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Prevent menopause fat gain entirely!.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 6-29-2017

*We already posted on how doing a complete lifestyle upgrade to prevent and mostly reverse the big boost in excessively high chronic inflammation women get at the beginning of menopause has MANY benefits!

It slashes the increase in heart disease risk that happens to women at this time. 

It slashes the big increase in cancer risks such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer that otherwise go way up in women at this time.

AND, it slashes the big risk of Alzheimer’s disease that goes way up in women at this time. 

In fact including the spice turmeric and taking the supplement curcumin from turmeric not only helps slash chronic inflammation, it also has several ways in which it has been found to prevent Alzheimer’s or even reduce it somewhat if it already exists!

*Best of all, cutting this inflammation and these health risks has three more benefits!

1) It tends to turn off or prevent the insomnia and hot flashes and night sweats women otherwise often get. Theses nasty things go away or never show up in the first place!!

2) It makes it totally safe to take even the estrogen analog made from horse urine or use the FDA approved bioidentical estrogen patch to replace the estrogen the woman loses.  This further prevents the insomnia and hot flashes and night sweats women otherwise often get. AND it totally prevents the jump in bone changes that increase bone breakdown and cause osteoporosis!

So if a woman also does leg strength training too her bones get STRONGER & LESS likely to break.  And her metabolism both slows less and the added bone and muscle burn calories no longer available to become added fat!

3)  Would you like to avoid having to use a walker or a cane or even being in a wheelchair from added fat and osteoarthritis?

Using the estrogen replacement combined with the anti-inflammation lifestyle prevents and can even turn off that osteoarthritis totally!  With more muscles and less fat to carry around and no or way less pain from osteoarthritis, this removes the main cause of having to use a walker or a cane or being in a wheelchair!

You look younger. You feel younger. And you can go places and do things that you could before menopause that many women your age no longer can do.

Estrogen replacement shown to prevent osteoarthritis in menopausal women

"The team notes that lower estrogen levels - which normally arise as a result of menopause - are associated with a greater production of bone-destroying cells.

What is more, studies have linked hormone replacement therapy, which boosts estrogen levels, with a lower risk of OA."

This study clearly shows many aspects of this issue for both men & women.

But it's clear that the inflammation protocol well followed also prevents osteoarthritis in both men & women AND by slashing the risk of heart disease & cancers in women in early menopause it makes estrogen replacement safe!

Lastly, reducing or preventing osteoarthritis enables women from early menopause on to feel younger, be more mobile & able to enjoy life more AND do the exercises that help keep them from adding fat AND the strength training that further reduces osteoporosis!

"The team notes that lower estrogen levels - which normally arise as a result of menopause - are associated with a greater production of bone-destroying cells. What is more, studies have linked hormone replacement therapy, which boosts estrogen levels, with a lower risk of OA."

This study clearly shows many aspects of this issue for both men & women.

But it's clear that the inflammation protocol well followed prevents osteoarthritis in both men & women AND by slashing the risk of heart disease & cancers in women in early menopause it makes estrogen replacement safe!

Lastly, reducing or preventing osteoarthritis enables women from early menopause on to feel younger, be more mobile & able to enjoy life more AND do the exercises that help keep them from adding fat AND the strength training that further reduces osteoporosis!

Why is osteoarthritis more common among women? Study sheds light
A new study provides insight into why women are more likely to develop OA than men, and estrogen and microRNAs in synovial fluid may hold the answer.
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NOW there may be even more women can do at this time to ALSO directly turn off the drop in metabolism that tend to happen and cause fat gain even without eating more!

We already recommend the strength training that reduces osteoporosis AND increases your metabolism from recovering from the exercise AND the added bone and muscle burning more calories AND the added exercise a few times a week.

But what if you could turn off the switch that causes menopause to lower metabolism too!?

You may be able to do so!  THAT was the news that triggered this post!

I get a health email from the Natural Health Sherpa.

This one had this!

“Progesterone plummets...

Estrogen then drops too (but not as much as progesterone)...
And fat gain kicks into high gear as estrogen dominance takes hold.

This chart below shows just the hormonal insanity women have to endure leading up to and through menopause:

[The chart clearly shows that the big thyroid blocking and fattening effect is actually caused by the erratic drop in progesterone!}

Worse, this imbalance blocks thyroid, slowing your metabolism to a crawl.

So less of what you eat gets burned for energy, while more gets stored as fat.”

This information suggests that when progesterone falls and cortisol rises this creates extra inflammation & slows thyroid production.

Clearly, cutting stress and supporting thyroid and going on a total inflammation reducing lifestyle immediately if not already in place and ensuring ALL MSG is removed is indicated.

From other sources, we know that replacing some of the missing estrogen helps women feel better and think better.  

Doing both the total inflammation reducing lifestyle and replacing some of the missing estrogen not only helps women feel better and think better, it also slams the increase in heart disease risk and osteoporosis to a stop!

However, to keep thyroid up and metabolism up, this new info suggests it may be essential for best results to find a way to safely boost progesterone -- & do so AFTER measuring it each month.

 The extra info also suggests that taking rhodiola, a supplement both Nature’s way and Oregon Wild Harvest sell, prevents excess cortisol from stress harming your mitochondria and THAT prevents energy and metabolism drop off.

So far there seem to be very few doctors who are willing to work with women to do this.

But you can do the entire inflammation reducing protocol and take rhodiola.  And taking the amino acid tyrosine and totally avoiding MSG tend to keep your thyroid working well.

Some women may need to use the metabolism boosting methods I’m trying myself that I posted on last week.

And having a doctor prescribe the lowest available standard dose of progesterone might be helpful with not that many side effects for you.

This is clearly important enough that I think there will eventually be doctors who can arrange for you to get measured and get the exactly right dose for you.

