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Easy start fat loss tips....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 4-7-2016

A recent Parade Magazine article covered a number of ways people have successfully lost weight.

So, it occurred to me to leverage their article into a set of things that can be easy to do to start successful fat loss after reading it.

Part A.  Tips for eating vegetables and fruit:

*Their article had that women who increased their fruit and vegetable intake by just two a day were 3 pounds lighter 4 years later.  They suggested that the results with men would likely be comparable.

(That’s a much bigger improvement than you might think because many people today are five or more pounds HEAVIER after four years.)

*They also said to make sure to wash the produce because “Pesticides are considered obesogens.”

THAT IS NEW INFORMATION!  It means in addition to washing produce, to make it most useful in helping you lose fat, it should ONLY be organic to the very best of your ability to do so.

(Mercifully, Whole Foods has done a really good job getting most of their produce as organic
-- AND, at a price about the same as the produce that has been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. )

TIP #1:  Decide on ONE kind of organic produce you can add just ONE day a week.  It can be broccoli florets or coleslaw or carrot sticks or sautéed Kale.

Then routinely add it that day every week.

This is so easy anyone can do it.  But the effects are profound.  The people who do this then think of themselves as able to control what they eat and as health oriented as much as TEN times more than they would have before.

So it then becomes dramatically easier to eat that vegetable other days of the week and begin to add more kinds.

Since vegetables are filling AND have few calories and are extremely nutritious people who begin to eat as little as three to five servings of organic vegetables a day every week, often lose as many as 25 pounds with no further effort of any kind.

But the tip is to start at one just one day a week!  Research shows it’s like lighting a fuse!

TIP #2:  Decide on ONE kind of organic fruit to eat each day at breakfast and do it.

I’ve found that it helps to eat different ones on different weekdays.

(I eat blueberries on Sundays, Tuesday, and Fridays.  I eat bananas every Thursday and Saturday.  And on Mondays and Wednesdays I have more variety:  kiwifruit, strawberries, blackberries, and no-sugar applesauce.)

There are several reasons this works so well. 

People LIKE fruit which makes it an easy tip to do!  

Your body processes the carbs best at breakfast; and by eating whole fruit instead of juice you get more nutrition and filling fiber AND avoid spiking your blood sugar.

Bananas you can get anywhere because you discard the peel, you do not need to get them organic plus they are inexpensive and taste good.

For such an easy, little thing to do, we now know that eating one piece of organic produce a day dramatically cuts down your risk of BOTH kinds of stroke.

In fact, it may be the most effective stroke protection known!

Part B. & Tip #3: 

Aim for health in what you eat and drink instead of focusing on eating less or depriving yourself of treats.

Making an effort to NOT eat or to avoid every kind of food that tastes good is wearing. 

So why fight a fight where the odds are against you?

Eat more food and include foods that support your health instead of ruining it –
even include such foods that taste good to you.

Just make it your new personal policy to totally discriminate against ANY food or drink that is significantly harmful or which contains ingredients that are harmful.

Next is what may be the single most powerful way to begin to do that:

Tip #4:  Simply stop drinking any soft drink, regular AND/OR diet, ever again.

Both regular AND diet soft drinks AND their carbonation are now known to cause disease and so many kinds of diseases it is mind boggling. 

(The list is SO long:  cancer, faster aging, heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, even MS in some people.)

By stopping ALL of them once, and drinking ice water or tea or coffee instead, you eliminate a disease source comparable to heavy smoking. 

AND, as a bonus, once you get used to not drinking them, incredibly, you get LESS hungry!

(Neither kind of soft drink makes you less hungry when you drink it; but they then cause an insulin spike that lowers your blood sugar not long after you drink them. 

And, THAT then makes you hungry for sugary treats.  VERY hungry in fact. 

In other words, soft drinks CAUSE cravings for fattening foods!

Plus it’s also quite common for people who were drinking soft drinks or diet soft drinks to lose 25 pounds with no further effort as a beneficial side effect by quitting totally ONE TIME!

So, stopping ALL soft drinks for health reasons right away and doing it one time right away also makes fat loss dramatically easier and even quite doable.

Tip 4:  Learn the list of things that are in inexpensive processed food that are harmful to your health – some of them are VERY harmful to your health.

Tip 5:  Then learn what processed and packaged foods contain these ingredients and take them off the list of things you are willing to eat or buy.  And simply no longer do so!

Tip 6:  But because you then need to eat something else instead, learn what foods support your health, fit your lifestyle, and learn ways to spice them that make them taste good to you.

Tip 4 list:

**Free fructose causes obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver.  (In fact, since new research finds a fatty pancreas produces too little insulin as a cause of diabetes, free fructose likely causes type 2 diabetes TWO ways at once!)

Besides the high fructose corn syrup that is free fructose that is in regular soft drinks, what other kinds of free fructose should you avoid? 

Hidden high fructose corn syrup listed as corn sugar or corn syrup; fructose, fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, and agave nectar.

(Note that fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, and agave nectar were once thought to be better for you than sugar. 

In fact, you will still find foods sweetened with concentrated fruit juice or agave that otherwise have quite good ingredients.  Take a pass on those and buy from more up to date companies only.

Only fruit juice comes close and to avoid the free fructose in it, never or almost never drink it; and only eat whole fruit or take fruit concentrate supplements instead.

* Fatty liver is caused by ingesting two things, particularly ingesting both at once.  Free fructose is one.  What is the other one?

**Hydrogenated oils.

Besides causing fatty liver, hydrogenated oils have been shown to directly increase the amount of the small particle LDL that causes heart disease and strokes and PAD and ED.

And, it’s even important to ensure that your intake of it is ZERO!  NONE whatsoever!

Because your body can only process a bit of hydrogenated oil each day, if you simply cut back but still eat hydrogenated oil each day it builds up to a very high and extremely damaging level.

So, if a food list any amount except zero for trans fats such as one canned chili I once used to like to eat, it’s not safe to eat it because it has too much hydrogenated oil.

And, since zero is defined as .49 grams of trans fat or less per serving and the servings are often a sixth of what people eat, you have to look for partially hydrogenated oils or interesterified oils (100 % hydrogenated).  If ANY of those are in the product take a pass!

(To be continued next week:

Next week’s tips will include:

 the remaining foods NOT to eat due to harmful health effects;

the foods that work best to eat instead;

And easy ways to get into exercise and which kinds work best for health and fat loss.

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