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Easy start fat loss tips, part IV....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 4-28-2016

A recent Parade Magazine article covered a number of ways people have successfully lost weight.

So, it occurred to me to leverage their article into a set of things that can be easy to do to start successful fat loss after reading it.

This is part IV of the part III post I did a week ago and of the first one I posted 3 weeks ago!:

Last time, Thursday, 4-21-2016, we said it would have:

a) What kinds of exercises work best for fat loss?

We posted that & ran out of time:

So, here are these two topics this time, in part IV:

b) How to eat enough health OK carbs to avoid excess hunger WITHOUT de-railing fat loss-- while also removing more fat each month.

c) And, how better sleep helps you be healthier, think better, AND be less fat—

-- plus the set of the easiest things to do to help create better sleep you can do right away. 


b) How to eat enough health OK carbs to avoid excess hunger WITHOUT de-railing fat loss-- while also removing more fat each month.

It’s quite clear that eating high protein diet with effective strength training enables you to lose only fat when you lose fat on the scale.

And, separate research shows that eating fewer calories but lots of protein tends to prevent the failsafe famine response or turn it on much less than the same calories but without the high protein.

Similarly, every diet that has good results in supporting good health – and fat loss -- has 6 or more servings of organic nonstarchy vegetables or approaches it.

Eating that many vegetables keeps your tummy full enough to help minimize hunger also.

So does eating at least one organic, low glycemic fruit such as berries or whole apples and some kind of health OK oil such as avocados, extra virgin olive oil, raw tree nuts for those not allergic, and coconut and coconut oil or omega 3 oils from wild caught fish – even some butter or cheese or yogurt from cows fed only grass.  (Some of those are good sources of protein also.)

This kind of health supporting and high protein, low carb diet IS the core of what to eat for good health and for permanent fat loss.

But a surprising number of people who manage to eat this way and lose fat, get enough of the failsafe famine response or dislike of no longer having ANY real treat foods, that they stop doing it and most gain the fat back.

People who eat too few carbohydrates or carbohydrate containing foods sometime find their energy is low.  They find that they feel lousy.  Or if trying to gain muscle, they don’t gain any even with enough protein and effective strength training.

The very good news is that you can fix each of these things with a few strategies that give you more carbohydrate foods and even treats but not every day.

The basic strategy is that you have some low carb days and some medium carb days mostly using health OK carbs.

(It also helps to have only some form of sugar as a pure treat carbohydrate-- rather than a food with wheat or high fructose corn syrup, etc.)

You can vary this by the day of the week.  In fact, research found that people who cut carbs and calories two days a week lost nearly as much fat as people who cut back carbs all seven days.

But the two day a week people felt better and kept doing it! AND they kept the fat off.

The seven day a week people mostly gave up and gained all the fat back.  Oops!

From Vince del Monte I learned that you can also do this by the week. 

His four week protocol (which I follow) is to:

Cut carbs moderately on week one.

Eat a bit more carbs on week two but not too many.

Cut back extra carbs almost entirely on week three.

And then allow yourself the most carbs on week four.

And, make your strongest effort to do more reps or increase the weight you use on week four.

The exciting thing he found was that during the first three weeks you lose fat or keep off the fat you already lost.

Then you do gain a bit on the scale on week four; but some to all of that weight is muscle!

Some people get good results by also fasting one day a week also.  (Using Vince’s method, you would do that weeks one, two, and three but not week four.)

The other major strategy, I learned from Mike Matthews.  He has two specialties:

How to lose fat without losing muscle.

& How to gain muscle without adding fat.

His major strategy is to eat a high protein diet that just covers the calories you burn and is mostly low carb but not 100%.

Then when you want to lose fat, cut just enough carbs to do so.

When you want to gain muscle without gaining too much fat, add just enough carbs to do so.

He has an eBook you can get for each one of those strategy sets.

And, if you get on his email list as I have, you get great articles from him.

(Although he doesn’t aim for health as much as I, see with Mike Matthews to learn how to use strength training plus high protein eating plus some restriction of carbs and calories to lose fat effectively.)

Two other points:

*Often one of the best ways to get more carbs is to add them at breakfast by eating your daily organic fruit using one of the ones higher in carbs and glycemic index or by adding a second fruit that is higher in carbs and glycemic index.

You gain two benefits that way:  You add to the protective effect of eating the fruit.

**And, you do the least harm because with the high protein you eat at breakfast, the overall glycemic index and impact of the higher carb fruit is minimized.  AND, your body tends to process carbs best at breakfast.

I eat thawed, organic, wild blueberries that I get frozen at Whole Foods three mornings a week.
On my low carb days I eat no other fruit.   But on my high carb days, I add three Tablespoons of organic raisins and one organic prune to the blueberries.

