Friday, August 30, 2013

Cinnamon & other supplements DO help blood sugar problems....

Today's Post:  Friday, 8-30-2013

1.  An email I get had an article on cinnamon as a way to help blood sugar problems.

It was horribly inaccurate and biased to such a degree it came off as if it was paid for deliberate disinformation by a drug company or pharmaceutical group that thinks sending out such unethical disinformation is an OK thing to do.

Nearly everything in it was inaccurate or extremely biased.  Yikes!

How did I get it?

Jillian Michaels is an excellent fat loss motivation coach though others have methods that work better for some of her advice.  (To be fair much of her advice is excellent.)

To monetize her free emails of health information to people who request them she did a deal with a health information media company.

As I know someone who has low level type 2 diabetes and once met a truly unfortunate young woman who was being horribly harmed by it and it’s such an important problem, I chose to ask for the emails with information on it.

It, in turn is supported by ads for drugs and blood sugar testing companies at least to some degree.

No problem with any of that.

But their recent email about using cinnamon to lower high blood sugar was unspeakably bad.

2.  As I’ve heard the story, though others may have known it before, some researchers had found that eating most pie, between the sugar in the pie filling and the refined grain crust, caused an extra boost in blood sugar after people eat it. So testing them 2 hours or so after would show this effect reliably.

They decided for some reason to test apple pie.  The effect did NOT show up!  What!  I think they tested cherry pie next and got the expected dessert boost of blood sugar a couple of hours after people ate it.  They checked the recipe and the significant difference was the high amount of cinnamon traditionally in apple pie.  They provided some apple pie without cinnamon to see and got the expected effect. So, it WAS the cinnamon!

Cinnamon supplements have been tested since then to produce this protective effect as have several other supplements.

There is even now a supplement that combines 5 of the most effective ones that I’d not have believed so effective had I not seen a recent test of it.

(So what did the article do?  Literally everything you’d expect of an inaccurate paid and unethical disinformation piece.

It said but offered no data to support that you’d have to use so much cinnamon as a spice to get any effect it would be aversive to do.

It made it sound like there were no cinnamon supplements and if there were they’d not be effective.

THEN, it suggested that the proper thing to do was to wait until a drug company made a drug from the ingredients in cinnamon that provided this effect.

Say Steve Jobs favorite negative explanation when he ran across something horribly bad:

This is *(*(^&*(^*%^!!     

Right, they ask you to wait to see if the drug is safe and effective and side effect free – and it WILL be expensive to pay the development and testing costs. 

Meanwhile the inexpensive, side effect free, and effective cinnamon supplements won’t even be looked at or tried by a doctor or consumer who believes this article and doesn’t know better.

This is unspeakably unethical in my view.  It’s certainly incompetent.

One recent test of cinnamon found this in a set of meals of standard but somewhat high sugar content that were exactly the same:

(An exactly the same size oatmeal and maple syrup breakfast was tested.)

When tested with no supplement before the meal the blood sugar went up 34.9%.

When a cinnamon supplement was taken before the meal it went up by 9.3 %!

(This is the same supplement the article suggested was ineffective!  Right! My Steve Jobs comment about that article is almost not forceful enough to express my opinion of that article!)

Another supplement known to be protective and help people with blood sugar issues is alpha lipoic acid.  (It’s also protective because is a superb antioxidant.)

When alpha lipoic acid was taken before the meal the blood sugar after went up 17.4 % after.
That’s half what taking nothing did but not as good as the cinnamon.

But there is an R lipoic acid that is only the right handed isomer of this supplement that is more effective though it does cost more.

Someone who knew these effects for these two supplements and that one called berberine was possibly even more effective decided to try adding those three, cinnamon, r lipoic acid, and berberine and two others into a single supplement with slightly larger amounts of each.

It’s called IC5.

This test tried 3 of those capsules in this exact same test and the results were better.

How much better?  Wow! is an understatement.

The blood sugar increase was so tiny it almost was the same measurement! It was 1.2%!


Using this supplement to keep eating high sugar and high glycemic foods often will be helpful but those foods will still harm you and your health in other ways if you eat them often!

Your health will also suffer if you fail to eat the more nutritious foods instead most of the time like oatmeal with raw walnuts instead of maple syrup or steamed broccoli with a bit of cheese from a 100 grass fed source and two eggs from hens actually fed naturally on pasture.

Also, IC5 is quite pricey at $69 a bottle.

Adding cinnamon to oatmeal and maple syrup will have less of an effect but will still be a great tasting food and is dramatically cheaper.  Using half as much maple syrup too will save money.

Or taking a CinnamonForce supplement and one 100 mg alpha lipoic acid before the meal will be less effective; but as you see here, it will make a lot of difference and is far less expensive than IC5.

However, if you can afford IC5 and need or want that much of an effect, this test suggests it will do the job for you.

Meanwhile how does this make that article look? 

Steve Jobs was right.  There is a time when his comment is needed and deserved!   

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ways to boost metabolism to speed fat loss....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 8-29-2013

I.  Three reasons to boost metabolism or keep it high for fat loss success are these.

1.  The higher your metabolism and the calories you burn each day, the more you can eat and still lose fat and keep it off.

That makes mostly hunger free fat loss possible.  THAT is huge because it makes significant fat loss doable and keeping it off doable since the methods are sustainable.

2.  The horribly tiny success rate for fat loss has largely been because cutting back calories by too much each week and doing it every day reliably triggers your body’s failsafe famine response that SLOWS your metabolism and makes you MUCH hungrier.  Then fat loss stops and then you gain it back.  Oops!

There are 3 cures for this:

a)  Instead of eating less food stop eating and drinking things that make you fat or hungrier and add calories that fail to make you less hungry AND replace those with foods that support your health and are high in health OK protein and some health OK oils and lots of nutrient dense vegetables, and some fruit and beans & lentils.

Doing this cuts your total calorie intake without making you hungrier.  Some people even get LESS hungry!

In fact, you can actually eat quite a bit of these health supporting foods and still take in fewer calories.  And, the protein, health OK oils, and fiber in these foods does a great job of turning off hunger.

b)  Do partial fasting but only on two non-consecutive days a week.  This is a bit of effort.  But each time it’s temporary.  It saves time and money on those two days too.  This cuts ten or fifteen percent from your weekly calorie intake.  But because you eat well the other five days, your body thinks that it’s just normal variation and does NOT trigger the famine response.

