Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Eating hybrid wheat triggers autoimmune disease….Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-31-2017 

The email that had this information from Dave Asprey at Bulletproof that I thought I’d saved somehow got lost.

I remembered enough to find this on Wikipedia:

“Zonulin (haptoglobin 2 precursor) [1] is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of the digestive tract.[2]

It was discovered in 2000 by Alessio Fasano and his team at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

As the mammalian analogue of zonula occludens toxin, secreted by cholera pathogen Vibrio cholerae, zonulin has been implicated in the pathogenesis of coeliac disease and diabetes mellitus type 1.[3]

Gliadin (glycoprotein present in wheat) activates zonulin signaling irrespective of the genetic expression of autoimmunity, leading to increased intestinal permeability to macromolecules.[3][4]”

1.  This means that eating hybrid wheat releases zonulin which can cause IBS and autoimmune disease from your body attacking foods or partly digested foods that this intestinal permeability releases into your blood stream.

Some people do eat hybrid wheat without getting autoimmune disease.

Because IBS & Crohn’s disease and other autoimmune diseases are nasty to have and the drugs to treat them are harmful and life threatening and fattening, it certainly may be prudent to not eat ANY hybrid wheat.

Clearly anyone with any of these conditions should never eat hybrid wheat again!

That said, why do autoimmune diseases happen to some people who eat hybrid wheat and not others?  The several things on this list also may be ways to prevent or help reverse autoimmune disease.

2.  Whole grain hybrid wheat has the same blood sugar surge effect that’s fifty percent MORE than sugar as refined grain hybrid wheat does.  And, it tends to cause heart disease only a bit less than the refined grain does.  Dr William Davis found that people who eat no wheat have even lower heart disease risks.

Worse, since real whole grain wheat flour is a bit chewy and the heavy use of refined has made it so much cheaper, bakers often use nearly half refined when the package says whole wheat or just use 100 percent refined and add brown food coloring.

So, it’s simpler and safer to eat no hybrid wheat.  BUT some people do eat mostly whole grain wheat based foods.  Since this likely releases the gliadin more slowly, it may have less intestinal permeability as a result.

2.   Vitamin D3 not only boosts your killer T cells and protects you against infections, vitamin D3 ALSO boosts regulatory T cells to ensure your T cells don’t attack parts of you. 

Since most people in the US are deficient or even severely deficient in vitamin D3, they are at extra risk if they eat hybrid wheat.  The better news is that it’s safe to take 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 a day as long as you take vitamin K2 with it to have D3 send your calcium to your bones and not elsewhere.

If you take that much D3, eating hybrid wheat is more likely to be safe.  Better, NOT eating any hybrid wheat AND taking that much vitamin D3 can help prevent or maybe help reverse autoimmune diseases.

3.  MSG sharply boosts inflammation and harms your mitochondria.  This also makes it fattening on the same caloric food intake.  Diets that lower inflammation and totally eliminate MSG have been shown to help reverse MS, an autoimmune disease.

So, people who manage to eat no MSG at all, might be able to eat some small amounts of hybrid wheat without it causing an autoimmune disease.

4.  Clearly it also helps to have strong mitochondria.  People who do may be able to eat some whole grain hybrid wheat.  We know many ways to do this.  The most important one is to NOT take statin drugs because they directly harm your mitochondria. Because of this doing regular vigorous exercises most days of every week which normally boosts mitochondria well, in people who take statins can be harmful and at best does not boost your mitochondria which it would otherwise do.

So if you completely avoid statins and do regular vigorous exercises most days of every week, this will help prevent or reverse autoimmune diseases.

Taking the ubiquinol form of CQ10 and PQQ also help you keep your mitochondria healthy, help grow new ones, and get rid of those too sick to save. So does taking DHA.

5.  Doing such exercises tends to lower inflammation but only because your body operates at a low inflammation level and has enough antioxidants.

6.  Both this and the MSG information suggest that eating in a way that minimizes chronic inflammation and provides multiple antioxidants also helps prevent or reverse autoimmune disease.

The books AntiCancer: A new way of life and the Wahls Protocol describe just such a way of eating that you can upgrade to.

This involves eating no wheat and few grains and NOT using their oils or eating animals fed these grains instead of their natural foods.  It involves mostly eating vegetables and is likely to be more effective and protective if all of the ones you eat are all organic.

This way of eating not only has already been shown to reduce or reverse an autoimmune disease, MS, separate research shows that it tends to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and is quite strong in preventing heart attacks and strokes. 

(Because eating in this way is so much more protective than statins, this is why it’s actually an improvement to not take statins!  No longer ingesting heart attack starters and using this far more effective method is multiple times more protective than statins.)

7.  Women in the early stages of menopause tend to have big surges in chronic inflammation. 

This causes fat gain and often helps cause autoimmune diseases.

Following the low inflammation eating style not only can help directly prevent these things, it makes taking temporary estrogen replacement safe to do.

That means that following the low inflammation eating style and taking temporary estrogen and NOT taking or continuing statins helps prevent or reverse many autoimmune diseases that tend to attack women during perimenopause.

To make this even better, this same set of things ALSO helps prevent osteoporosis and fat gain and migraine headaches and hot flashes too!  

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Double acting way to fatloss.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 10-26-2017

When you have grown up eating some foods that are now known to make you fat and sick; but weren’t known to then, it can be hard to give them up.


And, since they are not yet banned from stores but still sold in almost all of them, it’s harder yet.

But suppose they are now all loaded with a slow acting poison that boosts their fattening effect.

That would mean that if you want to avoid being fatter or to lose fat you keep off, you’d have a powerful extra reason to eat better foods instead.

It means it would be much more important to do as well.

Knowing this could certainly make it easier to motivate yourself to boycott these foods and only eat foods without these very undesirable effects.

Would it help you?

If so this post is for you.

This exact situation is quite real.  There IS a slow poison that tends to make people fat and some other slow poisons that are almost always used with it that also speeds aging and reduces your metabolism to make it even more fattening to consume!

