Monday, July 22, 2013

My monthly fatloss progress report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 7-22-2013

This is one of my most promising reports for three reasons.

That’s true since last month which ALSO had good results!

1.  In addition to the 1 and a half pounds on the scale I lost last month, I lost another FOUR pounds since then!  So in the two months I’ve done the partial intermittent fasting, I’ve lost five and a half pounds.  (I’d rather not weigh less.  But since I’ve lost no muscle, it’s clear the weight lost was fat.  Adding muscle is a separate issue.)

2.  I also lost another half inch from my waist or a bit more! So in the two months I’ve done the partial intermittent fasting, I’ve lost a bit more than one inch off my waist!  THAT change shows FAT lost!  That’s great news!  (Progress on losing inches on my waist three months in a row is dramatically better than hardly any!)

(In case you missed it last month, I found the details on intermittent partial fasting just two nonconsecutive days a week and how effective it is for fat loss and health in:

The FastDiet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer (Feb 26, 2013)

It removes fat without lowering metabolism or boosting hunger AND resulted in MORE fat lost and no fat regain compared with cutting back every day! 

And, it has very valuable health benefits right away even before you lose all your fat – just like doing regular and vigorous exercise.

My LDL had gone up to 111 and is now 77 again since I began the intermittent partial fasting!)

3.  The third reason is that the progress in the month before last month, I lost 4 pounds and some off my waist was from LOTS of coughing for 4 weeks getting rid of a bid chest cold.

Before, when that happened, the following month, I GAINED weight and inches.  To have lost some of each instead the following month suggests a VERY robust effect for the partial fasting two days a week!

Plus, I am STILL struggling with some issues on adding muscle due to a persistent left shoulder injury.  But I think I may have got it improving and am rehabbing it slowly enough it will get better as my previous injuries have. 

Once I have got it healed, I'll be able to make progress again on my jump rope sessions for burst style interval cardio and the half of my upper body strength training it has been limiting.

Meanwhile I HAVE seen some progress in the other half of my strength training for upper body and for legs.

I even was making progress, before the injury, for the half of my upper body strength training the injury put on hold.

So as usual, it may take longer than I'd like.  BUT I AM losing fat each month and expect to continue to.

AND, I am doing exercises that WILL gradually add muscle as I recover from my injury and keep working to improve.

That means I now have a real shot at losing my belly fat from just those two things alone.

Plan to report more progress next time! 

The only bad news though is it is now very clear that since I weighed 6 pounds more than now without being fat as a young man, to still have 20 pounds or so of belly fat or fat right next to it now shows that I LOST 26 pounds of muscle since then!  Yikes!

The good news is that for sure I can lose the 20 pounds of excess fat.  I’ll just continue what lost me 30 pounds as I have been doing and keep up the intermittent partial fasting two days a week.

And I still think I can gain the muscle back. Though they seem forever when you have them, injuries do heal.  And the superslow exercises have been working for all my exercises except the ones using my injured left shoulder.  In those other exercises I am getting stronger and I look like my muscles are getting a bit bigger too.

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