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Safer and more effective ways to use antibiotics....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 7-16-2013

Antibiotic use is critical to survive many bacterial infections and to prevent having people spend BIG amounts of time going to funerals every month as they once did 150 years ago!

Because of the irresponsible use of antibiotic by factory farmers in the United States primarily and some over-prescription by doctors we see a growing number of antibiotic resistant or very resistant bacteria.

This means we desperately need a better way to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria.

And, some of the antibiotics now used as a last resort for this have dreadful side effects.

Therefore, it would be nice to know how to use such antibiotics WITHOUT the side effects.

The great news is that within the past few days, Medical News Today had ways to do BOTH of these things!

1.   The first study had a way that was found to effectively kill antibiotic resistant bacteria with the same antibiotics that stopped working.  The solution they found to work is like a double check in chess.  The bacteria can resist the antibiotic that used to work or they can resist the added ingredient.  When you give them both together, the bacteria die off!

Before antibiotics, some bacterial infections of healthy people with strong immune systems did die off when they took colloidal silver.

What was tested to work and kill antibiotic resistant bacteria was to give the antibiotic that used to work AND the colloidal silver.

There are also some experiments with competing bacteria or viral macrophages as ways to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria that seem to work at least to some degree.

But this new approach sounds more effective and it likely is cheaper and works faster.

Don’t know about you, but I find this result a huge relief. 

I’ve read how bad it was before antibiotics and you got a minor infection from a run of the mill injury or had to have surgery and got an infection.  The result was often a nasty death within a week!

2.  Some of the newer antibiotics have rather serious side effects such as gravely bad tendon injuries when people take them.

Adding the silver to those antibiotics might allow for a smaller dose to be used or to be used for 10 days instead of 21.

But the other study had some effective ways to simply turn off the side effects!

They found two solutions.

I seems that these antibiotics cause their side effects and unwanted damage by oxidizing parts of you that you’d rather not harm.  They called this an “oxidant” effect.  It’s something like gargling with a strong bleach!

a) The first way was to use a different antibiotic without the side effects.

They found that antibiotics like tetracycline that stop bacterial growth instead of killing them directly tended to NOT have this oxidant and DNA damaging effect.

That suggests that using such an antibiotic with effective boosters of the immune system and probiotics might be helpful and effective.

(That might work better also if silver was added.)

b)  The other way was to combat the oxidation with a comparably strong antioxidant or several.

Glutathione is one of the most effective antioxidants known.  One doctor found it was always low in his sickest patients.  When he gave them intravenous glutathione directly more of them got well and the ones who got well did so faster.

The supplement NAC, n-acetyl-cysteine, causes glutathione release which is why it is such valuable and effective supplement.

While using the high side effect antibiotic they tried supplementing with NAC.  It worked!  The side effects were gone or dramatically less!

They did not try intravenous glutathione or adding other very strong antioxidants to the NAC.  But that sounds well worth trying.

3.  It occurs to me to try combining these for horribly resistant bacteria such as tuberculosis or the new strains of gonorrhea or MRSA or c. diff is worth trying.

A 5 part cocktail might be tried:

 1.  An antibiotic that kills bacteria directly or used to do so quite well – or one of the new ones that still works somewhat.

2.Add silver to ensure it works.

3.  Use moderately high dose NAC and astaxanthin and high dose vitamin C for antioxidants.  You could also try intravenous glutathione and vitamin C

4.  Add using tetracycline or a related drug to separately slow the growth of the bad bacteria.

5. And, add probiotics to separately attack the bad bacteria yet another way and ensure enough  probiotic bacteria survive the treatments to help prevent a recurrence or other health problems.

Some kinds of probiotics might be best used during treatment and other kinds might best be used just after treatment.

But even if this did not work when tried, the two things found that DID test as working are a huge advance.

It’s one that literally may save your life or mine one day!

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