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Polyunsaturated oils are NOT good for you!....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 6-13-2013

It’s nearly been 50 years since doctors thought margarine was and OK food and even good for your heart.

Since then the hydrogenated oils in it have been proven to be heart attack starters instead! 


The reason was that it did look like eating a lot of butter with very high saturated fat was harmful. 

Likely this is still true particularly if the butter comes from cows fed GMO grains.

(Populations that eat tons of dairy fat do have a higher incidence of heart disease than those who eat a far more modest amounts.)

BUT small amounts of butter from cows fed only grass are OK particularly if you eat very little sugars and refined grains and get regular vigorous exercise.

And, using extra virgin olive oil has multiple health benefits. 

(Eating foods high in monosaturated oils like olive oil such as avocado and raw and un-oiled and unsalted tree nuts also does for people not allergic to them.)

For the same reason back then they came up with the idea of using polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as safflower oil, corn oil, and soy oil. 


Because they are low in saturated fats and people who eat them lower their LDL levels.

And, like those oils, canola oil is also very low in saturated fat.

But just like margarine, this idea turns out to also be harmful!

It doesn’t help that these oils are made from super cheap oils made from GMO crops.  They are also sky high in omega 6 oils. 

The truly harmful thing is that these omega 6 oils now dramatically over-consumed by most people promote high chronic inflammation.

Oops!  High chronic inflammation is a reliable cause of heart disease too!

Worse, nutrition writer Nick Pineault and others have found that the inexpensive processing of these cheap oils ALSO turns some of the omega 6 oils into hydrogenated oils.

That means that these oils high in omega 6 cause heart disease TWO ways.

Despite this, the word has not yet reached some otherwise competent doctors who still suggest these dreadful oils as being good for your heart.

NOW however, even they will have to give that up!


Because of a new study that found that eating polyunsaturated oils increase heart attack and death rates in people who added it to their diet!

Of course that means you should stop using any oil for salad dressings and the like other than extra virgin olive oil!

And, since these cheap oils are in still so many foods due to how cheap they are, always read labels and do NOT buy the commercial salad dressings and other foods that show on their labels they contain things like soy oil, corn oil, or “vegetable” oil.

And, if your doctor still hasn't gotten the word.

Have him or her look this up!:

Following the old advice to use more polyunsaturated oils and doing so using safflower oil caused INCREASED death rates!

They also have a thoughtful discussion of how only the omega 3 oils EPA and DHA and maybe the kind of omega 3 in purslane, flax oil, and walnuts are likely protective.  (The monosaturated oils in extra virgin olive oil and the other foods listed above are also proven protective.)

Clearly omega 6 polyunsaturated oils are a very BAD idea and that old advice should be scrapped!

I know WHY that is and have for some time! 

BUT having the smoking gun of increased heart disease and death rates to prove it from actual results is HUGE!

Now you know why too.

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