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Alzheimers IS reversed by protocols….Today's post:  Wednesday, 12-27-2017 

A bit over two weeks ago I posted on Fake and fixable mental decline causing ruin on Tuesday, 12-12-2017.

In that post I spoke of the promising information in a book I’d not yet read,
The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline
by Dale Bredesen, MD of UCLA.

Two things have happened since. 

I read the book and found that in several ways I’d underestimated how much Dr Bredesen DOES know of things the review did not say he did.

And, since he has proven he CAN reverse Alzheimer’s short of people who will die of it shortly when it’s just too late, I was astounded to see an article in the paper saying that evidence finds that Alzheimer’s cannot be prevented or reversed.

This is ridiculous because Dr Bredesen has done the research showing how it can be done and why it works AND when people use what he found, they DO get reversal.

I posted this a week ago as a comment on my 12-12 post:

Weds, 12-20-2017:

Yesterday a study was headlined that they tested and said that they found that Alzheimer's cannot be prevented or even slowed down much. And they said it could not be reversed either.

This is NOT correct and harmful to have people believe because it IS preventable and often reversible.

Oddly, they got several things right.

They found that the current drugs should not be used since they did have costs and side effects and were NOT effective.

Simple minded mind games were not effective.

Combining several beneficial actions did have some effect particularly if these actions included exercise.

Their overall conclusion however, is much like seeing a few parts of an elephant accurately; but then concluding elephants don't exist because you have never seen one.

If people believing their headline wasn't so harmful and mistaken, this would almost be funny.”

Dr Bredesen it turns out has quite a deep understanding of what causes Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline.

*One is that if a person has several kinds of things that cause excessive and continuous inflammation and does nothing to remove the causes and turn it down, this causes Alzheimer’s.

(Note that our post last week on ways to stop inflammation & ways to eat and supplements to take to reverse this.)

*He also lists that if you fail to consume key nutrients and vitamins and minerals it causes mental decline AND Alzheimer’s.  He does know to test for B12 levels and have people take methyl B12 lozenges.  He lists several more and explains what to do to measure where you are and to move your readings to optimal to be sure you reverse these problems. 

AND, other doctors have said that high homocysteine does seem to help cause Alzheimer’s but some research seemed to indicate this was questionable.  Dr Bredesen’s research proves high homocysteine IS a cause of Alzheimer’s AND what supplements turn it down to optimal levels. 

(Both medical systems I’ve been in said that they would not give me a test for homocysteine because it wasn’t important enough to test for.  Preventing or reversing Alzheimer’s is clearly important enough to justify testing for it in every person in those systems!  They were flat out wrong!)

*The third thing that cause Alzheimer’s is toxic exposure to things like mercury -- and from cadmium & arsenic & excessive copper & other things in cigarette smoke and water and the rice that grows in the water high in arsenic. Lead is also a cause. 

This also includes the bacteria from gum disease and all kinds of molds.

He also notes that it includes herbicides and pesticides and GMO foods!

**His records show that when people do all the things his tests show they need to do to stop & reverse Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental decline, they not only stop getting worse, they recover!

The bad news is that the  people who decide not to do so reliably resume getting worse.

He is less knowledgable about how to induce people to do the things and keep doing them.

**He does understand that the one drug or nothing at all model promoted by the drug companies will always fail and why.

And, he has had some trouble getting proper recognition by a system rigged only for the drug companies and not for curing people.

My desire is to develop what I’ve found to fix these two problems.  

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lifting weights better….Today's post:  Thursday, 12-21-2017 

We’ve posted often that effective strength training adds bone and muscle instead of having both of them shrink every year.

This has many benefits.  It helps with fat loss.  And it is essential to keeping off the fat you lose.

You can eat more and be less hungry while you are losing fat.

Best of all, you don’t have to eat less every year to stay trim and become frail as you get older.

Last week we posted that while these things are true for men, they are even more the case for women!  And, we posted on a couple ways that work that women can learn to do effective strength training.

What if there was a way to do this so it works better and is safer to do at the same time?

There IS one.

It’s certainly surprising to most people and very little known.

I had read that this technique made doing heavy lifting with your legs and buttocks and lower back work enough better to help you get stronger and add the bone and muscle to best aid fat loss. 

(Using weights that are a bit challenging to you and becoming stronger and lifting more over time with these large muscles is what works best to cause & support fat loss.)

It’s safer than you might think as Mike explains.  And, when you keep doing it, it’s like getting fit, your body gets better at it so it becomes safer. 

You can read Mike’s article at this URL:

It’s called the Valsalva maneuver.

There’s good news in Mike's article!  You can get better at it and I add how to make it even safer to do

1.  By giving your body pressure from inside, doing the Valsalva Maneuver enables you to lift more in exercises that you want to maximize your lower back strength while doing them. 

This is most true for one rep max or the last of 2 to 6 reps with the heaviest weights that cause muscle growth.

Just like wearing a weight lifting belt, compressing the air inside you and tensing your abdominal muscles in front during the lift, gives the muscles in your upper back support which enables them to lift more. 

Mike uses the example of a soft drink can.  With nothing in it, it collapses easily.  But unopened and containing water, it’s extremely strong.

The Valsalva technique does that for your middle so you lift more and succeed with a weight you might not have lifted.  THAT causes progress and the recovery makes you stronger when lifting less would give you less progress and results.

(You can work with weights closer to 95% of your maximum when you are doing the lifts for health and fat loss.  Unlike power lifters who work closer to 98 to 100%, that’s not necessary.)

If you do 5 or 6 repetitions until you can do 6 reliably and then jump the weight just a bit and do 2 and then 3 etc until you again can do 6 reliably you’ll make progress.  You can do the Valsalva partially by tensing your abs and releasing just a bit of air during the first few; but when you make a very strong effort to do the last one or two, doing the Valsalva technique completely can enable you to do that last rep or even two!

2.  But by doing it just before taking blood pressure twice each day and several times a week when strength training, your body improves how efficient it is in doing this.  That means you get less super high blood pressure spikes when doing a max lift.  

This was not in Mike’s article.  If found it online separately.  I now do it every day when I take my blood pressure.

Doing this by taking a big inbreath and strongly tensing the muscles in your abdomen and tensing your larger muscles and then releasing the tension and breathing out through your nose as long and slowly as you can does three things. 

It slows your heart rate and, oddly enough, slightly lowers your blood pressure. AND, it boosts the training effect to make doing it during heavy lifts safer and more effective.

Mike makes the point that just doing it when you do weight lifting two or three times a week produces a training effect.

I believe you can get a faster training effect and make the technique even safer by doing this practice twice each morning besides doing the technique on your heaviest, hardest reps two or three times a week.

