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Breakthrough in stopping osteoporosis....

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Breakthrough in stopping osteoporosis....

An email I get, The Health Watch e-letter a publication of The Institute for Natural Healing recently had information on this breakthrough.

Replenish Melatonin to Protect Your Bones is what their title should have said.

This is HUGE news!

Adding this information to what is already known to do and not do for preventing or reversing osteoporosis just about is a complete cure. 

The drugs are really dreadful with horrible and even damaging side effects and not really sound in the benefits they deliver either. 

Adding this with its good-drug like effects to effective strength training, walking, eating calcium, taking magnesium and enough D3, and taking boron and K2 and NOT drinking soft drinks containing citric and phosphoric acid and even using bioidentical hormone replacement  for some women means that menopausal women and older men no longer need fear or continue to have osteoporosis.

They had this:

“The good news….your body already produces a hormone which can prevent and heal bone damage. If you have enough of it.

Studies testing the hormone on both animals and humans show positive results…

University of Buffalo researchers found that the hormone increased amounts of several proteins responsible for bone formation in mice.

Another study out of Spain tested the hormone on rabbits. It completely repaired bone defects in just four weeks. Even better, the newly formed bone had increased density.

Women who took a supplement of the hormone also had increased bone formation. Even better… they had a decrease in bone resorption—a process where bone is broken down. Too much resorption causes osteoporosis.

And although you’ve heard of this hormone, you never would have thought it has anything to do with bone health.  So what is it?

…. melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone normally responsible for controlling your sleep and wake pattern. Your pineal gland naturally produces it. But with age, levels decrease. So sometimes you need a supplement to get your levels back to normal. That much you probably already knew. But not this new twist…

Normal melatonin levels are vital in protecting your bones. When your body has enough melatonin it signals cells to produce and mineralize bone matrix proteins. And bone matrix proteins lead to bone formation and increased density. 

Your bones are the support system of your body. But they’re not hard, lifeless structures. They are living, growing tissues. And as you get older, bone density decreases. That puts you at an increased risk for fractures or developing osteoporosis.

The best way to keep your melatonin levels steady is by getting enough sleep. But that isn’t always that easy… 

So, to naturally boost your melatonin levels, eliminate all artificial light from the bedroom when it’s time for bed. Melatonin production is increased by the dark. Even the light from an alarm clock can halt melatonin production. It helps to go to sleep and wake up at the same time too.”

The thing that really got my attention was that study on rabbits that completely repaired bone defects in four weeks with melatonin supplementation.

Super slow strength training of legs and back and chest muscles was developed about 60 years ago to see if it would begin to reverse early osteoporosis.  It did even in people well over 70!  But even though it did work the restoration was partial and took place over a year or two.

This study suggests that supplementing with melatonin AND this kind of strength training would be dramatically effective.
(It was discovered that any bone under a muscle which was used with strong weight bearing exercise would get stronger, bigger, and healthier.  The arm bones of baseball pitchers on the side they pitch with are bigger and heavier than the arm they didn’t exercise. Remains of gladiators show the bones in their sword arms were much heavier and stronger than their other arms.)

The best news is that you only need a 1 mg dose of melatonin at bedtime to do the job. 
You can get the sublingual form that goes to work right away in an over 6 month’s supply for less than $20. 

I just did that as I was taking melatonin to ensure good sleep and its brain benefits.

Separate research shows that melatonin also has anticancer effects.

The other factors are important too.

The acids in soft drinks leach calcium from your teeth and drive up your dental bills including needing to get false teeth according to a recent study.  But this effect also is thought to leach calcium from your bones.  So, if you’d like to prevent or reverse osteoporosis, stopping any use of such soft drinks is important to do.  (You also become less fat without getting hungrier if you do that!)

Oddly taking lots of calcium is neither needed nor even desirable.  Taking some but only after a larger meal and eating many kinds of foods containing calcium is both safer and as or more effective.

And, to get the bone building effect of the calcium, it has tested as critical to get extra magnesium 400 to 800 mg a day; 3,000 to 5,000 iu a day of vitamin D3; and getting 300 to 5,000 mcg a day of vitamin K2.

These nutrients apparently act as effective catalysts to move the calcium into your bones.

Getting lots of calcium without these nutrients tests as ineffective at building bones.

K2 also helps prevent calcium from depositing in your blood vessel walls which also give it a heart disease protecting effect.

I’m not as sure of the effects of taking 3 mg a day of boron as well; but taking that much some sources say also helps build bones.  And it improves your alertness and has an anti cancer effect.

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