But if you do everything you already can do, you will definitely gain far less fat and have your metabolism stay higher too!

*The basics of how to reduce chronic inflammation and why to do so, are extremely well covered in the book Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber which has sold well since it was first published and is still available on Amazon.

Thanks to the work of Dr William Davis and Dr David Perlmutter we also know that stopping ALL consumption of hybrid wheat and sharply reducing other grains or eliminating them not only helps lower inflammation but causes a big drop in heart disease risk.

Adding ginger and boswellia supplements and DHA and fish based omega 3 and eating wild caught fish high in omega 3 as well lowers inflammation yet another notch and boosts the protection from heart disease.

Eliminating all soft drinks, fructose sweeteners including high fructose corn syrup AND all artificial sweeteners drops inflammation, heart disease risk, and fat gain yet another notch.

Lastly, completely eliminating MSG and its cousins in the foods that have MSG (& which quite often contain hybrid, refined, wheat) drops inflammation another notch.  This also tends to prevent fat gain or help reverse it.

* Organic vegetables and fruit are one of the most potent preventers of heart attacks and strokes and cancers known! 

Even better, combining eating them with regular vigorous exercise most days of every week both increases the heart protection and increases your metabolism!

And almost all organic vegetables ALSO have cancer preventing effects and ingredients.  Much of that information is in Dr David Servan-Schreiber’s book.  

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mediterranean diet health protective discovery….

Today's post:  Tuesday, 6-27-2017

The Mediterranean diet has been in the medical and consumer news quite often.  That’s because it has strong heart protective effects.  Many of the foods that make it up taste good. It even seems to work BETTER with a glass of red wine at dinner.

One of the more newsworthy stories was when a study of the heart protective effects found the Mediterranean diet was so heart protective that the study was stopped half way through!

The researchers did this for two reasons.  They wanted to get the good news published.  And they wanted to allow the control group that did NOT eat the Mediterranean diet or get its protection to do so!

The upgraded Mediterranean diet is protective for several reasons.  So doing them all is extremely protective!

*Before we report on a discovery that can about DOUBLE the protection you get from the Mediterranean diet and is a stealth ingredient that powers much of its protective power of every version of it, here are the many ways the Mediterranean diet is protective.

1.  In the book, Anticancer, the author makes very clear how harmful it is to get an overdose of omega 6 oil:  from grains; and from oils made from grains; and animal fats from animals overdosed with grains when that is NOT their proper diet AND all of the above at once!

This way of eating is so proinflammatory and filled with herbicides and pesticides it causes cancers or makes them more fast growing & deadly.  That was his main point and still is since his book is still for sale on Amazon.

But other studies have shown for sure, this ALSO causes Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease perhaps even MORE effectively.

By contrast the upgraded Mediterranean diet eliminates ALL that.  The olive oil used has so much less omega 6 since it is mostly the omega 9 monosaturated fat that is neutral.  And, the wild caught fish and seafood from unpolluted waters have the anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils—including the most heart and brain beneficial one, DHA.

For those not allergic to them, raw almonds and walnuts and pecans and avocados have a similar low omega 6 profile and are in the Mediterranean diet.  AND, they are an even more effective way of getting vitamins and minerals for health than the very best vitamin pills.  They have hundreds of complementary and health boosting versions instead of just the on best known one.

2.  The abundant organic greens and herbs and starchy vegetables and garlic and onions are EACH cancer preventive.  Eating many kinds during an average week is MASSIVELY cancer preventive.  Eating them with cooked pasta or tomato sauce AND extra virgin olive oil or nuts MULTIPLIES that effect by making the several kinds of carotenes more bioavailable.
Other research has found that eating vegetables of this kind in that large an amount every week is, by itself, THE most effective way ever found to prevent heart attacks and deaths from them!

3.  Eating one or more servings each day of an organic, whole serving of fruit, is by itself, the most effective way to prevent strokes and deaths from them every found.  Even better, it prevents BOTH ischemic or obstructive strokes AND hemorrhagic or bleeding in the brain stokes.

4.  A version of the Mediterranean diet that eliminates grain too works even better!

The original version used the original wheat before hybrid wheat and herbicides and pesticides were used.  And the pasta this original and unpolluted wheat was pressed into was a minority of the Mediterranean diet and this form was low glycemic too. 

But you can get more of the more protective effects of vegetables and beans and nuts if you eat no grains.  AND, you avoid the risk of getting hybrid wheat grown with herbicides and pesticides.

Then too, rice was originally not polluted with arsenic.  So that too could be a minority of the Mediterranean diet.  Now, almost all rice has too much arsenic to be safe to eat.  And, it always was the most fattening part of the Mediterranean diet.  So a version that has no rice or has it very rarely produces better health effects.

Separate studies show that cheeses made from cows fed ONLY their natural diet are safe to eat.  So using that kind of cheese for flavor also works in the Mediterranean diet.

Every bit of this report on the health protective aspects of the upgraded Mediterranean diet is impressive.

Here’s the news I just found out in the last few days:

There is another set of ingredients in the Mediterranean diet that may produce as much as HALF its astounding health benefits.

Even more impressively, increasing the amount you get can enable you do DOUBLE the protective effects of the Mediterranean diet!

The phytochemicals in extra virgin olive oil are astoundingly health protective.

They prevent EVERYTHING you need to protect your heart. Recent research found they make your HDL prevent oxidation and remove excess cholesterol from your blood vessels; they prevent clotting as ginger & curcumin also do even when you do less exercise than is best.  (This enables you to get MORE protection from heart attacks and ischemic strokes with zero need for the dangerous drugs for that.) They prevent your arteries from becoming stiff or plugged up too.