I do it when I take my blood pressure.  But just doing it twice will work without doing that too even if you don’t take your blood pressure too.

Then you still get improved performance; but you do so without excessively high BP spikes!

3.  You also can eat the foods and take the supplements that cause your blood vessels to be so flexible and strong so they can safely handle the higher blood pressure!

Collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycine, proline, and vitamin C & fruit flavonoids all do this.

Using K2 to remove calcium from your blood vessel lining and knowing NOT to take proton pump inhibitors and avoiding high levels of excess salt also help!

Bulletproof makes a couple of collagen products from grass fed cows.  A company called Dr’s Best makes a capsule supplement with both the kind of collagen Mike says is effective in a separate article AND hyaluronic acid. 

Taking TMG, trimethyl glycine and lysine has been shown to help add muscle.  And the glycine builds bones.  Taking lysine & proline and enough vitamin C has been shown to reduce the process that causes cardiovascular disease.  AND, proline also builds bone!

Vitamin C and fruit flavonoids and these amino acids all make your blood vessels stronger AND more flexible.

Taking vitamin K2 also ensures that your body builds bone with the calcium you eat and it has been shown to REMOVE it from your blood vessels.  So taking it also makes your blood vessels stronger and more flexible and ADDS to the bone building that aids fat loss!

So, this information will enable you to lift more, get stronger, add bone and muscle and NOT lose it.

And that will give you fat loss support and desirable effects!

[Eating enough high quality protein helps both keep your appetite under control and enables you to build more muscle when you recover from these strength training workouts too. But that’s a topic for another time.]  


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to eat a low inflammation diet….Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-19-2017 

A bit over two weeks ago on Sunday, 12-3 Medical News Today ran an article on how to eat a low inflammation diet.

The best resource so far for why to follow a low inflammation and even inflammation reducing lifestyle is still the book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD that is available on Amazon.

In particular, he explains that excess omega 6 oils from grains and in animal fat in animals fed grains have been causing grave damage to people’s health because they increase chronic inflammation enough to cause disease: many cancers, heart attacks and strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of mental decline.

He finds that massively increasing whole organic vegetables and cooked tomato sauce and onions and garlic tends to have both an anti-inflammatory effect and some direct anti-cancer effects.

Using only extra virgin olive oil to completely avoid using soy or corn or canola oils also helps.

(A recent study found that regular use of canola oil caused so much inflammation that it caused Alzheimer’s like changes in the people using it! It IS cheaper than extra virgin olive oil; but this suggest using it as little as possible!  Canola oil is still added to foods that are otherwise made of only health giving foods that this IS more difficult than it should be!)

He also says that eating wild caught fish and seafood high in omega 3 oils really helps as those are directly anti-inflammatory; AND taking turmeric or curcumin with black pepper doubles or triples the effect of everything else.

[Doing that and also eating or taking ginger also lowers small particle LDL I later found out!]

This Medical News Today article covers low inflammation eating and includes many of the more recent discoveries.  I decided the topic was useful enough to list and also because in that post they mostly do a good and complete job – and add my comments in brackets like I just did in my LDL comment.

Anti-inflammatory diet: What to know
An anti-inflammatory diet involves eating certain foods and avoiding others in order to minimize the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Anti-inflammatory diet: What to know 
       Sun 3 December 2017  By Jenna Fletcher

The human body uses inflammation to help fight illness and also protect areas from further harm. In most cases, inflammation is a necessary part of the healing process.
However, some medical conditions cause faulty inflammatory responses. These are called chronic inflammatory diseases.

One of the best measures a person can take to prevent or reduce inflammation is to try an anti-inflammatory diet. An anti-inflammatory diet involves eating certain foods and avoiding others in order to minimize the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Contents of this article:

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?
What conditions can an anti-inflammatory diet help?
Foods to eat
Foods to avoid
Anti-inflammatory diet tips
What is inflammation?

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

An anti-inflammatory diet consists of foods that reduce inflammatory responses. This diet involves replacing sugary, refined foods with whole, nutrient-rich foods.

An anti-inflammatory diet also contains increased amounts of antioxidants, which are reactive molecules in food that reduce the number of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules in the body that may damage cells and increase the risk of certain diseases.

Many popular diets already follow anti-inflammatory principles. For example, the Mediterranean diet contains fish, whole grains, and fats that are good for the heart. Research has shown that this diet can reduce the effects of inflammation on the cardiovascular system.

[The most effective version of the Mediterranean diet deletes whole grains and adds even more of the whole organic vegetables and cooked tomato sauce and onions and garlic that this diet DOES have but this does not mention.  It uses extra virgin olive oil not just olive oil.  It includes avocados and raw tree nuts for those not allergic AND it contains red wine in light moderation.   THAT version is more anti-inflammatory and heart, brain, and health protective than the generic version listed.]

What conditions can an anti-inflammatory diet help?
Doctors, dietitians, and naturopaths recommend anti-inflammatory diets as a complementary therapy for many conditions that are worsened by chronic inflammation.

An anti-inflammatory diet can help many conditions, including:

rheumatoid arthritis
eosinophilic esophagitis
Crohn's disease
inflammatory bowel disease
metabolic syndrome
heart disease
Hashimoto's disease
Additionally, eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce the risk of certain cancers, including colorectal cancer.

An anti-inflammatory diet consists of foods that reduce inflammatory responses. This diet involves replacing sugary, refined foods with whole, nutrient-rich foods.

An anti-inflammatory diet also contains increased amounts of antioxidants, which are reactive molecules in food that reduce the number of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules in the body that may damage cells and increase the risk of certain diseases.

Foods to eat:

Good choices for a person following an anti-inflammatory diet include the following:

dark leafy greens, including kale and spinach
blueberries, blackberries, and cherries
dark red grapes
nutrition-dense vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower
beans and lentils
green tea
red wine, in moderation
avocado and coconut
extra virgin olive oil
walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, and almonds
cold water fish, including salmon and sardines
turmeric and cinnamon
dark chocolate

Many popular diets already follow anti-inflammatory principles. For example, the Mediterranean diet contains fish, whole grains, and fats that are good for the heart. Research has shown that this diet can reduce the effects of inflammation on the cardiovascular system.

[The most effective version of the Mediterranean diet deletes whole grains and adds even more of the whole organic vegetables and cooked tomato sauce and onions and garlic that this definition does not mention although some are listed above.  It uses extra virgin olive oil not just olive oil.  It includes avocados and raw tree nuts for those not allergic AND it contains red wine in light moderation.   THAT version is more anti-inflammatory and heart, brain, and health protective than the generic version listed.]

