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Why and how to help very fat people....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 3-24-2016

I.  Why to help very fat people:

The social costs are high to very high.

a) There are exceptions; but on the average, severely obese people make less money and have poorer jobs.

(This works in reverse too of course.  People who have low income and little education consume more of the fattening foods and drinks that cause obesity and often get little exercise.

And, they watch a lot of TV which burns less calories than sleeping plus exposes them to huge amounts of ads that literally use effective brain washing techniques to make the fattening foods and drinks seem normal and appetizing.)

b)   They tend to have more trouble having good luck getting boyfriends or girl friends or marriage partners; have more trouble getting desirable ones; and have more trouble with their relationships.

c)   Even nicer people tend to think of them as less attractive and able to be self-disciplined.

They often look older than they are.

The mean and thoughtless people are worse and can treat them very badly indeed.

At the same time, they feel they deserve courteous treatment and to only be judged by people who really get to know them.

Worse, they may have had to endure harsher lives as children or young adults in other ways than most people.

And, worst of all, they may have made strong and disciplined efforts to become less fat using methods that didn’t work.  They may have even done this more than once.

So judging them as uncaring and undisciplined is often wrong.

And, on top of that they often feel as if they failed personally which takes an even bigger toll on their self esteem.

e)  Given those experiences, it should come as no surprise that offering them help with fat loss makes them anxious or angry and that most of them most of the time resent the offer & don’t even consider it.

Paradoxically, if they could achieve permanent fat loss, all of these effects would be less or go away completely.

The health costs can be very high as well.

a)  Their mobility is restricted.  And, as they get older, this can put them into a walker or wheel chair or nursing home at a younger age or that they otherwise could have avoided entirely.

b)  This is compounded by the fact that it has been found that the excess weight grinds off the cartilage on the inside of their knees over time in many cases.

That produces pain or further mobility restriction or both.

c) Their internal or visceral fat is enough to cause a boa constrictor or vise like effect on their heart which can hasten heart disease and directly causes high blood pressure.

d) The foods and drinks and lack of exercise that caused them to be that fat and keep them that way also are almost worse than smoking.  Besides heart disease, they cause strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease; and type 2 diabetes and more.

And, like smoking, they slash both their years of life AND cut their years of healthy life that is worth living even more.

II. How to help very fat people.

The solution comes in three parts:

a)  Offer them things they need or want that they can do without ANY direct focus on fat loss!

*Offer them help feeling better and having better self-esteem.  Offer them help reducing anxiety and depression.  And, show them ways to get better treatment by other people and increase their income.

Even try highlighting that these things are doable without any change in their weight or fat loss efforts!

(You turn off depression in large part by beginning to use and then begin to do better the exact same foods and exercises that are the foundation of permanent fat loss without hunger!

In fact, doing this well, many of them will discover they are already becoming less fat and losing weight!)

But by offering the depression and anxiety relief only you bypass the emotional land mines that an offer of fat loss reliably triggers.

**AND offer them ways they can dramatically protect their health without any focus on fat loss!

Specifically, we know that fit and fat people can be healthier than sedentary skinny people.

We know that fatter people who manage to have low chronic inflammation are MUCH healthier than such people who have high chronic inflammation.

And, the upgrades in food and drink and the supplements needed for dramatically effective improvements in blood sugar and heart attack risk and stroke risk and Alzheimer’s risk AND the risk of death from ANY cause work superbly whether you are fat or not.

Here again though, those food changes tend to cause fat loss without hunger and are a key building block in how to lose fat you keep off without hunger.  In fact those changes often result in a 25 pound fat loss with no other effort!

b) Offer those who actually use those solutions the methods we now know produce fat loss without excessive hunger and that are so easily sustainable that the fat removed stays off.

This is workable because they now have better self esteem, more energy, and have become more effective and persistent problem solvers too -- so they feel up to the effort!

AND, you turn off depression by beginning to use and then begin to use better the exact same foods and exercises that are the foundation of permanent fat loss without hunger!

In fact, doing this well, many of them will discover they are already becoming less fat and losing weight!

c)  Help them solve the problems that prevent fat loss and tend to be even more likely in very fat people.

Research has found that both being that fat from any cause and becoming fat from chronic, severe stress each create different biochemical messengers that tend to lock the extra fat in place and cause it to be resistant to removal.

Other people remain fat because they take drugs that ensure they stay fat.

Yet other people remain fat because their body’s have excessive mercury or other pollutants.

For some people without realizing it, they have fattening bacteria in their gut that tend to keep them fat.


It’s both much more urgent that really fat people be helped than most people know.

And, it’s also much more doable than most doctors or public health people think it is!

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