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Two discoveries that can help with fat loss....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 10-1-2015

1.  What if there was something that many people didn’t ever buy or eat or drink that made the people who did reliably fat and sick?

Since many people never bought or ingested it and you could do likewise -- if you knew for sure it did that and were using it but wanted to lose fat or stay well, it would certainly be worth knowing about this information!

2.  Similarly, what if there were foods that you could easily buy and eat some of which you already liked that had been tested to cause fat loss in people with genes that would otherwise make them fat?

Wouldn’t that be worth knowing about too?

This post is about that research on just those two things!

1.  Regular soft drinks and the high fructose corn syrup are already well known for causing people to become fat. 

Regular soft drinks add calories without any initial reduction on how hungry you are. This clearly makes drinking them add fat!

Worse, because the high fructose corn syrup in them surges your blood sugar enough to cause your insulin to bring it back down AND because so much was needed to do this, it tends to overdo it.  Then your blood sugar goes down and you not only get hungry when you wouldn’t have without doing this, you feel hungry for sugary foods!

If you were deliberately designing a fattening drug, you would be very challenged to make a better one than that.

In addition, high fructose corn syrup, unlike regular sugar, sucrose, which has the fructose and glucose in it bound together, in high fructose corn syrup they are NOT bound together.  This makes the blood sugar surge and rebound hunger greater when eating foods and drinks that contain it.  High fructose corn syrup also tastes sweeter than regular sugar.

As a result of tasting sweeter and more rebound hunger, high fructose corn syrup in foods is also fattening.

But in addition to that, recent research shows that fructose that is high and easily enters your blood when you ingest high fructose corn syrup is even more harmful to your health than previously believed!

Heart disease, fatty liver, and gout are all diseases that can kill you or ruin your quality of life!
Ingesting free fructose is a cause of all three!

Here’s what the recent research said:

Even more reasons not to drink soft drinks or ingest high fructose corn syrup.... it causes GOUT too!   -- is my title to what I found.

"They also explored how fructose is metabolized in the body and its link to weight gain and the development of metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.

Unlike glucose, which is directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract to provide fuel, fructose is metabolized in the liver.

There, it can be converted to fatty compounds called triglycerides, which may lead to fatty liver disease and insulin resistance - a key risk factor for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Fructose can also cause an increase in uric acid in the blood, leading to gout, a painful inflammatory arthritis."

(High triglycerides also are direct cause of cardiovascular disease and therefore of heart attacks, strokes, PAD, and ED!  Similar to hydrogenated oils, they cause high levels of small particle LDL which is the direct cause of those cardiovascular diseases.

Some of the research on that is also relatively recent.  But some of that research is already a few years old.

This damage to the inside of your blood vessels also is what triggers high uric acid and gout.)

Here is the original story I read and the links to it:

Sugary drinks raise risk of heart attack, heart disease by more than
a third
A new study urges action to reduce consumption of
sugary drinks, as they are confirmed to contribute to heart disease, stroke,
diabetes and gout.

2.  I’d forgotten it; but I found the research and posted on it five and a half years ago that some foods were able to prevent cancer cells from creating their own blood supply and did it well enough to starve many of them and kill them.

AND, I’d also forgotten that the same research found that this happened to fat cells and where there was a genetic predisposition to be fat, those same foods starved fat cells and killed them off too!

Here it is:

You can starve cancer AND fat cells with these foods & supplements!

Parsley, red grapes, berries, cooked tomatoes, dark chocolate, blueberries, garlic, and teas are included in their list.

These foods tend to prevent cancers from acquiring new blood vessels and can keep them from growing by starving them!

Bilberry extract, cranberry extract, and elderberry extract likely do the same.  Lycopene extract and grape seed extract might well do the same.

Green tea extract is clearly on this list!

"....there is this bonus discovery they also made that a LOT of people will find of interest!

The foundation also discovered that these same anti-angiogenesis foods and drinks help prevent or remove excess fat because fat cells rely heavily on blood flow to sustain their life.

There are some people, though mercifully a tiny percentage, who literally have genes that tend to cause them to be obese or very fat.

If you think that may include you, check this out.:

They did tests showed that mice genetically very likely to be quite fat were trimmed to average mouse size by feeding them these foods."

That is good news indeed!  

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