[They also do not specify to make a very strong effort to only eat organic produce.  But foods you eat several of every day for years should NOT include herbicide or pesticide residues if you want to maintain low inflammation and good health!]

Foods to avoid
The main foods that people following an anti-inflammatory diet should avoid include:

processed meats
sugary drinks
trans fats, found in fried foods
white bread
white pasta
soybean oil and vegetable oil
processed snack foods, such as chips and crackers
desserts, such as cookies, candy, and ice cream
excess alcohol
too many carbohydrates

[Note that if you decline to eat ANY food that contains hybrid wheat or high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils or soy of any kind and minimize even real sugar, ALL the foods on this list disappear! 

The lone exception is excess alcohol.  One or one and half glasses of red wine before dinner with none once a week avoids that.  Drinking more than that can become more than twice that much which IS excessive.]

Can a vegetarian diet reduce inflammation?
People considering an anti-inflammatory diet may also want to consider eliminating meat in favor of vegetarian protein sources or fatty fish.

Research suggests that people following a vegetarian diet have higher levels of plasma AA, a marker of overall health that is associated with lower levels of inflammation and heart disease.

[This ONLY works well if the vegetarian diet has lots of vegetables and some fruit and zero grains AND the person takes the methyl B12 AND zinc and copper and vitamin K2 that a vegan can have cause them poor health by not getting enough.]

Anti-inflammatory diet tips
Anti-inflammatory diets may be a big adjustment for people who tend to eat different kinds of food.

There are several things a person can do to make the transition to an anti-inflammatory diet easier, including:

eating a variety of fruits and vegetables [Only eat or buy organic ones!]

reducing the amount of fast food eaten [This is too weak because all fast food has MSG which causes so much excess inflammation the best intake level of it is absolutely NONE!]

eliminating soda and sugary beverages [This one is far too weak!  Soft drinks and diet soft drinks are as harmful as smoking. Zero, absolutely none is the only healthful choice.]

planning shopping lists to ensure healthful meals and snacks are on hand
carrying small anti-inflammatory snacks while on the go
drinking more water
staying within the daily calorie requirements  [This is a far more complex issue than this suggests. Staying free of excess body fat DOES help though.]
adding supplements, such as omega-3 and turmeric, to the diet [DHA and ginger fit here.]
exercising regularly [People who eat right have LOWER inflammation after exercise!]
getting the proper amount of sleep [Doable and helpful but also a MUCH bigger subject than this suggests!]

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body's response to illnesses including infections or injuries. The body's immune system sends an increased amount of white blood cells to the area fighting off the infection or injury.

Inflammation is not usually a bad thing — it is just the body trying to protect itself from further injury or illness by increasing the immune response in the area being threatened by bacteria or injury.

However, there are several chronic inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, psoriasis, and asthma that can cause the immune system to go into overdrive and attack healthy tissues. 

[This is not quite correct.  High chronic inflammation causes this overdrive situation even when your immune system is properly targeted!  Taking enough vitamin D3 which boosts your REGULATORY  T cells helps avoid autoimmunity AND avoiding MSG and artificial sweeteners also helps prevent it!]

In addition to taking any prescribed medications, a person with an inflammatory disease can try to reduce inflammation by making changes to their diet.

[The dietary changes can sometimes turn off the autoimmune reactions if you do them ALL making the drugs not needed!

It's also been found out that some of these drugs are as effective AND cause massively fewer side effects when taken only once a week.]  

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Monday, December 18, 2017

My Monthly Fatloss Report December 2017.....

Today's post:  Monday, 12-18-2017

A.  Here's the key news:

1.  Fat Loss Report, measured on Saturday, 12-16-2017

Lost 3.0 pounds from 167.3 last month to 164.3.

(Lost 5.6 pounds from 169.9 four months ago.)

My chest measured 38.  This is still half of an inch bigger than 6 months ago when I was 37 & a half inches.

My waist was little changed measuring about 41 inches to about 42.

My hips measured about 37 and three fourths.   That's still three fourths more than 37 not long ago.

(Earlier this month, I drank enough wine at Thanksgiving following several weeks of a bit too much; I suspect some of the foods at Thanksgiving had some MSG; and my stress level was extremely high since last month.

This resulted in a too high heart rate and a boost in my diastolic blood pressure.  So I took the week before last off from wine entirely; I've cut 4 drinks of red wine a week from my normal intake from 10 & a half to 6 & a half;  and I learned a technique that slows a high heart rate.

But the main driver of the 3 pound weight loss was the bad cold I had the week before I measured on Saturday 12-16.  I ate much the same except for the less wine intake.  But the main driver was burning that many calories coughing and blowing my nose!

I've had this happen before in prior years when I've had the flu or a bad cold and I've always gained that weight back.

This time if three things out of my control don't run over me, because I've beat the two huge challenges that were stressing me, I may gain less of it back.)

2.  My chest and hips were still bigger and more muscular than they were six months ago even though I've not been able to focus on this as well as I was.

I may not yet be eating quite enough protein each week.  But although I am still getting stronger and added to the pushups I can do, my intense concentration on my muscular effort was a bit less due to stress than it was five months before. 

Also, I'm at the point I need to get a heavier dumbbell and add a session once week at a gym with access to more weight.

Part of my strength training exercises are still improving though some are dropping off a bit.

My waist was about the same more or less - way too big!

But my better strength training did keep most of my gains to my chest measure AND my hip measurement.

Since I also got stronger and my muscles look bigger and my wife says they are harder, it's clear my new strength training technique is adding muscle!

Mike Matthews says that it's typical to add 5 pounds of fat when you eat enough protein & carbs and strength train well enough to add 5 pounds of muscle.

(Just one example:  Not long ago I was pleased if I could do 40 to 44 pushups the one day a week I test that each week each Monday. 

This morning, I did do 88 pushups total down to from my new record of 91 a month ago but very good for recovering from being sick!)

The extra effort to exert extra strong tension in the muscles doing the work on the last few repetitions and between each set was a bit less this last month due to stress and needing a heavier weight.  But I have kept doing it on each set.  (I've added some extra at the end of each set.  Now as I regain what I was doing during the set too, I think I'll again add muscle.)

And, by doing so and keeping up my protein intake I'll keep the muscle I gain or most of it.

I've discontinued the 20 mg of Synephrine completely because it did not change my results that much and it DID cause a high rate a couple of times.  [134 instead of 67 to 74 is a bit more than I'm comfortable with!  Heat and stress was a part of that; but since I discontinued it, the stress and heat were there; but my heart rate was normal.]

The bioflavonoid supplement with 100 mg of rutin, I've continued once a day since it may help prevent some weight regain.