It tastes good. It adds extra nutrition and fiber; and it adds carbs.

**Other health OK carbs to add or add more of on your days when you have more include raw tree nuts if you aren’t allergic.  Their track record is incredibly positive.  They do have carbs; but they have enough protein and health OK oils and fiber, their glycemic index is ZERO!

People who eat raw tree nuts a few times a week in fact take in more calories and carbs which makes them less hungry than people who don’t.  In fact, nuts turn off hunger so well, people who eat nuts a few times a week WEIGH LESS and have LESS belly fat than those who don’t!

Early on, it was found that people who eat raw tree nuts or avocados or extra virgin olive oil or a combination lived longer and had less heart disease than people who don’t.

Now, research is showing that people who eat those foods also get less cancer!

***Another fruit that adds carbs that tastes good and is convenient to add is organic, no sugar, applesauce.  (Just be very careful NOT to get applesauce with sugar added.)  You get a nice flavor and a cool taste if you keep yours in your refrigerator.  And you get soluble fiber that has some heart protective ability to lower LDL cholesterol.

****The other category of health OK carbs to add are the high carotene slightly starchy vegetables:

Yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin puree all work.

Not only that, they have the most health effect if you eat them, hot (or cold  after first cooking them) with a bit of extra virgin olive oil or butter from grass fed cows because the health OK oils dramatically increase the bioavailability of the carotenes.

Also, carrots have so much fiber they are low in glycemic load AND in addition to beta carotene they are the highest in alpha carotene.

That’s important because the higher people test on alpha carotene, the healthier they are overall!

Organic carrots also have HUNDREDS of other carotenes that very likely add to your good health from eating them.

They also work well raw either as carrot sticks or sliced up slaw style.

(A great snack that is filling and great for you is to have a carrot stick or two and some tree nuts such as pecans.)

Another astonishing fact is that if you eat carotenes often, they color your skin slightly orange or red.  Research found that this makes you “look healthy” to others!

Even more astonishing, the research found that people knew you looked healthier but could NOT say why!

c) How better sleep helps you be healthier, think better, AND be less fat—

-- plus the set of the easiest things to do to help create better sleep you can do right away. 

*Research has found that just like eating enough carbs, getting enough good quality sleep makes you feel better and think better and have greater energy reserves.

Too little sleep makes you a bit more likely to eat too many carbs as a way to compensate.

As a result, people who get more good quality sleep lose fat more easily and keep it off more easily.

In today’s world it can be hard to find time to sleep 8 hours. 

But if you always sleep at least 6 hours and tend to sleep close to 7 hours most nights AND you get good quality sleep, that really helps you to lose fat and keep it off.

**Here are some easy ways to do this:

   Banish TVs and TV watching from your bedroom and only watch the most interesting 10 to 14 hours of TV a week or less.

Watching more than that is fattening in 3 ways: it uses less calories than sleeping; it often prevents getting enough sleep; and all the things to eat and drink that make you fat and sick are heavily advertised on TV!

   Always get up at exactly the same time on weekday mornings; and get up as close to that time as you can on weekends.

(Your body will then be most efficient at falling asleep and giving you sound, restful sleep.)

   Do some kind of vigorous exercise each morning even if it is only a brisk 7 minute walk or a variable or interval cardio routine that long.

Research has consistently found that doing this kind of exercise enables people to fall asleep quickly and get more deep sleep.

   Get a Nidra or other kind of sleep mask after making your bedroom as dark as possible.  This is shown to be very effective at helping you get deep and refreshing sleep.

Best of all, if you go to Amazon you can have your sleep mask in a few days for less than $20.

I was astonished to experience how effective this is!

You can do it too.

    My sleep doctor taught me this one!

Have your last caffeine of the day by noon or 2 PM and only drink one or two alcoholic drinks AND only drink them BEFORE dinner.

I’ve tried it and it works great!

I find I DO get better less restless sleep and now have little trouble staying asleep all night.

There are dozens of other things you can do to sleep better that work; but by doing THIS set of easy ones, you can add those as you can later and still sleep well right away!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prevent cancer in two new ways....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 4-26-2016

1.  A few years ago, I used to listen to KCBS news radio in San Francisco.  And, they broadcast a health feature from Charles Osgood which would bring some kind of important but little known news or breakthroughs in health.

One feature I remember was that one reason cancers were so serious is that they were able to hide or camouflage themselves so that your immune system would fail to attack them.

He noted that if we ever found a way to boost the immune system to attack and at the same time rip away this camouflage, cancers would be dramatically more curable or never get large enough to cause symptoms at all!