So, your metabolism stays up and you lose no muscle from doing so.

c)  Do exercises that cause you to burn calories for hours after you do them and exercises that add muscle and prevent its loss.

3.  Faster metabolism helps speed your fat loss in the first two months which studies show helps ensure you continue until you get good results.  And, it can make it far easier to keep off too!

You think, this is worth doing because I’m getting such good results; and even if I mess up occasionally, within a few days I’ve taken off the fat that added.

Faster metabolism is a great help in thinking that way because it causes those results!
That said, here are some ways to speed up your metabolism or keep it high:

II. Ways to speed metabolism and keep it high.

a)  Do the exercises that cause you to burn calories for hours after you do them and exercises that add muscle and prevent its loss.

There are two kinds of exercise that do this.

*Super slow strength training was found to do this over 50 years ago. But it’s been surprisingly little used since then.

The ideal speed seems to be for each repetition of the exercise take 15 seconds to move the weight up and 15 seconds to lower it.  (Between being able to lift less weight and completely avoiding slamming it into motion, this approach is surprisingly unlikely to cause injury.)

But don’t let that make this sound easy!  The trick is to pick a weight you can just barely do this for four repetitions.  Then try to do the fifth one anyway and fight hard to do it and then fight hard to lower the weight that slowly.   This is hard to do, granted.  But by doing it anyway, this last repetition is actually a success to be celebrated!

Your body then boosts your metabolism to repair that muscle and build it back a bit stronger and bigger to do better next time.  This burns extra calories for several hours AFTER you stop exercising. 

You do eventually get to where you can do five repetitions and have to try 6 to get this effect. Great!  Increase the weight slightly and repeat the process.

Guess what that does?  If you eat enough protein too, your muscles get bigger and heavier. 
When that happens, it burns three times as many calories as the fat it displaces!

That means such super slow strength training exercises boost your metabolism not one way but two!

Once you do the other things to remove the fat they cause, that means that such super slow strength training exercises quite literally forces fat loss to happen!

**The other kind of exercise that causes you to burn calories for hours after you do it is high intensity cardio.  Sometimes these short but fast bits of cardio are called burst cardio.  Another name is HIIT since they use high intensity effort.

And, there are two styles. Interval cardio is where you rest in between bursts for a short time.  Variable cardio is where you just go at a slow or brisk pace between bursts.

The ideal is to have the bursts be so intense you can only do it for ten to 25 seconds.

The wonderful news is that if you start easy and don’t try to make progress too fast and rest or cut back in between bursts, you get really fit FAST and burn calories for hours after you do them -- AND it’s actually easier on your body to adapt to safely than just trying to go farther and at a moderately fast pace with no rest breaks at all.

b)  Cause your body to adjust to cold temperatures often.  This can be easy to do or very hard, particularly at first.

But it boosts metabolism two ways.  You force your body to warm you back up every time you do it.  And, by continuing to do it, your body switches some of your white fat that stores calories into brown fat that burns calories and warms you up when it’s cold!

The easy way to do this is to drink ice cold plain water instead of soft drinks and to even drink a bit of extra water to take in more.

More ways to boost metabolism:

Drink one to three super-chilled quarts of water a day.  (I drink a lot of tea and can’t drink too much extra water; but realized I could drink chilled water instead of room temperature water every time.  I’ve found I can drink about half that much or more just by doing that each day.)

Take cold water baths each day.  Not sure how long they need to be.  Far more doable is to take a cold shower that lasts at least five to ten minutes every day.  THAT is harder!

I’ve taken to taking a regular shower and counting while I then finish with a cold shower.  When I have extra time I’ll gradually do it for longer times. Then when I’ve built up a bit with that, I’ll try taking a whole shower in cold water.  This one is NOT easy; but it does seem to work.

c)  Eat foods or take supplements that increase metabolism directly!

Eating foods spicy hot from hot peppers helps a bit.  So does drinking green tea or taking green tea extract.  But those are relatively tiny effects even if, as I do, you do both things.

*There is a much more effective sweet pepper extract supplement now available through doctors in the New York state area and is available in Scandinavia. So far, the FDA is blocking wider distribution here which I hope can be changed.  Apparently it can boost metabolism by another 5 to 10%.

That could help cause and speed fat loss without side effects. 

Amphetamines do that but have significant side effects and can cause death and other harm to your lifestyle.

And, there are drugs approved for fat loss; but they too tend to have risky or obnoxious side effects.

So this could be a huge development if it was released for general use nationwide even if you needed to see a doctor to get it.

**Then there is this new kind of "super" broccoli that does look likely to be available soon that boosts metabolism in older people by restoring all or most of the metabolism people had when they were younger.  See the story below!

This will REALLY help!  Men over about 50 and women past menopause tend to find it easy to gain fat and hard to lose fat because their metabolism tends to slow down even if they exercise.

And, besides, every time you eat any kind of broccoli as a super low calorie, high nutrient, and high fiber food that is filling, it then becomes MUCH easier to NOT eat more high calorie foods!

So, people who eat this new broccoli will get a triple fat loss action because most people who eat it will eat more than they were eating of such foods before!

Best of all, this one looks like it will reach the market and be available online or at Whole Foods soon!

Note in the article that they have a trade name they will use.  It was in Medical News Today.

"Norwich 'super broccoli' rejuvenates metabolism 

Eating 'super broccoli', developed by Norwich Research Park scientists, three
times a week can help to 're-tune' the metabolism and this could protect against
age-related diseases such as obesity, Type II diabetes and cancer, according to
new research." 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Ways to prevent or slow cataracts....

Today's Post:  Friday, 8-23-2013

Cataracts can gradually cloud your vision and make the outlines of things less sharp and make it harder to see both ways.  They literally make the lens of your eyes cloudier and cloudier

1.  The bad news is that by the time you read this you may already have small cataracts and slightly compromised vision from previous damage. 

If you spent a lot of time outside in sunny weather from when you were very young as I did,  or if you have been working outside in sunny weather you may have some cataracts or beginnings of them from sun damage.

2.  The much better news is that you can slow or stop them there.

They have 3 causes and each one is mostly preventable.  That’s what’s in this post.

3.  The other good news is that if they get too bad to ignore, the state of the art of replacing your cloudy lens with a clear one is pretty good.

One downside is that this replacement is a bit pricey due to the skill and training needed by the doctor and/ or the cost of the high tech equipment used.