AND, it tends to be in the foods that are most fattening on their own besides!

First check this out!

A.  Some of many reasons to avoid glyphosate and Roundup as close to 100% as you can:

 From: Health Sciences Institute HSIresearch@newmarkethealth.com

"If you need any reminders of how this is taking the glyphosate scam too far and why you don't want the stuff anywhere near your family, the World Health Organization announced two years ago that the substance can probably cause cancer.

Research has also found that it interferes with the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract, which can result in depleted essential amino acids and kidney and liver damage.

The chemical has also been found to be a contributing factor in obesity, depression, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.”

[Glyphosate, in short, has been found to make you fatter on the same calorie intake.  And, if it makes you depressed you’ll find it harder to make eating upgrades and exercise to make that effect worse!]

“So, starting right now, incorporate these three tips into your shopping routine to reduce your exposure as much as possible:

So, starting right now, incorporate these three tips into your shopping routine to reduce your exposure as much as possible:

#1: Steer clear of the big four GM crops, unless they're organic or labeled as being certified GM free: corn, soy, canola, and sugar made from sugar beets.”

[This is yet another reason to eat far less real sugar since most of it is from GM sugar beets. 

And, those foods and their oils and the fat from animals fed these grains boost your chronic inflammation which tends to make you have aches & pains and be more irritable. 

Besides being a known cause of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease and some cancers, high chronic inflammation also tends to boost obesity.  And this goes double for women just starting menopause.

That means that stopping or almost eliminating these foods and oils in what you eat IS a double acting way to fatloss!]

#2: Buy organic oranges and slice them into quarters instead of drinking juice -- because a just-released study spearheaded by the group Moms Across America has discovered levels of glyphosate in every single sample of orange juice that was tested (including brands like Minute Maid, Tropicana, and private label ones sold at Costco and Vons). Plus that, eating whole fruits is much healthier, as you're also getting the fiber that can help counteract the high sugar content. 

#3: Try to fit as much organically grown food into your diet as you can. We're learning about more and more uses of glyphosate in non-GM foods every day -- for example, it's now reportedly being used on fields before seeds are even planted.

Obviously, it's now become impossible to keep glyphosate out of your diet altogether. But you've got to do everything possible to lower the levels of this chemical your family consumes."

B. More on why glyphosate and Roundup are harmful and what to do to avoid more of them:


"Glyphosate: Why Eating Organic Really Does Matter  By: DAVE ASPREY

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world.[1] It’s the active ingredient in Roundup, the star product of agrochemical giant Monsanto.

Glyphosate tends to divide people. Some say it’s entirely safe, while others swear it’s a deadly toxin. Both sides of the aisle get heated about glyphosate; the result is a tangled web of science and politics that can be messy to navigate.

Here’s the Bulletproof perspective on glyphosate and going organic. The short version of this article is that the Bulletproof Diet recommends all organic food. Why?

To support sustainable farming practices. Sustainable farming practices keep small farmers happy and toxic chemicals out of our soil and water. A diverse crop rotation is more like what nature intended and also

To help build better soil. The soil is made up of trillions of living organisms – or at least it should be. Glyphosate is unquestionably toxic for soil bacteria, killing beneficial bacteria and bugs that help your food grow. Organic food is glyphosate-free and supports healthy soil way more than conventionally-grown food.

Bottom line: If you want to live at full power, keep glyphosate away from your skin, your food, and your soil. Read on for a more in-depth breakdown.

The many dangers of Roundup

In May of 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” They based that classification largely on animal studies that showed that glyphosate caused tumor growth or higher incidence of cancer.

They also talked about conflicting human evidence: one large-scale study found that glyphosate increases risk of cancer, while another similar study found it doesn’t.[2][3]

The WHO investigation also found that glyphosate is probably genotoxic (it causes mutations in DNA) and increases oxidative stress, which triggers inflammation and speeds up aging.

Monsanto (the biggest manufacturer of glyphosate in the world) claimed that the WHO cherry-picked research, ignoring at least a dozen studies showing glyphosate to be non-genotoxic and not carcinogenic…but it came out that all of those studies were funded by either Monsanto or another company in the chemical business.[4]

Glyphosate also mimics estrogen, which could explain why it causes human breast cancer cells to grow in vitro.[5]

Then there’s glyphosate vs. Roundup. Glyphosate was not directly toxic to mitochondria in a study, but Roundup was.[6][7]”  

[Damage to your mitochondria is VERY undesirable because it speeds up aging and makes people slow down more when older; it causes type 2 diabetes, and it reduces your metabolism and contributes to fat gain on the same food intake!]

“And while glyphosate alone is toxic to human placental cells, Roundup does significantly more damage to them.[8]

That begs a good question: all these studies are looking at glyphosate in isolation, but the vast majority of herbicide-treated crops are sprayed with Roundup. What else is in Roundup that hasn’t been studied?

Leaked emails and dirty politics

At least two other compounds in Roundup – nitrosoglyphosate (NNG) and 1,4-dioxane – are probable carcinogens.[9] 

It appears that Monsanto knew these are toxic and tried to hide their toxicity from the EPA.[10] It came out when the company was sued and had to produce internal emails in court..."

"Does going organic make a difference?

It does. Glyphosate accumulates in sprayed food. Organic food, on the other hand, cannot be sprayed with glyphosate/Roundup, and people on an organic diet have significantly lower glyphosate residue in their systems

[I added this underlining!  If you possibly can, only buy organic foods.  And take steps to minimize the foods you eat that are not organic or might contain glyphosate or Roundup.]

Same with cows who don’t eat GMO feed, which is another reason to eat organic, grass-fed meat.[11]  

This is especially important when it comes to protein. The “gly” in glyphosate stands for glycine, the amino acid that makes up your collagen and skin.

Glyphosate gets used to make collagen in animals and people for this reason, meaning that when you eat non-organic meat, especially bone broth or collagen powder, you’re getting whatever dose of glyphosate was incorporated into the animal.

Stick to meat and collagen from 100% grass-fed cows – no glyphosate-soaked grain in their food supply."  