I did seem to gain muscle without gaining fat when I was taking the Synephrine.

So, for a younger person with far less stress and stress driven slightly high blood pressure might be OK with it.

 3.  My food intake WAS a bit less than two months ago since I did discontinue some daily walnuts or pecans. 

My cardio exercises were slightly better.  I set a new record for my short daily exercise walk/run combo week before last.  But last week I skipped the four of these entirely due to both being sick and quite cold outside.

4. My stress level, already high, was high the last few weeks for several reasons. 

*For me, as for many people, having enough money for at least a minimum OK lifestyle with zero chances of severe money problems reduces stress. 

*For me, even more than other people who also have it but at a lower level, having an ally who is unusually supportive and of some help sharply lowers my stress level.

 Last month I beat my two biggest challenges that were stressing me so much. I got some support and some reduction in how much money I need each month. And, the methods I was learning began to work.  This time if three things out of my control don't run over me, I may finally be less hammered by this.

If that turns out to be the case, my efforts to add muscle and lose fat may well go up in the next few months!

5.  I'm currently making an extra effort to overcome this recent stress. Emulating the Seal way of using my training and keeping on no matter what IS helping. 

The new nose breathing I posted on Tuesday, 10-5 this month also DOES seem to be helping.  It DOES help to avoid the brain freeze I tended to get when I mouth breathed when under high stress.

6.  I believe my continued persistence and continuing to both follow up on successful efforts and finding new and promising things to check on AND doing so,
WILL enable me to lose my excess fat remaining and keep it off.

7.  I'm continuing to find new ways to boost my metabolism and add bone and muscle that I'm beginning to use.

As my new strength training method helps me get stronger; I get better at it; and I can get to the heavier weights to use it on, it DOES begin to look like I'll add enough muscle that by eating about the same and continuing to get better at the lower carb effort, I'll finally get back to weighing 161 pounds with far less fat than I have had.


 I'll achieve the financial leverage I need.

I'll get the active allies I need.

 AND I'll begin to use all of the metabolism boosters I've found to add to the ones I've been using.

(That includes adding a weekly workout at a gym with heavy barbells and adding these new techniques and trying the BulletProof Vibe.

I HAVE added a special set of exercises once a week that I'm already doing standing in the space the BulletProof Vibe allows.  That way, I'll be ready to go when I get one to try!

The last bit of good news this month is that I'm still getting stronger in the two key exercises in this special set of exercises.)

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lifting weights is MORE important for women….Today's post:  Thursday, 12-14-2017 

This is still surprisingly little known!

Some men strength train because they want to be strong and capable.  Many men want to look good and want their muscles to make them look strong.  So, from their teens, many men do strength training.

Many women think that only men do strength training and that women don’t.  Many women think strength training will make them look less feminine.

Even women who exercise and include strength training tend to use tiny weights and exercise their arms a bit but do not do the exercises that use their largest muscles and heavier weights. They also rarely increase how much they lift to make progress and get stronger.

The now very large set of evidence that this is the REVERSE of what keeps women healthy and protects their mobility and longevity is growing every day.

1.  A bit over two weeks ago on Tuesday, 11-28, this study was listed by Medical News Today:

Women at higher cardiometabolic risk due to fat distribution

This study shows that older women tend to lose muscle mass and had less than men to begin with.

They point out that lean tissue in bones and muscles is protective against type 2 diabetes and heart disease and that women tend to have less lean tissue than men.

They don't say so; but past menopause, women lose a good bit of the lean tissue they have in their bones and muscle on top of this initial disadvantage!

This tends to make women become fatter and fatter each year without feeling this as it happens or having a clue why they keep getting fatter!

Their bones become lighter and smaller and begin to contain more fat and less bone.  Their muscles lose size and mass each year too.

Active, lean bone tissue and muscles burn calories besides being protective. When they are lost, women burn fewer calories each day.  And, every year they burn even less.

Meanwhile many women continue to eat as much as they did before.  Then every month the calories that used to feed the lean tissue they no longer have, add more and more to their fat deposits!

As this study points out, this increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and strokes and heart attacks in women.  (They don’t add that this also causes fragile and easily broken bones; but it does.)

Lean muscle is protective and past a certain point this extra fat tends to be harmful.

Paradoxically, this means that to protect their health it is essential for such women to do effective strength training!

At the same time, many women have no cultural models for doing strength training and either do none or do too easy and ineffective strength training.

2.  More recently, last Friday, 12-8-2017 I got an email from Steve & Becky Holman,

It had this!

“Researchers followed people age 65 or older for 15 years--and they discovered something startling about longevity…

After adjusting for BMI, chronic conditions and habits like total physical activity, drinking and smoking, subjects who used resistance training (like lifting weights) consistently were…

46 percent less likely to die during the study than other subjects...

Leader of the study, Jennifer Kraschnewski, M.D., says training muscles against resistance can keep you independent and active as you age.

You stay stronger longer—with better balance, stamina and bone density.

In other words, resistance training is critical as you age for health, mobility and independence.”

Yes that means that strength training.”

3.  There are two resources for women who want to do something about this that have some key good points:

a) Mike Matthews uses a protocol for both men and women that stresses using progressive strength training in exercises that uses the larger muscles of your legs and buttocks and lower back and upper back and chest.

He’s not perfect; but most of his advice is both well researched and tested as effective with his clients.

You do have to have or get access to a gym that has a leg press machine and barbells that can be used for deadlifts and enough weight to stay challenging as you get stronger.

You may be surprised to know that as you get stronger, you will need and be quite able to lift hundreds of pounds in these lifts. is his website to access his information.

b) What if you need a very time efficient way to exercise and are paid well enough to use one that gives you the triple of quite short sessions only once or twice a week; a coach to ensure you make progress; and a quiet place with all the needed equipment.

A resource that provides exactly that and which works very well for women is called:  The Perfect Workout. 

(888) 878-1808

(408) 899-5812

The sessions only last about half an hour. 

Depending on how busy you are and what you can afford, you only go once or twice a week.

You come in and get to the first machine in about five minutes.  Sometimes during that five minutes your trainer will be finishing with the last client who got started a bit late.

Then the actual exercise session only lasts about 20 minutes.

The last five minutes is recovery time and when you and your trainer set up what you need to do next time.

It’s a bit expensive.  But that ensures that quiet space with all the needed equipment AND the trainer who only works with you.

For women who don’t have any background in strength training or even exercise, it’s extremely effective.

Many of the trainers are women.  And the men trainers are all experienced training women.