They are ALSO antiviral and antibacterial and even antifungal.  This effect is so strong it can kill the bacteria that cause food poisoning or drug resistant infections and works on BOTH gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

So, this has two implications and ways you can increase the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

First, the version of the upgraded Mediterranean diet that is most protective tends to use ONLY extra virgin olive oil.

Second, you can take two or four 250 mg capsules of standardized Olive Leaf Extract by Nature’s Way and just about DOUBLE the effective health benefits of eating the upgraded version of the Mediterranean diet!

(I was taking two a day for its antiviral effects to protect me from Flu and colds and viral pneumonia and West Nile and Yellow fever viruses!

Now I know how incredibly heart protective it is I’ll make sure to keep taking it.

AND, research found that taking 4 a day, 1,000 mg a day of the olive leaf extract produced reduced high blood pressure by 11 over 4! 

I’ll check with my daily readings to sure.  But that likely means I can stop taking the ace inhibitor I take each day now in a 5 mg dose that does less than that.  Since the ace inhibitor may have some harmful effects, I’ll be very please if that works!

Here are some sources with part of this information and the other health protective effects:

"Animal studies demonstrate that olive leaf extracts lead to significant drops in elevated blood pressure. 

Remarkably, these effects are evident when supplementation occurs either before or after the animals develop hypertension. This means that the extracts have the ability to both prevent and treat high blood pressure.

The drop in blood pressure is accompanied by reduced pressure in the heart’s left ventricle. This results in improved blood flow to the heart’s own coronary blood vessels. 

Additional human studies demonstrate the ability of olive leaf extracts to significantly reduce blood pressure measurements.

One particularly fascinating study was conducted among identical twins with borderline hypertension (blood pressure in the range of 120-139 mmHg over 80-89 mmHg). Studies of identical twins virtually eliminate genetic variations which may impact study results. After 8 weeks, placebo recipients showed no change in blood pressure from baseline, but patients supplemented with 1,000 mg/day of olive leaf extract dropped their pressures by a mean of 11 mmHg systolic and 4 mmHg diastolic. The supplemented patients experienced significant reductions in LDL cholesterol.

A human study measured olive leaf extract against captopril, one of the conventional drugs used for treating hypertension.11 In this study, patients with stage-1 hypertension (140-159 mmHg over 90-99 mmHg) took either 500 mg of olive leaf extract twice daily, or 12.5 mg of captopril twice daily, which was increased as needed to 25 mg twice daily. After 8 weeks of treatment, both groups experienced a drop in mean blood pressure from baseline (11.5 and 13.7 mmHg systolic; 4.8 and 6.4 mmHg diastolic, respectively), with no significant difference between the two groups. In other words, the olive leaf extract performed as well as the prescription drug."

Catopril is an ACE inhibitor.  THAT may mean I can take a bit more of olive leaf extract and STOP my ramipril!

Oleuropein in the oil in olive oil and olive leaf extract ALSO has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties!!

Oleuropein in Olive and its Pharmacological Effects - NCBI - NIH

Simply put this stuff is the POWER behind many if not most of the protective benefits of the Mediterranean diet!

It boosts NO in keeping your blood vessels healthy and reduces atherosclerosis AND lowers LDL and prevents clots (ischemia)

Not only that because its antibacterial effects are effective on both gram negative AND gram positive bacteria AND it smashes their cell walls, this may make it an essential addition to fighting any drug resistant bacteria AND this may mean it can help knock out biofilms with that cell wall effect!  

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Metabolism boosters that may work well.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 6-22-2017

*On Thursday, 12-1-2016, last December, we did this post: 

In it we posted on some new research into the likely direct causes of weight and fat regain and the failsafe famine response.

The researchers found that, just after any significant weight or fat loss, gut bacteria usually caused a couple of effects that lowered metabolism and boosted hunger:

“The bacteria reduced the levels of two flavonoids - apigenin and naringenin.” 

That effect increased hunger and also reduced metabolism significantly.  So these effects reliably cause fat regain.

*Mike Matthews found that people who learn to do the heavy compound barbell lifts at the gym who use good form and safety procedures AND gradually but relentlessly increased the weight gained enough muscle to change how they looked.  Simple, by making the largest muscles stronger in his clients, their muscles got bigger and burned more calories.

But for some time now he has posted pictures of his clients who have done this that also show considerable fat loss on top of this.  Instead of looking a bit flabby with some muscles his featured clients got slightly larger muscles AND lost overall weight and looked dramatically leaner with abdominal muscles that are clearly visible.

A few days ago, he revealed how he was able to take this second step so well.  My take on it is that for the key metabolism booster the amount he suggests and has in the supplement he sells, 50 mg of synephrine 3 times a day, may be a bit too high for the level of safety I’m personally comfortable with.  But the combination of synephrine and rutin and lots of naringin clearly is outstandingly effective. It boosts metabolism enough to produce visible fat loss effects!

Mike found data that synephrine produced that fat burning and metabolism boosting that are almost as good as the far more dangerous ephedra did before it was banned.  And that this is particularly effective when it is taken with rutin and lots of naringin.

Because his supplement also has things like tyrosine that I already take and things I think are unnecessary -- and this higher level of synephrine, I’ve taken a pass on using it.

But the research I reported on last December and found currently and his great results suggest Mike is on to something!

This stack or combination looks like it can help me lose the fat I’ve failed to lose so far AND help others who are willing to eat right and exercise do the same.

I’m about to find out if doing a triple, using 20 mg of synephrine three times a day instead of 50, grapefruit for the naringin, a multiple bioflavonoid supplement AND lots of the bioflavonoids AND taking the apigenin and naringenin, that when depleted slowed metabolism and reversed fat loss, will be as effective for me as his higher synephrine approach has been for his clients.

