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New Project to help people lose fat they keep off....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 4-4-2013

We are now building what will be the most effective fat loss support site.

When people use it they will lose fat and keep it off permanently.

Our blog will temporarily focus on that in some way.  And, in a few weeks our more normal posts will resume.

Today’s new info:  Just found a very well written article about what TO eat that will help you stay healthy AND will help you avoid fattening ingredients.  The only good for you food his list leaves out is extra virgin olive oil.

Instead of focusing as I do on what to avoid and what’s in it that’s harmful or fattening, Mike Geary explains why to eat the same foods I recommend on the basis that it’s what tens of thousands of years of evolution essentially designed humans to eat.

He makes it simple.  For us, eating other kinds of foods our bodies have little or no design to process well or at all is like filling the tank of a car that runs on gasoline with diesel fuel!  Oops!

Here’s the link to his exact article:

(The #1 MOST Important Diet Lesson You Will Ever Learn
The BEST Way to Eat a Truly Healthy Diet for a Lean Body and Disease Prevention)

All of our posts focus on helping people have more years of enjoyable and productive life that is free of avoidable diseases!

That lifestyle helps prevent people from getting fat and makes losing fat dramatically easier and more sustainable – leading to permanent fat loss and good health.

But the process of losing fat is more challenging and requires other efforts and to lose all the fat and keep it off requires a few more things.

It also requires extra effort when fat loss stops or reverses.  It requires extra effort when life changes or real disasters get in the way in order to recover and keep the fat loss going and permanent.

Use of an effective fat loss support site helps enough people do that it has proven to double the chances of people to succeed.

But those fat loss support efforts in that research were less complete and effective than what we think possible. 

So we’re building a fat loss support site that we plan to make over 90% effective instead of just going from 20% success to 40% success. 

We aim for a fat loss support site that enables over 90% of the people who join to have permanent fat loss.

So, during the period while we are setting up a crowd-funding campaign on we will have shorter to write posts about that and about fat loss.

(We have dozens of posts you can scroll back to on preventing heart disease, cancer, and mental decline and far more, if you want that information now and during this time.)

Meanwhile here are some post summaries on posts we’ve done this year on fat loss or making the efforts that lead to it work well:

Ways to remove extra calories from your food & drink....Friday, 3-29-2013

You CAN lose fat by adding muscle and doing other things that boost your metabolism.
But calories DO count and removing some kinds and a bit of others will speed your fat loss and help you to keep it off.
This post has which calories to cut that either are easier than most to cut or make you LESS hungry -- or cut calories from foods or drinks that harm your health.

Diet soft drinks DO fatten and harm your health....Friday, 2-22-2013

A recent study found that in their very carefully regimented study people did not eat more when they drank diet soft drinks.  The much worse news is that longer studies of real diet soft drink drinkers show they routinely have MORE belly fat and more type 2 diabetes THAN drinkers of regular soft drinks. 
Does that mean they are WAY fatter and more at risk of disease than people who drink ice water or coffee without extra sweeteners or tea or green tea instead?  Totally, that’s exactly what those other studies mean!
Has this new study changed that?  Nope.  In fact a different newly reported study found diet soft drinkers were significantly greater risk of type 2 diabetes than drinkers of regular soft drinks.  Worse, because they drank more of them a week other information shows their risk of osteoporosis is also that much higher too!

Very Effective interval cardio can be brief....Tuesday, 2-19-2013

Based on my own experience with it the various forms of burst or short periods of high intensity cardio very time efficient and incredibly effective as fitness exercise. 
Now in addition to my experience here is some research on why that’s so AND the information that it’s NINE times more effective for fat loss than longer and slower cardio.
I also cover how to get into it slowly and make it safer to do in this post.

My monthly fatloss progress report....Monday, 2-18-2013

For the second month in a row, every week I did things right I lost a pound or more on the scale.  I feel I’m finally in control of the process.  And by doing everything right in months without extra holidays and adding the next round of upgrades and continuing to do the ones I already have begun, I now believe I’ll reach my goals.  This is a BIG change for the better from a few months ago and before that. It’s not just promising now, it’s actually working!

4-2 note: It has done so.  I’ve lost more 6 pounds since 2-18-2013.

Why do both strength training AND interval cardio each week….Friday, 2-8-2013

1.  The obvious and a very important reason is that it’s better to be both fit AND strong with all the benefits of both!
2.  Studies also show that people who do some of each every week get far more health benefits than people who do twice as much as either one!
3.  If the information on this in a recent Mike Geary email is correct, an important reason to do both is that although each kind of exercise does some of both, strength training releases more testosterone; & interval or variable cardio with very fast or high out put parts releases more growth hormone.
Having both youthful or moderately higher testosterone and growth hormone every week has very strong health benefits.  They also tend to slow aging and speed up needed repairs.