So it was a real mood lifter a few days ago to find that there IS a cancer cell camouflage remover now!

In fact there are three!  And the other part of the mood lift for me is that I’m already taking two of them and have been for about 6 months!

Here’s my story of what the two I’ve been taking are and why:

Despite my good blood lipid readings, I developed high blood pressure which can indicate plaque buildup in my arteries. 

(This was likely due to some previous, heavy, second hand smoke exposure on a couple of jobs; and my parents smoked when I was growing up. 

And, unfortunately, I was taking omaprazole for my acid reflux instead of Zantac; and at that time the research showing the effect of omaprazole causing stiff arteries hadn’t yet been done or published.)

So, to cut my heart and stroke risk and high blood pressure, it looked to me as if I needed to do a bit more to remove this excess plaque. 

Three supplements are known to do this:

a)  Nattokinase from the bacteria that ferment soy into natto;  

b) Lumbrokinase from earthworms;

c) And, serrapeptase from silk worms they use to escape their cocoons because it dissolves them.

They each have been shown to remove arterial plaque.  Clearly the other things I’m doing to prevent adding a lot more are more important.  But I decided to add nattokinase and serrapeptase to help remove the plaque I already had since I’m already doing the things to prevent more.

I added nattokinase because it can be taken any time since it is in a food, natto.

I passed on Lumbrokinase as is sounds so strong it worried me that it might remove too much at a time and cause a clot instead of gradually removing a little at a time with more safety.

I also added serrapeptase which removes arterial plaque but only if you take it on an empty stomach.  (If you take serrapeptase with food it only helps digest the food but then has no effect on the plaque in your blood vessels.)

To me the combination of the two sounded effective but unlikely to remove chunks and to remove a little at a time instead.

From a Ben Ong email, a specialist in preventing prostate cancer, I read that this same protein aggregate remover and dissolver in these three supplements has been found to remove the camouflage of cancer cells!

That likely means that if you take these supplements, any cancers that manage to avoid your immune system enough and begin growing long enough to be dangerous and acquire this camouflage have it removed! 

Then your immune system kills them!

Even better, these supplements go everywhere your blood goes.  So the cancer protection they provide does also!

Taking at least 10,000 iu a day (in some studies even 4,000 iu helped) of vitamin D3 has already been shown to boost the cancer cell killing ability of your immune system.

So, if you want to avoid cancer, taking D3, nattokinase, and serrapeptase on an empty stomach may well be very effective.

2.  Even though the far bigger danger of tobacco and its smoke is from causing heart attacks and strokes which EVERY smoker gets, HALF of all cancers are caused by tobacco and its smoke.

So even if you no longer smoke, what if you are exposed to second hand smoke a lot?

What if you just quit smoking?

Would you like to slash your tobacco-driven risk of cancer anyway?

I just found out that one of the things that helps prevent cancer and heart disease largely by reducing excessive chronic inflammation:  curcumin and the turmeric it is in, also does several things that help prevent cancer for people who need extra cancer protection from tobacco!

Curcumin may stop the action of a liver enzyme that activates environmental toxins into carcinogenic forms, and may be especially useful in deactivating the carcinogens in cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco.

From:  “”


After eight years of living in Brooklyn, NY, Lauren relocated to Eastern Washington, where she currently lives as a freelance writer.)

This doesn’t protect against carbon monoxide and the blood vessel damage of nicotine and tobacco smoke.

But it may reduce the carcinogenic effect of nicotine, the radioactive polonium in all tobacco products, and the short lived carcinogenic hydrocarbons in smoke where cigarette lighters with their very hot flames are used.

Of course, staying 100 % away from all tobacco products and their smoke is most protective.

But it’s nice to know that taking curcumin -- or eating turmeric -- with black pepper and extra virgin olive oil or purified fish oil helps cut that risk if you have already been exposed to it or still are sometimes – in addition to preventing cancer from other causes!

3. In addition to those two new methods, here is another way to prevent cancer that I just got some new information about:

One the worst causes of cancer is exposure to carcinogenic herbicides.

The worst main ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, has been recommended to the prop 65 list for probable carcinogens.   It’s been so heavily used for so long everyone has been exposed to it.  So using other ways to reduce cancer risk and doing things to avoid getting more exposure to glyphosate also help prevent cancer.

And, two other herbicides that are carcinogenic and banned in Europe are still used in the United States.

And, there are others plus many pesticides in common use that are carcinogenic also.

Stanford University found that even produce labeled as organic tends to have some herbicides and pesticides but ten to fifteen times less than produce not labeled as organic.

a) So to the extent you can always buy organic fruits and vegetables and plant based spices for your food.

