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Prevent bone loss during menopause....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 6-28-2016

Researchers came up with the idea that if women in the early stages of menopause were tested for normal bone formation and bone breakdown BEFORE menopause –

and the researchers made a measure of a ratio between them so that normal or a bit more bone formation and normal or a bit less bone breakdown would show a higher ratio while less bone formation than normal and/or more bone breakdown than normal and less bone formation than normal would show a low ratio,
then women with a high ratio before menopause would likely lose less bone than women who had a low ratio who would lose more.

And, this reasonable idea was shown to be accurate.

Here’s the Medical News Today item and link:

Index could help identify women at risk for rapid bone loss

Researchers have developed an index to better predict which women may experience faster bone loss across the menopause transition, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society's...
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On WebMD, the two measures relating to normal bone formation were:

Osteocalcin and vitamin D levels in the blood.

Osteocalcin is a direct measure of bone formation.

Vitamin D levels are included as a bone formation precursor because adequate vitamin D3 levels are “essential for your body's absorption of calcium. You can….(have)…” plenty of calcium, but if you don't have enough vitamin D, it won't be efficiently absorbed by your body.”

It may be desirable to have readings of over 50; but readings of less than 50 result in less bone formation.  [We now know that the real optimum intake of vitamin D3 is 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day or more. And, D2 is dramatically less effective and is unsafe at over 4,000 iu a day.]

The measure of bone loss was:

 “Urinary N-telopeptide of type I collagen, or uNTX. This is a marker of bone resorption, or loss of bone.”

This suggests that a woman who begins with low bone formation and high bone loss BEFORE menopause will lose more bone while a woman with relatively high bone formation and low bone loss will lose less.

That is apparently what the researchers found.

And, this suggests this testing to enable women and their doctors to prevent harmful levels of bone loss during menopause.

The problem as readers of my previous posts on this subject know, is that most doctors now use ineffective and or dangerous methods when effective and safe methods exist!

1.  Taking the artificial estrogen without having the woman doing so be on an anti-inflammation and anti-cancer lifestyle has been shown to cause a much higher risk of cancer.

The solution is to have the woman go on an anti-inflammation and anti-cancer lifestyle, see the book “Anticancer;” and to use low or moderately low doses of the bioidentical estrogen.  (Adding omega 3 oil and DHA supplements and eating wild caught fish high in them and using ginger as a supplement and/or spice also helps.)

2.  The drugs to increase bone density are truly woeful.  They do NOT increase strong and healthy bone formation and have horrid side effects.  The bones resulting are harder but not stronger and break MORE easily.  NOT a good idea at all!

The much better news is that by doing the things that DO cause strong and healthy bone formation and having the woman STOP doing the thing that has been widespread that CAUSES bone loss, it is quite possible to stop bone loss and add strong and healthy bone formation.

a)  No woman who wishes to avoid osteoporosis and particularly no woman about to go through menopause who has a low reading on this ratio should ever drink ANY soft drinks – either regular or diet. 

Both the phosphoric acid in colas and the carbonic acid that makes the “carbonation” or bubbles leach minerals from the bones of people who drink them.

b)  The really good news is that we have so many effective ways to add strong and healthy bone formation.

*The big one is weight bearing exercise and strength training.

If you do those two or more times a week and do them well and eat enough protein they tend to cause strong and healthy bone formation.

Walking and dancing and running and jump rope and using a mini-trampoline all work.

So does effective strength training.  Every muscle you strength train you not only make stronger, when you do, the bones underneath each muscle also become stronger.

In fact, one of the most effective kinds of strength training, slow rep strength training was initially developed to see if a doing relatively heavy leg presses would increase bone strength and formation in women who already had some bone loss.  And, it did cause them to have bone formation as predicted.

Further study shows this only works well in people who get an adequate protein intake.  This has been estimated at a three fourths of a gram of protein per pound of lean bodyweight to a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight in people who are not overfat.

*And you can add to this effect by taking the real optimum intake of vitamin D3 is 7,000 to 10,000 iu a day or more.

*Between dairy foods and beans and vegetables high in calcium and calcium being in almost all multivitamin plus minerals etc, almost everyone gets enough calcium.

But there are 3 things that are needed to have the calcium build strong and healthy bones. 

Besides vitamin D3, there are two other essentials many, if not most, women do not get enough of.

Vitamin K2 acts as a calcium director in the body.  It along with vitamin D3 sends calcium to build bones AND it STOP calcium from going into your arteries!  So it also protects your heart.

Animal and seafood protein sources and fats from naturally fed animals contain vitamin K2 and there are also supplements for it.  Bone broth from grass fed cows is available and is a source of K2.  So is natto a fermented soy product which ideally is from nonGMO soybeans.

The other catalyst you need to build bone is magnesium.  If you get the high intake or organic greens now known to be essential for good health and eat raw tree nuts regularly – or take 400 mg or more magnesium as a supplement, you will build bone better.  Oddly, this is MORE important than calcium intake but a majority of women today are deficient in magnesium.

*Lastly, there is a mineral that makes bones of people who take it much stronger.  People who take 3 mg a day of boron get this effect.

This means that women who take or eat these things and do strength training and/or weight bearing exercise will have much stronger bones that will stay strong and be hard – not easy—to break!   

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