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Greens boost fat loss bacteria effectively....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 2-23-2016

1.  On Thursday, 2-4-2016, we did a post titled: 

Bacteria from animals routinely given antibiotics can fatten YOU.

In that post, we showed that both the remaining antibiotics AND the antibiotic resistant bacteria have a fattening effect.

It seems that some gut bacteria thrive on fattening foods AND are very efficient turning any foods you eat into calories.

That means that if you have those “thrifty” bacteria, you will burn fewer calories to do the things you do.  And, in most people who burn their normal calories, they will get fat.

Worse, these bacteria will ensure it will be quite hard to lose that fat.

And, if you drink soft drinks or eat foods with those same artificial sweeteners, particularly sucralose, it kills off the probiotic bacteria in your get allowing the fattening bacteria to thrive.

2.  So, if you have trouble losing fat, or have trouble losing more once you lose some, you may well have these “thrifty” gut bacteria preventing it!

I’ve long thought that a probiotic supplement that did a super job of reversing this could help people a lot who were in this situation!

Of course you can STOP doing the things that are fattening; AND stop the things that kill good bacteria or give you more.

Don’t eat meat or poultry or dairy foods from animals routinely fed antibiotics.

NEVER drink soft drinks or eat foods containing the same artificial sweeteners.

You can also take a normal probiotic supplement because those bacteria will tend to overcome the bad bacteria once you stop causing more.

3. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to create a massive amount of the bacteria lean people have as well?!

Clearly doing this would make it far easier to lose fat and keep it off!

That’s why I had an interest in a supplement that did this.

Research shows we already have a kind of food that is something like 100 times as effective as such a supplement!

Even better, it has other fat loss effects and is extremely health beneficial too!

THAT is the medical research news I saw last week:

“Unusual sugar in leafy greens may help gut bacteria protect health   http://mnt.to/l/4CJg .

Researchers have discovered that feeding on an unusual type of sugar found in leafy greens helps good bacteria crowd out bad bacteria in the gut to protect health.”

Six or more servings of organic vegetables, NOT including potatoes, a day has incredible health benefits.  It cuts the death rate from heart disease, both kinds of stroke, and from ALL causes!

AND, people who eat this many servings of green and nonstarchy vegetables are leaner and find permanent fat loss much easier.

(Dr Furhrman points out that green and nonstarchy vegetables are extremely high in nutrients and fiber and low in calories.

He notes they have close to as much protein per calorie as meat and fish also.)

And, I can tell you from personal experience they do help you feel full enough to be comfortable with less food without excess hunger.

Not only that, Dr Furhman and Dr Wahls’ followers who eat quite a bit, 6-10 servings of vegetables a day tend to become quite lean with slightly low BMI and stay that way.

The effect is almost more than you’d believe was possible.

NOW, this research shows one of the reasons why this is so!

As I posted recently on my blog, some bacteria directly help cause obesity.  

But for people who want to lose fat who have an abundance of such harmful bacteria, how can they get rid of them and get the kinds that do the reverse?

HOORAY!!  Leafy greens DO cause more fat loss bacteria --and overcome fattening bacteria too most likely according to this research.

This means that salad greens without harmful dressings added do help with fat loss.

This means that Vitamix Drinks and "Green drinks" that contain green leafy vegetables of some kind DO help with fat loss!

It’s challenging to eat 6 or more servings of vegetables as I can personally testify.

One of the best things about this research is that it strongly suggests just eating one or two servings of organic green vegetables a day without adding a harmful oil may well be enough to help unblock bad bacteria and enable you to lose fat more easily and keep it off!

Most people CAN do that!

Maybe you can too.

AND since this special sugar in greens that kills bad bacteria is quite high in sulfur, it ALSO helps prevent joint pain AND may also directly lower HSCRP inflammation if it's too high!

I eat organic broccoli florets, about two servings worth, at almost every one of my lunches.

Organic cabbage made into a sweet coleslaw with extra virgin olive oil or the avocado mayo that Thrive Markets sells or homemade mayo with extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and egg yolks from pastured eggs –AND organic raisins and highly diced organic carrots or carrot peels and a teaspoon of honey or real maple syrup can be quite good.

Blending chilled water and organic broccoli, including the leaves and stems, or collard greens, or a good tasting green kale, with a cored organic apple in a Vitamix also works well.

The resulting juice is very smooth and pleasant to drink.

There are literally a hundred ways to eat two servings a day of organic green vegetables.

This research shows that if you do that and stop doing the things that make more of the fattening bacteria, you’ll find fat loss MUCH easier and your health with stay good.

You’ll have less aches and pains and be much less likely to get the dangerous chronic diseases too!  

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