If you need that kind of expert help to do it at all, it’s “perfect.”   If you need something that time efficient to fit it into your very busy schedule, it’s “perfect.”   If you need something that is a quiet place with all the equipment set to the exact size your body needs, it’s “perfect” too!

Personal comment:  When I went until I learned enough to do it on my own, I found that having them always have me do the leg press first and do it every time instead of every other time, made it easier to make progress AND get it out of the way first  because it is their most challenging exercise.

That way you ensure you always do the exercise that women need most every time.  AND, once it’s done even though the exercises can be challenging too, you can focus on them instead of being distracted by worrying about the leg press yet to come!  

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fake and fixable mental decline causing ruin….Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-12-2017 

Treating suspected cases of Alzheimer's with today's drugs is like turning on the sprinklers in a skyscraper when you see a bit of smoke and using kerosene in the sprinklers.

You're more likely to burn down the building than stop any fires!

Worse than that, you may miss that rats are eating the insulation off the wires in some rooms because you didn't bother to look for the causes of the smoke first!

You can fix that!

And, this UNDERSTATES the problem and how it’s causing avoidable ruin.

When someone seems to lose key memories or loses short term memories or feels mentally fuzzy and confused, if they are told they have Alzheimer’s and it’s progressive and fatal, it causes people to give up and wait to die.

When someone seems to lose key memories or loses short term memories or feels mentally fuzzy and confused, if they are diagnosed by people not well versed in the ways things that can mimic Alzheimer’s that are fixable, it causes problems with insurance coverage and driving privileges and often causes unemployment.

Worse, often the wife or husband or son or daughter who was gainfully employed stops working or begins working part time to be a caregiver.

Worst of all, they are then given drugs that often harm their mental abilities, have unpleasant side effects, are expensive, double or triple their chances of dying within 10 or 20 years and do NOT improve real cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

The MUCH better news is that there is good and growing evidence this is avoidable for many reasons!  There ARE now also ways that have been found to reverse mental decline that actually IS Alzheimer’s disease.

The full set of what we know and should be doing with that knowledge is quite large and complex.

BUT, it is critical to the survival of the economy of the United States and the quality of life of almost all its older citizens to start using it all aggressively!

1.  First, here are a few things we can do and YOU can do to protect yourself!

2.  Next we’ll cover a new and proven way to reverse real Alzheimer’s in its early stages.  We’ll add some ways to make that protocol far more effective.

1.  Here are a few things we can do and YOU can do to protect yourself!
*Do you smoke or allow yourself to be exposed to significant second hand smoke or use tobacco in other ways?

If you stop this at once and get virtually no exposure to tobacco exposure or exposure to its smoke, did you know that you cut your risk IN HALF of Alzheimer’s and other kinds of mental decline?  

The cadmium exposure alone does much of this research found.  The sharp decrease in blood circulation does the rest.

*Do you eat no foods high in vitamin B12 or take drugs that deplete it? 

If you don’t stop some of these drugs and/or take extra vitamin B12 in the natural methyl form as chewable lozenges that allow you to absorb it directly into the blood vessels in your mouth and throat, you’ll get many kinds of mental decline that are quite similar to Alzheimer’s disease. AND you’ll have enough problems with dizzy spells to impair you.

This problem is NOT Alzheimer’s. It IS reversible!  But if you are diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s and given a drug, your life will be ruined just the same. 

Oddly a large percentage of doctors do not yet know to do this.  So this is a large risk so far!

Vegan vegetarians if they do eat lots of organic vegetables and fruit each day and no hybrid wheat can be quite to extremely healthy otherwise.  But if at some point, they fail to supplement in this way with methyl B12 at least when they get older and deplete their bodies of B12 they can have this happen to them.

The proton pump inhibitor drugs not only reduce stomach acid enough to cause B12 depletion, we now know that they harm the insides of your blood vessels and your kidneys enough to cause enough vascular damage to cut blood flow into and out of your brain cells.

The substitute drug Zantac is not thought to do this vascular damage; but it does cause B12 deficiency without supplementation of this kind.

Metformin, at least at moderate doses, is a relatively safe and effective drug for high blood sugar problems.  And so far, it’s the only one that is both.  BUT it too depletes B12. So if you take it, to avoid mental problems from B12 depletion you might well want to supplement with lozenges of methyl B12.

These lozenges are inexpensive and I think the best way to use them is in the 1,000 mcg strength.

*There is also a large list of drugs with anti-cholinergic effects.  Taking these drugs often causes Alzheimer’s like effects.  With some of these drugs and with some people, if too many of these are taken for too long a time, they actually test as CAUSING Alzheimer’s disease.

Either NOT taking these drugs at all by solving the problem without drugs in some cases or taking the smallest dose for the shortest possible time can prevent this.

*Switching to a healthful eating style and completely stopping soft drinks and fast foods and packaged foods and hybrid wheat AND learning how to completely avoid MSG can also cut your risk of mental decline AND Alzheimer’s disease at least in half!

There are also ways to take some supplements that have the reverse effect such as curcumin and DHA to boost that effect.

2.   There IS a new and proven way to reverse real Alzheimer’s in its early stages!

There is a book on this method now!  Its author has found a way to help reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

It seems one of the genes that tends to cause Alzheimer’s evolved to allow people to survive famines and periods with no food.  In those conditions it helped people live longer.  But to avoid Alzheimer’s you must do intermittent fasting or eat right AND a lower carb version of that and do everything else right.

Here’s that book & some of my comments:

The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline
by Dale Bredesen, MD of UCLA

Hardcover – August 22, 2017

1.  His protocol does not include turning off many of the causes of Alzheimer's & mental decline though I suspect it does include some.

2.  It does not apparently include many things that grow new brain cells or jump start partially restored networks and may not include things that clear tau & beta amyloid.

3.  But the apo e gene that causes it in double doses apparently makes fasting & ketogenic eating work better and easier to do!

Best of all, his methods are becoming well known! Maria Shriver has covered his work!

Last note for this post:  If you do the other things listed here and which keep you in good health otherwise with his book, you do NOT need to work with a doctor to use his methods.

Just follow the principles and do the things needed!

In fact, by adding things like B12 and avoiding tobacco smoke and regular exercise, you can get better results!

The easiest and  cheapest way to clear beta amyloid besides taking turmeric and curcumin is to take beta sitosterol and stigmasterol.  This inexpensive supplement called “Cholesterol Balance” by Natrol because it also lowers LDL cholesterol has been shown to restore the sense of smell in people where beta amyloid plaques have turned off the olfactory nerves.  AND I found out research scientists have known for a few years that taking these clears beta amyloid from your brain as well!

We haven’t touched the other things that we now know clear tau and beta amyloid or grow nerves around the damaged areas and grow new nerves and brain cells and more.

