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Escape nicotine with no fat gain.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 11-16-2017

You may see this today. 

If so that’s great; because tomorrow, Friday, 11-17 is the annual Great American Smokeout sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

And, it’s also good because you found your way here!

Have you wanted to quit but can’t seem to get off nicotine?

Have you stopped smoking but kept doing an alternative that keeps you addicted to nicotine?

Have you wanted to quit but not even tried because you want the typical fat gain even less?

Have you quit and gone back to smoking or nicotine because of stress?

Why is that good news?

There are now highly reliable ways to overcome each of those problems!

Just like anything else you do have to work at it.  BUT some of what will do these things is relatively easy to start and no effort at all to keep doing!

1.  The first one of the 3 posts I’ve included highlights how to escape the psychological craving for nicotine 100% and do it as easily as turning off a light switch.  You do have to learn the method first; but that’s doable.  Then whenever your last cigarette you smoke is, you throw the switch and are a true nonsmoker with zero desire to have cigarettes or nicotine of any kind again.

This first post also highlights one way to overcome severe stress and some ways to prevent the fat gain.  (In some cases people with fat to lose even lose that fat besides not gaining any more!)

2.  The next post has some little known information about how harmful nicotine is by itself and how to beat the physical part of getting rid of it plus some more tips on stopping nicotine and still lose fat.

3.  For stress relief, besides the methods that help you overcome the threats mentally and getting emotional support and expert help in overcoming the threats, you still need to overcome the physical feeling of stress and turn it down enough to function and recover.

Yes it is true that learning and practicing some forms of yoga or tai chi or many martial arts does work to do that. 

But if you don’t already know and practice one, typically beginning them is not doable while the stress or threat is high.

And, the drugs to do this, like nicotine, are ineffective and harmful besides!

To escape all this, wouldn’t it be great to have something easy to learn that you could just set, like turning on a light and just keep doing with no new effort?

The third blog post is about this method!  It does exist!  It’s relatively easy to start doing.  Then it’s turned on for you and your level of excess stress goes way down.  If you forgot, you simply turn it back on when you notice it’s off.

I’ve really needed this myself.  And it has been enormously helpful to me.

Best of all, instead of trying smoking or nicotine which has no real effect on this problem, you can just learn this and turn it on. 

And, you no longer need to turn to nicotine or smoking because this gives you a superior method you already have turned on!

Here’s the first post in this series:

“Quit smoking for sure with no fat gain.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 7-13-2017

*Do you live in California?

If so and you still smoke, you know that cigarettes just went from $6 a pack to $9.

Would you prefer to be a nonsmoker and drop your cost for cigarettes to zero?

*Do you live somewhere other than California but you still smoke and would prefer to be a nonsmoker?

If you said yes to either question, this post is for you.

There are many reasons people who want to be nonsmokers don’t try to quit OR stop smoking but go back to smoking anyway.

*Here’s the news!

There are now solutions to each of the reasons why people don’t try to quit smoking or don’t succeed when they try.  People who use each one well become lifelong nonsmokers.

*You may need more than information to quit smoking. So we are working on a paid coaching program to ensure you learn to use the solutions.  See the end of this post if you want to be on the waiting list to ensure you are included in the first group.

There are two reasons people who prefer to be nonsmokers still smoke.

1.  They don’t think they can do it or they tried and failed before.

*Without knowledge of how to prevent it, people who use nicotine by smoking or vaping or using other tobacco products, tend to psychologically crave nicotine when they stop using it.  

Without turning that off, it is extremely hard to quit and stay off nicotine.

*Then too, some people have more severe physical or cognitive withdrawal effects when they stop using nicotine.

*Lastly, people who don’t know the antidotes who used cigarettes or other nicotine products who suddenly get extra stressed, or are extra stressed now, very often will go back to the cigarettes or other nicotine products they were using.
At that stress level people often need SOMETHING;  and if they have nothing else will retry cigarettes.

2.  Or they know except for very light and very heavy smokers people who quit smoking gain ten pounds or more of added fat because they lose the boost nicotine was giving their metabolism.

If you know that you may want to cause that even less than you would rather not smoke.

I saw a study that found most smokers want to quit but half of them won’t even try because they want that fat gain even less!

But if you have a toolkit and something important breaks, you simply fix it.

*With the solutions we have now, if you prefer to be a nonsmoker, learn these new tools and use them and you will be a nonsmoker the rest of your life.

*The man who unlocked the door to all this had a stroke of genius.  It turns out his new insight was and is accurate.

The man who did this was a very heavy smoker.  Once he had this new understanding based on the careful analysis he did, he realized it was true.

His name was Alan Carr. 