The other is that there is a failure rate. Some people no longer can see out of that eye at all. Mercifully it’s a tiny percentage; but it’s there.

Ways to prevent or slow cataracts:

Cataracts have 3 causes and each one is mostly preventable.

a) Sun damage from excessive exposure to UV light.  (With the reduced ozone layer and global warming, this is getting worse or more likely.)

b) Oxidation and glycation damage.

c) Taking statin drugs.

Here are the preventive steps:

Many of the preventives for the first two things are in yesterday’s post on slowing aging and preventing wrinkled skin.  There are easy ways to get less sun and UV exposure and some nutrients that increase your body’s ability to be exposed to UV rays without damage.  And there are some foods that cause similar damage you can stop or mostly stop eating.  Those are all covered in yesterday’s post.

a) Here are two more ways to limit sun damage:

You can be outside on sunny days at times close to solar noon sometimes with far less damage if you do two things. 

*Always wear a broad brimmed hat when you do so or even when you go outside at any time during daylight.

It’s ideal if the brim is solid and not just a mesh because that blocks the UV rays best. It’s a plus if the hat fits your taste in colors and is a good quality hat that will stand up to such use well.  And, it really helps on all but the coldest days, if the hat has a mesh between the solid top and the solid brim. Those let the heat escape instead of trapping it. So they are much more comfortable to wear and you sweat less.

Want one like that?  They exist.  I have one.  They cost between about $60 and $95.  And you can buy one online at .  That’s the best way because you can see all the models and colors and styles. 

Their toll free number is 1-800-642-3428 (800 6423 428 is 800 nice hat!)  And their hats are so good and look so good you literally have people stop you from time to say so and they do often say Nice Hat!

** Wear polarized, high UV protection sunglasses or clip-ons when you go outside.

Polarized, high UV subtracting sunglasses prevent or slow cataracts.

(That one I have no product ideas for since it’s the one thing on this list I haven’t started doing yet.  I do plan to do so however.)

Your eyes get less exposure from UV damage by doing these two things.

b)  Prevent oxidation. 

Eating right and including foods high in antioxidants such as vitamin C, the carotenes we spoke of in yesterday’s post, and natural vitamin E complex all help. 

Taking a small amount of retinol animal based vitamin A, more vitamin C 500 mg to 2500 mg, 200 iu of natural vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, with extra tocopherols, and 200 mcg of selenium each day also help.

But there is an antioxidant supplement that is said to have a kind of antioxidant that is even more preventive of cataracts called astaxanthin.

c) Don’t take statin drugs.  Out of every 100 people who take them for several years, 3% will get cataracts who would not have gotten them otherwise.

If you do take statin drugs, you may be able to prevent that by taking 200 mg a day of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 since it may be by statins depleting it that they cause cataracts and the ubiquinol form is most potent and is itself a very good antioxidant and taking it may also help prevent cataracts.

But statins have other side effects such 9 of those 100 people taking statins develop type 2 diabetes from doing so.

They prevent less than 2 heart attacks out of that 100 people.

And, there are MUCH better ways to prevent heart disease that are more protective.  You can even lower your LDL cholesterol below 100 by using them.

Stop eating the foods that we list in yesterday’s post that cause glycation and slow aging such as high fructose corn syrup.  Stop eating ANY of the cheap oils that are high in pro-inflammatory omega 6 oils (soy, corn, and canola are the most common).  Stop eating ALL hydrogenated oils.

Every one of those foods is heart attack starter. 

If taking statins is a force 2 protector, never eating those foods is close to a force 40 heart protector!

Completely avoiding tobacco smoke is about a force 50 protector!

Lastly,  taking niacin, insositol hexaniacinate, beta sitosterol, and turmeric all not only lower LDL, they lower the small particle kind that causes heart disease.  I take those and dropped my LDL from 130 to 77. 

Between those things the side effects, including cataracts, of statin drugs are un-necessary for most people to expose themselves to.  Why take this cataract and type 2 diabetes starter when you can get far better heart protection without doing it!?

(The exception is if you are someone who takes the $150 test that shows you are in the minority of people who are far better protected than most people by statins and have been smoking and eating badly for many years and you just had a heart attack you survived.  THOSE people do benefit from taking statin drugs!)

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ways to slow aging and stop wrinkles....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 8-22-2013

This has two parts.

Stop doing the things that cause the problem.

And, do the things that help prevent it.

1.  Stop doing the things that cause the problem.

a)  Excessive exposure to sunlight and UV lights cause skin damage and over time the damage causes extra skin aging and wrinkles.  So try to avoid more than 10 or fifteen minutes of direct sun exposure between an hour before solar noon to about an hour and a half after.  (In the summer where there is Daylight saving time that’s Noon to 2:30 PM.)

You can get sun exposure more in the morning and in the late afternoon and evening.  Or you can be out in those hours close to Noon but wear clothes that cover most of you and a broad-brimmed hat.

You can take vitamin D3 if you believe you are getting too little sun.  (The evidence and expert opinion we've seen is that most people should take 3,000 to 5,000 iu a day year round for good health in many categories.  In this case, that makes the sun exposure optional.)

(Even if you wear dark glasses in the summer or on grey, overcast, rainy days in the winter, there is SO much light outside during the hours around solar noon, even 10 minutes a day a few days a week is enough to prevent the kind of depression that comes from light deprivation, SAD.  This also works if you wear a hat and cover up.  That’s because the light that does the job comes into your eyes and there is so very much of it!)

You can even buy full spectrum bright lights for inside use that work.  So if you can’t get outside or it’s too hot or ice cold or stormy to be safe, you can get this benefit without going outside at all. 

(One company even sells an alarm clock light that helps you wake up gently to gradually increasing amounts of bright full spectrum light.  And, it only costs about $140 after tax.  It was $129.95 when I saw the ad for it.)

Never use tanning beds.  They tend even in small but regular use to cause this kind of skin damage and even increase your chances of getting melanoma. 

b)  Completely avoid any exposure at all to tobacco smoke! 

It’s dose responsive.  The more you are exposed the more likely you are to get heart disease, many cancers, and heart attacks.  And even a few minutes exposure every day is harmful. 
There is literally no safe amount of it to be exposed to!  Every single exposure helps cause those things!

AND, besides those things, the same thing is true of skin damage and wrinkles.  One sure sign of years of heavy exposure to tobacco smoke is to be unusually wrinkle and aged looking for your actual age in years.

