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Repair fatty liver…

Today's Post:  Tuesday, 9-6-2016

A disease called NASH, also called fatty liver is not thought to be curable.  It can kill you and people have died from it.

People have resorted to getting liver transplant when they develop a bad case of it.

Despite the fact that most Americans still eat and drink in a way that causes it, it’s possible to avoid getting it by simply not consuming the harmful food and drink ingredients that cause it.

Secondly, if someone who has fatty liver stops ingesting those things 100% of the time, they may be able to reverse the damage and repair their liver.

1.  Many Americans think of regular soft drinks which are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup as normal, enjoyable and harmless.  They think drinking one or two or more regular soft drinks a day is also normal, enjoyable and harmless. 

The same is true for packaged desserts and baked goods and normal foods that have had high fructose corn syrup added to them.

Humans have existed for many thousands of years and soft drinks for about 100 years and high fructose corn syrup less than fifty years.  So, biologically these things are NOT normal.

They are in fact extremely harmful although the harm can take years to become perceivable.

It’s simple, one of the many harms of soft drinks and particularly of consuming high fructose corn syrup is causing fatty liver.

2.  But there is another cause that is just as bad.  Butter can be used in cooking to add flavor and increase the satisfying to eat character of food in general and baked goods in particular.

But even when the butter was from naturally fed cattle, foods that are made or were made with it taste great fresh.  But after just a day or two they begin to taste “stale.”

And, butter is moderately expensive.  Once soy and corn oil became cheap and it was discovered that hydrogenating these oils created an almost OK substitute that had a shelf life of years, food companies used these hydrogenated oils to produce foods and baked goods that cost less and were good tasting for months!

So, the food companies loved using hydrogenated oils.  And many of them still do.

Unfortunately hydrogenated oils don’t like the human body much and we don’t process them well.  Hydrogenated oils in the human body are like fine sand in a car engine.  They literally gunk up the normal functioning of it.

Hydrogenated oils directly increase the levels of small particle LDL causing blood vessel blockages and inflammation and causing heart attacks and strokes.

Worse, because these hydrogenated oils are processed so slowly by your body, it takes a month or so to get rid of any you eat today.  And the horrible thing about that is that this means that eating “just a little bit” of hydrogenated oils each day or eating less – but consuming them every day builds up in just a week or so to a very high level in your body.

The other problem with hydrogenated vegetable oils is that ingesting them causes fatty liver!

3.  But the same people who think soft drinks and high fructose corn syrup are safe and normal and consume them ALSO tend to think that packaged desserts and snacks and baked goods made with hydrogenated oils are also safe and normal to eat.

So, it is still common today for many Americans to consume both relatively high levels of high fructose corn syrup AND hydrogenated oils every day of every week.

But that’s deadly!  Consuming both that often is the most effective and forceful way known to cause fatty liver.

Dr Al Sears does a good job explaining how that works in his article.

“Ingesting hydrogenated vegetable oils causes fatty liver research finds.  (Hydrogenated oils are hard for the liver to process and may block up passages in it, either directly or be decreasing blood flow from the blood vessel plaque it causes.)

The full disaster, which many Americans are now subject to, of both getting tons of free fructose and regular doses of hydrogenated oils is very effective at causing fatty liver other research finds.”

So if you have fatty liver that is threatening your life, the first thing to do is to STOP causing it.

That means zero consumption of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils!

People in quite recent times had none to ingest.  So there are lots of safe alternative foods!

4.  But there is also existing damage in the liver too.

Taking the herbal supplement milk thistle can help.   This has been effective enough in large doses to stop liver failure in people who eat toadstools in many cases.

So if the fatty liver is not too bad nor has it progressed too much, stopping both these causes and taking milk thistle can work for some people.

But since many people today have been consuming both these poisonous ingredients from when they were 5 and 6 years old and fatty liver often has no symptoms until it is far advanced, that leaves people who stopping the causes and taking milk thistle won’t repair the damage.

The best it can do is buy a longer time in which to get a liver transplant.

5.  But what triggered this post is that there may now be something else that can be added that may repair the fatty livers of such people!

a) Ingesting high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils cuts circulation, increases the amount of small particle LDL both lowering HDL and increasing triglycerides AND it increases high chronic inflammation.

So the next thing to do is to do the large list of things known to do the reverse too!