Even MORE on how harmful HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, is!....Thursday, 2-7-2013

We already knew high fructose corn syrup was even more fattening than sugar and many of the dreadful ways consuming it harms your health.  We start this post with that information. 
But new brain scan research shows that high fructose corn syrup is even more fattening than we already thought!  Other new research has even more ways consuming high fructose corn syrup harms your health too!
Then we review how to avoid ingesting it! You have to do some work because it’s still in so many things.

Why to minimize wheat intake for fat loss....Tuesday, 2-5-2013

Simply put, eliminating all refined grains and 95% or more of any kind of wheat from your diet will help substantially in losing fat and keeping it off.
Doing so will also dramatically improve and protect your health.
1.  Eating ANY refined grains helps make you fat and harms your health in multiple ways.  And most of the refined grains in most stores and eateries today are refined wheat flour.
2.  Our bodies are not well suited to eat ANY grains -- and for eating today’s double modified wheat this is even less so!
3.  Eating today’s wheat more than about once a month, even if 100 % whole grain only, causes or helps cause a long list of diseases most people would like to not have or not get!  Worse, even such whole wheat is even more fattening than other grains even in refined form.   These include having excess belly fat and acid reflux which are now hitting almost epidemic numbers in this county!

 Overcome food cravings....Thursday, 1-31-2013

Food cravings range from a bit obnoxious but ignorable to all but forcing you to eat no matter what you think of the idea.
1.  But if you stop cravings from happening at all that goes away!
2.  If you can turn them down and/or sharply increase your ability to ignore them, that also works reliably.
3.  If you give in to eating -- BUT eat something that turns off the craving or turns it down enough to ignore AND which does not fatten you, that also works.
This post has methods proven to work to do each of these 3 things. 
   Do all three kinds of things and you can BEAT cravings too!

Breakthrough in fatloss and health....Tuesday, 1-29-2013

Strength training is THE most effective method for fat loss when it adds enough muscle to you.  This new method is so much more effective than other methods you can feel it working from the very first session.  This means you can now begin or continue a fat loss program with confidence you WILL succeed in losing fat and keeping it off.  You can lose fat with far less need to cut back calories or be hungry too often or too much for one thing.
You lose belly fat and begin to look trimmer sooner.
Even better, you can do it at home if you need to; and it is MUCH safer also than the old kind of strength training.
Bonus:  This kind of strength training is also that much more effective in delivering health benefits!
This post has details.  Check it out.

The 9 most effective weight loss methods....Thursday, 1-10-2013

These 9 things are what people do who actually achieve permanent fat loss.  That means the methods work!  And, if you each of these 9 things too, you can lose all YOUR fat and keep it all off.
If that’s a goal – or even a desire -- for you, check out this post!

Why high fructose corn syrup is fattening....Tuesday, 1-8-2013
We already knew that high fructose corn syrup is fattening and extra harmful.  But two new things have come up showing why it is extra fattening.
1.  The big one is that real sugar turns down your appetite a bit when you eat it in foods; but recent research using brain scans proves that high fructose corn syrup does not!
We’ve already posted that fructose and glucose in real sugar are bonded or linked together and your body has to separate them. 
But high fructose corn syrup is a simple mix of some of each.  That means that the blood sugar surge from ingesting that high fructose corn syrup is worse and faster than it is for sugar.  So ingesting high fructose corn syrup is more addictive and more likely to cause type 2 diabetes and rebound hunger than sugar is.
2.  I’ve also recently read there is a petition to the FDA to limit high fructose corn syrup to containing the 55% 45% mix or at least label it if there is more fructose than 55%.  It seems that much of the high fructose corn syrup now used in foods and drinks is more addictive, sweeter, and more fattening for that reason too – it contains more than 55% fructose.
This post has more reasons that high fructose corn syrup is harmful; several ways you can avoid it; and the very large list of fattening and harmful stuff that foods containing high fructose corn syrup also tend to be made out of!

Cut injuries from exercise and sports in half....Friday, 1-4-2013

We’ve already posted that taking 3,000 to 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 helps people with injuries heal faster.  An Atlanta doctor who sees this first hand in his practice decided to see if doing it BEFORE the players on one of the better Georgia high school football teams got injured might help prevent injuries in the first place.  Wow! 
It not only sped the recovery of players who were injured it cut the number of injuries in HALF!  Imagine the competitive advantage that gave them!  You can protect your exercise program from having injuries temporarily stopping or slowing you by taking vitamin D3 too!  This post has a second way to use vitamin D3 to help athletic teams and you avoid drop offs in performance also!

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