I found a 10 mg capsule synephrine supplement I can take two of three times a day for just $16 a month including taxes & shipping.

Whole Foods often has organic grapefruit in its produce section.

And, I found to my amazement, I already have and eat two of the world’s highest sources of apigenin and naringenin.  I’ll just eat a bit more of each and do so 7 days a week instead of 4.

The organic dried parsley spice I buy at Whole Foods is the highest known source of apigenin.  And, it’s not close. Dried parsley has well over 10 times what anything else has!

The organic dried oregano spice I buy at Whole Foods may have some apigenin also and it may well have close to as much naringenin as parsley has in apigenin. 

(Mexican Oregano was cited in one source as having more naringenin; but I have no source for it let alone an organic one.  And, the organic one at Whole Foods is quite reasonably priced.)

My hope and to some extent my expectation is that 20 mg of synephrine three times a day will be safe AND by adding it to this more complete protocol, this combination will work as well as Mike’s 50 mg three times a day version.

I haven’t yet been able to get to a gym for the heavier lifts.  And, I have not yet been able to try the Bulletproof Vibe that may increase my muscle mass by doing the exercises I already do now while standing on it and likely WILL boost my metabolism.

But this new protocol based on research and successful practices I can do now.

Each month I do a fatloss progress report.  So if over the next 6 months I lose 6 to 10 pounds and one to three inches from my waist by using this new protocol, you’ll see it here!

*I discovered several things in researching this protocol:

*Grapefruit IS an effective fat loss aid.  I dislike the flavor.  So when I saw research off and on that did help with fat loss, I decided not to try it.

Now, with this way to triple supercharge that effect, I’ll put up with the taste!

The effective fatloss flavonoid is naringin and grapefruit is the cheapest and highest source for it.

And, that bitter taste of grapefruit – do you know what causes it?  It seems the naringin does because it’s quite bitter!

The other reason I’ve been slow to try or recommend grapefruit is that it can cause too little of some drugs to get into your system – and much more dangerously, it can turn a proper dose of some drugs into a dangerous overdose!

Mercifully for most people that’s not a problem.  And for those for whom it is a problem, in the majority of cases, there is some evidence that results overall will improve by NOT continuing the drug and eating the grapefruit instead.

The worst offender is statin drugs.  But to me that’s not a drawback.  Statin drugs are so ineffective and harmful, if people who take them now stop doing so to eat grapefruit for fat loss, doing so will be a positive NOT a negative.  In fact, the heart protective effects of eating two servings a day of organic grapefruit AND any fat loss combined make it likely that this change will IMPROVE your heart protection. 

And if you add the many heart protective things you can do from stopping eating and drinking heart attack starters, completely avoiding tobacco smoke, and the taking the dozen or so supplements that ARE heart protective by actual tests, your heart and heart attack protection will be many times greater without statins reducing it.

Blood thinning drugs are another.  But as typically given they are not safe to take even without the grapefruit!  They are hard to avoid getting overdoses.  And you have be extra careful when stopping them to avoid any rebound effect,

Mercifully, we are beginning to know effective protocols that achieve the needed protective effect without trying to carpet bomb it out of existence.  So using those far safer protocols instead enables you eat grapefruit just fine. 

In fact, a heart rhythm problem called AFIB is one that blood thinning drugs are given for.  But if you lose 10% of your bodyweight as fat by eating grapefruit in using this protocol, you may STOP having AFIB.  Better yet, eating whole fresh fruit daily is far more effective at preventing strokes than taking blood thinning drugs!

Immune system depressing drugs are unsafe to take with grapefruit.

For autoimmune diseases, it’s beginning to look like there are also better ways to turn those down or off than taking the immune system depressing drugs.

But there are two classes of drugs where you might want to take them and NOT ever eat grapefruit.

Immune system depressing drugs to ensure you don’t reject your new transplanted heart or liver. 
If you take such drugs for this reason, do NOT eat grapefruit!

Antiviral drugs for severe flu or suppression of HIV or AIDS is the other.

*If this protocol is safe and works as well as I think it might, a version of it may finally be a safe solution to the obesity epidemic!

As I noted in this blog when the initial research on a different metabolism boosting drug candidate  came out, there is a chance that a drug which boosts thyroid a bit extra and a second component to prevent this from harming your liver etc might boost metabolism enough to enable people to lose fat they keep off – even if they eat a less than optimum diet and don’t do enough exercise.

This new protocol by directly boosting the metabolism a different way and reversing the effect that enables you to avoid the things that help bacteria re-fatten you, it may be even more effective! 

Of course it will work more and work faster with dramatically better health effects when combined with eating right and the effective exercises!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

NEVER take beta blockers!.....

Today's post:  Tuesday, 6-20-2017

Beta blockers relax the heart.  When they are given your heart beats less forcefully and tends to slow down.

So if someone has really high blood pressure, having them take beta blockers causes their heart to beat less forcefully and lowers their blood pressure.

In injuries, immediate rest to allow some recovery IS often used for most injuries.
So, if someone just had a heart attack, having them take beta blockers seems like a good idea since it gives the heart a rest.

Heart failure is often caused by heart attacks.  Part of the chamber of the heart can be damaged enough by the heart attack that the damaged chamber no longer beats hard enough to move all the blood in it to the next stage as a healthy heart does.  So the idea of giving beta blockers is to reduce the force of the healthy part so you get slower beats but each beat moves a slightly better amount of the blood to the next stage.

The problem is that these effects are to treat acute, short term needs.  But beta blockers work 24 hours a day 7 days a week as long as they are used.  This routinely causes dreadful, horrible problems.

