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Ways to prevent harmful blood clots....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 8-2-2016

There are two strategies to prevent fatal heart attacks and ischemic strokes:

a) Prevent the plaque buildup that narrows your blood vessels which enables good blood flow and enough of an opening that small clots just keep going without blocking up the flow.

b) The other one is to prevent blood clots from forming inside the blood vessels.  

(We've already posted on why the drugs for this do more harm than good including kill people and sharply increase your medical care costs:  Safer protection from TIA & AFIB....Tuesday, 5-17-2016.)

It turns out there are four ways to do that which work well that do not need drugs!

1.  Get some exercise most days of every week to be SURE to avoid being totally sedentary because being totally sedentary makes these dangerous clots more frequent and likely.

Watching TV is a more sedentary activity than sleeping and burns fewer calories.  A recent Japanese study reported on in a Health Freedom email had this:


Blood Clot Deaths Linked to Hours of Watching TV Daily

People who watch television for five or more hours a day have more than twice the risk of those who watch half as much TV to die of a blood clot in the lung, a large Japanese study suggests. The people in this study who watched 2.5 hours a day of TV or less were the comparison group…..”

(And, watching 10 to 15 hours a week of TV or less also has been found to result the people who do this being less fat and to make losing fat you keep off easier.)

2.  Stay completely away from tobacco smoke.  The known fact that it triggers heart attacks in people who would not have had them likely is partly due to the smoke causing such clots.

3.  Eat a high vegetable, no or low grain, Mediterranean diet.  Be sure it includes extra virgin olive oil, garlic, tomato sauce, and red wine.  Each of these has been shown to have ingredients that reduce blood clots.

Also include wild caught fish and seafood because the omega 3 oils in them boosts HDL and lowers triglycerides which together lower small particle LDL and they lower HSCRP inflammation.  

And, both low small particle LDL and HSCRP inflammation tend to reduce blood clots.  They also help keep your blood vessels clear of plaque or develop less plaque so they stay enough more open that smaller clots just keep going.

Avoiding all wheat and most grains, even whole grains, lowers high blood sugar, sharply lowers triglycerides, which results in low small particle LDL.  AND doing this and only using extra virgin olive oil help lower HSCRP inflammation.  (See the books by William Davis, MD and the book, Anticancer.)

4.  Also take supplements with or eat other foods that contain:  olive leaf extract, cayenne pepper, quercetin, grape seed extract, and ginger and turmeric or the curcumin supplements made from turmeric.

It also helps to take omega 3 supplements from purified fish oil, Nordic Naturals makes the one I take AND DHA supplements, Jarrow sells one called MaxDHA.

Some of the supporting data I found in this email from the Health Freedom people:   [I've put that info in bold and underlined the foods or food components that are in a Mediterranean diet either in the foods and spice or the red wine.


“Conditions that can increase your risk include atherosclerosis, mechanical heart valves, atrial fibrillation, venostasis, blood clotting disorders and cancer. Other known risk factors include elevated total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides or low HDL. Another risk factor is elevated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein or hsCRP.

Just to be clear, hsCRP indicates inflammation and the likelihood of blood vessel injury.  It is considered a major predictive risk factor for stroke or heart attack.  In addition, hypertension and elevated glucose are also known risk factors.

Olive. Both olive leaf extract and olive oil preparations have been shown in laboratory tests to decrease activity associated with abnormal blood clots. [Extra virgin olive oil contains some of the olive leaf micronutrient that do this.  And, you can also take olive leaf extract as a supplement.]

Garlic. Garlic is fairly well known for its ability to boost cardiovascular health. Garlic extracts have also been shown to inhibit platelet aggregation….” [Kyolic deodorized garlic supplements, 1200 mg or four a day, lower triglycerides and small particle LDL and may also cut the development of the soft plaque that breaks off to cause clots.]

“….Quercetin. Doses of quercetin glucosides, the natural form of quercetin, were found to inhibit collagen-induced platelet formation. In addition, quercetin from food sources, such as onion, were shown to have positive effects on platelet aggregation…..” [Jarrow sells quercetin in 500 mg capsules.]

Tomatoes. These include several nutrients that can play a role in protecting the cardiovascular system. They also have been shown to promote antiplatelet activity.
[Cooked & pureed tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil make lycopene and other carotenoids in tomatoes more bioavailableThen adding extra virgin olive oil and other spices enhances the effect.]

Additional natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce the risk of abnormal blood clots include resveratrol, grape seed extract, fish oil, capsaicinoids, ginger and curcumin.” [Resveratrol and grape seed extract micronutrients are in red wine.]  

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