After he smoked his last cigarette with this new understanding he was a nonsmoker because he had no reason to have any more ever again. 

Did he have cravings for nicotine or cigarettes after this? No he did not.  It literally could be called The Great Escape!

The wonderful news is that once you completely understand what he discovered, you can do it too. 

Thousands of people who have read his book about it also have escaped nicotine craving totally!

There are three ways you can learn this.

*From the description here just reading it and following the logic might do it for you.

Simply put he realized that when he smoked to relieve stress when he was bothered by the physical discomfort from having his nicotine level go down, what happened was the slight physical discomfort left OK. 

But all that did was to restore him to where he would have been to start with had he been a nonsmoker.  He realized at that point he STILL had to deal with the stress!

Had he simply been a nonsmoker he could have STARTED there and saved all that fuss and mess and expense.

If you understand this and its implications, you stop craving cigarettes and nicotine psychologically.  It’s total & immediate.  Once you get by the much less addicting physical withdrawal symptoms you are a nonsmoker.

(Also, you can see why in our system ALSO teaching you a way to deal with severe stress that works better the greater the stress is helps ensure that you quit nicotine and not even go back if some disaster strikes after you quit!)

*To help people believe him and force them to think about it in enough ways to internalize it, he wrote a book.

The people who got the book and read it all the way through as soon as they had a copy, got the same result he did.

Alan Carr:    Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking    Nov 17, 2011     Paperback   $ 11 .99

It’s currently available on Amazon

For people who need more than the book there is coaching and there will soon be a lot more!

*In the UK where he lived his followers set up a group coaching program for people who could use his discovery to quit but needed some help initially to do it.

(Without the new added help we are adding, the people in the UK coaching program to learn Alan Carr’s method were six to eight times more likely to quit than people in old style programs a research study showed!)

*Our coaching program, when we launch it, will do the coaching online, but it will give you extra power and leverage to make upgrades to your health to help ensure your success.

It will also give you tools to overcome physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms if you have them.

It will give you a way to overcome severe stress that works BETTER the greater the stress AND which uses zero drugs.

It will give you ways to overcome physical nicotine withdrawal problems with no drugs AND a way to simply turn them off psychologically that works better than morphine.

It will give you extra and effective ways to rapidly turn down the health risks smoking was causing you.

Two of those have each been shown to make success at quitting twice as likely.

The coaching itself has been shown to make success at quitting more than twice as likely.

Those risk reduction methods turn off so many things that make people fat that many people will avoid fat gain from just doing them!

AND, we’ll give you ways to boost your metabolism to add to the fat loss those things make likely.

(We think our method as it now exists will help people quit and get LESS fat instead of gaining more. 

And, we will work to improve our methods to increase the percentage of people that do completely avoid fat gain after they quit nicotine whether from smoking or vaping or patches or other tobacco products.)

To get on the waiting list for our online coaching to quit smoking for sure with no fat gain, email me, David Eller at . “

Here’s the second post in this series:

“Ways to make quitting smoking work better….Today's post:  Tuesday, 10-10-2017 

Bulletproof promotes a low carb plus good fat way of eating with some calorie restriction or intermittent fasting to help people stay healthy and lose and keep off any excess fat.

Some people like their style better than I do for personal use after I’ve tried some of it.

But they do have some useful strategies and often provide worthwhile health information in their own blog posts.

My strategic method post about a very effective way to quit smoking was: 

Quit smoking for sure with no fat gain.....Thursday, 7-13-2017

I read this Bulletproof blog post below and added my comments.  That’s today’s post:

"...smoking cigarettes serves up your nicotine with a side of toxic heavy metals and carcinogens. 

Isolated nicotine has its problems, even if you get it from a pure source. First off, it’s toxic at high doses, and lethal even at lower doses for a pet or a child. 

It messes with your heart rate, blood pressure,[7] and it causes inflammation.[8] 

[Inflammation helps cause cancers and Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.  So that’s significant. 

Sudden boosts of heart rate or poor heart rhythm plus boosts in blood pressure are the likely causes of nicotine triggering heart attacks in people who would have escaped them otherwise.]

And it’s addictive. As with all addictive drugs and foods (like sugar), nicotine activates the pleasure pathways in your brain. The more you turn on the lights in your pleasure pathway, the less pleasure you feel with the same dose. 

So, you need stronger and stronger stimulation to get any enjoyment out of it, and after a while, you’re so acclimated that you need whatever it is you’re dependent on to function at a baseline level.

[This is Alan Carr's key insight.  After you use nicotine to get to a baseline level when the effect wears off, if you do use nicotine, you are at the same level that a nonsmoker starts with!  

