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Some of the many things that CAN keep you fat….

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 2-9-2016

1. The very bad news is that there are many things that can and do keep people fat.

They can cause people who lose fat to gain it back.

And, they can keep you from losing enough fat to be healthier and look better.

2.  The much better news is that many of these causes can be fixed fast.

And, you can do those too.  Other people have done so.

3.  Some of the remaining causes we already know how to beat.  But the information is not yet well known.

4.  The harder to overcome causes we are now beginning to find out how to get rid of.

Here’s a fast list to get started:

1.  The food intake of calories you get now will keep you the weight you are now. 

And, if you don’t strength train to prevent age related muscle loss, the food intake of calories you get now will make you quite fat.

To overcome those two problems: you have to:

 a) Eat fewer calories than you do now in a way that doesn’t cause you excessive hunger or trigger your failsafe famine response. And, you have to do it in a way that is customized to you and easy to keep doing so the fat you lose stays off.

The science and practice of how to do this well is just now beginning to develop.

Here are the principles we now know.

*You have to completely stop eating and drinking things that fatten you and harm your health.  This is SO important for many reasons.  This includes things like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners (& therefore ALL soft drinks); and, refined grain AND whole grain hybrid wheat and virtually all rice. Not only do these things fatten in several ways, many of them tend cause you to consume them without getting less hungry.  AND all of them produce rebound hunger some time after you consume them.

The foods these are in also have things that are fattening or harm your health, MSG does both for example, that by completely stopping them you dramatically become healthier and take in fewer calories AND get LESS hungry.

*You have to eat foods that are OK for your health AND are high in protein.  People that eat fewer calories AND do this are far less hungry, trigger the failsafe famine response far less, keep their muscles mass, and are MUCH healthier than those who don’t.  It helps dramatically to add regular strength training to this.

*It’s essential that you eat or drink in Vitamix drink 6 or more servings of vegetables a day.  This too enables you to be less hungry, dramatically healthier, and to eat fewer calories but MORE food. 

b)  Do some kind of effective strength training that is time efficient and customized to you so you can keep doing it almost every week as a permanent lifestyle at least for one or two days a week or more.

c)  Have a way of cutting extra calories that is NOT every day!

People who cut calories two non-consecutive days a week instead of every day lose as much fat by actual test as people who cut calories every day.

AND because they do so without being short calories every single day, it’s far easier mentally, you get far less extra hunger, and best of all you minimize any triggering of the fail safe famine response.  Here again you are more effective at this by eating a high protein, high vegetable diet.

And, there is some evidence that having one week out of four cut calories more than that while eating a high protein diet and strength training may be another effective way to do this.

3.  Some drugs will make or keep you fat.

There are three solutions to this:

Take drugs in the same class that are NOT fattening.  Some pharmacists can help you with this.

Treat the underlying conditions with methods other than drugs.

Remove the causes of these conditions without using drugs.

This is a huge area.  We plan to have a section on it in our fatloss support site when we get it going.

4.  We just posted on three more things:

a) Past a certain amount of excess fat, a biochemical in the fat tends to prevent you from removing it.

We referred to this research in our post of 1-5-2016 where we describe a way to remove this fat directly to bypass this problem.

But we don’t cite the research we saw.  We will find that and add it to the comments later.

b) It was just discovered that another biochemical is generated by excess and unrelieved stress that tends to force you to gain more belly fat and visceral fat AND prevent it from being removed.

c)  If you have some kinds of bacteria in your gut, they WILL keep you fat.  And, if you get them, they will fatten you no matter what you eat.

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Blogger David said...

"Past a certain amount of excess fat, a biochemical in the fat tends to prevent you from removing it." From this post.

As promised, here is the relevant research!:

This may be why people with 40.0 BMI or higher have such a dreadful time losing fat.

But it looks to me as if laser fat removal is a MUCH safer way to remove enough fat to unblock this problem than bariatric surgery!!


Why weight loss is harder when we carry more fat

New research reveals why overweight people find it very hard to shed their excess pounds. An international team has identified a protein that blocks the body's ability to burn off fat and discovered that the heavier we are, the more of this protein we produce.

a protein known as sLR11 appears to suppress thermogenesis in fat tissue.

sLR11 increases the efficiency of storing energy in fat and stopping any excess being lost to heat generation.

In a final part of the study, the team turned to humans. There, they found higher blood levels of the protein were linked to higher total body fat.

Also, when they looked at obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery, they found the amount of weight loss following surgery was in line with falls in sLR11, suggesting the protein is released by fat cells.

The researchers suggest sLR11 plays an energy conserving role to prevent energy wastage in fat tissue, and this role is exaggerated in overweight and obese people, with the result that the higher a person's BMI, the harder their body fights to conserve energy.

1:08 PM  

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