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Cut cancer risk to NEAR ZERO....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 7-12-2016

If you are like most people, over your lifetime, you have about a fifty-fifty chance of getting cancer.

Did you know that you can cut your risk down from that one to one ratio to FIFTEEN to one you will escape cancer or even better!

Five changes that also powerfully protect your health in other ways and are quite doable will do it.

And, you can add several more steps to cut your risk even more!

1.  Cut your risk in half of all cancers right off the top!  Half of all cancers are caused by tobacco or its smoke according to some sources.

And that tobacco and its smoke causes half of all deaths from cancer is an even more reliable and agreed on statistic.

2.  Recent studies recently publicized by Dr Al Sears found that you can cut your risk of cancer in half again by doing regular vigorous exercise!

“This study focused on the connection between a high-intensity exercise program and cancer. In this case, shrinking tumors.

Published a few months ago, this report found high-intensity exercise reduced tumors in mice by 50%.2

Researchers believe it’s because of the adrenaline surge that a high-intensity exercise produces.
The adrenaline pushes cancer-busting natural killer (NK) cells toward tumors.

NK cells are part of your innate immune system. They are a kind of white blood cell that seeks out and kills other infected cells (including tumor cells) while sparing healthy cells.

They also found that a chemical signal produced by muscles during exercise called Interleukin 6 (IL-6) helps guide NK cells toward the cancer cells.”
3.  You can cut your risk of cancers between 18 % too to maybe over another fifty percent by eating organic vegetables each day.  And, if every day you eat one or two organic cruciferous vegetables and one or two vegetables high in carotenes and one or two servings of some kind of onions and/or garlic, you may cut your remaining risk by as much as another 60%!

4.  If you also reduce your chronic inflammation and small particle LDL with some key changes in diet away from grain and grain oils and other heart attack starters and besides regular vigorous exercise you boost DHA and other omega 3 oils and take anti-inflammatory supplements, you get three wonderful benefits!  You cut your risk of heart disease to near zero if you have also done the first 3 things.  You cut your risk of getting cancer by about another 50%.  AND, one source says this also dramatically reduces having any cancer you get metastasize. 

(That source said that small particle LDL was used by cancer cells to metastasize. 
So if you force your small particle LDL to ideally low levels which this set of things is proven to do, your cancer cells stop getting this extra piggy back ride to other places in your body!)

See the book “Anticancer” for how to lower chronic inflammation. 

See the books by William Davis MD and my many posts on increasing HDL and how heart protective it is and on other ways to protect your heart.  Both Dr Davis’s research and my personal blood tests show these methods work!  (A few days ago my HDL was 99 & my triglycerides were 35 & my LDL was 65.  This indicates I have about a ninth as many particles of small particle LDL as the average American who is younger than I am.  Not ingesting heart attack starters, eating right, regular vigorous exercise, and supplements like DHA and niacin and beta sitosterol, and turmeric DO very well if you do them all consistently.)

5.  Radon gas, artificial sweeteners, herbicides and pesticides in many places, and other carcinogenic compounds can be largely avoided.  If you do that too, you cut your risk of cancer by yet another 50%.

Buying organic produce and dramatically minimizing fats from animals fed grain that was sprayed with herbicides and pesticides; NOT using pesticides and herbicides in your home or yard and only using natural methods instead such as boiling water or full strength vinegar to kill weeds, etc is much more protective than is generally known.

Are you done yet? NOPE

There are four more ways to prevent cancer!  

Two clearly work and two might that can double your protection or more yet again!

1.  One way metastatic cancer kills is to enter your bones.  Did you know there is a set of things that make your bones so hard and dense this becomes close to impossible.

(See my 6-28 post Prevent bone loss during menopause http://iehealth.blogspot.com/2016/06/prevent-bone-loss-during-menopause.html

It includes how to make your bones that hard.  This is proven to make metastasis far less likely and some of the supplements directly kill cancer too!)