That means that nicotine gives you zero help with stress and the like not available to non-smokers.  If you want effective help with stress or depression, skip the nicotine which is useless for the purpose! -- and get effective help with stress or depression instead!]

[Quitting works best when you engage your thinking & planning brain and are able to NOT use your "Labrador" short term pleasure fixes brain.]


Withdrawal is a detox reaction, and anything you can do to get the yuck out will help things along. A few sauna treatments while you’re withdrawing will help increase circulation and eliminate waste through your skin.

[So will exercising hard enough to sweat for a few minutes several times a week.

AND, taking or eating omega 3 oils turns the extra irritability down or off!]


When you’re detoxing anything at all, you want to get poisonous residues out of your body quickly.

Your liver makes glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant. [Glutathione helps the liver detox faster & better in short.]

You can support your glutathione production by making sure your liver has the precursors it needs to make its own, and the building blocks are all in whey protein. Two to four tablespoons per day are all you need.

[Taking NAC and alpha lipoic acid also boosts glutathione.

And, whey protein is the best kind for building and keeping muscle.

So these points are both interesting and useful.

It’s good to know that nicotine itself is harmful and that stopping it is both worthwhile to protect your health and to help ensure you stop smoking cigarettes.

Then too it’s worthwhile to know that these methods of detoxing help you get rid of the side effects of nicotine withdrawal by removing it from your body faster.]

Here’s the third post in this series:

Doable and low cost way to reduce stress for fatloss.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 10-5-2017

As regular readers of this blog know, there are two effective ways to remove fat that you can keep off.

1.  Reduced calorie and carb high protein eating plus exercise including some strength training.

2.  Eating in a way that puts you in ketosis with almost zero carbs or close to it and making that your permanent or frequent eating style on a long term basis.

Doing them well and having them work well however only tends to work if you can keep your level of stress in your body quite low most of the time!

There are three reasons for this:

a) Eating bit too much or eating too many foods with carbs or sugars as a stress reliever tends to derail both methods. 

If you have already completely stopped eating the several worst foods and ingredients for harmful carbs; and  very excessive use of sugars and have already completely stopped drinking all soft drinks, this will be less and you’ll tend to level off rather than gaining fat. 

But you won’t lose as much fat as you could or any at all!  Boo!

b)  Research found that fat you gain while stressed, has a substance that makes it strongly resist being used when you are in a calorie deficit or in ketosis. 

This apparently is part of our built in famine protection.  In the past, when our ancestors were very stressed too often, famine or severe food shortages tended to exist or arrive shortly.

Supplements to lower cortisol don’t seem to help this much.  When you are stressed enough, your body generates so much cortisol it overwhelms them and deposits this locked down fat anyway!

This is true of all your fat it seems. But it has been shown for sure to be most true for belly fat and internal fat that begins to strangle your internal organs known as visceral fat.

c)  We also found and posted on evidence that stress reduces your metabolism. So with the same food and exercise, you burn far fewer calories. 

That can add fat when you would otherwise have lost it!  As I’ve been under extra stress during my cut down weeks, this is exactly what just happened to me apparently.

How to avoid that kind of stress:

Clearly, prudent choices that prevent stressful situations helps to prevent such stress:

Always wear your seat belt.  Brush your teeth well every day.  Obey the laws that are enforced and have harsh penalties.  Be well organized and do the work necessary to be ready for and deal well with known and upcoming challenges.

And, because it gives you more resources to turn off or escape threats, a high, reliable income combined with savings and good credit that is lightly used really helps. 

I’m still working on this one myself.  But those who have it ARE far less stressed and have this level of stress far less often.

It also has been shown to help to frame dealing with a threat as a challenge instead of a disaster
--no matter how severe the threat -- and listing and systematically trying potential solutions.

So does having good relationships with family and friends and capable experts who are sane and will give you advice or help.

No one escapes such stress and many have it often; but when stress is temporary and you overcome it and rest, these fattening effects don’t happen.

BUT that’s only true if your body turns off its stress response so you can rest effectively.

There ARE ways to ensure your body turns off its stress response after you remove the threat or if you cannot yet remove it.

The level of meditation of Buddhist monks and daily tai chi do this best. 

For some people, yoga works.  Less lengthy meditation works but not as well.

These alternatives DO work for some people.  But they take time daily and they have to be done well or they fail to work.

In my view, the best ones are yoga that avoids injury but does cause moderate exercise and increased flexibility and tai chi that builds balance and leg strength and burns calories as you do it.

But both of these require you to have an instructor teach you to do them well.  That takes time and money you may not have.

There are 3 ways that can do more than this that look likely to work:

Two require equipment and are not yet available for home use without a prescription.

