Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New perspective on GMO foods....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 7-28-2015

Now that the DARK act has passed the house, it’s likely the Senate will consider it next.

It’s truly frightening that a bill that is so harmful to the environment and turning off information consumers now have labeling foods that are NOT GMO could pass.

Depending on the survey, 93 to 94% of Americans would like their food to all be labeled as such if it contains GMO foods.

So it mocks the idea of a representative government to pass laws that ignore this.

That information more health oriented consumers have now labeling goods that are NOT GMO will become illegal is clearly against individual liberty enough that in my opinion is simply un-American by the values I was brought up holding. 

This is the sort of thing the dictatorships we sent armies to defeat did to their people during World War II and the Cold War. 

Countries outside the United States simply ban GMO foods due to lack of long term testing or frightening results from the testing that has been done.  If the DARK act passes, many of these countries may stop agricultural imports from the United States.  Who can blame them?

Conceptually it’s frightening that the pesticides and genetic changes are INSIDE the foods where they cannot be washed off. 

And, for those people who want descendants, the tests showing infertility in offspring from animals fed GMO foods are truly concerning!

Growing GMO foods ensures that enormous amounts of pesticides and herbicides will be used and poison our land and water over time. Their whole reason for being is to allow this harm.

The proponents think the GMO foods are safe or are taking money to say so. 

But their other reason for hiding GMO foods is the theme of today’s post.  Food would cost more money if people could stop buying the cheap GMO foods they are eating now.

These are the same extra profitable foods that get subsidies now.  So yes they are cheap.

But what are they?  Hybrid wheat to feed people: soy and corn to feed food animals; corn to make high fructose corn syrup; the grains, soy, corn, and canola to make oils high in omega 6 oils; and sugar beets to make cheap sugar.

What are the effects of these foods in people who consume them even if they are NOT GMO? 

NOT good effects!  Obesity, cancer, heart disease, mental decline, type 2 diabetes, faster aging, and increased medical care costs for these avoidable diseases are now known to result.

Studies show that if such foods do cost more, people will consume less of them and buy and eat more health supporting foods instead.

THAT means that having them cost more would be a GOOD thing!

The health care savings from that would be MORE than the increased costs if the ones that are GMO were labeled.

So in every direction, any member of the United States congress who votes for the DARK act is badly informed, willing to disregard the public health and the wishes of the vast majority of their constituents, and happy to make the United States more totalitarian and LESS free than other countries.

To do so in my view is simply unethical and incompetent.

That said, these politicians have to pay for their election campaigns and though the herbicides, pesticides, and GMO foods are harmful, so far they are quite profitable. So the companies involved are throwing huge amounts of funds at these politicians.

So, yes publicize the facts and if the DARK act comes to the Senate, do everything you can to defeat it and ensure President Obama vetoes it if it passes.

But on this issue I’m cynical enough to think it may become law anyway. It just passed our House of Representatives for example.

What then?

If the DARK act does become law --

Do your health a favor and never buy or eat any food that could be GMO again! 

They won’t let you know.  OK.  So just assume it all is GMO!

Why give these unethical profiteers another penny of your money to make you sick and force you to not know what’s in your food?

Join me in as close to a total boycott as you can. And let’s make it a huge movement!

Let’s see if we can STOP their cash flow entirely!  

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