Monday, April 22, 2013

My monthly fatloss progress report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 4-22-2013

(Short post:  Important new announcement follows it! )

As is often typical, this month's monthly report is mixed; but this one was still far more good than bad.

Over four of the last five weeks, a bit of the MAJOR improvements I think are coming are still showing up.

But I did have a set back.

Since last time was 5 weeks ago.  (Happens every 3 months.)

I lost 5 pounds on the scale this month in 4 of the weeks!

But due to not one -- but 3 events -- in one week, two were family celebrations of my Mom’s 90th birthday, in the second of the 5 weeks I gained 6 and a half pounds overall.

So, despite my 4 good weeks I gained 1 and half pounds on the scale since last time.

The other bit of good news is that at least part of the 1 and a half pounds was muscle!

I’ve been doing more effective strength training exercise for my chest and upper back recently.  And, I gained a quarter inch on my chest measurement.

I’ve been doing more effective strength training exercise recently for my legs and glutes (aka butt muscles.)
And, I gained a quarter inch on my hips measurement and a quarter inch on my chest..

I did NOT gain any on my waist.

I think I have a real shot at losing the remaining 3 pounds to my goal weight by next month and add another quarter inch on my chest and hips measurements – and a quarter to half an inch OFF my waist!

That may be likely in fact because I have two new ways to cut back my effective calories and two new ways to add muscle that I’m already using.

I started the two new ways to add muscle this morning.  And, I’ll begin the two new ways to cut my effective calories from today on -- the daily one tonight and the one for each Thursday starting this Thursday this week.

I’m still doing:

the much more effective strength training for resulting muscle gains;
the greater control of my evening snacks; and
my big drop in wheat and lactose intake I recently added.

AND I’m still doing all the other set of things that helped me lose 12 pounds of fat from when I’d regained 15.

The process IS sustainable.  So this time the fat will stay off!

Important new announcement:

The crowd funding for our fat loss support site described below, just went live last Friday, 4-19 and is live now at: 

If you want permanent fat loss and are willing to make an effort to learn and begin the methods that are proven to work,
please join our beta and charter members and we’ll send you the overview of our 10 main methods soon.  You’ll also get a chance to help us start with a fat loss support site that includes what you think would help you most!

If your support our efforts to help such people
-- or our efforts to stop the obesity epidemic and its massive but avoidable health care costs,
please make a contribution to help us get it done.  More would be nice.
But even $5 would help!

We are now building what will be the most effective fat loss support site.

When people use it they will lose fat and keep it off permanently.

Our blog will temporarily focus on that in some way.  And, in a few weeks our more normal posts will resume.

All of our posts focus on helping people have more years of enjoyable and productive life that is free of avoidable diseases!

That lifestyle helps prevent people from getting fat and makes losing fat dramatically easier and more sustainable – leading to permanent fat loss and good health.

But the process of losing fat is more challenging and requires other efforts and to lose all the fat and keep it off requires a few more things.

It also requires extra effort when fat loss stops or reverses.  It requires extra effort when life changes or real disasters get in the way in order to recover and keep the fat loss going and permanent.

Use of an effective fat loss support site helps enough people do that has proven to double the chances of people to succeed.

But those fat loss support efforts in that research were less complete and effective than what we think possible. 

So we’re building a fat loss support site that we plan to make over 90% effective instead of just going from 20% success to 40% success. 

We aim for a fat loss support site that enables over 90% of the people who join to have permanent fat loss.  

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