Whole Foods had done a great job making that doable and not too much more expensive!

b) But of more importance, avoid grain oils such as soy, corn, safflower, and canola AND eating grains such as wheat and soy and corn AND eating the fat of animals fed grains!

(If you have to eat protein foods from animals fed grains, eat the most fat free or fat reduced versions you can because the pro-inflammatory excess omega 6 oils AND the bioconcentrated herbicides and pesticides are in their fat!)

This prevents cancers two ways!

Most of the pesticides and herbicides people are exposed to are bioconcentrated in the fats and oils of animals fed grains that have been treated with pesticides and herbicides!

As is described in the book, Anticancer, the fats and oils from animals fed grain have dramatically too much pro-inflammatory omega 6 oils.

The other solution to this is to only eat wild caught fish, tree nuts if you aren’t allergic to them, dairy products from cows fed only grass, and eggs from hens fed outside on unpolluted pastures.

Taking the anti-inflammatory supplements, curcumin, ginger, omega 3 from fish oil, and DHA also helps.  It helps far more if you stop the pro-inflammatory foods that also have herbicides and pesticides in them at the same time!  

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Easy start fat loss tips, part III....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 4-21-2016

A recent Parade Magazine article covered a number of ways people have successfully lost weight.

So, it occurred to me to leverage their article into a set of things that can be easy to do to start successful fat loss after reading it.

This is part III of the part II post I did a week ago and the first one I posted two weeks ago!:

Last time, Thursday, 4-14-2016, we said this one would have:

a) What kinds of exercises work best for fat loss?

b) How to eat enough health OK carbs to avoid excess hunger WITHOUT de-railing fat loss-- while also removing more fat each month.

c) And, how better sleep helps you be healthier, think better, AND be less fat—

-- plus the set of the easiest things to do to help create better sleep you can do right away.

Before we present those, here is a quick review of what is in part I & part II:

The first two parts mostly had what to eat and drink and what NOT to eat and drink.

Simply put:

a) Stop entirely eating & drinking the things that make you fat and sick. (That list is long!)

b) Learn how to find and eat real foods that keep you healthy, prevent disease, and tend to keep you lean. (That list is also long.)

Then eat that way until you get a regular pattern of meals that use those foods to make an eating plan customized to you and what you like.

Doing both of those things will tend to prevent excess hunger and cravings once you become used to it.

Within a few weeks, your blood indicators of health will often drop out of the danger zone.

And, if you were eating and drinking the temporarily normal diet (1965 to 2005) of junky foods and drinks before, within two or three months you may lose 25 pounds of fat or more without any effort whatever to eat less than you are hungry for.

Astonishingly, you may find you are less hungry and have fewer cravings too!

But what if you want to lose all your excess fat?  What if you want to get rid of it faster?

What if even after you lose 20 or 30 pounds doing that first set of things, you still look fat and clearly have a good bit more fat to lose?

That’s what’s in this part III post!  It has:

a) What kinds of exercises work best for fat loss?

b) How to eat enough health OK carbs to avoid excess hunger WITHOUT de-railing fat loss-- while also removing more fat each month.

c) And, how better sleep helps you be healthier, think better, AND be less fat—

-- plus the set of the easiest things to do to help create better sleep you can do right away.

[Do some people need even more things to lose fat successfully?

Yes. Here’s the story:

If you do all these things well in these three posts, even if there are extra obstacles to your fat loss, you will lose fat anyway.  You may even lose well over half of it. Most people do.  And, you will still get almost all the health benefits.

AND, for each of these obstacles there are solutions!  In our upcoming fat loss support membership site we will have the solutions for each of these obstacles.]

a) What kinds of exercises work best for fat loss?

*Would you like all the weight you lose on the scale to be fat only?

Eat enough protein and do these exercises and it will be.

*Would you like to be able to eat enough more food while still losing fat, that you avoid excess hunger and it’s doable to keep the fat off that you lose?

You can with the right exercises. That’s why they are the biggest key to permanent fat loss!

*Would you like to lose enough more fat that you look better even more than you can with eating right alone?

Yes.  The right exercises do that.  And, as a bonus they slow aging best!

*Would you like to begin to get the higher self esteem and feeling better that you are losing fat to gain right away AND even before the fat comes off?

Just beginning the right exercises is proven to do just that.  And, as a bonus, it makes eating right easier too!

*Would you like to lose fat faster than you can just beginning to eat right?  For many people, the right exercises deliver that to you also!

What kinds of exercises work best for fat loss and to do all those things for you?

Effective strength training.

Variable or interval cardio using high intensity exercises.

Short brisk walks in an interval cardio style.

