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Bacteria from animals routinely given antibiotics can fatten YOU….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 2-4-2016

Various research has found that some kinds of bacteria in your gut can help you stay free of excess body fat and other kinds can CAUSE you to get fat and tend to prevent you from losing it! 

(It’s now been shown in several ways.  So it’s a proven fact according to this data!)

One spectacular confirmation was when they removed all the intestinal contents of someone with the VERY antibiotic resistant C. Difficile who was of normal weight.

Then they put in some bacteria from a woman who was in good health but overweight.

That cured the C. Difficile of the first woman.  But with the intestinal bacteria of the overweight woman, the first woman quickly gained fat and was overweight also!

If you too are someone who wants to lose fat and keep it off,

Would you like to know how to avoid getting the kind of bacteria that make you fat?

Would you like to know how to keep or restore the kind of bacteria that help you lose excess fat and keep from getting it back?

1.  One way that you lose beneficial bacteria that support good health and a lean body is that when you eat artificial sweeteners or drink diet soft drinks containing them, it kills them off and the smaller number of bacteria you still have tend to be harmful or fattening. 

This is one of the many reasons diet soft drinks make you FATTER than the regular ones which are so fattening, it’s scary to think of something worse!

2.  Directly taking antibiotics when you don’t have an infection that will cause serious harm or death also does this.

(Of course taking probiotics twice a day and eating things like plain yogurt with live cultures a few times a week before AND after you take antibiotics helps. 

And, when you take antibiotics, its essential to take them long enough to kill the bacteria that were making you sick – often long after you feel better.

So you need to make the same extra effort afterwards to add back beneficial bacteria after that.

3.  But in the United States most people have been eating protein foods from factory farms.

When & if you do that, studies show you also eat antibiotic resistant bacteria from routine over-use of antibiotics AND some of the antibiotics too!

What triggered this post is that I just found out those antibiotics will fatten you just like they do the animals they have been fed to.

But why are antibiotics given all the animals in most factory farms – not just the few that are sick and need them?

There are two reasons:

a)  The factory farms have so many animals crowded together in one place and tended by so few people, they tend to live in filthy crowded conditions. So many of them would be sick or might be without the routine antibiotics.

(Somewhere in Europe, Denmark if I remember right, was able to show that less crowded animals where their living areas were kept clean DID give the farmers a decent profit without this set of harmful factory farm practices.)

b) Meat is sold by the pound.  So if your animals weigh more, you make more when you sell them AND when farmers gave their animals these routine antibiotics they grew faster and weighed more.

So, they were able, by using antibiotics routinely, to produce more animals heavy enough to make more when sold AND they could produce them faster.

Given the dreadfully scary scenario this is leading to when antibiotics no longer work because of these practices, to the extent it works to make farmers more money, it’s unethical, and extremely harmful.

It should have been totally outlawed long ago when it was first realized what the effects were.

When I read about this practice before, I assumed the added weight of the animals was just more of what the animals had without it: more bone weight, more meat, and more fat.

What I just found out is that almost all of the added weight is fat only AND that if you eat some of the antibiotics by eating their meat, the antibiotics will fatten YOU in the same way! 

In addition, because your meat is fattier because of this practice, the same amount of protein and nutrients has MORE calories than the same meat did before this practice began.

4.  I learned this information from Mike Geary in one of his emails I got.

The changes in your gut cause fattening changes from the less desirable bacteria if you take antibiotics yourself after they wipe out the good bacteria along with the harmful ones you took it for literally turns up your appetite; and the fat you gain from this tends to be belly and visceral fat!

BUT MUCH worse.  When you eat factory farmed meat, you eat the same fattening bacteria because routine antibiotics add FAT weight only to those meat animals!

So, eat other protein foods other than meat and poultry; take probiotics;
and when you eat fish and meat and poultry eat wild caught , 100% grass fed, or pasture fed ONLY.  NOT animals fed grain & routinely given antibiotics!

If you do eat meat or poultry from factory farmed animals, remove 90 to 98% of the accessible fat and only eat it slow cooked to totally done.  And take probiotics and eat a grass fed plain yogurt too!....

Here are some quotes from Mike’s article, see

This information is harder to use than it should be today.

But my hope is that it will soon get MUCH easier.

And, if this HAS been making you fat or keeping you fat, I hope this post helps you to reverse that!  

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