But when you do all the things here and add the more doable of those, mental decline and all its horrible problems is mostly preventable now!  

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Ways to remove locked down fat….Today's post:  Thursday, 12-7-2017 

Mike Geary sent me an email that vividly describes how excess fat can be harmful and nearly impossible to remove with some of the reasons for that.

This then links to a Jonny Bowden site with a possible solution that he says has worked well for some people.

I researched it and it looks to me that trying everything else known to be effective first looks safer and easier to do!

*So, first & next I’ll quote Mike’s vivid description of the problem.

*Second I’ll list the ways to solve this problem that DO sometimes work. Almost all of these have other health benefits.

*And last, I’ll describe Jonny Bowden’s solution and I found when I researched it online.

A.  Here’s Mike:

I apologize for the dark nature of today's email.
However I promise what you'll discover today will be completely worth it.

Imagine a rotting corpse draped over your body from head to toe...
...suffocating tissue, restricting blood flow, damaging joints and infecting your healthy cells.
Shockingly, that nightmare is a reality:
64% of women and 74% of men carry too much bodyfat according to the National Institutes of Health.
It’s choking their organs, assaulting their metabolism and sucking their energy dry.
But here’s the worst part:
For most, this bodyfat has become “calorie-resistant”:
It's completely unaffected by even the strictest diets... and most intense exercises.
This zombie fat is essentially... “dead tissue”.
That's important for those who have 10, 25 or 50 or more pounds to lose...
AND for those who aren’t technically overweight, but have what’s called “pocket obesity”...
...unsightly patches of fat that cling to specific places, like:
just above your hips, lower belly, where your butt and legs meet... and even arms, neck and face.

here’s the #1 reason why bodyfat becomes calorie-resistant:

It lacks blood flow.

This has 3 effects:
1) Not enough oxygen or nutrients reach fat cells, so they become unresponsive...
2) Released fat can’t be sent to other tissues to be burned, so fat cells suck it back in...
3) Metabolic hormones carrying the “burn calories” message don’t reach the fat cell...

All this means one thing:
Your body can’t transform into energy, the 135,000+ of calories the average person stores as fat!
You become a metabolic zombie: NO energy to think. NO energy to move. NO energy to motivate.

A study confirmed that fat deposited by stress contains a substance that tends to lock it in place and prevent you from burning it for fuel.

And, another study confirms that once enough excess fat accumulates, it also contains another substance that does the same thing!

B.  Here’s a list of things that have overcome this problem for many people:

(These all tend to work best when you have already stopped ingesting the things that make you sick and fat –
and have switched to eating and drinking things that are safe forms of the real food that people the world over ate –
before sugar and wheat flour and soft drinks and factory farms and herbicides and pesticides came into use.)

1.  Growth hormone from exercise that causes catch up breathing and/or sweat can work.

2.  Reducing foods & pollutants that boost estrogen or estrogen analogs can help.

3.  Doing things that boost testosterone production can help.

4. Properly done, effective strength training can do 1 & 3.  These things add muscle that burns far more calories than “zombie fat!” 

A recent study reported on Medical News Today even found that effective strength training removed fat from your bones and replaced it with metabolically active bone growing tissue that burns far more calories than the fat did!)

I found myself that doing a set of an exercise like deadlift or leg press with a weight heavy enough to be challenging where I make a strong effort to do the last few reps results in both sweating and becoming a bit out of breath for a minute or two. Your body releases growth hormone when you do this! This also tends to cause your body to make & release testosterone.

5. Properly done, various kinds of progressive but short and fast or intense cardio can help do 1.

Doing such exercise doing nose breathing only causes your body to make more red blood cells and is another way to become more fit and to find that you are making progress as you have to do more to make nose breathing difficult!

When you have to speed up your breathing through your nose or find it difficult to not switch to mouth breathing, you are doing enough to be challenging and increase your fitness and growth hormone.  And, when you find you can do more and more before this happens, you can literally feel yourself becoming more fit.

6. Increasing resilience and lowering real threats and learning ways to beat severe challenges without excessive chronic stress and ways to relieve stress physically when you aren't acting to beat a challenging threat can each help.  (I posted recently on a way to use always on slow breathing through the nose to do some of this.  And, I’ve found it to work!)

7.  The VIBE and maybe other things can pop open stubborn fat.

(Using the VIBE device Bulletproof sells apparently does this in two ways: 

It bypasses the blood vessel problem in this locked down fat by using its vibrations to cause robust circulation of your lymph which being older or having too much fat or sitting too much tends to prevent.  This has been shown to break up the lack of flow into and out of locked down fat AND remove water trapped in lymph that isn’t circulating.  THAT causes weight loss on the scale and removes inches!  This is motivating to put it mildly.

AND spending just a few minutes using it almost every day burns significant amounts of calories.  So simply continuing this tends to prevent the fat burned from coming back.
This of course, is why I plan to buy one and see if it works in my case!

8.  Eating a super low inflammation diet with safe, unpolluted, and organic and naturally fed foods can help. 

High chronic inflammation tends to lock down excess fat and cause many kinds of bad health and even be life threatening.  Low chronic inflammation makes it MUCH easier to remove excess fat.

This way of eating is also low in sugars that add fattening calories and cause rebound hunger and cravings for sweets.  And the fiber and nutrients and health OK fats and oils and protein enable you to avoid excess hunger and continue to live this way and keep the fat off.

Switching to this way of eating often removes 10% of your total bodyweight by removing some of your less locked down fat.

These other methods are to help you get rid of the rest of it!

9.  If necessary, intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating may work. 

(As I’ve reported elsewhere, I tried those and found them to be unpleasant but doable.  And, in my case for progressive fat loss and removing locked down fat I’ve found them ineffective.  That’s why I have a keen interest in other methods that work better.)

10.  Drink Organic Valley organic, whole, unpasteurized milk & use whey from cows fed only grass.  This is does two things.  

This milk provides a high level of IGF-1 and about a dozen other anabolic substances; but despite containing lactose does NOT spike blood sugar.

Doing this AND effective strength training adds more muscle and bone and increases your metabolism.  That enables you to eat more and still get and stay lean!

Mix in some powdered whey from grass fed cows. 

More than 50 years ago research found that whey protein both high in the amino acid L-Leucine -- AND with an amino acid profile almost identical to human muscle combined with effective strength training maximizes muscle gains better than any other form of protein known.

C.  Jonny Bowden’s solution apparently is to also add taking colostrum which has been effective for some people.

I did some research online & found this:

“The hormone insulin-like growth factor number 1 is usually referred to simply as IGF-1. It is strongly linked to sugar usage in the body and consequently is a powerful component in the motions of weight loss. 