[I added the bolding here. It certainly suggests that making bone broth should only be done with bones from cows fed a 100% grass fed diet.  Mercifully Whole Foods has been selling beef bones from cows fed a 100% grass fed diet.  

Bulletproof sells collagen products also from cows fed a 100% grass fed diet. 

That means Bulletproof that Dave Asprey founded does make money when it's sold.  But since glyphosate and Roundup likely ARE harmful and important to avoid, this is an ethical and beneficial service.]

C. The evidence that hybrid wheat, as over 90% of the growers grow it, contains glyphosate and Roundup is inconsistent.  Apparently some do and some do not.

But such farmers likely at least spray Roundup on nearby fields or plant the wheat in fields that were once sprayed with it.  

So between the insecticides used and that amount of glyphosate and Roundup and the harm of hybrid wheat; the excessive omega 6 oils in a high intake of it; and the bigger blood sugar surge than sugar of eating it, means that for anyone who wants to lose fat or keep it off, the best intake of it is zero!

And, refined grain hybrid wheat is also in many, many foods loaded with the other ingredients that are known to contain glyphosate or Roundup.

These foods on their own are high in grain oils and sugar and high fructose corn syrup and even hydrogenated oils and MSG.

So avoiding all hybrid wheat and the foods that contain it or very close to it, also IS a double acting way to fatloss!  

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Escape osteoarthritis with no dangerous drugs….Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-24-2017 

Several months ago I was speaking to a young man in high tech about my efforts to stay mobile and strong as I get older.  He was astounded to find that I had no arthritis impairing me.

His parents were ten or twelve years younger than I and beginning to be dependent on care because their arthritis had put them into a wheelchair and a walker.

I’ve taken magnesium and glucosamine and omega 3 oils and vitamin C and bilberry extract and not drunk ANY soft drinks or diet soft drinks for years and had seen my Dad have significant hip pain followed by hip replacements. 

I also had read that aspirin and acetaminophen and the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Advil and Motrin and others all had harmful side effects AND tended to make osteoarthritis worse or no better. 

(Aspirin causes excess stomach bleeding and can cause enough to kill you before you realize you are in danger.  Taking any NSAID boosts your risk of heart attack somewhat.  And if you drink more than a tiny amount of alcohol or too much acetaminophen or both you can get fatal liver failure.)

So when I got pain I took a ginger tonic with ice water and a tablespoon or two of organic powdered ginger instead.  Then I just did it every day as a wake-up tonic.  With that I found that small aches and pains just went away after getting enough better I could ignore them.

So when I got some hip pain when I walked a bit longer than normal, I asked what else I could take to turn off hip pain at the Health Food store of a man who was extremely knowledgeable about supplements.  He said that Drs Best Hyaluronic acid was a supplement that would help.

It turns out that this supplement contains both Hyaluronic acid which makes the fluid in the major joints thicker and a better lubricant AND forms of collagen that tend to rebuild the surfaces of joint to also reduce friction and restore function.

Adding this supplement worked!  The hip pain stopped.

Then I read the book AntiCancer: A new way of life.  It shows that eating hybrid wheat and grain oils like soy and corn and canola and safflower AND animals fed those grains most people in the United States were taking in well over 20 times too much pro-inflammatory omega 6 oils.

He also said that eating turmeric in curried foods and taking curcumin supplements based on turmeric slashed inflammation even more.

He explains that making these changes and eating a diet high in organic vegetables slashes the  too high chronic inflammation that is a known cause of Alzheimer’s disease and heart attacks and osteoarthritis and even some cancers!

I stopped eating wheat entirely and went to eating dairy products from grass fed cows and wild caught salmon.  That slashed my omega 6 intake and boosted my omega 3 intake from the salmon.

A recent HSI email added that taking enough vitamin D3 each day and taking boswellia extract also is effective in reducing osteoarthritis AND its pain. 

Then I read that high chronic inflammation not only makes osteoarthritis worse, it CAUSES it!

This means that upgrading to the anti-inflammation eating style and taking turmeric and curcumin were not only helping me avoid pain from osteoarthritis, they were preventing it too!

For its possible boost to my metabolism as a fat loss aid, I also began adding a good bit of cayenne pepper to a wild caught salmon dish I eat twice a week.  And, I added a pinch of cayenne to my toasted green tea three times a week.

Cayenne pepper also makes mucous and body fluids that are too thick thinner so they flow better AND it overloads pain receptor which then report less pain even when an injury is present.

Recently an email from the Resperate blood pressure reducing people had that these effects can even be used as a way to dramatically reduce damage from a heart attack in part by improving blood flow AND preventing the secondary inflammatory overreaction that does much of the hard to reverse damage from a heart attack:


1.  Topical use of capsaicin can cut heart damage in a heart attack by up to 85%!

"Two years ago, scientists from the University of Cincinnati triggered heart attacks in mice. Then they applied capsaicin cream to different spots of the skin during the heart attack.

The capsaicin triggered a powerful reaction in the central nervous system. These signals helped to protect the heart muscle. In fact, the mice that got the capsaicin cream experienced 85 percent less cardiac cell death compared to the mice that got nothing."

(Due to the effect causing this, it may do the same for both kinds of strokes to reduce the damage they do to your brain nerves! It’s been reported separately that this secondary excess inflammatory over-reaction also causes the damage to your nerves that is hard to reverse.)

Capsaicin cream is available and can be kept with your other first aid supplies and medicines.

Just apply it with a cotton swab to help ensure you get none in your eyes by touching them with your fingers!

2.  Eating foods with lots of cayenne pepper tends to prevent a cold or flu in your lungs from building up too much mucous or triggering a secondary infection like bronchitis or pneumonia.

Apparently doing this or taking cayenne pepper as a supplement also helps to keep your blood vessels open and clear possibly reducing high blood pressure and increasing blood flow to your heart and brain even if there is some restriction on blood flow.

3.  Capsaicin can also reduce pain from migraines and other headaches and might help prevent cancers.

Just like the Capsaicin cream, cayenne pepper supplements can be kept with your other first aid supplies and medicines. 

