Monday, August 19, 2013

My monthly fatloss progress report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 8-19-2013

This is another of my not so great but mixed review reports. (That report is in Part I.)

But the likely results soon are GREAT!  (Why is listed below in Part II.)

Part I:

Bad news first: 

Instead of staying the same or going up just a pound or so, I gained back the four pounds I lost the previous month and another half pound more.

But the real damage was the 3 pounds I gained just last week!  The weeks before that I was staying steady and was just a pound or so more than last time.

The OK news: 

a) Last week when I gained the 3 pounds there were two temporary reasons for it. 

When I overeat sweet treats, I gain immediately.  I did that just after I measured last time on Saturday.  I’ve done far worse. 

The main culprit was that I ate extra paleo bread and Irish butter many times during the week.

Turns out this is just like when I overate almond butter.  The food itself was health OK AND low glycemic.  But while that makes having SOME a few times a month or a little a few times a week OK, it has WAY too many calories to do overdo it most days of every week – or even one week! 

I found if almond butter was in the house, its taste to me was too good to be safe to have in the house.  And once I stopped buying it, I lost back the five pounds I gained from overeating it.

So, I’ve already stopped the Paleo bread and butter as a several times a week treat! I’ve had none since and will simply not eat it again more than once or twice a month.

That means that I’ll likely lose back the 3 pounds from last week at least by next time.

b)  On the scale, I’m still 4 pounds under my goal weight. So my main need for taking fat off my belly and me all over is to force it with muscle gain.  AND, I’ve still kept off 5 and a half pounds of the 10 pounds I lost from the intermittent partial fasting!

c) Some of the 4 and a half pounds WAS muscle!  I did NOT gain back any inches on my waist!!

Part II.  The good news!:  Why the likely results soon are GREAT!

Next I list why I’ve NOT been able to add quite a bit more muscle as I need to do to force the loss of my remaining belly fat.

So, why is the future looking so great all of a sudden?  It’s because just last week, I tried something that solved both of those two problems!  And, I can keep doing it!

1.  The two reasons why I’ve NOT been able to add quite a bit more muscle despite knowing the effective way to do so:

a) In my at home super slow strength training, I’ve been held back by struggling with some issues from a left shoulder injury. 

This injury has prevented me from getting stronger on the exercises that use my left shoulder.  Worse, it has kept me from making further progress on several of the exercises where I DID get stronger.

Unlike my right shoulder which healed, my left shoulder seems to keep getting re-injured.

Worst of all, this left shoulder injury has kept me from sleeping well enough for the injury to heal. 

b) Secondly, most of the muscle I lost since I was younger I lost in my legs and buttocks and lower back. 

But to add that muscle I’d need more space and MUCH more weight to do the needed exercises at home. 

I’d also need a leg press machine or a rack with a setting to keep the weight from going down to the floor. And, when I’m working to the level where I can’t do a complete last repetition, one of those two ways of making that safe are critical.

So I’ve been making no or very limited progress on the exercises I do for my upper body at home and making too little for my legs and buttocks and lower back to add the muscle I need.

So, despite my willingness to work hard and the potential I can tell is really there to add the muscle I need, it has NOT happened!

2.  Just last week, I tried something that solved both of those two problems!  And, I can keep doing it!

a)  It occurred to me that I could try the leg press machine at The Perfect Workout where my wife goes since her referral would make the trial session free, then if it seemed to work OK, I could go to a gym that had a leg press machine once a week.

a)  Did it work out well?  It worked wonderfully well!  No chance of injury AND I could feel during the exercise and after I went home that doing it regularly clearly CAN add the pounds of lower body muscle I need to force the loss of my belly fat!

But the fabulous news is even better!

b) On their other machines for arms and chest, I was able to exert full effort for potentially the full effect I need WITHOUT putting ANY load on my injured shoulder.

THAT means I don’t have to wait to add strength and muscle in my arms and chest, I can do it NOW!

Best of all,  I can just stop doing ANY exercise for my left shoulder AND that much higher level of testosterone release and growth hormone release from all the exercises I CAN now do will cause my left shoulder to heal finally!

Then, a few weeks after my shoulder does heal, my arms will be so much stronger, it will be easy to build back the strength in that shoulder!

Just those two things show the potential to gain the muscle I need to add some weight to get back to my goal weight yet cut several inches from my waist and pounds fat off my belly and all the rest of me!

c)  But there were two very important extras too!

In the same way I’ve not had the equipment at home to work my muscles in my legs and buttocks and lower back, I’ve not had the equipment to fully exercise my upper back!

They DO have those machines!

And, their Nautilus machines also work the muscles exercised a bit more fully than the dumbbells I use at home without having to waste some of the effort controlling the weight.

I have had to rework my schedule to work around the new once a week workout I’ll be doing at The Perfect Workout.  But I’ve done it and believe the changes I’ve made will work.

So from now on, I’ll be continuing to weigh on the scale to catch things that will add fat or that help lose it -- as happened last month.  And, of course, I’ll keep doing all the things that have helped me lose 36 pounds of fat since my high point!

But I’ll focus most on watching my waist measurement for losses of a quarter inch or more a month.

And, though the fat losses will hide increases in muscle in my chest and hips for a few months, I fully expect to see increases in those measures from added muscle after that!   

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