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Extra leverage for reduced carb high protein & ketogenic eating.....

Today's post:  Thursday, 9-7-2017

Increasingly there seem to be two viable ways to lose fat you keep off:

[Both methods require stopping all the fattening foods and ingredients that also harm your health from MSG to all hybrid wheat and most grains to hydrogenated oils to high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners (which means totally eliminating ALL soft drinks) to eating no sugar during fat loss periods and never eating over 5% of your calories as sugar even when not in a fat loss period.]

One:  Cut carbs & calories but NOT protein to keep muscle and lose fat.  Combine with heavy weight but reduced reps AND periods of greater health OK carbs and increased weight or reps to add muscle without adding much fat.  Mike Matthews has successfully used this with his clients both men & women.  His clients often begin to look great!  And, that’s true of both men & women.

A safer way to eat liver can provide supernutrition and protein AND, perhaps because of this, is a protein food that is unusually effective in turning off hunger.

Cutting carbs and calories does tend to increase hunger at times.  But this happens less and is easier to overcome eating liver and lots of non-starchy, organic vegetables.

In addition to the information in this post that was in a recent Medical News Today article that liver has a remarkably high level of vitamins, the vitamins in liver from the plants the cow or lamb ate that provide it have the hundreds of versions that produce much greater nutrition effects due to their complementary effect than isolated vitamins do.

This plus the health OK fats and high protein helps explain why liver is so effective at turning off hunger.

MNT Why organ meats boost health & liver is so great!

1.  Liver is so filling because in addition to its protein it's so high in the natural forms of almost every vitamin & mineral people need.

2.  Because it has the ability to enable you to have maximum safe hemoglobin in your red blood cells it may enable you to withstand ischemic strokes and heart attacks and reduced blood flow short of that AND it tends to maximize how much exercise you can do and do safely!

3.  Because livers get rid of pollutants rather than accumulate them, it might be safe to eat liver from cows fed grains grown with pesticide more than is true for other meats!  This is the reverse of what I had thought was the case.  This is also why eating liver doesn't slash the results for people following the Wahls protocol.

[Mercifully this is not necessary because US Wellness meats sells several kinds of liver sausage made from cows fed only grass:  (I think I got this from an Al Sears  email.)]

“Buy organ sausages

This option is the easiest one. Grass-fed organ sausage tastes amazing. It’s also versatile and pairs especially well with eggs and avocado for a Bulletproof breakfast. You can use it pretty much anywhere you’d use normal sausage. 

Three good options are:

     Braunschweiger – a traditional German sausage made from beef trim and beef liver. Make sure it’s grass-fed and freshly made. 

     Headcheese – a combination of beef trim, heart, and tongue, plus a combination of bright spices. You’ll just have to get past the name.

     Liverwurst – a mix of trim, liver, heart, and kidney.

US Wellness Meats sells all three of these organ sausages, and all the meat is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. You can munch on the sausages right out of the package or lightly pan-fry them. Either way, you’d have no idea you’re eating organs.” - US Wellness Meats
Our animals eat well so you can too Beef, lamb, bison, chicken & dairy

4.  Heart meat is also a great source of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This is an antioxidant and can help treat and prevent certain diseases, particularly heart disease.

CoQ10 has been shown to slow down the aging process and to improve energy levels..

5.  Tongue meat is rich in calories and fatty acids, as well as zinc, iron, choline, and vitamin B12. This meat is considered especially beneficial for those recovering from illness or for women who are pregnant.

Two:  Come as close as you can to eat zero carbs and moderate protein and use intermittent fasting & health OK foods with fats and oils and bone broth from cows fed only grass and use coconut oil and Brain Octane, two mild tasting but effective fractions of MCT oil, from Bulletproof –
-- to get into & maintain ketosis.

(At this time, you can take supplements of bilberry, elderberry, cherry, and cranberry to get their protective effects reducing both kinds of strokes and heart attacks without the carbs in fruit.

And if you aren’t taking statins or other drugs, you can eat grapefruit on occasion perhaps losing MORE fat when on a carb & calorie reduced diet & with less of an anti-ketosis effect when done intermittently.)

Eating this way can and has turned off type 2 diabetes in people who don’t take statins.

A reduced protein version of this has turned off MS and can slow or stop some cancers and turned off some cases of epilepsy.

This diet does tend to stop muscle gain; but with reduced reps and enough protein and heavy but not heavier weights and less sets, it can remove fat but little or any muscle.

I also just found a study reported by Medical News Today that not only is intermittent fasting and a ketogenic eating style effective at stopping obesity, it ALSO:

Is outstandingly brain protective and slows or partially reverses aging.

"..the researchers at the Buck Institute - in collaboration with teams from other institutions - found was that the effects of the ketogenic diet on the body were very similar to those of fasting and other such dietary restrictions. For example, it impacted insulin signaling and gene expression in much the same way that fasting would.

The Buck Institute team found that a keto diet fed to mice on a cyclical basis - that is, alternated with the control diet - prevented obesity, reduced mid-life mortality, and prevented memory loss.

"The older mice on the ketogenic diet had a better memory than the younger mice. That's really remarkable," says Dr. Verdin.”

This study WAS done on mice but people have reported similar effects!


Eliminating ALL the foods and drinks that do the reverse
AND doing the regular vigorous exercise that release the brain cell and nerve growth hormone, BDNF
does this in both ketogenic eating AND reduced carb and calorie eating while eating some health OK oils and lots of health OK protein eating styles!

It also helps that the folate in organic, nonstarchy vegetables and the indoles in cruciferous ones have been shown to lengthen telomeres and slow aging significantly! 

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