They can be surprisingly time efficient and still effective.  They cause you to burn calories even when you are at rest enough that they will add to and speed fat loss.  And, when added to enough protein have been shown to ensure ALL the weight you lose is fat.

Two other kinds of exercise are worth doing but those three are the foundation do first and keep doing.

The other two kinds are those which:

a)  Focus on stress relief or flexibility or learning a physical skill or a combination of those.

b) A low effort activity you do for half an hour or more a day.

This post focuses on the three foundation blocks. 

But we also include a bit on those two kinds as they can add to fat loss -- and you may do them already or like trying them if you can fit them into your lifestyle too.

*Effective strength training:

Doing slow rep strength training is BOTH safer and more effective and can be done in less time than normal speed strength training.

Instead of moving the weight up in half a second and down about as fast take closer to 4 to 10 seconds to go up and about half that to let it down.

Because this avoids the initial snap to start the weight moving suddenly AND you will use slightly lighter weights, slow rep training causes dramatically fewer injuries.

The payoff is that if you use enough weight for 8 or so of these slow reps for each exercise and each time you try hard to do one more even if you only get a half rep on the last one, you get something like ten times the effect!

When I first did a workout this style after getting little feeling of my muscles being exercised the old way, I found every single muscle felt bigger and super well exercised.  And this happened as soon as I was done with the session.

Best of all, this is so effective, you can get MORE results in ONE set than you can doing three sets the old way!  So with slow rep strength training, in 20 minutes to half an hour you can get more results than you could in an hour to hour and a half without it!

It also helps to do exercises for your larger muscles in your legs, butt, and lower back by doing leg presses with a high foot position or deadlifts with a barbell.

(For more information, See The Perfect Workout  They specialize in slow rep exercises using machine and adding a personal coach.  They are great to help you learn this style and for women who otherwise wouldn’t know how to work out or use enough weight.  And their 20 minute workouts that take about half an hour to do once or twice a week are a way that someone too busy for more, can get results anyway.

The downside is that the sessions are expensive and not yet available everywhere.  But if you have access to one, need the service, and can afford it they are quite an asset.)

(And, although he doesn’t aim for health as much as I, see with Mike Matthews to learn how to use strength training plus high protein eating plus some restriction of carbs and calories to lose fat effectively.)

* Variable or interval cardio using high intensity exercises.

If you do a cardio exercise hard for more than a minute or so, you get two nasty problems:

It can harm your heart enough to give you a heart attack and has done so quite often.

You can do an hour of it and not get the fat loss you can get with a few minute session of variable or interval cardio using high intensity exercises.

With variable or interval cardio using high intensity exercises, when you begin, to make it safe you do each set just hard enough to begin to be out of breath.  Then as soon as that happens, you stop to rest until you recover or you slow down enough and for long enough you recover.
Then you begin over time to get to higher intensity with shorter rests or slow parts.

You can do this by doing one set of four different abdominal exercises. (I do this now and my sessions take about 7 minutes a time.  And I do three sessions a week.  So it can be quite easy to fit them in!)

I used to do variable cardio on a NordicTrack. I warmed up for one minute; did an eight minute variable cardio session that I kept doing better at; then a cool down for one minute.  I was quite fit from doing this one.  And I only did it once  a week – though that was in addition to the 3 sets of abdominal exercises the rest of the week.)

Jump rope is extremely good.

When I added 3 or 4 sets of 98 twice a week, they didn’t seem that hard though I was out of breath enough at the end of each set I did have to wait a minute or so before the next one.

But they were more effective than I realized because I promptly began to set new records on my NordicTrack while finding it easier to do!

These brief sessions also burn calories while you recover enough to add to fat loss; and they can be quite time efficient.

Strength training is the number one priority for fat loss.  But adding these variable or interval cardio using high intensity exercises for a few sessions a week too will make the fat loss greater or easier to do or both.

* Short brisk walks in an interval cardio style.

Four or five half mile walks done in variable cardio style with race walking sessions or even short runs -- alternated with slower walking has been shown to have substantial heart protection benefits.  After you get good at them, you can do them in as little as 6 minutes a time.

Without doing those, you can be strong and fit from the first two kinds of exercise; but find that even though you have the strength and fitness to walk fast in ordinary life when you need to, you have to make an effort to do so.

By adding these walks, such fast walks will be easy enough to almost be fun to do.

And, again by adding this 200 to 350 calories of exercise each week, you can eat a bit more and still lose fat.

The other two kinds of exercise are those which:

a)  Focus on stress relief or flexibility or learning a physical skill or a combination of those.

Things like yoga and Tai Chi can create stress relief which helps lose fat and belly fat. Martial Arts training has benefits. And for some people dancing works well because they enjoy it.

