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Fast and easy way to prevent heart attacks....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 3-1-2016

We now know a surprising number of ways to prevent heart attacks that work.

And, many of them take effect very quickly! 

You can be a lot safer and far less likely to get a heart attack in just a few weeks – maybe as few as two or three weeks in fact.

Would it make it easier for you to get something like 45% of that by doing something first that is super easy and cheap AND proven effective!??

It would for most people! 

So, before we list the other things some of which do take a bit more effort, here is that one!

1.  The fastest & easiest way to prevent heart attacks:

Here’s how I discovered it and how I know for sure it works!

 I read once that people who eat a lot of garlic and also take a lot of vitamin C had been
shown to have a reduction in any plaque buildup in their arteries and blood vessels.

Clearly this would be protective since this would give your heart better blood flow normally. 

And, by having more wide open arteries and blood vessels, any clots would be less likely to stick and clog up the blood vessels.  So there would be fewer heart attacks and ischemic (obstructive) strokes for that matter.

But even though I like the taste of garlic in foods quite a bit, the next day it can cause a kind of oppressive bad breath when you eat it.

Then, I found that Kyolic makes a deodorized garlic supplement in capsule form that does NOT cause that kind of bad breath.

And, since I already was taking 500 mg of vitamin C in my B Complex supplement and 100 mg in my multivitamin plus minerals and 1,000 mg in two 500 mg vitamin C supplements.
I simply added one capsule of the Kyolic deodorized garlic supplement.

At that time, I wasn’t sure that one capsule a day of the Kyolic deodorized garlic was helping or not as eating raw garlic would while taking that much vitamin C.

Then I saw a study on Medical News Today that found the deodorized garlic WAS effective. But it worked far better to take about three times as much as I was getting.

So, since I regularly have my heart health indicating blood factors tested, I began taking three times as much of the deodorized garlic to see if it did the job or not.

It literally worked so well it was astonishing!  I went from very low risk to near zero risk.

Before, my protective HDL at 106 was excellent but my LDL of 111 was a bit high for me; and my triglycerides were 37 which was also excellent.

After taking that much deodorized garlic for a few weeks, my HDL was 101 also excellent.  But my LDL dropped to 54!!  And, my triglycerides dropped to 21. 

The heart attack risk for THAT reading is near zero! 

What do you call readings significantly better than excellent?  Try unbelievably good and astounding!

I did go part way back up later as you’ll see.  But I’ll never voluntarily stop taking the Kyolic deocorized garlic again. 

This result certainly made a believer of me! (I took two this morning and will take one with my lunch in a few minutes!)

My most recent reading about a month ago was HDL 104, LDL of 70 and triglycerides of 35.

That’s not quite so astonishingly good.  But it IS significantly better than where I began.

And, I am four years older and have had a good bit of stress lately.  But I still have that much extra protection, thanks in part to the deodorized garlic.

But there is another consideration to preventing heart attacks to look at!

Unless your blood vessels area almost shut down from plaque buildup, the thing that is THE cause of heart disease is when some of the softer plaque breaks off in a large chunk and then blocks the blood vessels in the heart (or the brain in ischemic strokes.)

So to be really safe, you need a way to prevent that too!

Imagine my delight to discover the deodorized Kyolic garlic I already have been taking DOES THAT ALSO!!

Jenny Thompson who sends out the HSI emails which also describe problems with drugs much of which looks to be correct though she overdoes it at times, also sends out extremely valuable health information from time to time.

About three weeks ago she sent THIS:

“Research out of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center found that aged garlic extract supplements can put the brakes on the accumulation of artery plaque. And do it without all the debilitating side effects that come with risky heart meds like statins.

Lead researcher Dr. Matthew Budoff found after four randomized studies (the gold standard in research) that aged garlic supplements can not only lower buildup of "soft plaque," but prevent "the formation of new plaque in the arteries."

