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Paleo eating to LOSE fat....

Today's Post:  Thursday, 3-3-2016

Some people stop eating grains and eat what is called Paleo diet but do NOT become less fat.

But some people who do this DO become a LOT less fat!

If you’d like to know what makes the difference, this post is for you!

1.  The mice on a 60% of calories as fat "Paleo" diet got fatter says this study.

a)  The mice they studied don't get the advantage of the reduction in grains and sugars as much as people do apparently.  Their natural diet, unlike that of people, does include some grains.

b)  60% is a LOT of fat!  No wonder!

c)   People who eat Paleo with a LOT of organic vegetables, a more accurate version to what pre-modern people ate – some as recently as 100 years ago, do NOT get fatter nor do they eat 60% of their calories as fat!!

If 80 % or more of your food by volume is nonstarchy vegetables, it’s rather challenging to eat 60% of your calories as fat!

We also now know that eating that many greens and green vegetables tends to cause you to have non-fattening bacteria in your gut and remove the ones that fatten people.

d)  People who eat proteins from naturally fed sources tend to get much leaner, less fatty meat!

Wild caught salmon, beef and bison and lamb fed ONLY grass or organic sprouts have MUCH less fat than farmed salmon and beef and lamb fed grains! 

(The trick to eating beef and bison and lamb fed ONLY grass or organic sprouts and still have it be tender without the marbling from force feeding grains is to cook smaller pieces that have been pre-treated with a mechanical tenderizer in a Crockpot.  Butchers Kitchen and Jaccard make these mechanical tenderizers. AND they work really well too!

If you need a bit of oil for flavor, adding extra virgin olive oil or butter from cattle fed ONLY grass or organic sprouts such as Kerrygold Irish butter which Whole Foods carries.)

This too reflects what pre-modern people actually ate.  

They didn’t have Crockpots or mechanical tenderizers of course.  That’s for people today who want to have naturally fed meat that’s easier to eat but still naturally fed and very lean.

Here’s the link to that study:

How safe is the Paleo diet?
The popular low-carbohydrate, high-fat 'Paleo' diet can cause weight gain and predispose followers to diabetes, say researchers, who recommend a Mediterranean diet instead.

e) Including wild caught fish and seafood and eating nuts from the health promoting version of the Mediterranean diet DO promote good health and were in the diet of many pre-modern people.

And, although extra virgin olive oil and red wine in moderation were not in all pre-modern diets, they are VERY health promoting and in moderation do NOT slow fat loss. 

In fact, they tend to make losing fat you keep off much more likely according to some studies.

The version of the Mediterranean diet that is most effective at promoting good health includes an astonishingly large amount and variety of vegetables. 

This is the version that best fits what pre-modern peoples ate.  And, it has very little or no grain.  (This is what the people from Crete who had almost no heart disease ate!)

So eating no grain fits that diet better than eating a lot of wheat pasta or worse eating a lot of wheat pasta using GMO hybrid wheat that has been heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides!

2.  People who eat this kind of more authentic pre-modern diet with or without some extra virgin olive oil and some red wine, who lose fat they keep off also do effective strength training!

Instead of losing muscle and bone as well as fat, people who do effective strength training ONLY lose fat!

And, instead of getting fatter as the years go by from unperceived muscle loss on the same calorie intake, people who do effective strength training not only don’t LOSE muscle, they GAIN it!  

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