Monday, July 18, 2016

My monthly fatloss report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 7-18-2016

A.  Here's the key news.  Not good as yet, unfortunately.

1.  I gained about one pound from 162 to 163. 

My chest was a half inch larger with a quarter inch of that muscle or better posture during the measurement, I think.

My waist and hips were a quarter inch more.  My hips might have been muscle; but I think I simply added a quarter inch of all three measures as fat gained as shown by that pound.

I did get the 45 pound dumbbell and by next month that may help add some muscle. My upper body curls did well with it.  But it will be tomorrow before I use it to boost my leg exercises to 95 by adding to the 50 pound one where I did 90 pounds last week using 40 + 50 lb ones.

The previous week was one where I ate more to try to add muscle that week.  So the gain for the week was expected. 

BUT, by NOT losing 2 or 3 pounds the other two weeks last month where I wanted and tried to do so, my fatloss progress for the whole month was pretty much not there.

Clearly I need to add more muscle and change what I eat to supply less calories those two weeks in order to make progress.

a) I’m going to start going to the gym three or four weeks a month.

b) And, I’ve a plan too to cut my calories on my two cut down weeks.

c) Lastly, I’m about to add a supplement that has a track record of improving sleep quality and day time energy AND also shows muscle gain and fat loss from the belly area -- perhaps because of those things.

I may or may not get confirmation right away on the muscle gain or fat loss.  But the greater day time energy and sleep quality I’ll know about soon!

2.  Surprisingly bad news on the new scale!  In round numbers it cost me $90 and is no better at all than the $30 two scales I already had.

It did come in time to try it this time.

If it IS more accurate, it says I weigh a pound more than they do. 

Every Saturday that is closest to the 18th of the month, I weigh myself both before breakfast and after breakfast. . (My breakfast and milk and water weigh about 1.5 to 2 pounds.)

Both my old and new scales showed I gained close to that much weight
(They sometimes have not!)   Did the new scale show that?  Nope.  It said I gained no weight at all.  Oh my.

For three times as much money, it is no better at all. (I think it will weigh up to 400 pounds though where the cheaper ones top out at less than that.)

So, I don’t yet have a digital scale small enough to use at home in a small space to recommend to you.  The ones in my doctor’s office that are actually accurate, are available for sale but cost over $800 and are a bit large for home use since they have the height measure too.

Some company must have an accurate floor digital scale with no height measurement to make it oversize that costs a good bit less than $800.

In today’s world, with a working scale that does the job, it should be technically possible and there IS a huge untapped market for one:

Almost all of us trying to lose fat or add muscle will buy one if we simply find out which company!

B.  Other topics:

So far the other things I’ve been doing for food and exercise are still preventing me from gaining significantly more fat or losing muscle which most men my age ARE doing.

So, I keep doing them and do what I can to improve them.

And, my heart health measures recently were excellent again -- plus my blood pressure is still a bit better. 

(As of this last measurement, I’ve lowered my LDL cholesterol from 130 or more to 65 with no drugs needed at all. My HDL is still 99 and my triglycerides are 35.

On some days my blood pressure is close to ideal in the 121 over 77 range; and I only get readings with the first number 140 or over two or three days a week and the second number 90 or over once a week or none. 

Those results the low dose diuretic and low dose ace inhibitor have helped me to do. 

The nondrug things I’ve done to lower my blood pressure HAVE protected me from harm; and they may have kept me from higher blood pressure.  But they did NOT lower it.) 

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