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More testosterone AND better health....

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 7-5-2016

It was once thought that high testosterone or boosting it if it was low increased the chances of aggressive prostate cancer or caused balding or made it worse.

This is not so.

But there is a related problem that does do these things.

If testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, the chances of prostate cancer go up and balding becomes more likely or gets worse.

There are three ways to stop that conversion.

1.  In a recent email Dr David Blyweiss said this:

"…. lowering testosterone levels won’t necessarily reduce the amount of DHT you produce. That’s because a particular enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, is required to change testosterone into DHT.

Popular hair loss and BPH drugs are designed to inhibit this enzyme. These include drugs like Proscar and Propecia. The active ingredient in these drugs is Finasteride.

Unfortunately, they also come with a potentially deadly side effect; an increased risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer.

Additionally, they can (cause) ED and dampen your libido.

These conditions can continue, even after you’ve stopped taking the drug."

Does paying for those horrid results sound good to you? 

For me, it adds them to the list of drugs never to take!

Mercifully there are two other ways to inhibit 5-alpha reductase and lower DHT.

Even better, they can be added to methods to BOOST total testosterone to increase your free and usable testosterone to help you build and keep your strength and muscle mass and keep your libido or boost it!

2.  Eating cruciferous vegetables also lowers DHT AND eating them also REDUCES high grade, aggressive prostate cancer, particularly raw broccoli florets and raw cauliflower effects.  It cuts your risk at of aggressive prostate cancer least in HALF!

Eating cruciferous vegetables also helps prevent all cancers in other ways. 

And eating cruciferous vegetables also helps enable hunger free fat loss!

3.  There are also two related supplements that lower DHT.  And the extra health benefits they have are truly amazing!!

Natrol Cholesterol Balance supplements contain beta sitosterol as well as the stigmasterol that naturally appears with beta sitosterol.

Dr Blyweiss said this about beta sitosterol which also is in the supplement Saw Palmetto:  “The berries from this tropical plant, Saw Palmetto, contain a compound called beta sitosterol, which naturally blocks 5-alpha reductase.

So, besides eating daily servings of raw cruciferous vegetables, you can take both Natrol’s Beta Sitosterol supplement AND Saw Palmetto each day to slash the conversion to DHT!

Is this a good idea?

It’s inexpensive for one thing.  Natrol’s Cholesterol Balance beta sitosterol supplement is quite inexpensive.  And Whole Foods brand of Saw Palmetto is almost as affordable.

(I take three a day of the Natrol’s Cholesterol Balance beta sitosterol supplement and two a day of the Whole Foods brand of Saw Palmetto.)

AND these sterol supplements ALSO reduce your LDL cholesterol!  (That’s why the Natrol supplement came to be called Cholesterol Balance.)

Incredibly, the best reason for both men and women to take beta sitosterol is that the stigmasterol that appears with it removes beta amyloid plaques from your brain!

Not only can this help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it may reverse it in its early stages!

Researchers for a couple of studies stated that it is well established that the stigmasterol that appears with beta sitosterol removes beta amyloid from the brain!

AND, a symptom of early Alzeimer’s is losing your sense of smell.  When stigmasterol was given to a group of people who had lost their sense of smell, their sense of smell returned!

So, there ARE two ways to IMPROVE your health AND reduce DHT!  

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