Thursday, August 11, 2016

Way to Force Fat Loss….

Today's Post:  Thursday, 8-11-2016

A.  You may have read my other fat loss posts.

In them, if you have, you’ve already seen that they stress a few basics:

1.  Stop eating and drinking the things that make you fat and sick.  Often, they are the same things.  In fact, most of the things that make you fat also make you sick or threaten your life if you keep eating or drinking them!

But also stopping anything that makes you sick or threatens your life too even when it isn’t fattening also removes calories without removing anything that benefits you.

2.  Eat as many servings as you can of raw or steamed or cooked organic vegetables.  This is extremely well proven to enable fat loss and make it easy to keep off the fat you lose.  And, other than the first think it is likely the most health beneficial thing you can do.

Add at least one serving of an organic fruit a day and at least one or two servings of extra virgin olive oil or tree nuts if you aren’t allergic, and some avocado each day.

(Doing both of these first two things is the core of the Mediterranean diet which has been shown to prevent heart disease and reduce mental decline.  And, people who follow this with a high vegetable intake often lose fat. One of the great benefits of the Mediterranean diet in this style is that once you arrive at a trim body and have lost fat, studies show you can avoid fat loss by just continuing and you often can eat as much as you want without gaining the fat back.)

3.  Do effective strength training, short duration high intensity cardio with rests, and brisk short walks at least one of these most days of every week. (And do NOT take statins which can cause and has caused those exercises to be harmful instead of beneficial. If you do the first three things well, you get much better heart protection and more reduction in your risk of death than statins deliver.)

Doing these exercises regularly is as beneficial to your health as the first two things and it even slows aging in several ways.  And, by adding muscle instead of losing it by not doing this, you can lose fat while eating more and keep it off instead of gaining it back.

B.  But many people can make all these lifestyle upgrades and want for more fat loss effect.

To get the motivation to continue it really, really helps to get significant fat loss in the first few weeks to three months.

To have the energy to make these changes many people can do so more reliably and better if there is a way to they can have significantly more energy.
And, if you lose fat, you may trigger the failsafe famine response or get overconfident and stop doing part of the lifestyle upgrades.

One way that has worked for some people to lose more fat right away is to adopt all those lifestyle changes most days each week but eat all you are hungry for but do fasting one or two days a week as well.

(I tried that; didn’t like it; and it did trigger my famine response a bit, and though I lost a few pounds, I gained it back.)

But what if there was a way to have more energy, find fasting easy to do, and even minimize any famine response from doing so?

The Bulletproof Diet and related products has done this for many people.

And, it may work for everyone with some custom tweaks.

The man who originated it lost 100 pounds and has kept them all off.

I’m new to it myself.  But I need more energy and to lose my last few pounds of extra fat mostly off my belly.

The reasoning behind it seems sound. And, it’s quite well researched

If it sounds like it might do what you want it to do also, by all means try it yourself.

As I use it, I’ll report here how well it works for me.

If you have been following my monthly fatloss reports much of what I’ve tried I’ve found to be ineffective or undoable.

But this looks likely to change that.  If it does, I’ll let you know.  

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