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Good news:  Effective anti-aging is here!

Today's Post:  Friday, 12-18-2015

This is getting to be such a big subject it’s harder to cover in one post and include everything that works!

But it can be given in three parts:

1. If your cells divide improperly or they stop dividing, the parts of you begin to have flaws and are less functional or they die off totally.

This is one way of defining the aging process. 

But if the protective end caps of your DNA, called telomeres, stay physically long enough it does not happen.  The critical inside part still is intact; and your body makes perfect copies.

The new information is that many things good for your health cause your telomeres to get longer -- and by doing so can stop or even partially reverse aging!

Conversely many things bad for your health make them shorter!

So, if you do many of the most effective things to lengthen your telomeres and prevent the things that make them shorter you CAN slow aging a great deal!

2.  Inside each of your cells is a power source called the mitochondria. 

When they remain with you and healthy and producing energy well, all the parts of your body work well and you tend to have reserve of energy and are resistant to energy depletion.

When they weaken or die off, or worse stop working but remain around clogging up things,  each part of your body where that happens is functionally older or useless.

Notably, you slow down and become unable to move or stay active.  And your muscles, heart, and brain stop working well!

When you see elderly people move really…really slowly or just sit around, it’s often because their mitochondria are too depleted!

We now know this can be prevented to an amazing degree!

3.  When your body’s proteins have sugars attached to them, they stop working as well -- it’s as if they had glue attached to them.

This too is a form of aging called glycation.

Your lifestyle can cause a lot of this to happen or hardly any.  If it’s hardly any, you slow aging.

(There are gene expression differences that determine aging and things that prevent DNA damage that also can slow aging; but they mostly affect aging by improving or damaging these three systems.)

Did you know there is ONE thing that causes ALL of these to go in the wrong direction!?
Smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke and tobacco products make every bit of this worse!

Each exposure causes harm.

1.  What makes telomeres longer? 

An astonishing list of things do so!

Here are a few:

*The supplements alpha lipoic acid, astragalus, and NAC – N-Acetyl-Cysteine are some of them that lengthen telomeres.

Having an effective way to de-stress & skills to avoid getting into or staying in very high stress situations that can be avoided lengthens telomeres.

In fact, nearly every good health practice lengthens telomeres.  And nearly every bad health practice shortens them!

Taking 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 and eating a lot of folate and green organic vegetables appear to both lengthen telomeres and increase reparative stem cells!

And, Dr Al Sears just published a study done by others that found that taking omega 3 oil from fish and the omega 3 oil DHA and eating wild caught fish ALSO make telomeres longer; and so does taking vitamin D3 and K2!

Folate and a cousin set of compounds of natural tocopherols or vitamin called tocotrienols AND natural tocopherols all lengthen telomeres.  If you aren’t allergic, unsalted and not oiled tree nuts such as almonds, pecans, and walnuts have these; and people who eat them DO live notably longer!

Broccoli and other cruciferous green vegetables have tocotrienols and folate. 

It’s no accident that people who begin to eat a lot of organic vegetables begin to look younger or “youthen!”

*Everything that keeps your level of excess chronic inflammation low helps keep your telomeres longer.

(Read the book Anti-Cancer to know how to eat to keep your inflammation low.  The information is so clearly presented, it’s actually easy to follow.  Chronic inflammation boosts your chances of getting and keeping cancer besides doing the same to your heart and brain!

The key is to stop eating bad oils and grains high in omega 6; using extra virgin olive oil instead and eat protective organic vegetables instead,

Besides the turmeric or the curcumin taken from it that this doctor recommends, also eat or take ginger regularly.

These plants are botanical cousins.  And in fact if you do both, you’ll get the results doctors wish statins delivered safely but don’t.

The omega 3 oils that lengthen telomeres also lower inflammation and do so quite well IF you stop the excessive omega 6 intake close to entirely!

Your chronic inflammation will fall; your LDL cholesterol will fall; and your other heart health measures will improve.  And they have other health benefits instead of side effects!)

Physically lowering excess stress lengthens telomeres:

Avoid stress by prudent actions and take prompt action to resolve problems that can be fixed.

Do some kind of physical stress relief. Tai Chi & Yoga work for some people; and there is a new technology I’m trying that may work.

Because the fact that regular vigorous exercise delays aging and increases lifespan by actual test, it likely causes your telomeres to get longer as long as you get enough rest to recover.

