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Heart Protection Breakthrough….Today's post:  Tuesday, 11-7-2017 

This information has been out for some time as I remember reading some of it before.

I’ve known and posted that there are known and proven heart attack starters people do to themselves and that stopping them all is protective.  Some like smoking and soft drinks and hydrogenated oils are frighteningly effective heart attack starters.

I’ve known and posted that there are known and proven heart attack preventers that if you stop the heart attack starters and use most of the more effective preventers it can slash your risk of heart disease.  These include eating organic vegetables every day; exercising vigorously in various ways most days of every week – while NOT taking statins or beta blockers; and taking or eating niacin, deodorized garlic, extra virgin olive oil, olive leaf extract, turmeric, curcumin, and ginger.  (Also eating one piece a day of organic fruit helps AND protects against BOTH kinds of strokes.)

I estimate that two par combination once you fully put it in place for two to six months can cut your risk of heart attack  from over 50% to as little as 5% or less.

The breakthrough:

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut your risk in half while you are putting all that in place?

Wouldn’t it be great to cut your risk to 2% or less?

The good news is that we now know for sure there is one and that it IS doable.

The one downside is that just like the rest of the protective actions, you have to know what to do and spend time doing it every day;  you have to learn to do it well enough; and you have to check regularly to be sure you are doing it well enough since your last check.

Why this information caused this post the minute I’d read it:

I’d read before that gum disease causes heart disease because of the effect of the bacteria involved.  I’d even read before that these bacteria tend to cause harmful lipids with odd numbers of carbon atoms. 

And, I got lucky and discovered that flossing and brushing my gums correctly every day helps prevent gum disease.   Then I got luckier and found out that the SonicCare toothbrush can at least double that effect. 

Then just before I saw the new information, I still had a bad checkup for gum disease at the dentist.  It wasn’t horrible but there were some places not in the OK category. I’ve since added a couple of upgrades to what I was doing to be sure to have everything in the OK category soon and at my next check.

THEN I saw this!  My motivation to improve my teeth and gum cleaning went way up.

AND, I also realized that his WAS a breakthrough that likely could cut the risk in half in people just getting into all the heart protection plus cut the possible risk reduction to near 98% protection!

Why gum disease causes heart disease and foods do so less or not at all!

This was in the Medical News Today email last Friday, 11-3:


“For the new study, the team analyzed atheromas collected from patients being treated in hospital.

They found that the growths contained chemical signatures of lipids that could not have come from animals. Instead, they matched the signature of fat molecules made by bacteria belonging to the Bacteroidetes family.

Bacterial lipids are 'subtly different'

Bacteroidetes make fats that are quite distinct in that the fatty acids that they contain have branched chains and an odd number of carbon atoms. 

Fatty acids in fats that come from animals do not typically have these features.

One of the researchers, Xudong Yao, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Connecticut, explains that if you compare the chemical makeup of human lipids with lipids produced by bacteria, they show subtle differences in weight.

"We used these weight differences and modern mass spectrometers to selectively measure the quantity of the bacterial lipids in human samples to link the lipids to atherosclerosis," he notes.

"Establishment of such a link is a first step to mark the lipids as indicators for early disease diagnosis."
Prof. Xudong Yao

The team suggests that perhaps the immune system triggers inflammation because when it encounters the fatty deposits in the artery walls, it recognizes that the lipids are not of human origin.

Bacteria deliver 'double whammy'

The researchers also found that there is an enzyme that breaks down the bacterial lipids into starting materials for making molecules that promote inflammation.

They suggest, therefore, that the presence of bacterial lipids has a "double whammy" effect on the arteries. First, the immune system spots them and sets off alarm signals, and secondly, the enzyme breaks them down into materials that assist inflammation.

The researchers also point out that it is not the bacteria themselves that are invading the blood vessels and causing problems. 

Bacteroidetes, which colonize the mouth and gut, do not usually cause harm. Under certain conditions, they can give rise to gum disease; and, even then, they still do not invade the blood vessels. However, the lipids that they secrete can get through cell walls and into the bloodstream.

The team now plans to carry out a more detailed analysis of atheromas to find out exactly where the Bacteroidetes lipids accumulate. 

If they discover that lipids from these specific bacteria are building up inside atheromas as opposed to the artery wall, then that would provide more convincing evidence that fat molecules from Bacteroidetes are linked to atheroma growth, and thus to heart disease.

Clogged arteries may be down to bacteria, not diet
An analysis of the chemical signatures of fatty deposits in clogged arteries found that they matched lipids produced by mouth and gut bacteria.

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From: Medical News Today
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My comments:

This kind of fatty deposit outside the artery walls can break loose and cause a heart attack or stroke.  If it builds up inside the artery wall too, that can cause a narrow passage easier to block and tend to cause high blood pressure.

(Taking deodorized garlic may combat both; and smoking DOES do both also!)

The really good news is that acting on this breakthrough can really massively improve your heart protection!

It does take extra effort.  But it is really effective!

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I am not sure if you have already read through a blog post
from Herald Post relating to this, but I feel like they stayed in the older way of thinking with the almost totally opposite approach.

I admit times have changed and we should too.

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