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Lower inflammation to lose fat and stay healthy…

Today's Post:  Thursday, 9-8-2016

 The overall statistics on dangerous lifestyle diseases for obese people are scary!

Obese people are more likely to get heart attacks, strokes, & many cancers! 

Worse, the more excess fat people have and the longer they have been obese, the higher the risk of these diseases become.

But there has been some surprising research done that found that some obese people have risk indicator blood tests that show they are healthy or at least at much lower risk than most obese people.

But what were the healthy obese people doing that most obese people were not to stay healthy anyway?

The research has found there are two answers:

a) The healthy obese people exercised regularly.

b)  AND their measures of chronic inflammation were normal or even desirable.

This is great news!  That’s because adding just a bit of regular exercise is doable. 

AND, we know how to use lifestyle upgrades to dramatically lower high chronic inflammation. That too is doable!

This means that obese people can protect their health without any weight loss –
 or they can get health protection right away even if they are still months or years away from losing all their excess fat!

1.  Research has shown that as little as four 7 minute brisk walks a week is protective.  So is as little as 20 minutes of strength training two days a week with at least one day off in between.

Most people can do both of these. And almost everyone can do one or the other of these.

2.  The best resource I’ve seen on lowering high chronic inflammation is the book:

Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD.

The doctor who wrote this had cancer and was able to live for far longer because he learned this low inflammation lifestyle and how to do it in such detail.

People evolved to get as much omega 3 oil, which is anti-inflammatory and omega 6 oil which tends to cause inflammation.

In this balanced state, inflammation was always low unless there was an illness or an injury.

But people then began to eat more grains and more oils made from grains – and worst of all, they began to feed the animals they got protein foods from grains instead of their natural diets.

Dr Servan-Schreiber details how people who eat multiple servings of refined hybrid wheat and use corn oil or soy oil in their food and eat meat and dairy from factory farmed animals fed grains, now have 20 or even 30 times too much omega 6 in their blood!

We now know that this is hellishly bad for your health.

As Dr Servan-Schreiber describes, this helps cause many cancers and makes any cancers that show up grow faster and become harder to kill.

But separate research has found that this very high omega 6 driven excessive chronic inflammation ALSO helps cause heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease!

To turn this off is quite simple though it is harder for some people than others:

1.  Stop ingesting ANY of these high omega 6 foods! 

2.  Instead, eat lots of organic vegetables and fresh fruit. 

This does double duty.  These foods have no oils, let alone omega 6 oils AND many vegetables from onions to broccoli directly have anti-cancer effects! 

And separately it has been shown that doing this slashes the risk of heart attacks as well as cancers.  Best of all, people who eat one or more servings of organic fresh fruit a day have far less of BOTH kinds of strokes!

3.  Use only extra virgin olive oil on your food; and if you can, eat raw tree nuts and avocados.

4.  Eat some wild caught fish and seafood which give you enough omega 3 oils and/or take the supplements of DHA, the most health protective omega 3 oil, and an omega 3 supplement from purified fish oil.

5.  Use ginger or turmeric as a spice in some foods and/or take ginger and curcumin supplements where the curcumin comes from turmeric.

Each of these two spices lower inflammation effectively.  AND, they not only do not have side effects, they both have heart protective effects. 

And turmeric and curcumin have documented ability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease!

Bonus number one to doing this:

Most of the foods people stop eating to do this are fattening. And, of these anti-inflammatory foods, organic vegetables, are high in water and fiber and low in calories.

At the same time a combination of organic vegetables and these safe to eat oils and fats and spices turns off hunger quite well.

So, many obese people who make this switch lose 25 pounds or more of fat with no extra effort or hunger!

So this strategy is a no lose and often a win-win strategy!

For sure, you will gain enormous health protection even if you lose no fat or weight.

And, in practice you may lose a good bit of your fat with no other effort needed!

Bonus number two to doing this:

David Blyweiss, M.D. sent an email on this subject a few days ago.

In it he covers a Cornell study.

It has three parts. 

It lists some things people do who lose fat they keep off.

It documents that obese people who have high inflammation tend to get even fatter and heavier over time.

AND, it also says that people who achieve low inflammation find their other fat loss efforts remove more fat!

Besides always eating breakfast and eating vegetables often and stopping eating when you feel full and regular exercise, this Cornell study found that people who stay slim or keep off fat they lose have low chronic inflammation!

This is also a way to become much healthier even before all your fat comes off!  Do the OTHER things that slash high chronic inflammation.

This study and Bulletproof's Dave Asprey BOTH say that slashing chronic inflammation to low or very low can help you lose fat and keep it off!:

"...inflammation affects your weight in more ways than you might think.

First, people with the highest levels of inflammatory proteins in their blood are more likely to gain weight over the next six years.

[So, if you lose fat AND lower your chronic inflammation too, you’ll be more likely to keep the fat off!]

Second, when elevations in these proteins are combined with obesity, it greatly increases your risk of becoming diabetic or insulin resistant.

Third, being obese and insulin resistant is like putting gasoline on a fire. It stimulates the production of even more inflammatory substances, which means more weight gain and further metabolic problems. 

It’s no wonder that more than 90% of diabetics are overweight or obese! Chronic inflammation begets chronic degenerative disease."


You have it in your power to stay healthier and lose fat more easily – or at the least stay healthier and stop gaining more fat.

To the extent you possibly can stop buying or eating canola oil.  It too has too much omega 6 oil.  Never buy or use corn or soy oil.

Only buy or eat extra virgin olive oil.

Stop eating all wheat based foods.

Stop eating very much factory farmed meat or poultry.  Trim all the fat you can if you do. Or better only eat animals fed only their natural diet.

Add some regular exercise.

Eat some wild caught fish high in omega 3 oils.

And, consider adding ginger and turmeric as spices for some foods.

Also consider taking ginger, curcumin, DHA, and omega 3 supplements.

[This does work!  I do all of the above and have tested at very low HSCRP inflammation.]  

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