This IS avoidable.

c)  Avoid drinking any soft drinks and eating any foods containing high fructose corn syrup or refined grains and use real sugar very sparingly.

Those foods are heart attack starters and make you fat too!  They make you more likely to get many cancers and speed up any you do get.  Ouch!

But as bad as that is, it gets even worse:  These foods cause what is called glycation in your cell as do the glycated  proteins in the foods they are in that you eat.

The sugars bond to the proteins in your cells in a process that has effects like pouring sand into and engine.  One health writer compared the process to pouring a thick, sugary syrup onto your computer keyboard!  Yikes!

This damage dramatically speed aging and helps cause many diseases.

AND, when it happens in your skin, guess what?!  It directly causes wrinkling!

Stop ingesting all or almost all of this stuff and you no longer get wrinkling it causes!

What else causes this effect?

Cooking foods at high temperatures does it! That glycates the proteins which then harm your cells after you eat them.

So in cooking, use low heat like cooking in crock pot or very low temperature sautéing or use very short heat exposure such as really fast stir frying and avoid long periods of high heat.

Secondly, when you do cook with higher heat or longer times pre-treat the protein foods with  or pair them with protective ingredients.

Marinating in extra virgin olive oil and spices like oregano and rosemary before cooking tends to prevent or reverse this effect. 

And cook protein foods with foods very high in antioxidants and that have some water content  protects your protein foods both ways.  (Making hamburgers or meat loaf that includes finely diced dark cherries does this extremely well.  And it makes your food juicier and still very tasty.)

2.  Do the things that prevent aging and skin damage and wrinkles!

a)  Did you know there are foods you can eat that act like internal sunscreen they are so protective from skin damage?

Yes there are!

One is the whole family of carotenes!

The more of these you eat every week, the healthier you are, the better you look, the healthier you look, the slower you will age, AND the more sun exposure you can get without even getting a sunburn or added wrinkling.  They enable you to have massive protection!

 There are a few supplements such as lycopene that are worth taking. (30 mg a day helps slow or prevent prostate cancer and may even partly reverse the slow growing kind.) Relatively small amounts of beta carotene as are currently found in most multivitamins are safe and likely desirable.

BUT, the very best way is to get ALL the carotenes not just a few. 

Food has them.  There are literally hundreds of kinds of carotenes in foods!

You can get them from raw foods.

But the way to get the most benefit from them is to eat them with extra virgin olive oil in a salad and also lightly cooked and even pureed cooked vegetables with extra virgin olive oil in cooked foods.

(Carotenes are most bioavailable when they dissolve into oil; and the safest and most health beneficial oil by several orders of magnitude is olive oil.)

Perhaps the most important carotene is alpha carotene.  People who have the most in their blood have dramatically better health, fewer disease, age much more slowly, and live longer than those who don’t/

Turns out that carrots have the highest amount of alpha carotene. 
I’m not terribly fond of carrots.  The taste is OK but not great and you have chew them a lot and very carefully or they will harm your teeth.

But, when I found out what eating them did for me, I now eat raw carrot chunks for lunch every single week day!! 

(For the health OK oils, I also eat raw unsalted and un-oiled walnuts and pecans with the carrots in my weekday lunches.)

There are also two kinds of foods that are high in carotenes.

The ones that are red, yellow, or orange vegetables and other foods.

Carrots, all kinds of squash including pumpkins, tomatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes.

(I eat baby food small servings of winter squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes in all my weekday lunches except for my two partial fast days each week.  That takes zero or prep cooking time and I just put them into my lunch container and take them to work.)

The dark green vegetables.  The colorful carotenes are there.  There is just so much dark green it hides them!

Chard, mustard greens, broccoli, and many other dark green vegetables are very high  in carotenes.

By the way, this protection the carotenes give your cells for slowing aging and preventing wrinkled skin have a second benefit!

Their protection provides excellent cancer prevention too!

  >>> And, there is a second food component that is this protective for your skin.

A high or moderately high daily and weekly intake of omega 3 oils from fish or seafood including DHA from wild caught naturally fed fish and seafoods or purified omega 3 or DHA supplements do the job.

These turn out to be so anti-inflammatory and supportive to your immune system getting enough of them also turns out to help prevent aging and skin damage!  

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Monday, August 19, 2013

My monthly fatloss progress report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 8-19-2013

This is another of my not so great but mixed review reports. (That report is in Part I.)

But the likely results soon are GREAT!  (Why is listed below in Part II.)

Part I:

Bad news first: 

Instead of staying the same or going up just a pound or so, I gained back the four pounds I lost the previous month and another half pound more.

But the real damage was the 3 pounds I gained just last week!  The weeks before that I was staying steady and was just a pound or so more than last time.

The OK news: 

a) Last week when I gained the 3 pounds there were two temporary reasons for it. 

When I overeat sweet treats, I gain immediately.  I did that just after I measured last time on Saturday.  I’ve done far worse. 

The main culprit was that I ate extra paleo bread and Irish butter many times during the week.

Turns out this is just like when I overate almond butter.  The food itself was health OK AND low glycemic.  But while that makes having SOME a few times a month or a little a few times a week OK, it has WAY too many calories to do overdo it most days of every week – or even one week! 

I found if almond butter was in the house, its taste to me was too good to be safe to have in the house.  And once I stopped buying it, I lost back the five pounds I gained from overeating it.

So, I’ve already stopped the Paleo bread and butter as a several times a week treat! I’ve had none since and will simply not eat it again more than once or twice a month.

That means that I’ll likely lose back the 3 pounds from last week at least by next time.

b)  On the scale, I’m still 4 pounds under my goal weight. So my main need for taking fat off my belly and me all over is to force it with muscle gain.  AND, I’ve still kept off 5 and a half pounds of the 10 pounds I lost from the intermittent partial fasting!

c) Some of the 4 and a half pounds WAS muscle!  I did NOT gain back any inches on my waist!!

Part II.  The good news!:  Why the likely results soon are GREAT!

Next I list why I’ve NOT been able to add quite a bit more muscle as I need to do to force the loss of my remaining belly fat.

So, why is the future looking so great all of a sudden?  It’s because just last week, I tried something that solved both of those two problems!  And, I can keep doing it!

1.  The two reasons why I’ve NOT been able to add quite a bit more muscle despite knowing the effective way to do so:

a) In my at home super slow strength training, I’ve been held back by struggling with some issues from a left shoulder injury. 