If you have time and have one of these you know and like, they can be a great addition.

b) A low effort activity you do for half an hour or more a day.

For some young people and for retired people things like gardening or hiking or even lower speed walks looking at interesting or scenic things for up to a few hours a week can be a great addition.

But for those of us who work, there used to be no way to fit this in.

Now, finally, there are beginning to be good solutions that can enable you to get this kind of exercise while you are at your desk working!

Those will be in our website for fat loss coaching and support as they become available.

Unfortunately, these will be in Part IV next week because I am out of time today:

b) How to eat enough health OK carbs to avoid excess hunger WITHOUT de-railing fat loss-- while also removing more fat each month.

c) And, how better sleep helps you be healthier, think better, AND be less fat—

-- plus the set of the easiest things to do to help create better sleep you can do right away.   

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why remove hidden MSG from your food....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 4-19-2016

MSG has been used as a spice but is now known to be an effective slow poison with both fattening and directly harmful effects. 

So calling it a spice is very close to lying and by what actually is now known to be, it IS a lie.

Despite being able to start with legitimately natural or even organic starter materials, after the chemicals needed to process them into MSG, calling it natural or organic is also a lie.

At best these uses are what Mark Twain once called “stretchers,” a kind of weasel worded lie on purpose.

This post piggybacks on an article I found in an email a bit over a week ago from the Health Freedoms people.

This email is written for people who want to avoid things like mental decline and heart disease and cancer plus people who want to lose excess fat and not gain it back.

1.  MSG is called an excitoxin because it boosts chronic inflammation so much.  But high chronic inflammation has been shown to help cause or directly cause heart disease, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and many cancers.  Plus if you get these things in other ways high chronic inflammation makes them much worse.

Because of this, MSG is one of the things you want to be sure to never ingest if you want to keep your health!

2.  MSG is a double fattener:

A study was done that showed conclusively that those who ingest MSG daily are fatter than those who do not.  And this was so in the study when the two groups ate the same number of calories!

(We now know that this may be due to effects on your gut bacteria.  And that may mean that once you create this effect with MSG, besides stopping further intake, you may also need to get beneficial bacteria that don’t continue the effect!)

But that’s not all.  Particularly in women, ingesting MSG over a long time harms your thyroid.

Less thyroid release means a slower metabolism and fewer calories burned.  That too can make what used to be the right amount of food for you fattening.

Because of this, MSG is one of the things you want to be sure to never ingest if you want to be free of excess bodyfat!

So why do so many foods and condiments and spice blends purposely spend money to put MSG into foods that would taste good without it?

MSG and other glutamates are addictive.  So apparently the boost to repeat sales pays the cost.

And, since the food companies thinks it makes them money, they put it into foods and condiments and spice blends.  And, since MSG has such a deservedly horrible reputation, the food companies hide it on purpose.

I’ve found the most common hide labels are “spices” and “natural spices” and even “organic spices!”

This could be a set of spices that wouldn’t fit on the label or proprietary spice blends.  But I’ve found that when these terms are missing and only the normal ingredients are listed, the food or spice tastes about the same.

So the most likely actual translation is “MSG or other glutamates.”

So even without the extra info in the article below, you know why to avoid MSG and the most effective way to do so.

The article though has more background and more things to avoid on labels.  So if you read that you will be more knowledgeable and able to avoid MSG even better.

The best news it has though are things that you can do to minimize the harm of the MSG you cannot avoid!

MSG was discovered in Japan a century ago by chemistry professor Kikunae Ikeda. He isolated the substance in a seaweed that for centuries Japanese cooks had been using to make food taste better and found that it was l-glutamate, which he managed crystallize and be sold as a flavor enhancer.

But it enhances or creates flavor when there is none by tricking or exciting the brain. Thus it has since been useful to create flavors where there are none. In the 1950s and ’60s a pure MSG product called Accent was a popular kitchen and outdoor grill item, often mistakenly considered a “meat tenderizer”.

Since then it’s become ubiquitous in processed snack foods, fast foods, and even health food processed foods.

Soon health conscious folks began catching on to MSG dangers, thanks to people like Dr. Russell Blaylock and others.

So the food industries simply began using glutamate extracts from other sources to function as MSG.

Eating out, you’re almost sure to be taking in some MSG. Even if the restaurant doesn’t add MSG to the food it prepares, MSG or disguised variations of the same are sure to be within the base items used for cooking purchased by the restaurant.

Even worse, some commercially grown crops are being sprayed with the essential ingredient of MSG, processed free glutamate. So a second line of defense is certainly in order.

