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Stop nondairy creamer and diet soft drinks to be far less fat....

Today's Post: Friday, 8-9-2013

1.  Do you use nondairy creamer in your coffee every day?

Would you like to be several pounds less fat with almost no effort and have almost all of it come off your belly?

If yes to both, there is very good news potentially!

Nondairy creamer is MADE OUT OF hydrogenated oils.  You may have already read in our posts that eating hydrogenated oils is heart attack starter and that eating just a little bit every day builds up to a LOT in your blood.

Even if you have already stopped using shortening which has the same problem and stopped any food with a label that has trans fats or hydrogenated oils as an ingredient and most commercial baked goods and fast foods fried in hydrogenated oils, if you use nondairy creamer in your coffee every day, you still have a LOT of it in your system.

But so what?

Well if you’d like to be several pounds less fat with almost no effort and have almost all of it come off your belly, check this out!

Weigh yourself with no clothes on.  Divide your weight in half.  Divide that by 10.  How many pounds is that for you? 

(I’m down to 156 so for me, half that would be 78 and dividing 78 by ten gets to 7.8 pounds.  I can’t use this since I know never to touch nondairy creamer or anything containing hydrogenated oils.)

If you totally stop using nondairy creamer EVER and be sure to stop all other hydrogenated oils and you use half and half or light cream or full or low fat milk instead in your coffee, you won’t take in less calories or that much less.

BUT that 5% of your body weight will leave your belly with no further effort!

(If you weigh what I do and still use and eat that stuff and stop it all, you’d lose 8 pounds and be  down to 148 or a bit more with no more effort and your belly would have that much less fat on it!)

The recent research found this is so!

Sylvia Booth Hubbard, often one of the better writers on health issues, found research done at Wake Forrest University is well worth your attention.

She notes first that to eliminate trans fats and hydrogenated oils, besides vegetable shortening, it's still all too often in: cookies, and snack foods -- so you know to eliminate those foods and always read labels for any listed amount of trans fats or any hydrogenated oils as an ingredient.

The researchers found that monkeys who were fed a diet that included trans fats, gained 7.2 percent more body weight than those who were fed a diet of mono-unsaturated oils, such as olive oil. In their study the number of calories and amount of fat in both diets was identical.

 And the extra fat gained on the hydrogenated oils was” in the abdominal area.”

The ones eating mostly olive oil and NOT eating things like nondairy creamer did NOT eat less calories.

They needed no increase in hunger to do it, but they were well over 5% less fat!  AND most of that was not in their belly fat. 

The ones that ate the hydrogenated oils were that much fatter and had bigger, fatter bellies!

If you’d like to get those results, just stop using nondairy creamer and stop the other stuff containing hydrogenated oils!

2.  Do you, like millions of people in the United States, drink diet soft drinks to cut out the sugary calories you would get I regular soft drinks?

If you do this in hope of being less fat by doing so, there is very bad news.  Multiple studies show that people who drink diet soft drinks get fatter and are more likely to get type 2 diabetes and heart disease than people who drink regular, sugary soft drinks.

(Of course people who drink regular, sugary soft drinks are far fatter and are more likely to get type 2 diabetes and heart disease than people who never drink sugary soft drinks or diet soft drinks.

True, in some cases, people who drink diet soft drinks are already obese or still eat fattening foods or eat more fattening foods on purpose and overdo it.

But research shows that most people who drink diet soft drinks drink about 50 to 100 % more each day diet soft drinks than people who drink regular soft drinks.

Newer research found that every single diet soft drink caused the same kind of excessive insulin release that a regular soft drink does.

Diet soft drinks seem also to cause people to eat more sugary foods when they taste so sweet they reset the taste buds to prefer very sweet foods and that insulin drops their blood sugar.

Put it all together and per drink, diet soft drinks are more fattening than regular ones!

But, it’s even worse than that because diet soft drink drinkers think the reverse is true, they drink far more of them each day!


That means that drinking diet soft drinks is far more fattening than drinking regular soft drinks.

Even drinking one diet soft drink a day is fattening it turns out!

Bottom line is simple!

If you don’t want to be fat, don’t drink soft drinks of any kind!

Even better, drinking ice water causes fat loss!

There is also potentially good news too.  People who stop drinking regular and diet soft drinks stop taking in calories AND stop getting the high insulin levels from both kinds of soft drinks.

But ten percent or more of their bodyweight is fat from those causes or even more!

So, if you have been drinking soft drinks OR DIET soft drinks -- and stop totally, two wonderful things happen.

That ten percent or more of your bodyweight that’s fat from drinking soft drinks gradually disappears AND you get LESS hungry!

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