This injury has prevented me from getting stronger on the exercises that use my left shoulder.  Worse, it has kept me from making further progress on several of the exercises where I DID get stronger.

Unlike my right shoulder which healed, my left shoulder seems to keep getting re-injured.

Worst of all, this left shoulder injury has kept me from sleeping well enough for the injury to heal. 

b) Secondly, most of the muscle I lost since I was younger I lost in my legs and buttocks and lower back. 

But to add that muscle I’d need more space and MUCH more weight to do the needed exercises at home. 

I’d also need a leg press machine or a rack with a setting to keep the weight from going down to the floor. And, when I’m working to the level where I can’t do a complete last repetition, one of those two ways of making that safe are critical.

So I’ve been making no or very limited progress on the exercises I do for my upper body at home and making too little for my legs and buttocks and lower back to add the muscle I need.

So, despite my willingness to work hard and the potential I can tell is really there to add the muscle I need, it has NOT happened!

2.  Just last week, I tried something that solved both of those two problems!  And, I can keep doing it!

a)  It occurred to me that I could try the leg press machine at The Perfect Workout where my wife goes since her referral would make the trial session free, then if it seemed to work OK, I could go to a gym that had a leg press machine once a week.

a)  Did it work out well?  It worked wonderfully well!  No chance of injury AND I could feel during the exercise and after I went home that doing it regularly clearly CAN add the pounds of lower body muscle I need to force the loss of my belly fat!

But the fabulous news is even better!

b) On their other machines for arms and chest, I was able to exert full effort for potentially the full effect I need WITHOUT putting ANY load on my injured shoulder.

THAT means I don’t have to wait to add strength and muscle in my arms and chest, I can do it NOW!

Best of all,  I can just stop doing ANY exercise for my left shoulder AND that much higher level of testosterone release and growth hormone release from all the exercises I CAN now do will cause my left shoulder to heal finally!

Then, a few weeks after my shoulder does heal, my arms will be so much stronger, it will be easy to build back the strength in that shoulder!

Just those two things show the potential to gain the muscle I need to add some weight to get back to my goal weight yet cut several inches from my waist and pounds fat off my belly and all the rest of me!

c)  But there were two very important extras too!

In the same way I’ve not had the equipment at home to work my muscles in my legs and buttocks and lower back, I’ve not had the equipment to fully exercise my upper back!

They DO have those machines!

And, their Nautilus machines also work the muscles exercised a bit more fully than the dumbbells I use at home without having to waste some of the effort controlling the weight.

I have had to rework my schedule to work around the new once a week workout I’ll be doing at The Perfect Workout.  But I’ve done it and believe the changes I’ve made will work.

So from now on, I’ll be continuing to weigh on the scale to catch things that will add fat or that help lose it -- as happened last month.  And, of course, I’ll keep doing all the things that have helped me lose 36 pounds of fat since my high point!

But I’ll focus most on watching my waist measurement for losses of a quarter inch or more a month.

And, though the fat losses will hide increases in muscle in my chest and hips for a few months, I fully expect to see increases in those measures from added muscle after that!   

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Friday, August 16, 2013

The best times of day to exercise....

Today's Post: Friday, 8-16-2013

1.  Fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, says it in a humorous way:  “Any day ending in Y. “

The point he is making is that any day you can exercise and do it is a plus.

The related point is that while exercising most days of every week has incredibly positive health benefits of several kinds, the benefits only show up if you do actually do the exercises!

The much better news is that if you do exercise most days of every week, the longer you do it in years without a big break in doing it, the better the health benefits and health protections get!

So, his point is that any day you actually exercise and fit it into your schedule is a huge positive!

There are some differences and what works for me or even most people may not work for you. 

Everyone is just a bit different.

That said, here’s some ideas as to what works best for most people and why.

2.  For most people the very best time to exercise is at home first thing in the day or at least before you leave the house or get busy on your day.

The second best time is that early in your day going someplace close by where you live to exercise.

Here are some of the reasons why first thing in the morning tends to work so well:

a)  Research shows that exercise, particularly vigorous exercise, even if brief, done first thing in your day is most effective at helping you sleep better.  (And compared to people who do no exercise, this is a BIG effect.)

b)  Because vigorous or intense exercise you work up to gradually, the most important kind, can be done in just a few minutes each day and the demands of your day tend to disrupt your plans later then that time, it’s about ten times easier to exercise reliably early in your day.

This is so true you can decide in advance what kinds of exercise you’ll do each day and hardly ever miss a session. 

(This has proved true for me.  I only miss exercising about one day every other month.  And, I often go a few months with no misses at all. 

My after work sessions are far less reliable despite my motivation to do them.  Things beyond my control often get us home late.  Some days, even I am just too tired or hungry to make myself do it.  I average between doing them half the time to about three times out of four when things go well.  Note the huge contrast with my reliability doing my morning exercises almost without fail.)

d) Do the statistics for most people and people new to exercise show this effect too?

They most certainly do!  Twice as many people who exercise first thing keep exercising as compared with people who exercise later in the day.

e)  For fat loss, eating a big breakfast with lots of protein and any higher glycemic foods you eat such as fruit or real fruit juice or even whole grains or a few foods with sugar, is THE best time of day to do this.

Even better, if you exercise first, your body tends to use these foods and the insulin they cause you to release to repair your body and build muscle.  Later in the day and without the exercise first, those same foods and the insulin release just make you and keep you fat!

3.  For the best results for building strength if you can do it reliably, the other best time is to exercise with at starting time between about 4 PM and 6 PM and before your evening meal.

That’s because your body is usually most awake and up and running at that time of day.  And you tend to be strongest at that time.

I just signed up to go to a once every week session to do superslow strength training at 6 PM every Tuesday at an appointment time I’m paying for in advance.

Between the definite appointment and how effective I know this to be, this a great way to go for this.  The extra incentives to be sure I do it each week are there to help me be reliable with it.

So that can be a good time under those kinds of circumstances.

Otherwise the first thing in the day time always tends to win! 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New ways to get extra cancer protection from cruciferous vegetables....

Today's Post: Tuesday, 8-13-2013

Raw cruciferous vegetables such as raw broccoli florets and raw cauliflower florets and kale or water cress in salads and the diced cabbage in coleslaw are all unusually effective cancer preventers.  Men who eat raw broccoli florets and raw cauliflower florets have cut their chances of getting the aggressive form of prostate cancer in half for example.