*One reads the response of both your hemispheres in your brain to stress and uses biofeedback to reduce the stress level response AND it balances so that both hemispheres are the same.  That’s very important because in many people who react badly to stress one side is severely out of adjustment and one isn’t too bad.  By making them both react well and in concert and exactly the same, it’s quite effective!

*The other one is less high tech and can provide the high heart rate and blood pressure reduction that people and doctors who don’t know any better have used the dangerous and harmful beta blockers to achieve.  I hope it is available soon and becomes the standard therapy!

It works as well for the useful effects; but unlike beta blockers that stay on when people need to exercise or move quickly in an emergency it does not do so! Nor does it have the harmful side effects including directly causing depression that is virtually incurable.

By placing small medallions that induce a heart rate consistent with relaxation on key blood vessels it physically reduces the too high heart rate and blood pressure.

The third one that triggered this post is doable and no-cost! 

AND since it is either always on or something that takes extra effort but only during exercise when you are making an extra effort already, it’s very valuable to know about!

Slow breaths tend to reduce heart rate and stress response. 

AND they have two other important benefits. 

They cause your body to make more red blood cells and add more oxygen carrying hemoglobin on each red blood cell.  Slow breaths put less oxygen into your blood so your body compensates enough to supply you with the oxygen you need anyway.  That means you have more reserve when you do intense and rapid exercise.

Taking slow breaths increases the CO2 level in your blood.  It’s not widely known.  I didn’t know it until this past Monday, but slightly high CO2 in your blood is directly calming and stress relieving.

Very low CO2 creates a feeling of panic or severe anxiety.  That I had heard of because it happens when people hyperventilate; and the treatment is to breathe into a bag so that you bring up your CO2 level.

I had tried various methods to breathe more slowly from using a Resperate to counting as I breathed in and counting as I held my breath and counting as I breathed out.  That last one can help if you are suddenly too stressed.

But invariably, I’d forget to do them often enough to do much good or not have time to do them when I most needed the effect.

The surprising solution is to be breathing slowly through your nose ALL the time! 

It’s just like setting a thermostat that is always on.  Once you get used to it, you just set it once well and keep doing it all the time.

Instead of having to do something extra, you just have to resume it if you find you have stopped!

Even better, there is no extra time used for a treatment or dollar cost to use it!

During exercises where you move rather than strength training with low reps, you build your oxygen reserve best by continuing slow breathing through your nose until you literally feel like gasping for air. 

As this practice increases your oxygen reserve and you increase your mental control you can do this longer and at more intense exercise levels. 

Since Monday, I’ve been using it on my fast abdominal exercises and brisk walks.  It does take concentration at first and as you approach your current capacity; but it clearly works!

Yes there IS a book on it:

The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter    by Patrick McKeown
      Published:  Nov 29, 2016

It’s too early to tell if it will help my fat loss though it certainly looks likely to do so. 

But it IS surprisingly doable.  AND, I can tell it will increase my fitness level with the same exercises I already do!

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Blogger David said...

"Telling a smoker it’s killing them is a waste of time

The mistake that most media outlets (and for that matter anti-tobacco organisations make) is focusing on the downsides of smoking in their campaigns. Any smoker with half a brain cell knows that it’s killing them, costing them a fortune, and controlling their lives. Try to tell them about those aspects and they turn off immediately. Quite rightly so – it’s all so patronising and so obvious. Make a smoker experience fear and what do they do? They light a cigarette. It’s entirely counter-productive.

If only all those horror stories about the dangers of smoking were replaced by simple, aspirational, encouraging messages, I’m sure the day would be many times more successful.

Tell a smoker it’s killing them, and they’ll close their ears. Tell a smoker that to quit they need to expend gargantuan levels of willpower for the rest of their lives and the fear and misery will have them reach immediately for a smoke.

So why not tell them, what after all is the truth, that it can be easy to quit…just as long as you know how.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found it easy to quit

When I stumbled across Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking and found it not only ridiculously easy to quit, but actually enjoyable, I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d become convinced that it was impossible for me to quit and I’d resigned myself to a shorter, unhealthier, wheezing existence as a smoker and abandoned all hope of quitting.

When I quit it was like being released from a lifetime jail sentence and I couldn’t wait to help others escape too.

From the desk of John Dicey, Global CEO & Senior Facilitator, Allen Carr’s Easyway"

8:42 AM  
Blogger David said...

Added personal note:

Besides 100 % nose breathing and for sure when under stress, I also began to try it on my vigorous cardio. It was very hard at first. But it got rapidly easier. Now it's almost routine to do for the whole exercise even when I push hard on sections with a fast pace.

Apparently your body does make more red blood cells and becomes more efficient at extracting oxygen with practice.

And, this likely makes nose breathing when stressed easier!

8:48 AM  

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