Lastly, the drugs for osteoarthritis are NOT very effective in reducing the pain and do NOT reduce the amount of osteoarthritis or even make it worse. 

Worst of all, they have horrible side effects including death that can be far worse than the

osteoarthritis itself was.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

My Monthly Fatloss Report October 2017.....

Today's post:  Monday, 10-23-2017

A.  Here's the key news:

1.  Fat Loss Report, measured on Saturday, 10-21-2017

Lost 1.2 pounds from 169.0 last month to 167.8.

(Lost 2.1 pounds from 169.9 two months ago.)

My chest measured 38 and a quarter.  This is still three fourths of an inch bigger than 5 months ago when I was 37 & a half inches.

Lost about a quarter inch on my waist to a quarter of an inch increase at about 41 inches to about 42.

My hips measured 38 and a quarter.   That’s still an inch and a quarter more than 37 not long ago.

(My upgraded strength training added muscle; but I lost a bit since last month due to extra stress since then. 

And I’ve not lost the fat off my waist, I’d like to lose. But the fat loss did finally take off a bit, one quarter inch.)

2.  My chest and hips were still bigger and more muscular than they were five months ago though I did lose a quarter inch since as last month.

I may not yet be eating quite enough protein each week.  But although I am still getting stronger and added to the pushups I can do, my intense concentration on my muscular effort was a bit less due to stress than it was four months before.  

Also, I'm at the point I need to get a heavier dumbbell and add a session once week at a gym with access to more weight.

Part of my strength training exercises are still improving though some are dropping off a bit.

My waist was about the same more or less – way too big! 

But my better strength training did keep most of my gains to my chest measure AND my hip measurement.

Since I also got stronger and my muscles look bigger and my wife says they are harder, it’s clear my new strength training technique is adding muscle!

Mike Matthews says that it’s typical to add 5 pounds of fat when you eat enough protein & carbs and strength train well enough to add 5 pounds of muscle.

(Just one example:  Not long ago I was pleased if I could do 40 to 44 pushups the one day a week I test that each week each Monday.  

Today, I did 62 down 77 last month but up from  59 two months ago -- and after catching my breath a bit I did 14 more for a total of 76 in about 60 seconds.  That’s down from 89 last month.

The extra effort to exert extra strong tension in the muscles doing the work on the last few repetitions and between each set was a bit less this last month due to stress and needing a heavier weight.  But I have kept doing it on each set.  (I’ve added some extra at the end of each set.  Now as I regain what I was doing during the set too, I think I’ll again add muscle.)

And, by doing so and keeping up my protein intake I’ll keep the muscle I gain or most of it.

I’ve discontinued the 20 mg of Synephrine completely because it did not change my results that much and it DID cause a high rate a couple of times.  [134 instead of 67 to 74 is a bit more than I’m comfortable with!  Heat and stress was a part of that; but since I discontinued it, the stress and heat were there; but my heart rate was normal.]

The bioflavonoid supplement with 100 mg of rutin, I’ve continued once a day since it may help prevent some weight regain.

I did seem to gain muscle without gaining fat when I was taking the Synephrine.

So, for a younger person with far less stress and stress driven slightly high blood pressure might be OK with it.

 3.  My food intake WAS a bit less since last month since I did discontinue some daily walnuts or pecans.  

My cardio exercises were slightly better.

4. My stress level, already high, went up a bit the last few weeks for several reasons.  

*For me, as for many people, having enough money for at least a minimum OK lifestyle with zero chances of severe money problems reduces stress.  I was under that threat far more the five weeks just before I measured for this month.

*For me, even more than other people who also have it but at a lower level, having an ally who is unusually supportive and of some help sharply lowers my stress level.

 The better news is that as of the last couple of days, I got some extra support.  And it looks like it may be more than some.

If that turns out to be the case, my efforts to add muscle and lose fat may well go up in the next few months!

5.  I'm currently making an extra effort to overcome this recent stress. Emulating the Seal way of using my training and keeping on no matter what IS helping.  

The new nose breathing I posted on Tuesday, 10-5 this month also DOES seem to be helping.  It DOES help to avoid the brain freeze I tended to get when I mouth breathed when under high stress.

6.  I believe my continued persistence and continuing to both follow up on successful efforts and finding new and promising things to check on AND doing so, 
WILL enable me to lose my excess fat remaining and keep it off.

7.  I’m continuing to find new ways to boost my metabolism and add bone and muscle that I’m beginning to use.

As my new strength training method helps me get stronger; I get better at it; and I can get to the heavier weights to use it on, it DOES begin to look like I’ll add enough muscle that by eating about the same and continuing to get better at the lower carb effort,  I’ll finally get back to weighing 161 pounds with far less fat than I have had.


 I’ll achieve the financial leverage I need.

I’ll get the active allies I need.

 AND I’ll begin to use all of the metabolism boosters I’ve found to add to the ones I’ve been using.

(That includes adding a weekly workout at a gym with heavy barbells and adding these new techniques and trying the BulletProof Vibe.

I HAVE added a special set of exercises once a week that I'm already doing standing in the space the BulletProof Vibe allows.  That way, I'll be ready to go when I get one to try!

The last bit of good news this month is that I’m still getting stronger in the two key exercises in this special set of exercises.)     

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Your metabolic rate and fatloss.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 10-19-2017

How measuring your metabolic rate and increasing it make fatloss much more doable:

The study of people who have lost over 30 pounds they have kept off found that the average person who has does about 2800 calories a week of exercise or a bit more.

The separate studies of levels of exercise have shown that the sweet spot for best results is about 3500 calories a week.

(A bit more than that can also be OK for young, fit people.  But more than a little bit more than that tends to get LESS good health results.  It also begins to take too much time for people who want a life outside of exercise.)

Many studies of both men and women have found that the exercises that slow aging, reduce disease, help you keep your memory and reasoning power AND help lose and keep off fat, combine strength training, brief but vigorous cardio, and short walks or dancing.

