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Prevent cancer in two new ways....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 4-26-2016

1.  A few years ago, I used to listen to KCBS news radio in San Francisco.  And, they broadcast a health feature from Charles Osgood which would bring some kind of important but little known news or breakthroughs in health.

One feature I remember was that one reason cancers were so serious is that they were able to hide or camouflage themselves so that your immune system would fail to attack them.

He noted that if we ever found a way to boost the immune system to attack and at the same time rip away this camouflage, cancers would be dramatically more curable or never get large enough to cause symptoms at all!

So it was a real mood lifter a few days ago to find that there IS a cancer cell camouflage remover now!

In fact there are three!  And the other part of the mood lift for me is that I’m already taking two of them and have been for about 6 months!

Here’s my story of what the two I’ve been taking are and why:

Despite my good blood lipid readings, I developed high blood pressure which can indicate plaque buildup in my arteries. 

(This was likely due to some previous, heavy, second hand smoke exposure on a couple of jobs; and my parents smoked when I was growing up. 

And, unfortunately, I was taking omaprazole for my acid reflux instead of Zantac; and at that time the research showing the effect of omaprazole causing stiff arteries hadn’t yet been done or published.)

So, to cut my heart and stroke risk and high blood pressure, it looked to me as if I needed to do a bit more to remove this excess plaque. 

Three supplements are known to do this:

a)  Nattokinase from the bacteria that ferment soy into natto;  

b) Lumbrokinase from earthworms;

c) And, serrapeptase from silk worms they use to escape their cocoons because it dissolves them.

They each have been shown to remove arterial plaque.  Clearly the other things I’m doing to prevent adding a lot more are more important.  But I decided to add nattokinase and serrapeptase to help remove the plaque I already had since I’m already doing the things to prevent more.

I added nattokinase because it can be taken any time since it is in a food, natto.

I passed on Lumbrokinase as is sounds so strong it worried me that it might remove too much at a time and cause a clot instead of gradually removing a little at a time with more safety.

I also added serrapeptase which removes arterial plaque but only if you take it on an empty stomach.  (If you take serrapeptase with food it only helps digest the food but then has no effect on the plaque in your blood vessels.)

To me the combination of the two sounded effective but unlikely to remove chunks and to remove a little at a time instead.

From a Ben Ong email, a specialist in preventing prostate cancer, I read that this same protein aggregate remover and dissolver in these three supplements has been found to remove the camouflage of cancer cells!

That likely means that if you take these supplements, any cancers that manage to avoid your immune system enough and begin growing long enough to be dangerous and acquire this camouflage have it removed! 

Then your immune system kills them!

Even better, these supplements go everywhere your blood goes.  So the cancer protection they provide does also!

Taking at least 10,000 iu a day (in some studies even 4,000 iu helped) of vitamin D3 has already been shown to boost the cancer cell killing ability of your immune system.

So, if you want to avoid cancer, taking D3, nattokinase, and serrapeptase on an empty stomach may well be very effective.

2.  Even though the far bigger danger of tobacco and its smoke is from causing heart attacks and strokes which EVERY smoker gets, HALF of all cancers are caused by tobacco and its smoke.

So even if you no longer smoke, what if you are exposed to second hand smoke a lot?

What if you just quit smoking?

Would you like to slash your tobacco-driven risk of cancer anyway?

I just found out that one of the things that helps prevent cancer and heart disease largely by reducing excessive chronic inflammation:  curcumin and the turmeric it is in, also does several things that help prevent cancer for people who need extra cancer protection from tobacco!

Curcumin may stop the action of a liver enzyme that activates environmental toxins into carcinogenic forms, and may be especially useful in deactivating the carcinogens in cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco.

From:  “http://wellnessmama.com/5297/turmeric-herb-profile/”

(LAUREN FELLOWS  http://wellnessmama.com/

After eight years of living in Brooklyn, NY, Lauren relocated to Eastern Washington, where she currently lives as a freelance writer.)

This doesn’t protect against carbon monoxide and the blood vessel damage of nicotine and tobacco smoke.

But it may reduce the carcinogenic effect of nicotine, the radioactive polonium in all tobacco products, and the short lived carcinogenic hydrocarbons in smoke where cigarette lighters with their very hot flames are used.

Of course, staying 100 % away from all tobacco products and their smoke is most protective.

But it’s nice to know that taking curcumin -- or eating turmeric -- with black pepper and extra virgin olive oil or purified fish oil helps cut that risk if you have already been exposed to it or still are sometimes – in addition to preventing cancer from other causes!

3. In addition to those two new methods, here is another way to prevent cancer that I just got some new information about:

One the worst causes of cancer is exposure to carcinogenic herbicides.

The worst main ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, has been recommended to the prop 65 list for probable carcinogens.   It’s been so heavily used for so long everyone has been exposed to it.  So using other ways to reduce cancer risk and doing things to avoid getting more exposure to glyphosate also help prevent cancer.

And, two other herbicides that are carcinogenic and banned in Europe are still used in the United States.

And, there are others plus many pesticides in common use that are carcinogenic also.

Stanford University found that even produce labeled as organic tends to have some herbicides and pesticides but ten to fifteen times less than produce not labeled as organic.

a) So to the extent you can always buy organic fruits and vegetables and plant based spices for your food.

Whole Foods had done a great job making that doable and not too much more expensive!

b) But of more importance, avoid grain oils such as soy, corn, safflower, and canola AND eating grains such as wheat and soy and corn AND eating the fat of animals fed grains!

(If you have to eat protein foods from animals fed grains, eat the most fat free or fat reduced versions you can because the pro-inflammatory excess omega 6 oils AND the bioconcentrated herbicides and pesticides are in their fat!)

This prevents cancers two ways!

Most of the pesticides and herbicides people are exposed to are bioconcentrated in the fats and oils of animals fed grains that have been treated with pesticides and herbicides!

As is described in the book, Anticancer, the fats and oils from animals fed grain have dramatically too much pro-inflammatory omega 6 oils.

The other solution to this is to only eat wild caught fish, tree nuts if you aren’t allergic to them, dairy products from cows fed only grass, and eggs from hens fed outside on unpolluted pastures.

Taking the anti-inflammatory supplements, curcumin, ginger, omega 3 from fish oil, and DHA also helps.  It helps far more if you stop the pro-inflammatory foods that also have herbicides and pesticides in them at the same time!  

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