As one consumes MSG over time, formaldehyde forms. The formaldehyde binds with cellular DNA and causes DNA damage. It tends to stick to the DNA and over time the formaldehyde accumulation causes massive cell damage, which invites diseases of all sorts, even cancer.

Within the brain and throughout the nervous system, heart, and intestinal tract there are glutamate receptors or channels. So it is not only the brain that is affected by excitotoxins over time.

If one is lacking in glutamate or other excitotoxin protection naturally, consuming a large quantity of MSG at one time can result in an immediate negative physical reaction.

Chronic consumption results in chronic medical conditions that are usually treated incorrectly.

Developing brains among young children are even or susceptible to neurological damage from MSG, which has been used in baby foods and formulas. Even mainstream media once recognized this.

Natural Protections from MSG Toxicity    [Great News!]

1.  Magnesium has been discovered to help impede glutamates from overloading glutamate receptors. People with low magnesium content are the most prone to acute excitotoxicity that can cause a sudden severe digestive distress, headache, or even heart attack.

Magnesium is vital to 300 biochemical functions within the body. So it is important for overall health in addition to blocking glutamate sensors or channels from excitotoxin overload. Almost everybody on the SAD (standard American diet) diet is magnesium deficient.

Magnesium comes in all sorts of supplemental forms, magnesium citrate is popular, inexpensive, and recommended. But there others, some not so recommended. 

 [Magnesium content is high in green, leafy organic vegetables. Chard is my favorite. It is also available in nuts which is another reason they protect health for those not allergic.]

Ginkgo Biloba may also protect against excitotoxicity.

Omega 3 fatty acids also block excitotoxins while repairing cellular damage.

Selenium is another protector of glutamate receptors from excitotoxin invasion. It is available as a supplement. Small doses are recommended. Brazil nuts are considered a high source of selenium. Two or three Brazil nuts a day is considered sufficient for optimum selenium intake.

Zinc also helps obstruct the glutamate receptor channels from excessive excitotoxin absorption. Many in our society today are zinc deficient.

How to Spot Hidden MSG

Even commercially grown (non-organic) veggies and fruits can be saturated with glutamic acid or free glutamate used as a fertilizer.

MSG is disguised with several apparently favorable terms, some of which are actually accurate descriptions of separating bound glutamate from its protein and making free glutamate, which is toxic!

Hydrolyzing proteins in soy, vegetables, and grains free the formerly safely bound glutamates, leaving the toxic glutamates for consumption.

Hydrolyzing is the process itself, so avoid hydrolyzed whatever on processed food labels.

Some of the glutamate or glutamic acid disguises are hydrolyzed vegetable or soy protein, natural flavors, artificial flavor, spice, caseinate digest, yeast extract, and more.

[Note that spices, natural spices, and even organic spices all are used to hide MSG or other glutamates.]

Natural flavors is an FDA accepted con because the sources of bound glutamate items are natural. But you’re getting the extract from them, glutamic acid or glutamate, which is toxic.

It has to be accepted that big business food processing industries hold their profit over public health.

And the FDA is on their side considering everything mentioned here as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) without safety testing.

Dangers from accumulation over time are never considered. If you can walk away it’s okay in their mini-minds. So caveat-emptor or buyer beware applies.

Author: Paul Fassa


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Monday, April 18, 2016

My monthly fatloss report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 4-18-2016

A.  Here's the key news. 

1.  I lost about one pound from 163 to 162.

Again the new method I’m using still worked!

In fact, due to losing about five pounds since the end of last year that I’ve kept off, I’m beginning to look leaner in the mirror!

I’d again gained some weight on the scale by the week before -- and the week of my 40% cut back, I did lose that 3 pounds back!

But I HAVE made some changes this time which look likely to result in more fatloss by next time.:

a) Before last week, for breakfast, with my fruit of the day, I had been continuing to eat 4 ounces of oatmeal every other day plus milk and a bit less than that in cooked lentils with no milk every other day. 

And the month previous I had just eaten the cooked lentils with no milk each day on my cut down week.  And, even though I was not losing belly fat, my blood sugar and heart measures have been excellent.

BUT, earlier last month, I found out that the reason zero non-wheat grains and beans—including lentils—are included in the Paleo diet – for health reasons! – is that they contain lectins.  Many foods do; but in low enough concentrations their health impact is small.

Both oatmeal and lentils have soluble fiber that helps remove excess LDL cholesterol.

However, the huge news is that these lectins DO have a big impact on belly fat. 

They cause some harm to the lining of your gut – contributing to acid reflux – AND causing your body to add to your intestines in size and cause extra fluid retention. 