[My Dad took beta blockers for heart failure which then got worse -- which is a typical effect we now know.  After his worsening heart failure severely limited his mobility and when the strong depressive effects of the beta blockers kicked in too, he decided to die of self induced total fasting with zero intake of anything except water and did so. 

The data we now have show that the beta blockers, by these two effects, sharply reduced his quality of life for his last 10 years AND robbed him of another worthwhile 10 years he likely would have lived. 

Now it’s payback time!

We HAVE the data.  Beta blockers are both harmful AND unneeded!]

That is worsened by the fact that stopping beta blockers without doing it very slowly in stages cause rebound increases in blood pressure and stress on the heart AND beta blockers are also addictive and when withdrawn often cause other punishing symptoms to their victim.

These problems are so damaging and harmful and so destructive of the quality of life of the person taking them that a solid case can be made that they should never be given – even if there is no way to provide short term, acute relaxation.

There are now many methods that speed recovery from heart attacks and improve heart failure and lower very high blood pressure.  Ensuring these are all used which is rarely done now, makes beta blockers far less needed. 

(What we now know are low levels of second choice cardiac rehab methods are used, deaths and repeat heart attacks drop much more than just giving beta blockers causes to happen.  If 100 % of people who had a heart attack did all the first choice methods and did all of them well, the deaths and repeat heart attacks would almost vanish.)

AND, there is now an effective way to provide the acute relaxation too!

“Wearing a 'heart' on your sleeve can reduce stress    Wednesday 31 May 2017

New research published in Scientific Reports shows that a heartbeat-like vibration delivered onto the inside of the wrist can make the wearer feel significantly less stressed.

Researchers from the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London assessed the calming effects of a new wearable device called doppel - a wristband designed to actively reduce stress by using the intuitive responses that we all have to rhythm, and especially to heartbeats.”

This research found that if you determine the heart rate of someone under no stress and average that with 54 if it's higher, causing a wrist device to pulse against it at that resulting speed tends to avoid having stress raise your heart rate and BP!

So, NOW we have the acute replacement we need to provide the acute heart relief needed.

Between the harms of beta blockers and a way to provide the benefits beta blockers were once thought to provide that works, there is now ZERO justification for ever prescribing beta blockers!

But there is more!

Independent research is showing how harmful beta blocker side effects are AND that even for what they were initially intended they provide no benefit or even CAUSE some of the problems they were once thought to solve!

AND, when drug companies tried to smoke screen these effects, a doctor found that all the independent studies showed the same thing!  I found that paper on Medscape!

This information is why I think you would be wise to refuse point blank to ever take even one dose of beta blockers!

Here’s the first one:

“This recent email from Health Sciences Institute had this information:

“It's called the "standard of care" for anyone with heart disease or who has suffered a heart attack.

Now, however, some new research is reevaluating this knee-jerk approach to dispensing drugs known as beta blockers to all post heart-attack patients.

And this isn't the first time that these meds -- which block the effects of adrenalin, slow down your heart rate and lower blood pressure -- have been called into question.

As you've read right here in eAlerts, the well-known side effects of beta blockers include dizziness, lightheadedness and a very slow heart rate -- all of which can increase the likelihood of taking a serious fall.

But this new study piles another layer of uncertainty and risk on the routine use of this very old class of drugs that are often given out "just because."

As drugs go, beta blockers have been around for a long time -- over 50 years!

They were considered so important that the scientist who invented the very first one, which was used for angina, won the Nobel Prize in medicine!

But like a lot of things in health care, dispensing these meds -- dozens of which are currently available -- has become so routine, doctors probably haven't given it a second thought for decades.

Now, a study out of the University of Leeds has taken a close look at the data involving nearly 180,000 UK patients who suffered a heart attack and were prescribed the usual beta-blocker meds. And for those patients, none of whom had heart failure, the researchers found no advantage at all in prescribing these drugs.

But for anyone who has been following the research, that shouldn't have been a big surprise.

Almost five years ago, another study on beta blockers was expected to "shake up the conventional wisdom" that these drugs are a vital staple in heart care, a top doctor at the Mayo Clinic noted at the time. Yet even that study didn't seem to slow down the rush to hand these meds out like candy one iota!

That research, which was published in JAMA, looked not only at patients who had suffered a heart attack, but also at those who had both heart disease and even risk factors for cardiac problems.

And after crunching the data on almost 45,000 heart patients, the conclusion was that beta blockers didn't prevent heart attacks or stroke or even lower the numbers of those who died from heart disease.

Then there was the research that came out just last year linking these drugs to episodes of major depression.

Now, depression is a serious problem for those who have had a heart attack for some very good reasons. Certainly seeing your life flash before your eyes can do that to you! But to make it a vicious cycle, many experts believe depression is also a big risk factor in suffering a second heart attack.

So, when Scottish researchers discovered that beta blockers (and another class of heart meds called calcium channel antagonists) could double the risk of suffering from major depression, you would think that would be the final straw to really "shake up the conventional wisdom" on the subject!

But apparently, that didn't happen, either. Because not only are these drugs still routinely prescribed after a heart attack, they are also widely used to treat hypertension.

And if you've been prescribed one to lower your blood pressure, there's something else you need to know.

Nearly a decade ago, after examining nine "major" clinical trials in the U.S. about hypertension, researchers found that beta blockers are actually dangerous when used for that purpose.

Besides exhibiting lower heart rates and lower blood pressure, patients taking them also had a higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, developing heart failure and dying.

Many doctors who are familiar with the evidence against beta blockers, but afraid to go against the norm entirely, are still prescribing these meds after a heart attack -- but only for a limited period afterwards. So, if you're taking them for that reason, it may be time to schedule a visit with your cardiologist and find out if you can discontinue using them.