2.  What keeps your mitochondria healthy?

Regular vigorous exercise most days of every week has been directly shown to cause your body to make new mitochondria!

(I do that each morning 7 days a week; & I’ve added short walks and a once a week evening strength training session recently.)

Taking the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 has been shown to keep your mitochondria healthy and is both more effective and lasts much longer in the blood stream than taking CoQ10 because the ubiquinol form is what your body uses and makes from CoQ10. 

(I take 100 mg twice a day; but even 50 mg once a day will help.)

Do NOT take statin drugs! Protect your heart in more protective ways instead!

Statin drugs deplete your body’s level of ubiquinol enough to slow or damage your mitochondria.  People age and feel much older and less energetic often from this effect.

What if there were a way to make new mitochondria besides exercise, keep them healthy besides ubiquinol, and even cause the ones that can’t be made healthy that are acting like sand in your cells to die off completely so you immune system can kill them off?

New research has found that the supplement PQQ does exactly that!  PQQ helps your body make new mitochondria and get rid of senescent mitochondria that can’t be saved; but prevent healthy ones from having their full effect.

(I take 20 mg a day of PQQ.)

And, the anti-inflammatory and antihistamine supplement quercetin seems to have some of this same effect!

(PQQ is in Kiwifruit and other foods in small amounts; and quercetin is in onions and is in red grapes and red apple peel in larger amounts.)

3.  When your body’s proteins have sugars attached to them, they stop working as well -- it’s as if they had glue attached to them.

This too is a form of aging called glycation.

Your lifestyle can cause a lot of this to happen or hardly any.  If it’s hardly any, you slow aging.

a) When you eat too many sugars or bad kinds; you eat grains – particularly any of today’s wheat --- and/or you don’t exercise regularly; or you eat or drink artificial sweeteners –OR if you take statin drugs --
You will have too many spikes of high sugar in your blood &/or too much sugar all the time!

The spikes on even the normally harmless large particle LDL tear up the insides of your blood vessels and can even destroy your capillaries.

AND, these excess sugars also glycate or make the proteins in your body less able to work normally by literally gumming them up!

So to avoid this do not eat or drink any high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, concentrated fruit juice sweeteners, fruit juice (Eat the whole fruit instead.); or any artificial sweeteners.

And, eat very little sugar -- only a few times a week or a month.

Eat none, repeat NONE, of today’s wheat.  Eat other grains not all or rarely.

b)  When food is browned or burned it forms glycated proteins.  I’ve seen research quoted as saying that if you eat a lot of these, some of them wind up your blood stream and glycate your proteins.  (Or your body makes your proteins from these glycated proteins.)

So, cook meat in a crock pot using low heat or brown it very lightly instead of browning it heavily or burning it with excess heat applied for too long. 

Or eat fish.  If you do this to fish by overcooking it or using excess heat, it tastes dried out and too tough which makes it not taste good!  So it rewards you if you cook it in a way that avoids this excess glycation.

Conclusion:  If you aren’t already doing some of this, it can be a lot of work to do it all.

But, if you add one or two things at a time, you can get there.

Or if you stop something that ages you like smoking or drinking soft drinks or eating wheat right away, that can also help you get there!

But the good news is that real, effective anti-aging is available NOW!

And, it is available to YOU!

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Blogger David said...

Dr Al Sears sent an email today with new information:

" Stanford researchers reverse cell aging by 10 years"

Here's the summary and my take on it:

We knew we could likely do this because it worked on mice studied at Harvard.

But apparently Stanford did two things differently, instead of using telomerase, the Stanford researchers used " a genetic sequence called hTERT, which is the active component of telomerase' and showed doing this created longer telomeres in people equivalent to reversing 10 years of aging.

But the gold standard is stopping or doing a lot less of things that shorten telomeres and doing several things well and consistently that cause telomeres to get longer.

Because these things almost all have other direct health benefits too and also avoid the possible side effects of using the genetic sequence fragment and its cost, they look far more desirable to do.

And, you can simply go do them. You do not have to be part of a research study or pay a doctor for using the genetic sequence fragments as an anti-aging treatment.

The genetic sequence fragment hTERT, however, might be a way to get much better results when medically treating elderly people with advanced Alzheimers or Heart Disease or Heart Failure or who are too frail to be able to live alone or do the other things on their own.

10:31 AM  

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