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Turmeric prevents cancer and MUCH more....

Today's Post:  Wednesday, 9-9-2015

1.  Long ago I read that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in India was quite low to near zero in people who had been eating the traditional foods.  Because those foods traditionally have been spiced with curry the key ingredient of which is turmeric, people then checked in several ways to see if turmeric did tend to create this protection.

The data said yes it did.  In fact, research since found turmeric does this in more than one way!

High chronic inflammation is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.  Eating or taking turmeric daily or close to it tends to stop high chronic inflammation as well or better than OTC drugs AND has none of the horrid side effects those are now known to have.

Misfolded tau protein tends to cause neural damage and beta amyloid build up which in turn causes Alzheimer’s disease. 

I saw a study that found that turmeric did a very protective double. Taking turmeric or eating it tested as reducing tau protein AND particularly if taken with vitamin D3, turmeric tended to cause macrophages to clean out beta amyloid deposits before they built up too much to remove or they harmed brain cells!

2.  Vascular dementia and heart disease are caused by small particle LDL.  So one of the things that prevents both is to lower high levels of LDL.  Statins do that but with unacceptably bad side effects that few doctors are knowledgeable about.  NOT eating sugars and grains and trans fats and getting enough regular exercise cuts small particle LDL much better than statins without the harmful side effects.

To be sure my LDL was low enough I’ve had mine measured regularly.  It was running about 106 which is decent.  Then I began to take turmeric daily as a curcumin supplement and eat curried foods with extra turmeric two or three times a week.  Suddenly my LDL measured as 76! 

Could it be the turmeric was doing that too!?  Yes!  I found out in a book by Dr Dean Ornish that this is a known effect!

3.  Does turmeric prevent cancer too?  Indeed it does!  And there are two ways to MULTIPLY the effect of taking or eating turmeric!

A major factor in causing cancer or speeding its growth is high chronic inflammation.

A doctor found by accident that he had brain cancer and researched what he might do to survive longer – and for people who were or are cancer free to stay that way.

The book he wrote on his findings is:  “Anticancer: A New Way of Life   Dec 31, 2009  by David Servan-Schreiber, MD” and is currently available on Amazon.

His main finding is that high chronic inflammation makes getting cancer much more likely and speeds its growth if you get cancer.

He found out that one of the best ways to prevent high chronic inflammation or to turn it off is by taking turmeric.  (I found out later that turmeric also has specific genetic regulators that down-regulate cancer formation too!)

To say I was pleased I’d already been taking turmeric for years to prevent Alzheimer’s disease when I read that it putting it mildly!!

Dr Servan-Schreiber also found out two other things that can massively increase the effect of taking turmeric.

a)  The beneficial effects of turmeric and the curcumins in it is as much as 200 TIMES greater due to greater bioavailability if you take it or eat it with black pepper. 

Since turmeric and the curcumins in it are oil soluble, it also helps to eat it with extra virgin olive oil or take it with omega 3 supplements.

As valuable as turmeric turns out to be, I immediately began taking it with a spoonful of black pepper.  And when I used it in curried foods I added extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.

Even if the effect is 10 times more bioavailability rather than 200, this is clearly well worth doing!

b)  It seems the grain oils and grains and fats from animals fed grains are extremely high in omega 6 oils.  Omega 6 oils are proinflammatory.  And, a small intake is actually needed to enable the inflammation you sometimes need for infections or injuries.

But what Dr Servan-Schreiber was profoundly harmful and to this day is NOT well known—unfortunately.

Besides almost always being based on GMO grains soy oil, corn oil, safflower oil, and canola oil are very high in omega 6 oils.  Wheat is very high in omega 6 oils. And the soy and corn fed to animals including cattle and poultry and farmed fish makes their fats and oils high in omega 6 oils too.

Since people who know no better eat mostly these same foods, people have TEN to TWENTY too much omega 6 oils in their bodies.  Add to that that so far most people eat little fish high in omega 3 oils and not enough people yet take omega 3 supplements or the most anti-inflammatory one, DHA, and this means most people are eating a PRO-cancer diet!

This means by totally stopping these high omega 6 oil foods and eating mostly vegetables with anti cancer properties and eating wild caught fish and protein foods from other animals eating ONLY their natural foods such as 100% grass fed New Zealand lamb or 100% grass fed beef, is as powerful or more in preventing cancer as taking turmeric.

Of course you can do both!

4.  What cancers seem to be best prevented by taking and eating turmeric?

I just found out today which triggered this post:

In an email from Mike Geary I found this quote: 

“Cases of the four most common cancers found in America are very low in India where turmeric is a food staple.

These cancers include colon, breast, prostate and lung, occurring ten times less frequently in India than in the U.S.

Prostate cancer, which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the United States, is hardly ever found in Indian men.”  

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