And there's nothing warm and fuzzy about that "soft plaque" Dr. Budoff is talking about. It's actually the worst kind -- said to be the cause of most heart attacks.

We know that "hard" plaque sounds bad, and it is. Enough of it in your arteries and blood flow can slow to the point that your heart doesn't get enough oxygen causing a heart attack.

But soft (also called vulnerable) plaque is even more deadly. It can actually burst right through the lining of a blood vessel causing a clot.

So garlic's ability to reduce this soft plaque formation is nothing short of a life-saver.

Now, the people who participated in the UCLA study weren't 20-somethings in the best of health, either. They ranged in age from 40 to 75 years, and had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, a condition that includes risk factors for heart disease such as obesity and high blood pressure. The 55 study patients were given either 2,400 milligrams of the garlic supplement (a day) or a placebo every day for a year.

And to make sure of accurate results, the participants were all screened at the start of the research to measure their calcium deposits and plaque buildup in their arteries.

When a follow-up of the patients was done a year later, the total plaque accumulation for the ones given the aged garlic extract was found to have slowed by a whopping 80 percent, and the amounts of previously existing plaque had also been reduced.

And this wasn't the first time that the research team had found evidence of garlic's heart benefits. As Dr. Budoff noted, this study was the latest of four that have "led us to conclude that aged garlic extract can help slow the progression of atherosclerosis and reverse the early stages of heart disease."

I told you about one of those back in 2014 that involved patients with blockages in at least one major cardiac artery. After a year, CAT scans showed that those given an aged garlic supplement had reductions of plaque in their arteries, while those who took a placebo only got worse…..“

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

2.  Is there something that does the reverse of taking deodorized garlic that both causes plaque buildup AND triggers heart attacks too!??


As you can imagine, if it has built up enough plaque already, that cannot be reversed easily.

BUT you can stop it from adding more! 

And, community research has proven that you can stop its ability to TRIGGER heart attacks people would have otherwise escaped within days by stopping this!

What is this horrible thing that causes AND triggers heart attacks?

Exposure to tobacco smoke either as a smoker or in second hand smoke.

Astonishingly few smokers know that every single puff of tobacco smoke adds a bit of plaque to your blood vessels.

Worse, this happens also in the people nearby who breathe the smoke!

Does this happen too to brand new teenaged and younger smokers?


Does this happen too to people who only smoke two to five cigarettes a day?


In fact, No smoker escapes!  Nor does anyone regularly exposed to second hand smoke.

Do many smokers know this??! Unfortunately they do not.

Even if you ignore that smoking causes about half of all cancers, it can save your life to escape it.

How motivated should you be to escape tobacco smoke?  About as motivated as you would be to escape a burning building!

In many cases it can be hard to do.  BUT it IS worth the effort. 

And, much of the risk reduction happens in days after you do it .

3.  In reading the work of Al Sears MD and William Davis MD, I found a third way to get massive protection from heart attacks within days!

From Dr Sears I learned that taking the omega three supplement DHA can boost your HDL and lower your triglycerides within days of beginning to take 500 mg a day or more!

And, you can get a larger and faster effect by also taking an omega 3 supplement and eating a serving of wild caught fish high in omega three two or three times a week as well.

(Taking deodorized garlic, eating minced raw garlic, and eating onions we now enhances this effect.)

And, from the work of William Davis MD we also know that completely stopping ALL sources of wheat and most grains and high fructose corn syrup at the same time DOUBLES or TRIPLES this effect!

This one is hard for some.  But it IS quite doable as we know because now thousands have done it successfully!


If your doctor says you are at imminent risk of having a heart attack or you have had a first heart attack or you just want to slam down your risk FAST, you CAN do it.

The fastest way known to do that is to all three of these things!

There are other things that can add a great deal to your protection such as eating 6 or more servings of organic vegetables a day and about a dozen other things that are helpful.

But if you want or need fast protection, do these three things first!

The sooner you do them, the faster you get protected by them.    

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