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Two related Fat loss tips that worked....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 5-2-2013

(Short post:  Important new announcement and update follows it! )

I recently read the new book, Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life: Build More Muscle. Burn More Fat. Have More Sex by John Romaniello & Adam Bornstein recently.

Clearly it’s designed for young men or men who want their youth back.  And, it’s clear in reading it, it IS mostly for young men who want those results.

More than that, their plan is so complex and the recommended foods so expensive to buy, that it is for such men with more time than most and more far more money too!

So, why did I read it?!

The author’s DO get results in helping their in person clients lose belly fat.  Their clients DO get smaller waists with far less visible fat by using their advice.

So, their advice works!  That means that some parts of their advice will also work for older men and women of any age!

And, as I’ve learned in my own case, to lose BELLY fat and inches off your waist, you have to lose extra fat beyond what it takes to lose the easier to lose fat from changing totally away from eating really bad foods, drinking soft drinks, and getting NO exercise at all.  

And, besides losing even more fat, you have to make that extra fat loss and belly fat loss  happen in part by gaining more muscle.

Their basic formula is classic. 

Eat far more protein; eat nonstarchy vegetables; and limit starchy foods to small servings only on occasion. 

AND, do LOTS of challenging strength training for almost every part of your body really fast without let up but only 3 days a week with rest days in between. 

(They don’t SAY to stop all soft drinks and packaged snacks, dinners, and desserts and sugary treats and baked goods and hydrogenated and junk omega 6 oils.  But they sure don’t include them or their calories in their list of what to eat and drink either!)

Then they add three interesting and different ways to remove calories:

1.  Get a half hour more sleep than most people do or than you were before unless you already got that much sleep. 

Your body regulates and optimizes your appetite hormones and growth hormones and testosterone release far better when not short on sleep!

When you have that little bit longer fast period every day, your body burns fat better and adds it less readily.

2.  Have one day a week or once every two weeks where you fast on a non-workout day. And, keep your total calories each day you do eat low enough to only feed the body you want to have with none left over for extra fat.

3.  Create a plan that maximizes how long you fast daily from when you have dinner and your last food of the day to when you eat breakfast. Same reason:  When you have that little bit longer fast period every day, your body burns fat better and adds it less readily.

The result of all of the above -- OR a similar plan that adds muscle effectively in simpler, less time-consuming and expensive ways -- is that you lose belly fat and add muscle.  Then you are a LOT less fat and your health protection goes up a lot too because belly fat inside your belly, visceral fat, is so harmful to your health.  And you have far less of belly and visceral fat!

I already use some partial fasts each week, notably Tuesdays during the work day and a to a lesser degree on Thursdays and every other Wednesday.

And, I already to effective strength training that’s getting results one day a week for upper body and one for legs.

So, since their style is different, I just began using it on my easier second upper body exercise day.  So far that’s working out decently.

But the BIG thing I did was to preemptively eat the part of my late evening snacks that I found helped me LOSE weight* right after dinner INSTEAD OF late at night to increase my fasting duration each day.    (*one spoonful of guacamole, one spoonful of nonfat cottage cheese, and a small serving of raw broccoli florets which have health OK fats, health OK protein, and health promoting nonstarchy vegetable and more fiber.  This tends to prevent night time hunger and snacking or eating MORE late night food which is why it helped me lose fat and weight.)

The second BIG thing I did was to be SURE to do chores early enough in the evening that I could consistently go to bed a half an hour earlier.

This DID prevent late evening hunger because the two worked together.  By the time I would have been hungry before, NOW I was already asleep!

The results astonished me!

In two weeks, I lost 7 pounds!

And, for the most part, I can keep doing this most days of every week.

Plus, my muscle gain still has more coming as I keep doing the effective strength training!

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