Unfortunately, actual synthetic IGF-1 is an illegal substance, banned alongside many anabolic steroids. 

An obscure superfood supplement called colostrum, though, which is safely obtained as a cow milk derivative, is rich in this extremely potent substance. Being informed about how to make optimum use of IGF-1 in a totally natural, food-state form will elevate levels of fat loss for committed users.

Step 1
Avoid isolated, synthetic IGF-1 products. They are not permitted for sale in the United States and Canada. Likewise, they’re also banned throughout all major countries in Europe. Don’t be tempted to try and import from an online supplier based in an outreaching country, because if you are caught by the customs department it is likely that you will be liable for severe penalties.

Obtain your IGF-1 naturally. Bovine colostrum, which is basically a pre-milk fluid secreted by mothering cows, is the best way to raise your levels of IGF-1. This will then assist your weight loss safely. The website of the International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements organization affirms this: We conclude that IGF-1 levels in obese females reflect the intraabdominal fat mass rather than obesity per se. IGF-1 and blood glucose levels are inversely correlated in obesity before and during energy restriction.

Step 3
Purchase a supply of colostrum capsules. These are pretty hard to locate in health stores, but they are readily available from specialist supplement retailers on the internet. Select only additive-free vegetable cellulose capsules if possible, as these products are easier to digest and absorb than tablets of any specification.

Step 4
Use colostrum correctly. Take your dose every day for several weeks in order to notice a really worthwhile amount of fat reduction. Furthermore, always ingest colostrum on an empty stomach. Eat and drink nothing at all for at least an hour before and after swallowing your capsule. As it is a wholly natural, food-derived substance, colostrum must be absorbed in an unrivaled capacity for the IGF-1 content to be fully assimilated into your bloodstream.

Step 5
Drink plenty of milk daily. Although regular milk is nowhere near as nutritionally potent as colostrum is, they are fundamentally similar. According to Stanford University, The protein content of bovine colostrum has three to four times higher value than the protein level found in cow's milk. These include immunoglobulins and growth factors such as IGF-1, IGF-2, TGFbeta and EGF. Hyperimmune bovine colostrum contains a high level of IgG type, which is protective against rotaviruses.

From Wikipedia:

Some athletes have used colostrum in an attempt to improve their performance,[47] decrease recovery time,[48] and prevent sickness during peak performance levels.[49][50] 

Supplementation with bovine colostrum, 20 grams per day (g/d), in combination with exercise training for 8 wk may increase bone-free lean body mass in active men and women.[47][51]

Here’s what I think after reading what I did:

Apparently some male athletes and older women HAVE been able to remove fat but not lean tissue by taking colostrum. 

It sounds like it is hard to get and likely comes from cows fed grains and given rBST. 

This can cause other problems because such cows are fed grains, mostly corn, that has bioconcentrated pesticides and maybe the glyphosate from herbicides. 

Why subject yourself to these problems if you can cause this result another way?

Because colostrum has so many kinds of directly effective antibodies to protect newborns without developed immune systems, its best use may be in combating multi antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses not otherwise treatable. 

For fat loss, I think you need to do everything else before trying it!  

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Escape Danger from bad flu season ….Today's post:  Tuesday, 12-5-2017 

1.  There have been media reports that from now to the end of March you may encounter an extra powerful kind of flu that showed up first in Australia.

If you got the flu shot and do not also do other things like take enough vitamin D3 to combat the flu and make your flu shot work better, you may have as little as 10% protection.

This flu is strong enough that even 10 % coverage is better than no coverage.

So if you haven’t had a flu shot, you need to do two things.

For sure you need to take 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 a day and the vitamin K2 that helps that be most beneficial starting as close to today or tomorrow as you can according to the studies I’ve seen.

That will help ensure -- or ensure if you begin enough before your body encounters this flu virus --  that if you get the flu your immune system can kill it for you.

A study of a similarly potent flu outbreak found that the people who died were severely deficient in vitamin D3.  The people who were only somewhat deficient were very sick but survived.  And from other studies we know that people who had medium or high blood levels of D3 were even less sick!

In fact, this is so well established in my view, this is more important to do than getting a flu shot.

2.  I part company with the anti-vaccine people because I have seen evidence that people who get a safe version of the flu shot are protected from other strains of the flu.

AND, in addition to that, there is evidence that people who already are taking this much D3 before they get the flu shot then are more protected by the flu shot! 

The vitamin D3 helps ensure your immune system learns to recognize this bad flu virus fast enough and well enough to recognize it if it or a variant of it shows up. 

It also helps ensure that any kind of flu you get will get an enormously stronger attack by your immune system.

That means that by taking the 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 and the K2 to make it most beneficial, when you get a flu shot, it will protect you even if it does little for most people who do not.

3.  Unfortunately this year there is a flu shot being promoted to senior citizens and people at most risk of flu exposure such as nurses and doctors and teachers that is touted as being stronger and more likely to be protective.

It’s called Fluad and should never have been approved for use by anyone.  Other than flu that kills you, the side effects of this shot are far worse than the flu.  People recover from the flu.  People who react to the adjuvant can be forced into assisted living and have their lives ruined permanently.  This data is known which is why it should never have been approved.

Three months ago, I posted on this just before the start of the flu and flu shot season.

I include that post next and just after it, I add some more ways to attack the flu and any secondary infections that may occur with it.  These are in addition to those in the second half of that post!

Do NOT get Fluad! Use better methods to Prevent Flu....Tuesday, 9-7-2017

* Fluad is dreadfully dangerous & can ruin your life permanently!

Thursday, 8-31, last week I got the HSI eAlert email from: Health Sciences Institute .

As they often do, they have a health article just after their ad.

I'd already heard that the new Fluad flu vaccine used an adjuvant or booster that had already proven to have life ruining immediate side effects when used in the anthrax vaccine given to US Military personnel.

These severe and immediate autoimmune effects were extremely harsh and damaging.  One fit young man who also did strength training became unable to do more than slow walking without severe pain and weakness after getting a shot with this adjuvant.

So, if you are an older person and someone suggests you get the Fluad flu shot, the risk data suggest you refuse to do so totally and immediately! 

Do you want as early as NEXT WEEK to be sent to a care home for people who cannot do things for themselves and are wheel chair bound?

If you get a Fluad flu shot, this risk is not 100%; but it is apparently well above zero!

The flu can cause you to die.  But you can almost eliminate that risk without any need whatsoever to use Fluad!

Next we'll quote the email from HSI from last week.

And, last, we will cover how to slash your risk of getting the flu or dying from it if you do.