2.  Some supplements do help prevent cancer in addition to those that lower inflammation or reduce small particle LDL 

These include 10,000 iu or more a day of vitamin D3, boron; turmeric (& the curcumins in it); real alpha tocopherol (NOT the cheap fake that causes cancer); the foods that contain all the tocopherols, particularly, gamma tocopherol that are otherwise health OK to eat such as extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and raw tree nuts for those not allergic to them; 200 mcg a day of selenium &/or eating some Brazil nuts each week; and green tea; and green tea extract.

(Taking or eating that set of things can cut your cancer risk about in half or more on top of everything else!)

3.  a) If cancer cells don’t spread out everywhere or keep coming back once killed the first time, you are both more likely to kill them off and  more likely to survive despite having once had the cancer.

One way that cancer cells do these things is with their own stem cells.  So, if you kill those cancer stem cells off, it’s extremely protective.

Ginger is a safe and effective anti-inflammatory related to turmeric.  If you eat enough of it or take it as a supplement it also lowers LDL cholesterol and boosts your nausea threshold enough to prevent it.

Oh my!  THIS says getting that much ginger also KILLS cancer stem cells:


by Cat Ebeling & Mike Geary
co-authors of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning Kitchen & The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging

"Ginger is so powerful, it can fight cancer and actually shrink tumors and destroy cancer stem cells.

In an article titled, “Ginger and Cancer” by Kelley Herring, published by US Wellness Meats, May 6, 2016, Kelley reports that while chemotherapy kills both cancer cells and healthy cells in the body, chemo can leave behind deadly cancer stem cells, that can return to grow new cancerous tumors. According to Kelley and the Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics:

“Cancer stem cells (CSCs), which comprise a small fraction of cancer cells, are believed to constitute the origin of most human tumors … Many studies also suggest that CSCs serve as the basis of metastases”.

Ginger contains another powerful compound, 6-shogaol, that is highly effective in killing cancer stem cells in breast cancer, according to a study done in 2015.

Shogaol was compared to the chemotherapy drug, Taxol, and curcumin from turmeric. 

The compound found in ginger was found to be the most effective, especially against cancer stem cells. Kelley’s article (“Ginger and Cancer”) goes on to state that the Taxol could not match the activity of the shogaol in ginger even at a 10,000X increase! The best thing about this study is that ginger’s powerful properties in fighting cancer happen without the harmful side effects that chemotherapy causes.

Gingerols have also been shown to be active against the growth of colorectal cells in colon cancer, according to a study from University of Minnesota’s Hormel Institute. Ginger extracts have been shown in scientific studies to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor effects on human cells and cancer cells. In a study from University of Michigan, gingerols killed ovarian cancer cells.

Ovarian cancer is thought to be caused in part, by inflammation, and because ginger has such a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on cells, reducing key inflammatory indicators also reduced chances of ovarian cancer development, in addition to ginger’s tumor-shrinking capabilities. While conventional chemotherapy also suppresses the same inflammatory markers, chemo—besides destroying the body’s healthy cells and immune function—also can create drug resistance. Cancer cells exposed to ginger do not become resistant. Ovarian cancer is often considered a silent, deadly killer, so an ounce of prevention in the form of ginger is highly advisable for most women of childbearing and menstruating age."”

b) DNA damaged cells are eliminated by your immune system before they become cancers.  Some supplements, such as enough vitamin D3, improve that process which reduces cancer or simply gets rid of it. 

But when a cancer forms, it develops a kind of protective cloak so your immune system does NOT kill them.  

I read recently in a Ben Ong email that a class of supplements that can help remove the kind of plaque in your arteries to help prevent angina and heart attacks and strokes, ALSO REMOVES THE CLOAK FROM CANCER CELLS.  

I've not yet seen research verifying this one.  But if it's accurate, adding it on to these other protective actions might come very close to giving you 100% protection from cancer.

These are nattokinase, serrapeptase which must be taken on an empty stomach for these effects, and lumbrokinase.

(I’ve been taking nattokinase and serrapeptase on an empty stomach for over 7 months now for extra heart protection.  So it was delightful to discover I’d been boosting my cancer protection too!)

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