Friday, August 21, 2015

Easier way for many to do first for fat loss....

Today's Post:  Friday, 8-21-2015

Many, many months ago if not years a woman who worked in Canada as an air traffic controller found it was not that great for her health due to the stress level and the shift work hours.  She is Rosalind Gardner.

But she had a secret weapon.  When she first became an air traffic controller she had serious doubts she could do the work.  But somehow she got the idea that every time she felt lost or unsure, she would ask herself what she thought an experienced controller would do.  Every time she did this which almost always worked, she became more confident and got good at the job.

Meanwhile, she dated and tried out some dating sites.  Since she tried out many, she began to see the good and bad points of each one. 

Then she found out that if she sent someone to a dating site who became their customer the site company would pay her a referral fee.

She wondered if she could find people online who wanted a dating site but would like a balanced and fair and well done review.

She thought that it might be enough people would buy that way she could turn it into a business.

It did work because people could tell she was fair and included good and bad points so they picked the one that sounded like the best fit for them AND did sign up.

Meanwhile, this was a lot of work on top of a too demanding job. And it didn’t pay that well. But then she remembered becoming a controller.  Then she used the same method.  She asked herself what someone making a lot of money doing what she was doing would do.

And, since she was very motivated to make enough to quit being a controller and have a better life, when she found something she thought someone like that would do, she made herself do it as well as she could.

Shortly after that she was making enough to quit being a controller and did so.  Then when she realized just how much she was making, over $400,000 a year, she added the business of teaching other people the business she found out how to do.

Why tell this story in a post on fat loss? 

Because a man who was hundreds of pounds over fat decided instead of trying all the diets that had failed him again and again to instead ask himself what an effortlessly thin person would usually do and simply do that instead.

This was quite a leap of faith given where he started.  But he found it doable so he kept going for a bit.  Then he started gradually losing his extra fat and then he lost more and then he lost more.

In fact by eating and acting as someone would who was thin just by following their normal life style and keeping it up long enough, gradually he WAS an unusually trim person who ate what he normally ate.  He lost over 200 pounds in the process.

He was a very bright guy.  So he realized he might make some money by teaching others his key things he had done and this style of thinking about it.

Yes, you can get his online coaching program and membership site and become his customer.

But why not learn the basics first for just a tiny investment and try them?

Some people have just done that and lost a lot of fat! 

And others decided they needed extra help and signed up with his program.  They liked his ideas and wanted to make sure they followed them well and had that support.

So what happened?  His method now has hundreds of people who have used some form of his ideas who have lost well over 30 pounds each of excess fat.

Here’s that info in case that sounds like something you would like to try or check out:

The Gabriel Method of fat loss is a mental approach to cause easier faster, and more reliable fat loss by switching your thinking from ways that fatten you to ways that keep you lean.  

Done properly it is unusually effective in part because it helps you to switch from thinking like a powerless and unhappy fat person to thinking like a healthy and capable and MUCH happier person.

Many people are unable to lose fat they keep off and some people do so but aren’t much happier.  The thing I find appealing about using or adding his approach is that it not only can help you lose fat you keep off; but you will be a happier person too!

"With The Gabriel Method approach, weight loss becomes enjoyable, and the ultimate goal is to transform you into a naturally thin person."

Yesterday his paperback was $11.11 before tax and shipping fees.

The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body Paperback – December 30, 2008

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