”  These causes also  increase blood sugar and triglycerides and lower HDL and increase chronic inflammation -- all of which tends to cut circulation to the liver and stress it too.

So, doing things that lower high blood sugar and hammer down triglycerides and boost HDL is also curative.

Stopping all wheat and most grains -- even whole grains, and stopping all oils made from grains including canola and the animal fats that contain them from factory farmed animals fed grains does all four things:  It cuts too high blood sugar; and lowers triglycerides, and increases HDL and sharply lowers high chronic inflammation.

Adding things that have the reverse effects or make this easier to do also works:   (The curative step is to do both!)

Eating wild caught fish high in omega 3 oils, taking omega 3 supplements and taking a DHA supplement and using extra virgin olive oil and eating avocados and tree nuts if you aren't allergic do them does that.

Taking deodorized garlic and ginger and turmeric (or curcumin from turmeric) and doing vigorous exercise most days of every week and staying completely away from tobacco smoke each cut inflammation and boost HDL and lower triglycerides.”

Adding this step begins to be curative and might be enough for people who are not yet in extreme danger when they begin.

b)  The step that may make the remaining difference and repairing even severe damage was in Dr Sears email.

The first steps can restore the circulation to liver cells and help them recover.  But some of the damage is to the mitochondria in the liver cells which can cause them to fail.

But reverse that damage as well as stopping new damage and restoring circulation and you are beginning to have some real leverage on repairing fatty liver.

Dr Sears article shows that getting enough ubiquinol can reverse existing fatty liver disease.

The three keys are: 

*First to do the first things that stop the causes completely.

*Take 200 mg or more a day of ubiquinol as he describes. (Early in the day and at mid-day to avoid disrupting sleep.)

*Be sure to completely stop any statin drugs.  The first two steps do a better job of heart protection so statins are no longer needed even if they were that effective.

Statins remove ubiquinol which WORSENS fatty liver disease.  

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Blogger David said...

Somehow I missed saving the Medical News Today and health email where I read them. But the much better news is that there are TWO more significant ways that work to stop fatty liver!

One is that regular vigorous exercise was found to help make it better and also likely can help prevent it.

The other is that taking the supplement TMG, derived from beets and called betaine a few times a day was found to also make fatty liver better and help prevent it. Jarrow makes a 750 mg TMG tablet; and taking one three or four times a day provide the amount this study found to work.

Ubiquinol and regular vigorous exercise and methyl donors like TMG all help keep the mitochondria in the liver from dying. And they apparently can do so long enough for stopping the causes to allow healing to take place.

Note that statins damage this process and are contraindicated when fatty liver is present.

The better news is that stopping the causes of fatty liver by completely stopping high fructose corn syrup and way too much regular sugar and wheat and hydrogenated oils also cuts the risk of heart disease more than statins.

2:34 PM  
Blogger David said...

New drug approach may stop fatty liver and type 2 diabetes and reduce obesity too!

Now besides stopping the causes and the supplements that speed healing, there soon may be a drug that helps heal fatty liver too!


"....the drug enters the liver with a trick:

It uses the pancreatic hormone glucagon as vehicle to shuttle thyroid hormone T3 to the liver while keeping it away from other organs, thereby improving cholesterol and lipid metabolism while avoiding typical side effects of thyroid hormone.

The constant rise in obesity and diabetes represents a major burden of our society.

Fatty liver and atherosclerosis are frequent consequences of these metabolic diseases, but an efficient and safe medicine, which would reverse obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver and atherosclerosis remains a major scientific challenge of global priority.

An international team led by metabolism experts Matthias Tschöp (Helmholtz Zentrum München / Technische Universität Müchen), Richard diMarchi (Indiana University) and Timo Müller (Helmholtz Zentrum München) report in the current issue of the journal Cell

that liver-specific delivery of the thyroid hormone T3 using glucagon corrects obesity, glucose intolerance, fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis without causing adverse effects in other tissues.

"While the ability of T3 to lower cholesterol is known for centuries, deleterious effects, in particular on the skeleton and the cardiovascular system, do so far limit its medicinal utility", says Brian Finan, the first author of the manuscript."

This is not yet approved as a drug for sale. But if it can boost metabolism safely as this suggests, it sounds dramatically safer than obesity surgery!

With very high health care costs of fatty liver and obesity driving it, this looks likely to be put on the fast track for potential approval.

1:59 PM  

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