Here's the recent HSI email quote:

"Dear Reader,

This could be one of the most dangerous things to ever happen to seniors.

It's the Fluad flu vaccine, and the TV commercials are already flooding the airwaves.

You'll hear that you must have it because as you get older, your immune system doesn't work as well... and that Fluad contains a special "immune-enhancing ingredient" that's necessary for those over 65.

But there's a whole lot you won't be hearing about that special ingredient. For one, it's something that thousands of American soldiers have already tested in their own bodies.

And for another -- the results were horrific."

"Summer's not over yet, but the flu ads have already started playing.

And the first one out of the starting gate is for Fluad, a vaccine approved by the FDA just two years ago for seniors. It's all about happy, active seniors who "don't have time" to come down with the flu.

You would never, ever suspect that one of its main ingredients has a dark past.

All the hype about why Fluad is so different is because it contains MF59, which is a chemical added to jumpstart your immune system called an "adjuvant." In this case, the adjuvant is an "oil-in-water emulsion of squalene oil."

And if you check that out on the CDC's webpage, it will sound like this MF59 is as safe as a lollipop. The agency reassures us that squalene is "a naturally occurring substance in animals and plants."

But while that may be true, it doesn't make it any safer.

You see, it's well documented in animal experiments that when squalene is injected it can set off a reaction that causes the immune system to go on the attack, triggering autoimmune diseases such as RA, MS and lupus, as well as horrific injuries to the nervous system and brain.

Squalene-laced shots, in fact, are what many experts believe destroyed the health of thousands of vets who served in the first Gulf War. That was the secret (and unapproved) ingredient added to the experimental anthrax vaccine, which is now thought to be the real reason behind Gulf War Syndrome.

But even before that in 1999, dozens of pilots at Dover Air Force Base were reporting adverse reactions from shots that contained the adjuvant. As reported by Stars and Stripes, rather than be forced to take vaccines that contained squalene, many airmen left, and one senior officer resigned.

And for years the Pentagon refused to admit that the shots even contained squalene! Finally, some testing was done proving they did, and the powers that be could no longer deny it.

At that time, Dover Commander Colonel Felix Grieder went so far as to suspend the vaccine program at the base after hearing reports of aviators with severe joint pain, blackouts, dizzy spells, vertigo and rashes. Many developed debilitating arthritis.

And once armed with all this information about how young and healthy men and women in the military reacted to this adjuvant, what did the FDA do?

Why, it went ahead and gave MF59 the okay to be injected into seniors!

So, what was once a secret ingredient that caused a colonel to put the brakes on vaccinations to protect the health of his pilots is now one of the contents of the latest and greatest flu shot being advertised for older Americans.

Now, what could possibly go wrong with that?!"  [End of quoted article.]

Here's my answer to that!

In older people, blackouts, dizzy spells, and vertigo can each cause fatal or impairing falls or car accidents.  Severe joint pain and debilitating arthritis can ruin the quality of life for older people and force them into assisted living or low quality nursing homes.

These effects are much worse than the flu for most older people!

BUT you can ALSO  avoid the flu most of the time.  You can minimize its effects if you get it.  And, you can slash its chances of killing you.

Why take Fluad to avoid the flu when you can do ALL those things without it!

Here's how to protect yourself in these ways!:

1.  Vitamin D3 in the tens of thousands of iu is generated in your body with several hours a day of summer sun exposure.  So taking 10,000 iu a day of vitamin D3 in the summer and 20,000 a day during the winter or any flu season or epidemic is safe.

You can make it build bones and reduce bone minerals in your blood vessels by also taking vitamin K2.

In a major epidemic of a virulent flu when many died, it was found that the people who died were severely deficient in vitamin D3.  And those who had even modest vitamin D3 levels all survived it.

It's also true that people who take ten to twenty thousand iu a day of vitamin D3 tend NOT to get the flu at all.

Vitamin D3 boosts your immune system's killer cells substantially.  Best of all, it also boosts your levels of regulatory T cells. 

This means it ONLY kills harmful viruses and bacteria.

2.  Taking that much vitamin D3 also tends to help your immune system remember the viruses that attacked it before and maintain targeted killer cells.

And, THAT means if you get on ordinary flu shot [NOT Fluad!] while taking this much D3, the flu shot is more likely to protect you.

This means you can boost your flu shot's effectiveness with something that benefits you, vitamin D3.

3.  A study found that people who take NAC, n-acetyl cysteine, year round have cells that are much LESS harmed if you get the flu.  That results in milder cases and far faster recovery of energy after you have the flu!

4.  If you get a flu or cold with a fever, drink LOTS of water!  You are hotter and distracted so you sweat and breathe out more water BUT are LESS thirsty.

That causes dehydration which can cause confusion and weakness and even death.

BUT, if you drink extra water and replace it each time you go to the bathroom, all that changes!

You still feel horrible.  BUT you can think straight and avoid being that weak.  It's a HUGE difference! 

Doctors SAY to drink lots of water; but too few of them teach what an enormous difference it makes!

5.  For people who take enough vitamin D3 and drink enough water, the flu very seldom kills.

BUT, it uses up enough of your immune system's capacity, it can enable pneumonia to harm and kill you.

Most deaths during the flu season are from this cause.

But you can prevent this too!

If you take enough D3 and drink enough water, your immune system may have enough strength to beat pneumonia also.

AND if you get the two pneumonia vaccines before you get the flu and take enough vitamin D3 when you do so, there are 36 kinds of pneumonia you won't get!

(The first pneumonia vaccine has 13 strains it protects you against and; the new one, Prevnar 23 has 23 more.  Initially I thought the total was less from overlap and found out these shots DO prevent 36 separate strains of pneumonia.)”

End of the post from 9-7.

Since I wrote that, I found out that also taking olive leaf extract daily does a very beneficial four way protection for you.

Olive leaf extract kills or slows many viruses directly.  Olive leaf extract kills or slows many kinds of bacteria directly. This includes some bacteria that are multi-antibiotic resistant!

This means that if you take olive leaf extract you are less likely to get the flu or will recover from it sooner and be less likely to get a secondary bacterial infection -- or at least so these studies suggest!

There is even some evidence olive leaf extract kills some kinds of cancer cells.

And there is more. As I also posted when I discovered it, there is some evidence that the olive leaf extract is heart protective in almost every way known! 

This is so much the case that the olive leaf extract oils and phyto-nutrients that are in extra virgin olive oil are a major driver of the heart protective effects the Mediterranean Diet has been shown to have.

AND, if you follow a no or low grain version of the Mediterranean Diet and also take olive leaf extract too, it may more than double your heart protection AND do the same for your flu protection too!  

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