But I just learned two other ways to get extra cancer protection from cruciferous vegetables.

1.    It may well work as well or better for lightly steamed broccoli or cauliflower.  It seems that doing so helps release an anticancer ingredient, myrosinase.

2.  BUT frozen and more fully cooked broccoli or cauliflower tend to lose some of this cancer protective ability.   (The processors flash heat frozen vegetables a lot just before they freeze it)

However, if you eat frozen or cooked broccoli or cauliflower, or other cruciferous vegetable it may restore its ability to prevent cancer and add more.

It seems if you add even a little of another raw cruciferous vegetable to the cooked or heated frozen broccoli or cauliflower, or other cruciferous vegetable not only do you get its cancer protection, it interacts with what the cooked or frozen one has left to partially or fully restore its cancer preventive qualities too.

That means you can add a raw cruciferous vegetable and even get creative with it such as diced Daikon radish or even mustard to cooked broccoli or cauliflower to restore the anticancer effect!

The raw one has some cancer prevention by itself AND it may link with the remaining phytonutrient in the cooked or frozen broccoli to even restore the anticancer effect there too!

Here’s the Medical News Today story I saw on that:

Scientists put cancer-fighting power back into frozen broccoli
There was bad news, then good news from University of Illinois broccoli 
researchers this month. In the first study, they learned that frozen broccoli 
lacks the ability to form sulforaphane, the cancer-fighting phytochemical in 
fresh broccoli.

They say that “consumers can spice up their frozen, cooked broccoli with another food that contains myrosinase to bring the frozen cancer-fighting super-food up to nutritional speed.”

"Try teaming frozen broccoli with raw radishes, cabbage, arugula, watercress, horseradish, spicy mustard, or wasabi to give those bioactive compounds a boost," one woman expert advised.   

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Stop nondairy creamer and diet soft drinks to be far less fat....

Today's Post: Friday, 8-9-2013

1.  Do you use nondairy creamer in your coffee every day?

Would you like to be several pounds less fat with almost no effort and have almost all of it come off your belly?

If yes to both, there is very good news potentially!

Nondairy creamer is MADE OUT OF hydrogenated oils.  You may have already read in our posts that eating hydrogenated oils is heart attack starter and that eating just a little bit every day builds up to a LOT in your blood.

Even if you have already stopped using shortening which has the same problem and stopped any food with a label that has trans fats or hydrogenated oils as an ingredient and most commercial baked goods and fast foods fried in hydrogenated oils, if you use nondairy creamer in your coffee every day, you still have a LOT of it in your system.

But so what?

Well if you’d like to be several pounds less fat with almost no effort and have almost all of it come off your belly, check this out!

Weigh yourself with no clothes on.  Divide your weight in half.  Divide that by 10.  How many pounds is that for you? 

(I’m down to 156 so for me, half that would be 78 and dividing 78 by ten gets to 7.8 pounds.  I can’t use this since I know never to touch nondairy creamer or anything containing hydrogenated oils.)

If you totally stop using nondairy creamer EVER and be sure to stop all other hydrogenated oils and you use half and half or light cream or full or low fat milk instead in your coffee, you won’t take in less calories or that much less.

BUT that 5% of your body weight will leave your belly with no further effort!

(If you weigh what I do and still use and eat that stuff and stop it all, you’d lose 8 pounds and be  down to 148 or a bit more with no more effort and your belly would have that much less fat on it!)

The recent research found this is so!

Sylvia Booth Hubbard, often one of the better writers on health issues, found research done at Wake Forrest University is well worth your attention.

She notes first that to eliminate trans fats and hydrogenated oils, besides vegetable shortening, it's still all too often in: cookies, and snack foods -- so you know to eliminate those foods and always read labels for any listed amount of trans fats or any hydrogenated oils as an ingredient.

The researchers found that monkeys who were fed a diet that included trans fats, gained 7.2 percent more body weight than those who were fed a diet of mono-unsaturated oils, such as olive oil. In their study the number of calories and amount of fat in both diets was identical.

 And the extra fat gained on the hydrogenated oils was” in the abdominal area.”

The ones eating mostly olive oil and NOT eating things like nondairy creamer did NOT eat less calories.

They needed no increase in hunger to do it, but they were well over 5% less fat!  AND most of that was not in their belly fat. 

The ones that ate the hydrogenated oils were that much fatter and had bigger, fatter bellies!

If you’d like to get those results, just stop using nondairy creamer and stop the other stuff containing hydrogenated oils!

2.  Do you, like millions of people in the United States, drink diet soft drinks to cut out the sugary calories you would get I regular soft drinks?

If you do this in hope of being less fat by doing so, there is very bad news.  Multiple studies show that people who drink diet soft drinks get fatter and are more likely to get type 2 diabetes and heart disease than people who drink regular, sugary soft drinks.

(Of course people who drink regular, sugary soft drinks are far fatter and are more likely to get type 2 diabetes and heart disease than people who never drink sugary soft drinks or diet soft drinks.

True, in some cases, people who drink diet soft drinks are already obese or still eat fattening foods or eat more fattening foods on purpose and overdo it.

But research shows that most people who drink diet soft drinks drink about 50 to 100 % more each day diet soft drinks than people who drink regular soft drinks.

Newer research found that every single diet soft drink caused the same kind of excessive insulin release that a regular soft drink does.

Diet soft drinks seem also to cause people to eat more sugary foods when they taste so sweet they reset the taste buds to prefer very sweet foods and that insulin drops their blood sugar.

Put it all together and per drink, diet soft drinks are more fattening than regular ones!

But, it’s even worse than that because diet soft drink drinkers think the reverse is true, they drink far more of them each day!


That means that drinking diet soft drinks is far more fattening than drinking regular soft drinks.

Even drinking one diet soft drink a day is fattening it turns out!

Bottom line is simple!

If you don’t want to be fat, don’t drink soft drinks of any kind!

Even better, drinking ice water causes fat loss!

There is also potentially good news too.  People who stop drinking regular and diet soft drinks stop taking in calories AND stop getting the high insulin levels from both kinds of soft drinks.

But ten percent or more of their bodyweight is fat from those causes or even more!

So, if you have been drinking soft drinks OR DIET soft drinks -- and stop totally, two wonderful things happen.

That ten percent or more of your bodyweight that’s fat from drinking soft drinks gradually disappears AND you get LESS hungry!

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Four important fat loss guidelines, part 2....