I realized that this means that if I cut oatmeal and lentils another 95 to 100 % AND replaced them with nonfat cottage cheese with as much protein and fewer calories too – PLUS I did that EVERY WEEK, not just my cut down week, over time I’d have a shot at losing more fat each month.  That’s because I’d stop gaining back so much by eating fewer calories on the weeks that weren’t my cut down week.

And, if that information is accurate, it may also mean that I’ll lose two inches or more from losing the excess intestinal growth and retained fluid IN ADDITION TO any inches lost from losing fat.

The best news is that eating in this new way is quite doable.

So, if it works as well as I expect it to do, by next month, I’ll have lost more on the scale and may also have more progress to show on losing inches off my waist too.

2.  Since last month this time with the new program only in place one week, I lost a half inch on my chest; lost a quarter inch off my waist; and a quarter inch off my hip measurement.

Because I want to gain more muscle in my upper back and chest than I lose in fat and want to add more muscle in my buttocks and lower back AND show all my fat loss on my waist, last month was a bit of fat loss only. 

Next time, after 6 weeks on the new program, each of the measures should be less.  But the loss on my waist should finally show more inches off than the others.

B.  My calorie cut back week:

I keep the added whey protein and most of my protein foods such as milk from grass fed cows at breakfast I mix the whey into, the wild caught canned & smoked salmon, and 4 whole eggs from pastured chickens a week, and my regular nonfat cottage cheese; and the protein I get from broccoli and artichoke hearts.

But I cut some of my cheese from grass fed cows about in half by eliminating a third of it in one set of dishes and substituting all of it with nonfat cottage cheese at other times.

I cut out all of my oatmeal and lentils and ate nonfat cottage cheese instead. (This step also eliminated about 24 ounces or more a week of the whole milk from grass fed cows I was having on the oatmeal on those two days each week.)

I cut my dark chocolate and Brazil nuts in half.

(I cut my Tablespoons of Apple Sauce each week from 10 to 3; and have made that every week too since my first week doing it.)

I do still eat 100% of my daily piece of fruit.

And, I cut my extra virgin olive oil one Tablespoon servings from 10 to 7 by using only one each day instead of adding a second one three times a week.

And, because of its extremely high nutrition, very appetite reducing effect, and its very health enhancing very strong percentage of monosaturated oils, I kept the two tablespoons a day of avocado paste.

Because I kept the things I kept that were high protein, or high nutrition, or high fiber and mostly cut extra fat or carbs, I wasn’t even hungrier than usual much to my great surprise!

And, since it is only every four weeks, I won’t get a cumulative effect of extra hunger because of the failsafe famine response either.

So losing over 11 pounds more fat for a total of 16 or more this year, looks like a lock!

The math says it is! 

(Forty percent less a quarter of the time is 10% less calories for the year.)

Since it has that likely potential and is that easily doable, I certainly will do it!

But there is more, the other lower carb week and every week, I’ll keep up some of what clearly works to reduce my carb intake a bit but not my protein intake.

For, example, I have been eating the double dose of whey every other day otherwise.

Now, I’ll do it every day.  And, I’ll eat a bit less no sugar apple sauce every week and nonfat cottage cheese instead of lentils every week.

(In addition to cutting back on lectin sources, these changes may cut my calories another 10% for the year.)

(See D below also!)

C.  What if I also get the muscle gain effect of Vince Del Monte’s students and gain five or six pounds of muscle over the upcoming year too!

If that happens my waist will finally shrink and I’ll lose visceral fat with the extra health benefits that produces!

So I am working to make that happen too!

I’ll have more on that next month.

D.  To ensure my fat loss happens this year and minimize gaining fat back during each four weeks, AND to help prevent weight gain on my week I cut back some but not 40% and force progress each month, I’ll cut back more but not as much as my big cut down that week every four weeks.

To help prevent weight gain on my week I cut back some but not 40% and force progress each month, I’ll cut back more but not as my big cut back week every four weeks.

(Since last month, it was clear I needed to do a bit more the other weeks to ensure progress each month.  And, the new changes do that,)

I’ll keep 100 percent of the protein on my cut down  week AND I’ll  cut my dark chocolate and Brazil nuts in half.

I’ll also cut my extra virgin olive oil with one Tablespoon servings from 10 to 7 by using only one each day instead of adding a second one three times a week where I was not doing so before.

Plus, I cut my Tablespoons of Apple Sauce each week from 10 to 3; and have made that every week too since my first week doing it.

Could you do the same thing?

You can if you eat a regular style of eating almost every day that you tweak in similar way; you eat a double serving of whey each day; eat or drink nothing that is harmful or super fattening such as soft drinks or wheat foods; and you do some form of power lifting or superslow strength training each week.   

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