I’ve known this and have been averaging 1700 to 1800 calories a week of strength training, brief but vigorous cardio, and short brisk walks.

There are several things I know would enable me to double that amount of calories from exercise that I plan to add when I can do so.

Those of you who have read my monthly fatloss posts know the ones I plan to add.

Thinking about this, I wondered how much it will help my fatloss efforts when I can do so.

Then I just found a new Medical News Today article about your basal metabolic rate and how it can aid fatloss.


"The number of calories burned each day is directly linked to weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance.

For a person to lose weight, they must burn more calories than they take in, creating a calorie deficit. But, to do this, they need to know how many calories they burn each day."

[Once the basic calculation is done using your gender, age, height, and current weight to get the calories you burn each day, you multiply by how active you are to get the actual calories you burn on the average each day:  ]

"The results of the BMR calculation are then used to multiply....the average daily activity of the person. Points are awarded based on how active a person is.

Points for activity levels are as follows:

1.2 points for a person who does little to no exercise

1.37 points for a slightly active person who does light exercise 1 - 3 days a week
1.55 points for a moderately active person who performs moderate exercise 3 - 5 days a week

1.725 points for a very active person who exercises hard 6 - 7 days a week
1.9 points for an extra active person who either has a physically demanding job or has a particularly challenging exercise routine

When the BMR is calculated and the activities points are determined, the two scores are multiplied. The total is the number of calories burned on an average day."

"For those who do not wish to make the calculations themselves, there are a range of calorie calculators available online. Most use a similar formula to work out calories burned."

My calculations show that taking steps to slow aging and keeping my muscles working as if they were much younger and adding muscle and exercising more by adding more strength training and  two short sessions of trampoline cardio and about half an hour a day vibe use could almost double my calories burned each day.

Since I do about half that now I likely burn 2200 calories and could raise that to about 3,000

In my current decently active week I should multiply these by at least 1.4; & for the very active one I plan by 1.9.

I listed my age as 73, male gender & 5'7" & 170 pounds and got 1475 cal per day/ x1.4 = 2065. 

So I burn at least 2065 calories a day now.

My first calculation is already a bit low for the reasons I list next; and adding the exercises I plan to add can boost it quite a bit.  I have reason to believe this will result in a 1.9 multiplier. 

(Use of the Bulletproof Vibe every day after dinner plus exercising on it plus using the heavier weights at the gym will add muscle and also burn calories.)

Because of the strength training and brisk walking and vigorous cardio I already do plus the anti-aging supplements I take, my real age for exercise and metabolism is already about 56 instead of the chronological 73 on the calendar. 

I also am closer to the 1.65 level of exercise now.

I’d also be taller if I hadn’t gotten a “shell back” from reading looking down and sitting too much.  Since there is reason to believe I can reverse this, when I do, I’ll again be about 5’8”.

So to see what the results would be using that information AND listing my goal weight,

I listed my age as 56, male gender, & 5'8' & 161 pounds & got BMR = 1,535 Calories/day / x 1.9 = 2916

That’s almost enough more calories burned each day to produce the fatloss that would put me at my goal weight! 

But I’ll likely also need to do two lower carb days each week and two cut down weeks each month to ensure that result.  (I already eat high protein, lower carb meals now; but I allow myself some health OK extra carbs in addition some days each week.)

The authors of the MNT article said this:

“..weight-lifting, indirectly leads to a higher BMR because it builds muscle mass, increasing resting energy consumption. The more muscle mass in the physical composition of an individual, the higher the BMR required to sustain their body at a certain level.

The daily caloric need is the BMR value multiplied by a factor with a value between 1.2 and 1.9, depending on activity level.”

I do strength training sessions now that total 120 minutes.  By adding an hour on each Saturday of the heavy compound exercises Mike Matthews recommends, I’ll be doing three of the four hours a week he finds works best. Using the upgrade of the style I’ve posted on, I think I’ll get comparable muscle and strength building results to what most people do in four hours.

By adding two ten minute sessions a week on a trampoline each week, I’ll also get the amount of vigorous cardio each week he recommends.

Using the Bulletproof vibe several evenings a week to help pump the fluid out of my legs from sitting at my work and one half hour session a week exercising on it, I’ll burn more calories.

And, by doing all three, I’ll be at the 1.9 multiplier level.

How do you score now?

Is there a way doable for you to get dumbbells to strength train at home and/or do heavier weight strength training at a gym for the balance of three or four hours total?

Can you already do jump rope well or safely get and use a trampoline? Just 10 minutes a session with those three times a week can get you in great shape and burn extra calories. 

(With a trampoline you have to work a bit to be sure to stay safe; but it’s lower impact and seems easier than jumping rope fast; but is just as effective!)

Can you fit in a brisk walk of 6 or 7 minutes four times a week?

Can you go dancing or practice it a few times a week?

Can you take Capoeira classes? (“Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.”)

The Bulletproof Vibe costs a bit over $1500.  But it’s reasonably quiet and many have found it effective.

Could you try one to see how it works for you?    

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Avoid using this bad research….Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-17-2017 

Avoid using this bad research or following advice based on it:

Recently in Medical News Today there was a report of a finding that high blood levels of omega 6 might be heart protective. 

The article further suggested that soy oil was a desirable way to get a high blood level of omega 6.

This looks like deliberately fabricated research sponsored by the producers and marketers of soy and soy oil.

1.  Because both soy products and high blood levels of omega 6 have separately been shown to be harmful to your health in multiple ways, following advice based on this research could seriously damage your health.

Soy products are almost all grown with heavy spraying of herbicides and pesticides.  Many are GMO.  This means that eating them exposes you to all those toxins and genetic materials untested to be safe or tested to be harmful and the research deliberately hidden or suppressed.

What about the omega 6 oils?

The processing they undergo causes some hydrogenated oils that are proven to be harmful to form.  And, if they are heated in cooking, they break down in a way that causes excess oxidation which is also harmful.

The most important reason is that simply put, getting 10 or 20 times too many omega 6 oils and half or less of enough omega 3 oils, has been shown to dramatically boost chronic inflammation and inflammatory over-reactions to normal problems.

