coat that causes your body to burn several hundred calories a session.

As this becomes better known and more widely available it will revolutionize fat loss!

Even people who have horrible genes or bad self esteem or even some medical conditions will be able to force fat loss and succeed at it anyway by using it!

So, if you want fat loss, start the first part of this set of things right away.  When you get access to this new method, you’ll multiply your success because of the foundation you built!

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Blogger David said...

Nutrition Myth that a calorie is a calorie is harmful and misleading despite having some truth to it.

Includes a good job on the calorie is a calorie so to lose fat eat less and move more business.

Not exactly.

As they point out just eating less causes malnutrition in some cases and yo yo dieting and zero fat that gets kept off.

It makes you feel grouchy and tired while you do it and guarantees you'll fail which may mess with your self-esteem.

Moving more doesn't work by itself in most cases.

The good news is that there are work-arounds that ARE effective.

A. Soft drinks, fast food, junky food, packaged snacks and desserts and even dinners, and almost all commercial baked goods, and breads and cereals are made of things that are high calorie, low nutrition, and harmful to your health.

Many of them don't turn off your appetite well; some not at all!; some even do the double of not turning down your appetite at first despite the calories they add and then make you HUNGRIER.

If you'd rather not be fat as in you've decided to stop being fat and you are serious --guess how much of these things you should eat?

ZERO! Adopt the personal policy that, "I know that stuff makes me fat and sick, so I no longer eat it or drink it."

B. If you eat organic fruit and vegetables and health OK proteins, fats, and oils, you'll take in far fewer calories than people who still include things from the first section AND you'll be far less fat.

And, eating enough organic vegetables each day, or drinking them in a Vitamix drink, 6 to 10 a day, will tend to lower your caloric intake enough you'll find it hard to stay or get fat.

Hunger and over-eating still happen but are minimized. You can focus on the quality of your food and how you can mostly eat or fix things to taste good.

C. Strength training can add enough muscle to burn enough calories that you lose fat even without burning that many calories directly. And, even at lower levels than that will prevent you from LOSING muscle and getting fatter which is what will happen as you get older otherwise!

Both well done strength training -- and vigorous variable or interval cardio done for even 6 to 20 minutes at a time a few times a week burn calories AFTER you stop dong them for up to several hours.

D. There are some other work arounds that help, such as always eat breakfast and only eat less a day or two a week. But now huge extra help is coming too!

While you were switching from A to B and beginning to do strength training and getting used to vigorous cardio,
what if I could wave a wand and remove 500 to 2500 calories from your body a week on top of that?!

What if with some effort and endurance but minimal time use YOU could do that?

Within a few months, a year or two tops, you will be able to do just that!

So, if you want to lose fat you keep off, completely upgrade what you eat and drink from A to B and do the kinds of exercises in C.

Start NOW and do the best you can to keep getting better at each part of it.

Then HANG IN THERE, massive and powerful EXTRA help is coming soon!

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