And if you're taking them to lower your blood pressure, you also need to talk to your doctor about getting off them ASAP.

If your blood pressure is truly high (which for those 60 and older is said to be a reading of over 150/90 -- not that absurd 120/80) there are many nutritional approaches as well as supplements that can help you get it down without drugs.

But a note of caution: Despite all we now know about the dark side of beta blockers, to stop taking these drugs suddenly or without first consulting your doctor is definitely not a good idea as it can trigger heart palpitations and a sudden sharp rise in blood pressure.”

Note that if you never take even one dose of beta blockers, you don’t have deal with this dangerous situation to stop taking them!

Here’s the well done article that was on Medscape:

Evidence based slam on using beta blockers! 

Provide no harmful event protection AND cause depression!

AND if THIS is still live from Medscape, it is a direct and totally convincing data driven set of studies of exactly this information.:

“Beta-Blocker Side Effects and Brain Trickery Reconsidered by Franz H. Messerli, MD; & Sripal Bangalore, MD    June 08, 2017”

If you run into a doctor who wants to give you beta blockers because he or she believes in “evidence based” medicine, have them read THIS!  

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Monday, June 19, 2017

My Monthly Fatloss Report June 2017.....

Today's post:  Monday, 6-19-2017

A.  Here's the key news:

Fat Loss Report, measured on Saturday, 6- 17-2017

Lost 1.2 pounds from 168.9 last month to 167.7

Gained a half inch on my chest to 38 from 37 and a half.

No change on my waist at about 41 & a half.

No change in hips at 37 & a half.

1.  Since last month I lost about a pound.

2.  My hips were the same at 37 & half inches.

My waist was about the same – way too big! 

But my better strength training did seem to add to my chest measure. That plus the small weight loss suggests I might have added a bit of muscle there and lost a tiny bit of fat from someplace.

3.  My food intake was very close to the same as last month. 

My cardio exercises were about the same too.

4.  What changed was that I did do better at strength training doing the extra high contraction and focus reps at the end of each set and between them.

My stress level was about the same; but I handled it better AND got some small and big good news that helped lift it a bit

*For me, as for many people, having enough money for at least a minimum OK lifestyle with zero chances of severe money problems reduces stress.  I was under that threat with a deadline this past month, particularly during the last week just before I measured for this month.

*For me, even more than other people who also have it but at a lower level, having an ally who is unusually supportive and of some help sharply lowers my stress level.

5.  The most promising person who WAS responsive with favorable information and replies and who WILL be a future ally can only do so when I reach some milestones that will take a few weeks or months to reach. 

But the new information the past month makes it likely I’ll have those milestones soon. AND, it looks likely I’ll be able to add several key people as allies to do so!

My back up emergency person did come through right before my deadline and this time with the money that was my preferred request. 

AND, the Friday before I measured, I got the information that looks like it will enable me to lose fat I don’t gain back.  Even better, today I was able to add to that information and get started doing it.  I will upgrade that this week also from what I discovered today.

I’ll write that up in the fatloss post later this week on Thursday, 6-22.  (It seems this new method reverses the usual fat regain by directly reversing the causes that were found by research that I posted on last year!) 

6.  I believe my continued persistence and continuing to both follow up on successful efforts and finding new and promising things to check on AND doing so, will enable me to lose my excess fat remaining and keep it off.

7.  I’m continuing to find new ways to boost my metabolism and add bone and muscle that I’m beginning to use.  (The fatloss post this week will be on one of them and why and how it can be done safely!)


 I’ll achieve the financial leverage I need.

I’ll get the active allies I need.

 AND I’ll begin to use all of the metabolism boosters I’ve found to add to the ones I’ve been using.

(That includes adding a weekly workout at a gym with heavy barbells and adding these new techniques and trying the BulletProof vibe.)  

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

More vegetables and much less sugar to lose fat.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 6-15-2017

*Most people in the United States take in far too much sugar and much or most of that is some kind of high fructose corn syrup or other free fructose.

This is now known to health researchers to be extremely fattening and causes many kinds of disabling and expensive and deadly diseases. 

Most of the people who do this think this is a tiny effect and only happens to some people.

The research says otherwise!

Doing this is very harmful and very fattening.  And no one who takes in that much escapes! 

Light intake causes harm and fat gain after about 10 years. 

And very heavy intake only takes 30 days we now know because of the experience of the man who did it, Morgan Spurlock, and created the SupersizeMe documentary. 

He was able to reverse most of the metabolic indicators of future health problems in another 30 to 60 days once he stopped.  But it took him over a year to lose all the fat he gained and get all his libido back!

*But you may know that people once ate sugar when very few were fat and these diseases were rare.  And, sugary treats can be nice on occasion. 

Isn’t there a way to do what they once did? 


To do it you eat far less sugar and only eat forms of sugar that existed back then. 

Organic and non GMO beet and cane sugar, dark molasses, real maple syrup or sugar, and unprocessed organic honey, preferably local, all work.

I can verify it works if you also eat no wheat and very little other grains and exercise regularly and eat as little real sugar as they did. 

I eat that much and my fasting blood sugar tends to be between 70 and 80 and my HBA1C ranges between 5.4 to 5.6.  My triglycerides are also below 50.

* Here’s the difference between then and now:

You can eat zero added sugar or you can eat 5 to 7 T of sugar per week and likely stay healthy and may stay or get lean.

a)  Now in the United States the average person who eats packaged foods and drinks regular soft drinks gets 5 T of sugar per day to 21 T per day.

 While fat people tend to get 10 to 35 T a day!

Much worse, most of that tends to be as 70% free fructose high fructose corn syrup or agave which is a bit higher in fructose than 70% or concentrated fruit juice which is free fructose also.

This is on top of eating refined grain hybrid wheat in comparable quantities!

