Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Too much sugar causes heart disease two ways....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 6-18-2013

Most people still think that sugar is a safe to eat food that tastes good.

Many do know that eating a lot of it is fattening.

Few know that eating too much sugar causes heart disease.

We’ve often posted on the first way this happens. 

Research has been done showing that a combination of low HDL and high triglycerides means that the person with those readings has LOTS of the small particle LDL that is a direct cause of heart disease.

Separate research confirms that high triglycerides indicate high heart attack risk.

Besides lack of exercise, what causes high triglycerides?

Eating lots of sugar, eating or drinking things that contain high fructose corn syrup, and eating a lot of foods made of refined grains all do this.  And it’s a BIG effect!

The much better news is that if you eliminate eating or drinking things that contain high fructose corn syrup, and eliminate eating foods made of refined grains and systematically cut way back on sugar, you not only help reverse this dangerous effect, you lose fat and become less hungry!

But that does take effort for people used to doing it the way the uninformed average person still does it.

Now there is news that is both scary and a big help for people who need a bit more motivation to do these things.

New research has found that IN ADDITION  to causing heart disease, eating too much sugar or refined grains directly damages your heart a second way!

It helps cause heart failure. 

Heart failure is a truly horrible condition where your heart becomes so weak you get extra fluids in your chest and begin to feel as if you can’t breathe!  It is now usually progressive and fatal.

These two kinds of heart damage are a bit like being stabbed besides being gradually strangled.

I found this study reported in Medical News Today:

Too Much Sugar Can Cause Heart Failure
Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 
(UTHealth), have revealed that consuming too much sugar can greatly increase the 
risk of heart failure.In fact, a previous study conducted by researchers at 
Emory University School of Medicine and the US Centers for Disease Control and 
Prevention (CDC), found that people who consume high levels of added sugar, such 
as in processed foods and beverages, are much more likely to have higher heart 
disease risk factors.

The study, which was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, says that just one molecule of glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) can lead to improper function of the heart. 

G6P builds up when people consume too much sugar and starch and causes severe stress to the heart.

Sugar still tastes good of course.  Mercifully small and occasional amounts are almost safe.  But lots of it every day is not only unsafe but deadly dangerous!

Just how dangerous eating lots of sugar every day is we are only gradually beginning to find out!  

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