Monday, August 22, 2016

My monthly fatloss report....

Today's Post:  Monday, 8-22-2016

A.  Here's the key news.  Not good as yet, unfortunately.

1.  I gained about one pound from 163 to 164. 

My chest and hips were the same as last month.

But I gained about half an inch on my waist

I gained that pound in the week between last Saturday, 8-20 and the Saturday before, 8-13 despite eating a bit less on the things I intended to eat less. 

But I was under unusual stress and had some extra food on Sunday, 8-14.  (It was steamed carrots; so I think the pound of weight gain and the one half inch gain on my waist was the extra stress.)

Also, by NOT losing 2 or 3 pounds that week and the other week last month where I wanted and tried to do so, my fatloss progress for the whole month was pretty much not there.

Clearly I need to add more muscle and change what I eat to supply less calories those two weeks in order to make progress.

a) I’m going to start going to the gym three or four weeks a month.

b) And, I’ve a plan too to cut my calories on my two cut down weeks.

c) Lastly, I’m about to add a supplement that has a track record of improving sleep quality and day time energy AND also shows muscle gain and fat loss from the belly area -- perhaps because of those things.

I may or may not get confirmation right away on the muscle gain or fat loss.  But the greater day time energy and sleep quality I’ll know about soon!

The supplement that I’m trying -- to get more energy without drinking more coffee or tea -- is Bulletproof’s, MCT 8, “Brain Octane.”  According to them, MCT 8 is one of the two versions that power your brain best and the best or mildest tasting of the MCT fractions.

It just came as I had it shipped to my part time day job.   It is quite usable! It’s close to tasteless and about the same consistency in the cold coffee I added it to as coconut oil that is blended  to be liquid at room temperature.

By the next report in four weeks, I’ll be able to report on how well it did on providing me extra energy and mental clarity without more coffee.

And, in addition to that, it’s said to enable you to do intermittent fasting without excess hunger or rebound problems by providing your brain energy without your normal food intake.

By next month, I’ll have my first test result:  In a month, were there any weight losses or inches lost, from two days of partial fasting and two days of more thorough fasting?

2.  Surprisingly bad news on the new scale!  In round numbers it cost me $90 and is no better at all than the $30 two scales I already had.

It did come in time to try it last time & this time.

If it IS more accurate, it says I weigh a pound more than they do. 

Every Saturday that is closest to the 18th of the month, I weigh myself both before breakfast and after breakfast. . (My breakfast and milk and water weigh about 1.5 to 2 pounds.)

Both my old and new scales showed I gained close to that much weight
(They sometimes have not!)   Did the new scale show that?  Nope.  It said I gained no weight at all.  Oh my. It did that last month AND this month too!

For three times as much money, it is no better at all. (I think it will weigh up to 400 pounds though where the cheaper ones top out at less than that.)

In fact, I think it may be the worst of the three.  So, I’m continuing to take the average of those other less expensive two to get a somewhat accurate reading.

So, I don’t yet have a digital scale small enough to use at home in a small space to recommend to you.  The ones in my doctor’s office that are actually accurate, are available for sale but cost over $800 and are a bit large for home use since they have the height measure too.

Some company must have an accurate floor digital scale with no height measurement to make it oversize that costs a good bit less than $800.

In today’s world, with a working scale that does the job, it should be technically possible and there IS a huge untapped market for one:

Almost all of us trying to lose fat or add muscle will buy one if we simply find out which company!

(I’ll keep you posted on that one!)

B.  Other topics:

1.  So far the other things I’ve been doing for food and exercise are still preventing me from gaining significantly more fat or losing muscle which most men my age ARE doing.

So, I keep doing them and do what I can to improve them.

2.  And, my heart health measures recently were excellent again -- plus my blood pressure is still a bit better. 

(As of this last measurement, I’ve lowered my LDL cholesterol from 130 or more to 65 with no drugs needed at all. My HDL is still 99 and my triglycerides are 35.

Last week my blood pressure readings went up a couple of notches because of the stress; but because of the new supplement and the two low dose blood pressure drugs it went from quite good to just barely at the lower side of high blood pressure & on the first reading only.

This is still MUCH better than it was during weeks with comparable stress before.

3.  I continue to get slightly stronger each month even though I cannot yet get to the gym to use their heavier weights.

On the tricep dumbbell exercise that I do, I can now do as many reps with 50 pounds that I once could do with 40 pounds and 35 pounds before that.

On the dumbbell curls I can now do as many reps with my new 45 pound dumbbell as I could do with 40 pounds before that.

So, once I can get to the gym and repeat this process with the much heavier barbell exercises for my legs, butt, and lower back, I believe I can finally add some additional muscle mass and weight.

I’ve learned the process and am quite confident I can repeat it.


The new supplement that may power more fat loss than I’ve managed and give me more energy too, is the big story this time.

By next time, I may have encouraging initial news.

I look forward to seeing if it does those two jobs for me!    

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