This tends to make people fat. It also is a direct cause of heart disease and strokes and fatty liver and type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease and is thought to make most cancers more likely too,

That much sugar also badly depletes magnesium which directly causes osteoporosis.

(Diet soft drinks and the artificial sweeteners in them are actually worse.  They cause the same things directly and they tend to lead to also eating more grains and sugars.  Those artificial sweeteners have also been found to cause migraines and MS and digestive problems and they are more fattening than high fructose corn syrup as shown by repeated tests and research.)

So eating a very modest amount of real sugar is much less harmful and fattening than taking in huge amounts of diet soft drinks or their artificial sweeteners.

How much sugar did people eat then?  I found the data in a Forbes article recently.

"Forbes revealed that in 1812, people consumed 45 grams of sugar every 5 days"

[(45 grams of sugar is right at about 3 3/4 tablespoons = 3.75 T) /5= .75] X7 = 5.25 T

That much sugar is .75 Tablespoons of sugar a day which equals 5.25 per week

So that is about 5 T of sugar per week!  And 7 T a week is about the same in its effects.

*So the first conclusion to lose fat and keep it off and stay healthy, alive, and mobile, is to eat only these once traditional sugars.

And to limit your intake to 5 to 7 Tablespoons a week or less!

*The food that has the reverse effects is eating organic vegetables a few to several times a day with most of them being green, nonstarchy vegetables and none being conventionally grown potatoes.

This is filling with very few calories! AND besides stopping ingesting the causes and stopping smoking, doing this is the most heart protective and heart attack preventing thing that we have ever found!  The many cruciferous vegetables in this group are extremely cancer preventive

(Some supplements come close for heart protection but they are much more effective if you stop the causes and eat these vegetables too!)

(One or two servings of organic whole fruit and one or two servings of a starchy yellow or green vegetable such as blackberries and other berries and bananas and sweet potatoes and yams also are strongly protective against stroke and many cancers.  The bonus is that many of them taste sweet enough to satisfy your sweet cravings with no harmful forms of sugar needed!)

*And there are three ways to make it easier and more likely for you to eat these foods!

1.  Simply thinking of them or describing them in positive terms was found to cause more people to order them and eat them in a restaurant setting!

Descriptions like “sizzlin’ green beans” and “crunchy cauliflower” and ‘yummy sweet yams” DO work.

2.  For hundreds of years ethnic cuisines have created good tasting recipes for vegetables using oils and spices and sometime pieces of fruit or nut or bits of seafood.

Just-sautéed green beans with slivered almonds using a low temperature and extra virgin olive oil is one example.

Diced cold cauliflower with warm garlic butter made with Kerrygold grass fed butter is another.

Yummy sweet yams with peeled and baked and mashed yams with Kerrygold grass fed butter and baked with some organic raisins is another.

Yummy savory yams with peeled and baked and mashed yams with a bit of sea salt and mashed garlic cloves and Kerrygold grass fed butter.

3.  Use mindful eating to savor and notice the natural taste of the raw vegetables you eat.  Learn to enjoy each kind for the way it tastes.


There are other foods to avoid because they harm or fatten you; and it helps enormously to eat health OK protein foods AND to do the effective exercises of a few kinds each week.

But if you simply stop all the bad or excess sugars and sweeteners and add the many servings of organic vegetables and some organic fruit every day, you will be dramatically healthier and MUCH less fat!  

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More reasons to avoid taking statins.....

Today's post:  Wednesday, 6-14-2017

*Research found that people who do the most effective and time efficient AND heart and health protective strength training and burst cardio are also likely to harm themselves if they take statins.  The New York Times published the study that showed this for sure.  Most doctors have never heard of this study but believe statins are safe and protective.

Higher doses of some brands of statins are most likely to do this.

*Two thirds of people have genetics such that statins hardly prevent any nonfatal heart attacks.  To be fair, about one third have genetics where they get very modest prevention from nonfatal heart attacks.  There is a $150 test to see which group a person is in.  Most doctors who prescribe statins do not know this information.  So, most people taking statins never had this test before beginning to take them.  So, at best two thirds of most people taking statins are spending money on something with little benefit.

*Even in the group where statins do prevent a small percentage of heart attacks, statins cause more type 2 diabetes per hundred people than they protect!  Different studies show statin-caused diabetes occurs at different rates ranging from 9% to nearly 50%.  The costs of treating type 2 diabetes are such that even the 9% rate means that people taking statins are costing all of us money for no benefit.

*Statins tend to harm mitochondria by depriving them of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10.  A study of the mechanisms by which diabetes causes its most severe harms from blindness to foot amputation and more determined that much if not most of such damage is caused by harm to the mitochondria.

*Those two facts show that giving people with diabetes statins is contraindicated totally.

*Meanwhile because people with diabetes are much more likely to have a heart attack, the guidelines most doctors and even cardiologists are given say to give these people statins.

*This is the reverse of what these studies show should happen! 

*Diabetics DO need to take actions to reduce their blood sugar and insulin resistance and prevent heart disease that work better than statins. 

*Other research shows conclusively that eating daily servings of organic vegetables and completely stopping any intake of hybrid wheat does both things.  And, several other things can be added that make this work better such as taking the omega 3, DHA, and taking deodorized garlic – and doing the kind of exercises every week that statins make unsafe to do.

*So does stopping ALL intake of hydrogenated oils and soft drinks and the high fructose corn sryup and artificial sweeteners in them. 

*Taking those actions turns off the causes of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

A few weeks ago several studies showed up in Medical News Today saying that noticing muscle pain and depression and low energy when taking statins was a “nocebo” effect and that people perceived these things only after publicity saying statins caused them.