This high chronic inflammation has been shown to make heart attacks and strokes and other circulation diseases much more likely. It has been shown to make Alzheimer’s disease more likely!  And, it causes some cancers; and usually worsens any cancers once they occur.

NOT a situation you likely want more of or to stay in at all!

The best introduction to this is the book, AntiCancer: A new way of life.  It shows that eating soy or soy oil or eating animals fed soy is unusually harmful to your health for this reason. (Hybrid wheat is also high in omega 6 AND boosts blood sugar more than sugar.)

This means that high blood levels of omega 6 are harmful and that eating soy or soy oil is one of the most harmful ways to get them!

That’s why NOT following advice based on these new flawed studies is likely to protect your health.

2.  You may well ask if that’s so, how on earth did they get the seeming results they published?

I’ve not had direct access to complete information for the studies involved in this set of studies.

But I know how to make a study that would show this!

So my guess is that they used several studies that were similar to that model.

Hybrid wheat; hydrogenated oils; and animals fed soy and corn and GMO growth hormones and routine antibiotics; and high fructose corn syrup; other forms of free fructose; and very excessive regular sugar are ALL as harmful and often even more harmful.

The raw nuts and leafy vegetables and onions in salads are very protective.  That’s even more the case if all of them were organically grown.

In fact, walnuts and other tree nuts for those not allergic have some omega 6 oils but so many protective ingredients they are good for you to eat as long as you don’t get excessive omega 6 oils elsewhere.

That means that if someone stops eating all the other things that cause even more problems -- and eats far more salads and uses unheated soy oil in low doses in the salad dressing, their blood level of omega 6 may go up some and the net health effect would show as somewhat better.

The protective effects found in these studies, however, are about half those that people eating that many protective vegetables and nuts with no oil. 

They are likely even less than half of the protective effect of using extra virgin olive oil only and zero soy oil. 

3.  So the bottom line is to stop consuming everything on the list of most harmful things -- just as the people in these studies likely did.

And, to eat lots of organic vegetables including greens and onions as the people in these studies may have also done.

But to get extra benefit instead of harm or reduced benefits, use no soy oil!

And eat no soy products not organic, nonGMO, traditional fermented foods; and use those sparingly.

Use extra virgin olive oil instead!  That way you add greatly to your protection instead of dramatically reducing it.  

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ways to make quitting smoking work better….Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-10-2017 

Bulletproof promotes a low carb plus good fat way of eating with some calorie restriction or intermittent fasting to help people stay healthy and lose and keep off any excess fat.

Some people like their style better than I do for personal use after I’ve tried some of it.

But they do have some useful strategies and often provide worthwhile health information in their own blog posts.

My strategic method post about a very effective way to quit smoking was: 

Quit smoking for sure with no fat gain.....Thursday, 7-13-2017

I read this Bulletproof blog post below and added my comments.  That’s today’s post:


"...smoking cigarettes serves up your nicotine with a side of toxic heavy metals and carcinogens. 

Isolated nicotine has its problems, even if you get it from a pure source. First off, it’s toxic at high doses, and lethal even at lower doses for a pet or a child. 

It messes with your heart rate, blood pressure,[7] and it causes inflammation.[8] 

[Inflammation helps cause cancers and Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.  So that’s significant. 

Sudden boosts of heart rate or poor heart rhythm plus boosts in blood pressure are the likely causes of nicotine triggering heart attacks in people who would have escaped them otherwise.]

And it’s addictive. As with all addictive drugs and foods (like sugar), nicotine activates the pleasure pathways in your brain. The more you turn on the lights in your pleasure pathway, the less pleasure you feel with the same dose. 

So, you need stronger and stronger stimulation to get any enjoyment out of it, and after a while, you’re so acclimated that you need whatever it is you’re dependent on to function at a baseline level.

[This is Alan Carr's key insight.  After you use nicotine to get to a baseline level when the effect wears off, if you do use nicotine, you are at the same level that a nonsmoker starts with!  

That means that nicotine gives you zero help with stress and the like not available to non-smokers.  If you want effective help with stress or depression, skip the nicotine which is useless for the purpose! -- and get effective help with stress or depression instead!]

[Quitting works best when you engage your thinking & planning brain and are able to NOT use your "Labrador" short term pleasure fixes brain.]


Withdrawal is a detox reaction, and anything you can do to get the yuck out will help things along. A few sauna treatments while you’re withdrawing will help increase circulation and eliminate waste through your skin.

[So will exercising hard enough to sweat for a few minutes several times a week.

AND, taking or eating omega 3 oils turns the extra irritability down or off!]


When you’re detoxing anything at all, you want to get poisonous residues out of your body quickly.

Your liver makes glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant. [Glutathione helps the liver detox faster & better in short.]

You can support your glutathione production by making sure your liver has the precursors it needs to make its own, and the building blocks are all in whey protein. Two to four tablespoons per day are all you need.

[Taking NAC and alpha lipoic acid also boosts glutathione.

And, whey protein is the best kind for building and keeping muscle.

So these points are both interesting and useful.

It’s good to know that nicotine itself is harmful and that stopping it is both worthwhile to protect your health and to help ensure you stop smoking cigarettes.

Then too it’s worthwhile to know that these methods of detoxing help you get rid of the side effects of nicotine withdrawal by removing it from your body faster.]

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Doable and low cost way to reduce stress for fatloss.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 10-5-2017

As regular readers of this blog know, there are two effective ways to remove fat that you can keep off.

1.  Reduced calorie and carb high protein eating plus exercise including some strength training.

2.  Eating in a way that puts you in ketosis with almost zero carbs or close to it and making that your permanent or frequent eating style on a long term basis.

Doing them well and having them work well however only tends to work if you can keep your level of stress in your body quite low most of the time!

There are three reasons for this:

a) Eating bit too much or eating too many foods with carbs or sugars as a stress reliever tends to derail both methods. 

