Monday, October 12, 2015

New information to prevent osteoporosis.....

Today's Post: Monday, 10-12-2015

Recently I’ve been reading Wheat Belly Total Health by William Davis, MD.

A.  I already knew and have posted on these two things:

1.  Regular drinking of cola soft drinks either regular or diet causes osteoporosis over time because the phosphoric acid in colas leaches calcium from your bones and directly weakens them if it goes on long enough.

2.  Many people drink diet soft drinks to avoid obesity and worsening type 2 diabetes which regular soft drinks are known to help cause.  And, because they think this works, they tend to drink 20 % more diet soft drinks than people who drink regular soft drinks.

Unfortunately, actual research shows diet soft drinks cause obesity and type 2 diabetes MORE than regular soft drinks which also do this.  Diet soft drinks are not a cure for these two problems; they are WORSE at causing them than regular soft drinks!

So it’s quite clear that if you want to avoid being fat or lose fat permanently or avoid high blood sugar problems and the harms it causes, NEVER drink ANY soft drinks!

B.  So what’s the new information on preventing osteoporosis?

All soft drinks are carbonated.  It seems that this means they all contain carbonic acid.

Guess what?  I found out from Dr Davis that carbonic acid ALSO leaches calcium from your bones.

This means that drinking ANY soft drinks, both regular and diet, causes osteoporosis over time because the carbonic acid in that creates the carbonation leaches calcium from your bones and directly weakens them if it goes on long enough.

C.  The better news is that regular slow rep strength training with relatively heavy weights, particularly the leg press, deadlift, and squat, directly strengthen bones.

In fact, slow rep strength training using the leg press to test if it helped increase bone strength was how slow rep strength training began. 

It tested to work then!  And, it still does!

Lots of walking can help prevent loss of bone strength but does not build it as well as slow rep strength training does.

You can also take 600 mg of magnesium a day and eat organic leafy greens and raw tree nuts that are high in magnesium.   Taking magnesium and eating these foods often helps keep your bones strong or make them stronger.

(Oddly, taking extra calcium beyond getting it in your diet, does not test to do this.)

Also taking 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3; taking boron supplements; and vitamin K2 supplements helps prevent or reverse osteoporosis.

The vitamin D3 helps your body use calcium to build bones. 

People who have a high boron intake have significantly stronger bones. 

And, vitamin K2 not only helps your body use calcium to build your bones, it helps your body NOT cause heart disease by taking it OUT of your blood vessel walls if it is there in excess!

D.  Note that men who drink soft drinks and don’t do these bone building practices can and do get osteoporosis and hip fractures as they get older.

Women who do these bone building practices and never drink soft drinks may well escape the osteoporosis menopause helps to cause.

It may also be that using bioidentical hormone replacement can help with this.  That’s less well tested from what I’ve seen.  But I suspect it will work if done well.

But women past menopause who do NOT do these bone building practices and DO drink soft drinks every day are in danger of dying of the effects of osteoporosis.

They not only die at younger ages but have significant pain and severe mobility problems for years before it kills them or they die of something else.  They also have higher medical bills.

Looks like that may be completely avoidable.

And the most important way to do that is to NOT drink any soft drinks!  

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