Given the suggestibility factor this may well be partly true.  But it leaves out all the foregoing information!  And, it also runs a risk of doctors saying to people who ARE getting these effects that it’s all in your head.

This looked like an effort by the drug companies that sell statins to prevent people from stopping them to me at the time.

But I prefer to focus on why not to take statins and what far more effective and much safer things to do instead which I just summarized.

Dr Al Sears got some data on who paid to do and publicize these studies.  And, he saw more harm in these studies than I had.

A bit over a week ago he sent it in an email that I got.

I think his article on this should be publicized after I read it.  So I am ending this post with it:

It may be that many people take statins without perceiving side effects or they have the ones they notice at a low enough level they don't have a problem and only develop such a perception as a "nocebo" effect once they hear others DO have these problems.

BUT even people who don't perceive problems with statins are harmed by them if only by wasting their money on an ineffective prevention method and fail to use the ones that actually work.

And there is good evidence statins speed aging and cause diabetes and make it more likely to harm you if you do get it.

I certainly suspected the drug companies that make statins paid for these nocebo studies to evade people discontinuing them.

The fact that some people who have these symptom in cases they are real may disregard them and suffer permanent harm isn't likely to bother these companies.

Now Dr Sears shows the drug companies who make statins DID pay for this research and were even a position to do several and only publish the ones that showed the result they wanted as I suspected was the case.

Here’s what Dr Sears had to say:

“Big Pharma won’t be satisfied until every American adult — and even some kids — are taking one of their dangerous statin drugs.

And they’ve resorted to desperate measures to achieve that goal.
Here’s what’s going on…

As you probably know, one of the most common side effects of taking statins is muscle pain. I see this all the time at my clinic when new patients come to see me. And if you or someone you know takes these drugs, you’ve probably seen it, too…

But a new study claims that people only get statin side effects like muscle pain if they know they’re taking the drugs. Researchers claim that if a patient doesn’t know whether they’re getting a statin or a placebo, they don’t experience side effects.1

In other words, if you’re on a statin and you have side effects, it’s all in your head.
It’s called the “nocebo” effect.

You’ve heard of the “placebo” effect. It says that if people think they’re taking a drug — even if it’s a fake — they’ll get better.

The nocebo effect, on the other hand, says if someone thinks they are taking a real pill, they’ll believe they’re having side effects.

The study authors issued a dramatic statement. They warned that “hundreds of thousands of people are dying” because of a fear imaginary side effects.

Their message was clear: “Take a statin or die.”

And they even took it a step further…

The only way to save you from your imaginary side effects, the authors said, was for the government to stop putting warning labels on statin drugs.

They don’t want you to know what the possible side effects are. They argued that if you don’t know what the side effects are, you won’t get them.

It was hard for me to understand how scientists could make that argument. Until I saw who paid them…

Pfizer sponsored the study. And the authors disclosed that they received payments from Amgen… Merck… AstraZeneca… Lilly… Novartis… and other Big Pharma giants.

Those companies all have a huge stake in getting more people to take statins. It’s a $26 billion industry… but sales of Big Pharma’s brand-name drugs have been slipping since generics hit the market a few years ago.

So they’d rather put the blame on you than admit their drugs are hurting people.
The evidence is clear. People who take statins have higher rates of diabetes, erectile dysfunction, sleep disturbances, memory loss and cognitive problems.

The side effects of statins are NOT all in your head.

Statin drugs lower your body’s CoQ10 levels by as much as 40%.2

A deficiency of CoQ10 can cause extreme physical and mental fatigue. People with low levels also have frequent headaches, migraines, jaw pain, or muscle and joint aches.3 Those are the same as statin side effects.  [Taking statins often causes or worsens insomnia also.]

But the sad truth is that statins don’t work. Sure, they lower cholesterol, but cholesterol does not cause heart disease.

Statins do not prevent heart attacks or save lives. In fact, a shocking 75% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol. ….”

“I don’t prescribe statins for my patients. Instead of trying to lower their cholesterol, I help them raise their HDL or “good” cholesterol. You see, raising your HDL high enough is linked to having almost no chance at all of developing heart disease. 

3 Easy Ways To Raise Your HDL

Follow my PACE program. Quick, simple exercise that increases in intensity — like my PACE workout — is the most effective way to increase your HDL levels. One study of Navy personnel doing PACE-type training proved it. Doing the workout for just five days increased HDL levels by 31%.  [Dr Sears PACE program is a progressive burst cardio system using calisthenics. It’s not the only way to do this; but it clearly works!]

Increase your omega-3s. Omega-3 fats increase HDL, as well. You can find them in wild-caught salmon, grassfed beef, sardines, walnuts and olive oil. Or you can take a supplement. For most people, I recommend 4,000 mg per day from krill or squid oil.  [Taking DHA, the most important omega 3, and eating wild caught small fish and Alaskan wild caught salmon also works and is likely cheaper.]

Get more niacin. Studies show niacin (vitamin B3) raises HDL levels by 25 to 30%. To raise HDL levels you’ll need 750 to 1,000 mg a day. For that you’ll have to supplement. I recommend starting at a small dose of 250 mg per day. Too much niacin can lead to “flushing.” Increase the amount gradually every month until you get up to your target. You can also split your dose into twice a day to help reduce the flush.” 

[I take 300 mg after breakfast and 300 mg after lunch and studies show the No flush niacin, insositol hexaniacinate I take two daily capsules of 300 mg provide 500 mg of niacin.  I take one at breakfast and one at dinner. In this way I get 1100 mg a day of niacin. 

I get minimal flush by doing this.

By doing this and exercising with strength training and a comparable burst cardio each week and taking the omega 3’s and NOT eating any hybrid wheat at all, my HDL ranges from 99 to 101.]