Today's Post:  Monday, 8-5-2013

You might have seen the article Yahoo had last Friday, 8-2-2013, on 5 myths about weight loss.

Some of what they wrote is accurate but can be harmfully misleading if you don’t know more.  And, one of them is flat out wrong!

I skip the one about calories burned during love-making as their point is just too simplistic and under-researched.  But only very young and active people who skip eating for their love-making get a big effect comparable to how much the other 4 areas matter. 

AND they left out that becoming less fat and more fit dramatically increases how well and often you make love.  It’s a major motivator to lose fat rather than a way to do so!

But these other four things they listed  had more substance --  both the good and the likely wrong or harmful things they said.

Here, their 4 points and my comments:  (Only have time for the first one today and the other 3 will be next time.)

Here are my comments on their other 2 points:

(I lost the third one between Friday and today, unfortunately.)

1.  She said that: “Setting realistic goals for weight loss will help you stick with it.”

She said this was false and that many studies found more ambitious goals led to more weight loss.

This one is really dangerous even if true.  And they had no clue they should include the danger and what to do about it to be helpful instead of harmful!

Last Friday we posted about the difference between HOW most people use this to cause fat loss failure and how to use it to boost your fat loss success instead!

Simply put, cutting back too much on how much you eat every day causes failure something like 99% of the time.  So doing more of that instead of less as they seem to possibly suggest makes failure even more certain.

But what does work to cause mostly hunger free fat loss using the 4 methods that do this AND cause more fat loss is to do each one as well as you can and begin them all the first two to four weeks and upgrade them in four more weeks.

We described those 4 methods last Friday.  People who do that instead of cutting back too much every day can lose 8 to 25 pounds by the end of the first 8 weeks.  But their metabolism stays high or goes up; they don’t get much hungrier and hardly at all for 5 days a week; and they gain muscle or stay the same instead of losing it!  THAT is sustainable and you can do it until your excess fat is all gone!

Here are my comments on their other 2 points:

(I lost the third one between Friday and today, unfortunately.)

But these two are mostly true, NOT false!

1.  They said that eating breakfast helped with fat loss and not gaining it back was FALSE.

Their authority was that in 2 randomized, controlled trials always eating breakfast or always skipping it, showed no effect.  The key is the “controlled” part.  If you force people to eat the same total calories each day, sure they will tend to get very similar results.

In real life, people do tend to eat more calories later in the day and more fattening foods if they skip breakfast. 

Eating breakfast is effective in part because it enables people to have far more appetite control at the time of day many people eat fattening mid-morning snacks and at dinner.

A breakfast high in health OK protein and fiber foods tends to hold off hunger until lunch time far better than skipping it does.  This is also the case for dinner.  People who eat no breakfast are often starving hungry at dinner time instead of just normally hungry.

Almost all other studies have found that always eating breakfast helps with fat loss in several ways.  One even found though this was less true of men, always eating breakfast was close to essential for women.

But it gets better!  People who always eat breakfast tend to actually eat MORE calories total and get more nutrition AND are LESS fat than people who do not.

This is because eating that kind of breakfast tends to boost the metabolism of people who do it and lower their average insulin levels and blood sugar levels!  That’s in addition to eating better foods and more appetite control later in the day.

Even better, at breakfast, you can get away with eating whole fruit or even fruit juices because your body processes carbohydrates better at breakfast than it does later in the day.

One fat loss expert even allows her clients to have sugary treats or desserts at breakfast some days a week because of this.  She finds they then are much more likely to be disciplined in what they eat the rest of the day since they DID get to have the treats.  I don’t suggest this since these kinds of foods are also directly harmful to eat that often.  But it does show how robust this effect is.

Lastly, what  the medical profession calls the gold standard is what those people do who lose over 30 pounds and keep it off for years.  Over 80% of these people always eat breakfast!

There are some people who can get away with not eating breakfast and still lose fat.  But at the very least these are people who do everything else right and have very high levels of self control.  That fits the data since more men do this than women.

For most people, always eating breakfast gives them substantial extra leverage on causing and maintaining their fat loss!

They also are more able and competent at work than people who skip breakfast yet other studies have found.

So she got this one very, wrong indeed!

2.  She said that believing that snacking leads to weight gain is false

She said that both controlled and observational studies simply don’t find consistent results one way or the other.

Once again, what she found is so. 

But the implication she leaves readers with is completely and totally false!

Both the inconsistent and conflicting results and the important to know underlying reality are because there are basically TWO kinds of snacks!

 The data on that are VERY clear!

a)  Uncontrolled and even automatic and compulsive snacking on harmful and fattening foods is a MAJOR cause of getting fat and staying fat!

If you have a supply of such foods at your desk you have a bit of several times each morning and afternoon, you will be fat no matter what you do or think you are doing at eating very low calorie meals the rest of the time.

The snacking calories from this kind of snacking amount to huge totals over every week and the kinds of foods are fattening on top of that!

And, that’s not all!  Many people snack on these kinds of foods while watching TV and eat them almost on autopilot in huge quantities.

NEVER eat such snack foods while watching TV every day!

b)  Controlled and planned snacks of health OK foods that have some health OK protein or fat or fiber by contrast can actually help fat loss!

So as you can see, studies that mix these two kinds of snacks get confusing and inconsistent results.

BUT, if you compare uncontrolled snacks several times an hour of fattening foods with controlled, regular snacks once or twice a day of health OK foods that are NOT fattening,

THEN you see VERY consistent results.

Uncontrolled snacks several times an hour of fattening foods is virtually ALWAYS fattening!

That’s true and NOT a myth.

Conversely, many people who have one or two snacks a day at the same time each day of controlled amounts of health OK foods that have some health OK protein or fat or fiber by contrast can actually help fat loss!

That is also true.

The key difference is WHICH kind of snacks are we talking about!

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Four important fat loss guidelines....

Today's Post:  Friday, 8-2-2013

You might have seen the article Yahoo had today on 5 myths about weight loss.

Some of what they wrote is accurate but can be harmfully misleading if you don’t know more.  And, one of them is flat out wrong!

I skip the one about calories burned during love-making as their point is just too simplistic and under-researched.  But only very young and active people who skip eating for their love-making get a big effect comparable to how much the other 4 areas matter. 

AND they left out that becoming less fat and more fit dramatically increases how well and often you make love.  It’s a major motivator to lose fat rather than a way to do so!

But these other four things they listed  had more substance --  both the good and the likely wrong or harmful things they said.

