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My Monthly Fatloss Report November 2017.....

Today's post:  Monday, 11-20-2017

A.  Here's the key news:

1.  Fat Loss Report, measured on Saturday, 11-18-2017

Lost 0.5 pounds from 167.8 last month to 167.3.

(Lost 2.6 pounds from 169.9 three months ago.)

My chest measured 38.  This is still half of an inch bigger than 5 months ago when I was 37 & a half inches.

My waist was little changed measuring about 41 inches to about 42.

My hips measured about 37 and three fourths.   That’s still three fourths more than 37 not long ago.

(My upgraded strength training added muscle; but I lost a bit since last month due to extra stress since then. 

And I’ve not lost the fat off my waist, I’d like to lose. )

2.  My chest and hips were still bigger and more muscular than they were five months ago though I did lose about half an inch since  last month.

I may not yet be eating quite enough protein each week.  But although I am still getting stronger and added to the pushups I can do, my intense concentration on my muscular effort was a bit less due to stress than it was four months before.  

Also, I'm at the point I need to get a heavier dumbbell and add a session once week at a gym with access to more weight.

Part of my strength training exercises are still improving though some are dropping off a bit.

My waist was about the same more or less – way too big! 

But my better strength training did keep most of my gains to my chest measure AND my hip measurement.

Since I also got stronger and my muscles look bigger and my wife says they are harder, it’s clear my new strength training technique is adding muscle!

Mike Matthews says that it’s typical to add 5 pounds of fat when you eat enough protein & carbs and strength train well enough to add 5 pounds of muscle.

(Just one example:  Not long ago I was pleased if I could do 40 to 44 pushups the one day a week I test that each week each Monday.  

Today, I did do 91 pushups total, a new record, this morning up from 89 two months ago.  I did 74-- and after catching my breath a bit I did 12 more and then 7 more more for a total of 91 in about 60 seconds.  That’s up from my record of 90 and 89 two months ago.

The extra effort to exert extra strong tension in the muscles doing the work on the last few repetitions and between each set was a bit less this last month due to stress and needing a heavier weight.  But I have kept doing it on each set.  (I’ve added some extra at the end of each set.  Now as I regain what I was doing during the set too, I think I’ll again add muscle.)

And, by doing so and keeping up my protein intake I’ll keep the muscle I gain or most of it.

I’ve discontinued the 20 mg of Synephrine completely because it did not change my results that much and it DID cause a high rate a couple of times.  [134 instead of 67 to 74 is a bit more than I’m comfortable with!  Heat and stress was a part of that; but since I discontinued it, the stress and heat were there; but my heart rate was normal.]

The bioflavonoid supplement with 100 mg of rutin, I’ve continued once a day since it may help prevent some weight regain.

I did seem to gain muscle without gaining fat when I was taking the Synephrine.

So, for a younger person with far less stress and stress driven slightly high blood pressure might be OK with it.

 3.  My food intake WAS a bit less than two months ago since I did discontinue some daily walnuts or pecans.  

My cardio exercises were slightly better.  I set a new record for my short daily exercise walk/run combo last week.  And my average for last week for the 4 days was close to my previous record!

4. My stress level, already high, went up a bit the last few weeks for several reasons.  

*For me, as for many people, having enough money for at least a minimum OK lifestyle with zero chances of severe money problems reduces stress.  I was under that threat far more the five weeks just before I measured for this month.

*For me, even more than other people who also have it but at a lower level, having an ally who is unusually supportive and of some help sharply lowers my stress level.

 The better news is that as of the last couple of days, I got some extra support.  And it looks like it may be more than some.

If that turns out to be the case, my efforts to add muscle and lose fat may well go up in the next few months!

5.  I'm currently making an extra effort to overcome this recent stress. Emulating the Seal way of using my training and keeping on no matter what IS helping.  

The new nose breathing I posted on Tuesday, 10-5 this month also DOES seem to be helping.  It DOES help to avoid the brain freeze I tended to get when I mouth breathed when under high stress.

6.  I believe my continued persistence and continuing to both follow up on successful efforts and finding new and promising things to check on AND doing so, 
WILL enable me to lose my excess fat remaining and keep it off.

7.  I’m continuing to find new ways to boost my metabolism and add bone and muscle that I’m beginning to use.

As my new strength training method helps me get stronger; I get better at it; and I can get to the heavier weights to use it on, it DOES begin to look like I’ll add enough muscle that by eating about the same and continuing to get better at the lower carb effort,  I’ll finally get back to weighing 161 pounds with far less fat than I have had.


 I’ll achieve the financial leverage I need.

I’ll get the active allies I need.

 AND I’ll begin to use all of the metabolism boosters I’ve found to add to the ones I’ve been using.

(That includes adding a weekly workout at a gym with heavy barbells and adding these new techniques and trying the BulletProof Vibe.

I HAVE added a special set of exercises once a week that I'm already doing standing in the space the BulletProof Vibe allows.  That way, I'll be ready to go when I get one to try!

The last bit of good news this month is that I’m still getting stronger in the two key exercises in this special set of exercises.)     

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