If you have already completely stopped eating the several worst foods and ingredients for harmful carbs & sugars and have already completely stopped drinking all soft drinks, this will be less and you’ll tend to level off rather than gaining fat. 

But you won’t lose as much fat as you could or any at all!  Boo!

b)  Research found that fat you gain while stressed, has a substance that makes it strongly resist being used when you are in a calorie deficit or in ketosis. 

This apparently is part of our built in famine protection.  In the past, when our ancestors were very stressed too often, famine or severe food shortages tended to exist or arrive shortly.

Supplements to lower cortisol don’t seem to help this much.  When you are stressed enough, your body generates so much cortisol it overwhelms them and deposits this locked down fat anyway!

This is true of all your fat it seems. But it has been shown for sure to be most true for belly fat and internal fat that begins to strangle your internal organs known as visceral fat.

c)  We also found and posted on evidence that stress reduces your metabolism. So with the same food and exercise, you burn far fewer calories. 

That can add fat when you would otherwise have lost it!  As I’ve been under extra stress during my cut down weeks, this is exactly what just happened to me apparently.

How to avoid that kind of stress:

Clearly, prudent choices that prevent stressful situations helps to prevent such stress:

Always wear your seat belt.  Brush your teeth well every day.  Obey the laws that are enforced and have harsh penalties.  Be well organized and do the work necessary to be ready for and deal well with known and upcoming challenges.

And, because it gives you more resources to turn off or escape threats, a high, reliable income combined with savings and good credit that is lightly used really helps. 

I’m still working on this one myself.  But those who have it ARE far less stressed and have this level of stress far less often.

It also has been shown to help to frame dealing with a threat as a challenge instead of a disaster
--no matter how severe the threat -- and listing and systematically trying potential solutions.

So does having good relationships with family and friends and capable experts who are sane and will give you advice or help.

No one escapes such stress and many have it often; but when stress is temporary and you overcome it and rest, these fattening effects don’t happen.

BUT that’s only true if your body turns off its stress response so you can rest effectively.

There ARE ways to ensure your body turns off its stress response after you remove the threat or if you cannot yet remove it.

The level of meditation of Buddhist monks and daily tai chi do this best. 

For some people, yoga works.  Less lengthy meditation works but not as well.

These alternatives DO work for some people.  But they take time daily and they have to be done well or they fail to work.

In my view, the best ones are yoga that avoids injury but does cause moderate exercise and increased flexibility and tai chi that builds balance and leg strength and burns calories as you do it.

But both of these require you to have an instructor teach you to do them well.  That takes time and money you may not have.

There are 3 ways that can do more than this that look likely to work:

Two require equipment and are not yet available for home use without a prescription.

*One reads the response of both your hemispheres in your brain to stress and uses biofeedback to reduce the stress level response AND it balances so that both hemispheres are the same.  That’s very important because in many people who react badly to stress one side is severely out of adjustment and one isn’t too bad.  By making them both react well and in concert and exactly the same, it’s quite effective!

*The other one is less high tech and can provide the high heart rate and blood pressure reduction that people and doctors who don’t know any better have used the dangerous and harmful beta blockers to achieve.  I hope it is available soon and becomes the standard therapy!

It works as well for the useful effects; but unlike beta blockers that stay on when people need to exercise or move quickly in an emergency it does not do so! Nor does it have the harmful side effects including directly causing depression that is virtually incurable.

By placing small medallions that induce a heart rate consistent with relaxation on key blood vessels it physically reduces the too high heart rate and blood pressure.

The third one that triggered this post is doable and no-cost! 

AND since it is either always on or something that takes extra effort but only during exercise when you are making an extra effort already, it’s very valuable to know about!

Slow breaths tend to reduce heart rate and stress response. 

AND they have two other important benefits. 

They cause your body to make more red blood cells and add more oxygen carrying hemoglobin on each red blood cell.  Slow breaths put less oxygen into your blood so your body compensates enough to supply you with the oxygen you need anyway.  That means you have more reserve when you do intense and rapid exercise.

Taking slow breaths increases the CO2 level in your blood.  It’s not widely known.  I didn’t know it until this past Monday, but slightly high CO2 in your blood is directly calming and stress relieving.

Very low CO2 creates a feeling of panic or severe anxiety.  That I had heard of because it happens when people hyperventilate; and the treatment is to breathe into a bag so that you bring up your CO2 level.

I had tried various methods to breathe more slowly from using a Resperate to counting as I breathed in and counting as I held my breath and counting as I breathed out.  That last one can help if you are suddenly too stressed.

But invariably, I’d forget to do them often enough to do much good or not have time to do them when I most needed the effect.

The surprising solution is to be breathing slowly through your nose ALL the time! 

It’s just like setting a thermostat that is always on.  Once you get used to it, you just set it once well and keep doing it all the time.

Instead of having to do something extra, you just have to resume it if you find you have stopped!

Even better, there is no extra time used for a treatment or dollar cost to use it!

During exercises where you move rather than strength training with low reps, you build your oxygen reserve best by continuing slow breathing through your nose until you literally feel like gasping for air. 

As this practice increases your oxygen reserve and you increase your mental control you can do this longer and at more intense exercise levels. 

Since Monday, I’ve been using it on my fast abdominal exercises and brisk walks.  It does take concentration at first and as you approach your current capacity; but it clearly works!

Yes there IS a book on it:

The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter    by Patrick McKeown
      Published:  Nov 29, 2016

It’s too early to tell if it will help my fat loss though it certainly looks likely to do so. 

But it IS surprisingly doable.  AND, I can tell it will increase my fitness level with the same exercises I already do! 

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes III ….Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-3-2017 

Two weeks ago, 9-19, we posted on the upgrades to eating and exercise that tend to turn off type 2 diabetes & do turn type 2 diabetes way down at the very least when well done.

We posted on why taking statins causes diabetes and makes the exercises that turn it off best dangerous to do. 

And, we posted on the research showing that no diabetic should ever take statins because the mitochondrial damage statins cause is itself the cause of the more serious and deadly harms of severe diabetes.