Here, their 4 points and my comments:  (Only have time for the first one today and the other 3 will be next time.)

1.  They said that: “Setting realistic goals for weight loss will help you stick with it.”

They said this was false and that many studies found more ambitious goals led to more weight loss

This one is really dangerous even if true.  And they had no clue they should include the danger and what to do about it to be helpful instead of harmful!

a) Setting ambitious best possible case long term goals DOES work because those studies found people who did that made a much stronger effort to lose fat than people who set goals that had no real excitement to them.  They did more things.  They did each thing better.  And, when they ran into problems or reversals they tried harder instead of quitting.  Each of those is consistent with being optimistic and getting better results.

They do tend to lose more at first and because they lost more they tend to continue more often than people who don’t lose as much.

These do tend to be true particularly in the first few months.

b) BUT stopping the advice there as the Yahoo author did is extremely dangerous and potentially harmful and has caused even highly motivated people to FAIL at fat loss. That’s why I felt it urgent to write this post!

Here’s why. Most people and still far too many commercial groups and even health professionals say to cut back or limit calories every day and never eat more than that. 

And, these highly motivated people often overdo even that.

Within weeks, every one of those people has the full failsafe famine response.  Their metabolism falls and their appetite increases to the almost irresistible craving level.  Worse, even if they overeat for months, those settings stick around for months!

Given that, the fact that over 90% of the people who try it fail at fat loss, which they usually think of as dieting or temporary deprivation, is actually predictable – NOT a surprise. 

Then those who do manage to lose fat that way almost never keep it off.  The result is that the net real failure rate approaches 99%.  That’s actually a positive in a way because it means that 1% succeeded anyway despite this horribly flawed way to attempt fat loss.  (Those people kept trying other things until they found out what actually does create permanent fat loss.) 

But the horrible thing is that people who start with only the effective methods instead can lose fat relatively quickly that does NOT trigger the famine response or slow metabolism.  Close to 99% can succeed instead!

THAT is a huge point to not know and leave out.  (They simply didn’t know is my guess.)

If you do know the things that work and begin them all within 4 weeks and begin to do them all well during the next 4 weeks, know that people can and often do lose a good bit of fat and weight by the end of the 8 weeks and will have progress even other people will notice by the end of 3 and 6 months from starting. 

None of these turns on the famine response or requires you to be extra hungry every day!  In fact, some people even eat more than they did before they began!

The pictures of many people who got this kind of fast start before and after doing this are stunning after a year or so. One woman looks like an aging matron in her before picture with fat all over and a huge waist.  After about a year she looks like a model or a Hollywood starlet with a tiny waist.  She looks so much better in her after picture she is almost unrecognizable.

So big long range goals and a very strong and determined start of all the effective methods in the first few weeks DOES cause success.  But just eating too little every day and being in  constant hunger almost always causes total failure instead.  Worse, it’s horrible to live through.

c) So here’s what they left out.

First:  Some foods and drinks are harmful to eat, cause you to get and stay fat, AND make you hungrier if you eat or drink them!  It should be a no brainer, given that, to slam all eating and drinking that stuff to a total stop if you want fat loss and fast and permanent fat loss! 

Really fast and complete action on THAT produces permanent fat loss. 

But people like and are used to these things and tend to deny the reality.  Soft drinks, diet soft drinks, refined grain foods, packaged dinners and desserts and fast food and commercial baked goods are well made to taste good. And, many people spend most of their money on only these things.

The much better news is that if you believe or learn why they really are that harmful and fattening and make you hungrier, once you get over wishing it wasn’t so and get used to eating real food instead, it’s actually EASY to keep doing.  And, for people who are 40 to 300 pounds overfat from this cause can literally lose five pounds or more every month with almost no added effort once they make this switch.

Second, nonstarchy vegetables both raw and cooked with extra virgin olive oil and onions, garlic and spices can actually taste good or at least be OK and you can get used to them.  Do NOT add six at a time, add one or two a week to give your system time to get used to them.  They have very few calories and are quite filling and have dramatic health benefits.

And, most days you can also have relatively large amounts of health OK protein foods, health OK fats and oils, and some fresh fruit too.  Even some red wine is OK.

The people who learn what these foods are and do things like setting up planned meals for each upcoming week and leave out the bad stuff are astonishingly healthier and just by eating them instead of harmful and fattening junk ALL the time can be extremely effective.

But that’s about the first third of the effect you can get!

Third is the effects of even a few sessions a month of short sessions of superslow strength training and higher intensity and shorter cardio sessions.  People who do them burn calories for hours after each session and add bone and muscle. 

For people who do the first two things this actually can force fat loss and it almost always prevents losing any muscle or fat.

Even better doing these exercises empowers the people who do them within the first 2 months and makes them feel and look better and their health will be better.  These exercises literally give you some of the benefits you may have begun fat loss to get in the first few weeks even before all your extra fat comes off!

Fourth is a stunner!  You can lose something like 4 pounds every month until your extra fat is all gone on top of what you can do with the first 3 methods!

It’s partial fasting just two days a week that are not right next to each other.  Surprisingly it’s not that hard on those two days and you get used to it.  It saves you time and money on those days too which can be really nice for busy people!

Imagine having an almost guaranteed extra few pounds of fat loss besides eating right and the most effective exercise plan known.

Our upcoming commercial products will have more information to help ensure you can do this.  But a good place to start is to read the book that started me;

The FastDiet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer (Feb 26, 2013)

It’s excellent!

Some of the recipes are too time consuming but you can make easier ones using similar ingredients with much faster preparation times.

Here’s what it’s just done for me: 

I have, after successfully losing the 17 pounds I'd gained back with many small strategies that I can keep doing and have been, I found I still had 20 to 24 pounds of belly fat left to lose.

Then two months ago I found this sustainable way to lose that fat which I could easily add to what I was already doing!  The result is a dramatic success!  I've been losing about 4 pounds a month ever since.  And there is good reason to believe this will continue until that fat is all gone!

I'm actually beginning to look thinner and feel light on my feet.  I was quick before for a slightly plump older guy because of my exercises.  Recently I'm just quick!

In about 4 more months, I'll be down to about 139 pounds unless I add some muscle to balance it.  THAT I'm working on!  (I haven't been that light since I was 13 or 14.)

But if you ever want to lose fat or upgrade your health measures at the doctor, just use this method.  This stuff flat out WORKS!

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