We also posted on the evidence that fasting or ketogenic eating has actually turned off type 2 diabetes.

This post and the one last week was triggered by some useful information on the subject that I realized I’d left out:

1.  What are the inexpensive blood tests for high blood sugar and heart disease risk and what levels are dangerous or undesirable and what levels are achievable and desirable?

(Last week, 9-26, we posted on these inexpensive 7 blood tests, the four in the lipid panel; and the two relating directly to blood sugar, fasting glucose & HBA1C and what it is; and the diagnostic measure of chronic inflammation.  We covered how to read the numbers to see if they are danger indicators or are desirable.  And, we covered what foods to avoid to improve the readings.)

2.  Why do more of the lifestyle upgrades to reduce high blood sugar or take Metformin only and NOT take the other drugs for diabetes? 

(Note that taking Metformin tends to deplete vitamin B12 which can cause nerve and brain problems some of which mimic Alzheimer’s disease.  The good news is that using 1,000 mcg lozenges of methyl B12 once a day can prevent this.)

Except for Metformin, the other drugs for type 2 diabetes tend to cause heart attacks and strokes and various cancers often enough to suggest NOT taking them even on a temporary basis.

There are several reasons to avoid these drugs:

One of the most important is to stop eating the foods and drinking the drinks that cause high blood sugar.  Even if the drugs were more effective and much safer with fewer side effects, this is horrible strategically.

Taking the drugs covers up the fact that the causes that people can stop are still in place!

This is very much like starting fires all over your house and calling the fire department-- AND, then continuing to light more fires after they are on their way. 

Simply put, with type 2 diabetes,  if you completely stop drinking soft drinks and eating foods containing hybrid wheat and rice and high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils and using several times too much sugar, you’ll not only lower your blood sugar you’ll ALSO improve your protection from heart disease and strokes and blindness too.  You turn off most of the causes when you do these things!

The same is true for eating MORE of what causes these risks to improve: organic vegetables, wild caught fish, extra virgin olive oil, and some organic fresh fruit at least once a day.

What are the side effects of these other drugs for high blood sugar? 

Some of them are known to cause heart attacks.  Preventing those is supposed to be the justification for making an effort to lower high blood sugar. That makes no kind of sense to me!

Some of them cause cancers and even fatal cancers.  So if you want to avoid cancer, why not strike those from consideration?

Recently it was found that type 2 diabetics often are more likely to get fragile bones.  The research is now finding that NOT getting regular exercise, particularly weight bearing exercise like walking &/or strength training does that. 

Since NOT exercising also tends to cause type 2 diabetes, why not solve this problem by carefully beginning such exercise and keeping it up?

The FDA apparently knows that some of these second line diabetes drugs weaken bones considerably in as little as 3 months! 

Taking those makes no sense to me either.  Stopping soft drinks which also weaken bones and worsen type 2 diabetes makes much better sense!  So does beginning to exercise!

Except for type 1 diabetics, taking insulin tends to make diabetes worse and more damaging. (It was seeing this directly and even having a patient call it to his attention that caused Dr Jason Fung to work on a fasting protocol followed by low carb eating that indeed has turned off type 2 diabetes in his patients.)

So, if you want to avoid paying to make your diabetes worse, consider seriously NOT taking insulin if you are not a type 1 diabetic!

(The book describing this is:  The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting   published Oct 18, 2016
by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung)

Lastly, type 2 diabetics DO need to do more to prevent heart attacks. 

But the severe harm of very high blood sugar research found is caused by the mitochondrial damage it causes.  Since taking statins CAUSES mitochondrial damage and statins are not very effective heart attack preventers, statins are totally contraindicated for people with diabetes!

3.  More ways to protect yourself from the harms of type 2 diabetes and high blood sugar:

Avoiding tobacco and its smoke and nicotine 100% is one. 

Eating 5 or 6 servings of organic vegetables a day NOT including potatoes is one of the most effective ways known to prevent heart attacks AND death from any cause.  (Other research recently found it slows aging.)

Other research found that eating 3 servings of organic vegetables a day NOT including potatoes works as well for people who also do regular exercise.

Surprisingly, eating one piece or serving of whole organic fruit a day or taking fruit extract supplements or both is the most effective way yet found to prevent BOTH kinds of stroke.

There is also a list of supplements that help avoid high blood sugar or all forms of heart disease that are documented to work.

1.  What are the inexpensive blood tests for high blood sugar and heart disease risk and what levels are dangerous or undesirable and what levels are achievable and desirable?

We covered those last week, 9-26. We also added some things to eat or do and some things like MSG NOT to eat to improve the readings.

2.  What supplements help?

There are several that slash heart attack risk that I’ve covered before and will likely cover again.  I was able to boost my HDL from 50 to 100 and cut my LDL from 130 to as little as less than 70 AND lower my triglycerides to well below 40 from about 150.  (That means my risk of heart attack has gone down by over seven fold!)

If you eat a dish of oatmeal with maple syrup added and do a before and after test for blood sugar you will see a considerable jump after your body starts to digest the food.’

By actual test, if you add cinnamon to the dish to taste or take a cinnamon capsule -- and take 250 mg of alpha lipoic acid, the increase will be something like a third as much.

So, if you take a capsule of cinnamon and one of 250 mg of alpha lipoic acid once a day you will tend to have lower blood sugar.

To keep my own blood sugar down, my fasting level measures between 70 & 83, I take those and one capsule a day of fenugreek which is thought to help control blood sugar also.

(I’ve read that in men at least, it also boosts testosterone.  Since I’m a man and want enough testosterone to help build muscle, that’s an extra benefit I like.)

Ginger and turmeric (or curcumin supplements from turmeric) are related botanically.

They both lower LDL cholesterol and tend to lower or prevent high blood sugar AND by reducing inflammation, they protect people who take them from heart disease AND Alzheimer’s disease. 

There is even some research evidence that they prevent cancer and prevent cancers from metastasizing.

There are other supplements that are known to work.

But those 5 are safest and most available and have very beneficial other health benefits!  

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